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25+ Best Massage Office Chair Reviews with Heated Vibrating Functions

Massage chairs are becoming increasingly common in the office setup as evidenced by many organizations with these chairs designed primarily for massage purposes. Do you see them in many offices you visit? If yes, that should tell you just how much they are becoming increasingly common in the formal setup. Here in this post, we would pick out the best massage office chair and give out expert reviews as well as buying guides for you.

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What Is the Best Ergonomic Massage Office Chair?


How to Choose the Best Office Massage Chair?

1. Features of the office massage chair

There is a need to consider different features. Office massage chairs give different attention to different body parts. Some come with heating function, while the other equipped with swivel function to improve the convenience in use. Consider the necessary functions you need before buying can help you choose the most suitable one.

2. Consider your budget

One would love to consider a pocked friendly office massage chair. The major difference lies in a cheap massage chair and expensive one is on the material and function. The more function it has, the higher the price it tends to be. Plus, the foam padded cushion seat with PU leather can be far more expensive than the one with hard cushion. Of course, by going deeper into your pocket, you can get exceptional comfort and long service life.

3. Available space for the use of the chair

The space to place the chair after purchase is such a pivotal factor to consider. No matter for the office use or home use, the room should have adequate space to accommodate it. An executive chair is normally large and is impossible to place under a desk. If you intend to get one office massage chair for small home use, be sure to get one with compact and small constructions.

4. Durability

The office massage chair should be able to offer an extended period of service. Don’t rush for something that will need frequent maintenance and replacement, for it costs higher than you can imagine. Besides, the sturdy base can be safer to use.

How to Choose Suitable Types of Massage Office Chairs?

Do you want to purchase massage office chairs and wondering the different types available? Here are some best and main types of massage office chairs:

1. Comfort office Massage chair

These are office chairs designed to ensure comfort with a height adjustment system for meeting usages of different ages and height. Apart from functional design, the seat material is what adds up the comfort in use. Normally, the PU leather material with a memory foam soft cushion seat can be a perfect choice in choosing the soft massage office chair.

Best Comfort Office Massage Chair – Kealive Reclining High Back Executive Chair

best office chair massager

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2. 360-degree swivel office massage chair

There is a type of chair that permits rotation all around which makes massage work so simple. You need not stop, to turn the chair, then again resume, take a good seat on your chair and you can go anywhere you want with the help of wheels. Soft armrests and perhaps a cushioned backrest can be a good companion for extra comfort.

Best Swivel Massage Chair – Goplus Reclining Racing Computer Chair

white massage office chair

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3. Office chair with footrest

These are the type of chairs with a place you can rest your legs. Sitting on the chair for a long time brings lethal harm to the body and especially the spine. With an office chair with a footrest, you can change your posture after hard works, which relaxes your tensioned legs and thigh. Besides, taking a rest on the chair in the afternoon is also helpful to recover your energy.

Best Office Chair with Footrest – KARXAS Ergonomic PU Leather Adjustable Chair

shiatsu massage office chair

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4. Office chair with Soft PU leather

These have upholstery with ample padding with oil and water-resistant. The smooth material benefits not only comfort use but also make it an easy piece to clean. You need only to wipe the stain with a wet cloth once it gets dirty.

Best Office Chair with PU Leather – VON RACER Reclining Computer Desk Chair

chair vibrating home office

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5. Heated massage office chairs

When refers to the massage office chairs, the heated type is the must-have gear for your office. It helps blood circulation and effectively reduces the pressure and tiredness of your body. Features remote control, you can turn it on and off, or to adjust the suitable heat level with a simple button. No matter for office or home use, a heated massage chair can be a wise choice.

Best Heated Massage Office Chair – Mecor High Back PU Leather Computer Chair

ergonomic massage office chair

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Why You Should Get Ergonomic Massage Office Chairs for Your Business?

The ultimate reason to invest in office massage chairs with an ergonomic design is to improve your bottom line. After all, the primary goal of every entrepreneur is to achieve financial success. Yet improving your business’s net income is an essential part of achieving financial success through entrepreneurship. So, how does investing in executive office chairs correlate with your bottom line?

Well, as said before, providing proper physical comfort will help boost your employees’ performance, making them more productive. Subsequently, improved productivity will bring more revenue to your business, directly boosting your bottom line. The type of physical comfort I am talking about here is that provided by ergonomic massage executive chairs.

In addition, these chairs have proved to help prevent ergonomic injuries such as the lower back, as you will see later how. These injuries may attract multiple personal injury lawsuits, potentially culminating with you being compelled to pay your victims a lot of money. That can have a huge negative impact on your revenues, hindering you from achieving your ultimate goal in business, which is financial success.

Taking all that into consideration, it is safe to say that investing in ergonomic office chairs is something that’s very much in line with your most important entrepreneurship goal. Doing so will reduce the level of fatigue and any potential injuries due to too much discomfort, boosting your employees’ productivity.

Benefits of Heat Therapy

Heat therapy has many beneficial factors for the human body. Also known as thermal therapy, it can treat joints, stiff muscles, muscle aches, arthritis, and deep tissue injuries. Heat therapy comes in various forms, from pillow and heat packs to infrared and ultrasound. Heat therapy works by widening the blood vessels to increase blood flow in the affected areas, allowing the body to heal faster while relieving pain in the area.

high back massage office chair

It is a natural way to relieve pain.

One of the benefits of heat therapy is that it is a natural way to relieve pain, and because it is natural, there are no side effects in this type of treatment. The only precautions in this remedy are that it can burn while using the heat pack or while taking a shower. It is natural because it helps to increase body healing means. The method can be applied to anyone regardless of age. The technique works because the heat stimulates the nerve endings that connect to the pain stimuli. When the heat is applied to a painful area, the pain is silenced to hot therapy signals.

It promotes the elimination of toxins in the body.

Heat therapy also promotes the elimination of toxins contained in naturally affected tissues. This happens because the additional blood flow caused by the dilated blood vessels, due to the heat, usually extracts toxins more effectively. It lets oxygen be supplied to the affected area. That reduces amounts of carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other chemicals that can cause pain in muscle tissues. This reduces the acid level in the affected tissue and promotes better tissue repair.

Heat therapy can also be applied to relieve severe joint and joint pain. The heat therapy will ease pain and increase joint lubrication. The treatment is beneficial for people with arthritis, as it can relieve joint pain while it is cheap and natural.

Why Do You Need Vibrating Massages?

A vibration massage can be done by a consultant or using an electronic instrument. In this massage stroke, the body or muscles are shaken, using light to gain weight. Vibration can be more vital if an explicitly planned electronic instrument is used for this. Vibrating massage can be applied to any part of the body that can get other massage clots.

executive office chair with shiatsu massager

Shapes the body and burns fat

Rigidity and weight reduction are legally affected by vibration. The vibration creates less fatty muscle tissue because it widens the metabolic rate, which leads to higher calorie consumption. Also, vibration training results in the arrival of hormones. It is the path to your body type, what has nourished it for a long time, and where you exercise your weight.


Vibration systems come near the end of the massage session and are used to relieve the client as well as stimulate the bloodstream again before the recipient exits the massage table. The development of vibration relaxes both the underlying muscles and makes the feeling of deep relaxation.

It improves the bloodstream

A familiar way of thinking between trainers and competitors is that massage expands the bloodstream, along these lines reduces lactic wear. Repeated pressure and muscle relaxation cause the blood vessels to empty and fill, which widens the evacuation of waste, such as erosion of milk. As a result, regular massage can incredibly reduce the weakness of the miracle muscles with physical exertion.

Relief from discomfort

Vibration massage can be used as a method to help in non-drug-related discomfort. Vibratory massage relieves painful conditions by dying in the troubled area. Likewise, vibration can help relieve the muscles around the painful site, reducing pain. In the absence of any major vibration in the painful area legally, you can use the system above or below the affected area.

Builds muscle quality

The advantages of vibration muscle training machines for muscle training are two overlaps. Initially, by moving your muscles to hold them on the vibrating plate for a certain period, your body will begin to record and start an increasing number of motor focus, to help maintain this contractility. Also, while vibrations persist, the focus is on the engine that is continuously recruited to contract, on many occasions, without a calculated reduction in power output. This enables your muscles to achieve greater stress safely and adequately. The end product is that all muscles develop rapidly.


Also, the vibration massage is used to provide the recipient with an active feeling. Vibrating massage, when done at the end of the session, makes the clients feel tired when leaving the table. Light shaking can be performed before any game to stimulate the bloodstream and leave the opponent feeling lively.

How Do Massage Chairs Work?

A tool or device inside the chair provides the feeling of massage. Some chairs only have simple vibrating elements, while some have designs that use water to relieve stress and pain. Others use a series of air pockets to press the muscles and promote blood circulation. That means different massage chairs work in different ways.

Tips for Selecting a Massage Chair

The objective

What is the real reason to buy a massage chair? Is it the result of a back problem or a neck injury, or is it just for work? Once established, purchasing a chair that meets your needs and priorities becomes easier.

comfort products massage office chair

Comfort and durability.

A massage chair is not just a massage chair. Each piece is unique in its own way, and each piece has a different story to tell. Comfort and durability should be your first priority when choosing a massage chair. What materials are used to build the chair? Can the frame (including the armrests) and the seat support the weight of the person sitting comfortably? Remember, if the chair is too large or too small, the pressure will not be distributed evenly. Hence discomfort and possibly back pain.

Space on where to put it

Massage chairs can be bulky and can be flipped, forbidding you to place the back of the massage chair near the wall. Therefore, you should measure the space you have in mind before choosing a chair. You can ask the store vendor what space you need so that the massage chair can fully adapt and if the special model you are interested in will work in your space.


Buying a massage chair for multiple users can be difficult. This is where the adjustment function is useful. Chair with several corners better adjustable. It is a great advantage for a massage chair with adjustable dimensions such as support for the lower back, height, seat angle, armrests, footrests, and headrests. Something close is also perfect and acceptable.


Don’t forget to know how long it takes and what it includes. Make sure it covers parts and labor, as this is the norm. Also, make sure you have a minimum 30-day money-back guarantee without conditions or gaps. There are many manufacturers that extend 60 or 90-day warranties. This is part of good customer service and means that the company believes in its product.


It’s fine to have the best massage chair in the city. But if that means increasing your budget, it’s really not worth it. The good thing about working with a budget is that it narrows your search. Therefore, adjusting the correct setting becomes much easier.

Different prices of chairs:

Customer service

Quality manufacturers usually provide toll-free numbers or an online chat service so you can solve your questions. To see if they have excellent customer service, you can try to get the number before buying and make a test call to see how they respond.

Why Buy a Massage Chair Anyway?

Massage chairs are popularly known as one of the best investments for convenience. Once you have to pay for the correct massage chair, you will have a comfort and a lifetime benefit by using the benefits of the branded chair as well. Recently it has been desirable as a real need for the workplace, as well as the first option in homes.

If you think that these types of chairs are only made for older people, think again. Today, massage chairs have taken over the business by providing each employee with unique comfort and a greater ability to concentrate, which they promise.

But at home, he feels comfortable and makes sure he doesn’t have to see a massage therapist to treat the spine. You may feel overwhelmed knowing that a good chair always promises to maintain more comfortable immediately and make you feel instantly comfortable. Next, we will focus on these characteristics from which you have benefited.

How Does a Massage Chair Help You?

Choosing the best quality massage chair has many advantages that not only expand not only comfort but also launch forward to capture a wide range of health benefits. Be sure to bring our brand-name chair brochures and choose the one that best suits your needs. They also observe several of the signs of a massage chair before making the final decision to buy them.

desk office massage chair

Helps in body-calming

The top-level massage chairs relax the nerves and stimulate wise blood circulation through the muscles and soft tissues. The circulatory system remains an integral part, even if it is tense and subject to working pressure in circles.

Increase in strength.

When you choose a high-quality chair designed to provide vital comfort, it helps you improve the quality of supplies due to your relevant business objectives. With enough rest, your body and mind are always ready to take on challenges for another day.

Improve sleep practices

Unnecessary fatigue may be one of the first aspects of sleep disturbances. At home, he often thinks of lying in a massage chair and having a comfortable kneading to relax. You will recover the muscles that were nervous during the day, either because of your schedule or work problems, and you can go to bed for a peaceful and happy sleep.

Features of Leather Massage Office Chair

Grain leather upholstery:

top grain pellets are standard on many chairs. It is durable and beautiful. Of course, routine maintenance must be performed to preserve its brightness and brightness. This material will last for years if properly maintained.

Contemporary design:

sophisticated leather massage chairs and many of them come with a modern design. Contemporary to modern styles are very popular. These styles can go in many different settings.

Synthetic leather:

the science of materials continues to push the envelope in synthetic leather. Many unique properties, such as antibacterials, are incorporated into these new materials. This offers manufacturers a greater variety of materials depending on the environment in which they are used.

Leather massage chair:

you can find a wide range of styles, designs, and constructions for leather massage chairs. Some are installed on rotating bases that allow 360 movements. The most traditional is the bank frame styles that offer a wide range of features to integrate and other amenities.

black massage office chair

Manual lying:

comfort is an important feature of any chair. Most recycling chairs come with a way to adjust the back chair. The manual reclining chair uses a lever and a mechanism to fold the chair back. You can adjust the angle of lock and lock it in place.

Electric recline:

the ultimate in luxury is supine power. Electrical conditioning uses a motor to adjust the angle of the rear chair. Simply press a button and adjust the chair again until you feel comfortable.

Industrial post:

some designs of leather massage chairs are made by engineers instead of designers. This is a post-industrial aspect. Many chairs with screens come with amazing technology but lack an elegant design. Of course, the well-designed post-industrial design looks great, but by a designer.

Wheelchair access:

Some massage chair designers create wheelchair, accessible chairs. This helps less privileged people to access these devices that are specially designed for massages. The typical design uses raised arms, which allows the person to slide over the chair seat.

Turning rules:

rotating base designs tend to be more compact and allow greater freedom of movement compared to conventional seat tire designs. The swivel base is an important part of the design and must be properly combined. The swivel-based chairs are not as strong as the seat frames.

Traditional design:

you will only find some traditional design leather massage chairs. This has more than a stuffed chair look. You should look attractive and comfortable to sit. They look luxurious and use very soft leather.

Why Should You Get An Ergonomic Massage Office Chair

9 point massage office chair

An ergonomic massage office chair helps achieve good posture while sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

These ergonomic office chairs have contours and curves that maintain the natural and correct “S” shape of your spine and allow your legs to curve at an angle of ninety degrees. It also allows the person to enjoy the benefits of free and unrestricted movements of the hands, which reduces back pain, fatigue, and discomfort. In fact, there are some ergonomic massage office chairs available on the market that also provide muscular, mechanical, air, or water muscle stimulation.

You can get multiple features on an ergonomic massage office chair.

In addition, an ergonomic massage office chair has many adjustable features such as swivel and tilt options that not only simplify the work but also significantly increase your comfort level. It provides adequate lumbar support and backrest, wide seat depth, and armrests.

Some of them also have headrests and footrests rest when the person lowers the back of the chair and raises the front. With the ability to spin, this type of seat allows you to easily move around in different locations in your workspace without having to leave your ergonomic massage office chair.

There is also a range of inexpensive office chairs with ergonomic features and often fitted with a 5-foot base and casters providing silent movements without friction. It allows the user to navigate the floors or carpets and rotate the users’ access in a 360-degree circle that is close at hand.

Since there are no single size chairs for all body types, the chairs can be easily customized according to customer requirements.

Available in a variety of designs, fabrics, sizes, and colors; can be ordered with customized features. For example, leather is a luxury material and is always the best choice for high-energy executives. To add a bit of charm or convey an aura of appreciation and success, at any time, you can choose an ergonomic leather office chair for your workspace or personal cabin.

Benefits of Executive Massage Office Chair

white massage office chair


The executive massage office chair provides excellent body support covering most areas of the body, such as the lumbar spine, and neck. Many of these chairs are engineered to fit and adapt to your body as you carry out your job responsibilities. Ecology itself has influenced the design and production of many types of office chairs that provide excellent support for the body so that workers do not suffer from work-related injuries, such as carpal tunnel, back pain, recurrent movement syndrome, and a number of other health problems. Even people who have already developed problems will benefit from adding a comfortable back chair to their desks.

Professional appearance

There is no better chair for your office that exudes the executive massage office chair. Many of these high-quality seating units are designed in leather and are stuffed with luxurious padding that makes them very comfortable for long hours at work. However, these chairs are also covered with fabric and mesh. Since they are highly supportive seat units, they all have large headrests that fit into the rest of the chair body. Some have added decorative designs that highlight only professionalism and fine taste.

Additional options

Several executive massage office chairs offer additional options, such as a heating circle to warm the chair and a massage system to use on request. Sometimes, additional adjustable features are also available in upscale designs that allow you to perform your daily business functions more easily. Reclining and role options are also available. If you want a high-support chair with all amenities, there are many options to choose from that offer many options for users.

Can High Back Massage Office Chair Be Helpful for Back Pain?

Yes, it can. When your muscles tense, they will put more pressure on the skeleton. Sometimes, stress from hypertonic muscles can lead to pulling bones to abnormal places, which causes discomfort and pain. Many high back massage office chairs have the ability to stretch and avoid problem areas where the muscles are very tight, and relaxing them will help relax the skeleton. Eliminating this tension helps align the spinal cord, which is a common cause of back pain.


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