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Best Office Chair Cushion & Pillows For Pregnancy Recommended

The news of pregnancy would have brought joy to your world. It’s the most precious journey of your life. But when you have to go office and work during such a time, you should be investing in the right products. Finding the best office chair cushion would thus become important.

If this product is not on your priority list, maybe it’s time to change your list! You should know what the benefits of a chair pregnancy are and what type of pillow would be suitable for your use. It’s important to focus on your health so that you don’t develop any unnecessary pain during pregnancy.

Let’s dig in.

Benefits Of A Chair Pregnancy Pillow

Now that you are embarking on a new journey that requires hard work and dedication, you should start taking care of yourself from now on. You might not have thought about getting a pregnancy pillow, but getting one would be beneficial.

chair cushions for pregnancy

Sit comfortably

Using a pregnancy pillow can help you sit comfortably on the chair.

Improve posture

If you are sitting in your office chair, you would be required to work. So, it would be best to get a pregnancy pillow that would add comfort to your sitting position and gives you an improved posture.

Sit with ease

Your back should be straight when you are sitting and your buttocks should touch your chair’s back. A pregnancy pillow would let you sit with ease.

Relax your muscle

When you are using a pregnancy pillow while sitting on the chair, your muscles would be relaxed.

For sleep and work

You might be using the pregnancy pillow for sleeping at night. But if you have to go office and work, it’s time to think about an office chair pregnancy pillow that can provide you a comfortable sitting position during the day as well.

How Should You Sit With A Pregnancy Pillow?

When you are sitting during pregnancy, you have to maintain the correct posture.

      • Sit straight.
      • Make sure your buttocks are touching the chair back and your shoulders are neutral. When using a pillow it should help you maintain the correct posture.
      • Use a footrest for your feet and take advantage of the pillow by setting it until you feel comfortable and the posture is suitable for working.
      • Don’t put any kind of pressure on your tummy. The pillow provides you additional support but you can still lose balance. Make sure you focus on sitting and standing the right way.
      • You can use a suitable orthopedic pregnancy pillow or cushion to relieve the pains and aches.

Which Type Of Pillow Is Best During Pregnancy?

Each pregnancy is different. Thus, it would be wise to select the type of pillow accordingly. There are different types of pregnancy pillows that would be suitable during pregnancy such as:

Wedge-shaped Pillow:

You would find it comfortable and it’s the smallest. It would be possible for you to get it in round shape and triangular shape. Depending on your preferences, this pillow would allow you to sleep comfortably at night as you can even use it as your normal pillow. However, it can play a vital role in providing you relief against acid reflux.

Brentwood Home Therapeutic Wedge Pillow For Pregnancy

best rated pregnancy pillow

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C-shaped pregnancy pillow:

As the name suggests it would be like the letter C and would help you sleep comfortably.

PharMeDoc C Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy sleeping pillow

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J-shaped pillows:

It would be shaped like the letter J. It can support your back and belly.

Deluxe Comfort J Shaped Full Body Pillow For Pregnant Women

pregnancy sleep pillow

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U-shaped pillows:

It would be in the shape of the letter U and thus it would provide support to your back and belly too. Based on your sleeping style you can select what you prefer the most.

Kingta U Shaped Washable Velvet Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy sleeping pillows

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Full-length pillow:

This type of pillow during your pregnancy would be quite similar to the regular pillows except that it would be full in length. So based on your needs you can use it!

Snuggle-Pedic Luxury Breathable Full Body Pillow

long pregnancy pillow

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Different Materials of Pillows Used for Pregnancy

Apart from the different types of pillows that are available out there on the market, it is important to focus on the material used in the pillows. It would be possible to make a selection based on the material too.

Microbeads Filling:

If you touch a pillow with the microbeads filling, it would feel pretty much like sand, you might have come across such material in the past. If that’s what you prefer then go ahead and select the pillow with such a filling inside.

Remedy Microbead Pillow For Pregnancy Sleeping

pregnancy pillows for sleeping

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Memory Foam:

The filling inside the pillow you plan on getting could be memory foam. In fact, if that’s what you prefer go ahead. It would be comfortable for you.

TravelMate Large Memory Foam Pregnancy Cushion For Office Chair

pregnant cushions on chairs

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Polyester Fibre:

If you are allergic to such a filling, you can avoid the pillows that have polyester fiber filling inside. However, it’s comfortable.

It’s also possible to have other types of fillings for the pillow such as wool, air, and a lot more. When you have to select a pregnancy pillow, make sure you are keeping your health condition in mind. If you are allergic to any material, avoid using and getting it. The purpose of such pillows and cushions is to add comfort to your life.

Arlee Microfiber Full Length Chair Seat Cushion

office chair cushions

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Special Tips:

While selecting the different types of pillows, you can keep the following things in mind too:

  • You have to see what size of the pillow would be suitable for your use. You also have to see how much space is available on your bed and when it comes to office pillows you have to see whether the pillow can be a suitable fit for the office chair or not.
  • It’s also important to keep the fabric in mind. You have to see whether caring and maintenance of the fabric would be easy or not. You don’t want to go through the hassle of washing it by hand.
  • Price is another factor to consider. Based on your budget, you can select the most suitable option.
  • It would also depend on the trimester. For the third trimester, things would start getting tough.

When Should You Start Using Pregnancy Pillow?

It’s important for you to keep in mind that each individual is different. So what works for one pregnant woman might not necessarily be the same for you. When you start feeling uncomfortable, you can start using the pregnancy pillow.

pregnant cushions and pillows

The initial days of pregnancy might not be bothersome. Some women would have nausea or their pregnancy could be tough. It depends when someone starts feeling uncomfortable.

For some women, when the tummy starts to grow it might be tough to manage the posture with the new shape especially while sitting and sleeping. So using a pregnancy pillow can provide some comfort.

During the final trimester, the baby is preparing to come out of the body and it can be quite uncomfortable to carry a little human being. Thus, using a suitable pregnancy pillow can provide some relief.

You should know that it’s great to discuss everything with your doctor. So if you are using the pregnancy pillow and still feeling uncomfortable, you should bring this with your doctor. It’s also possible that you might need physiotherapy. Again, each woman is different, so you have to keep that in mind.

Is C Shape Or U Shape Pregnancy Pillow Better?

While choosing the pregnancy pillow, you might come across the C shaped and U shaped pillows. You should know what would be the most viable option for you. What works best for you would be better.

C-shape Pillow

The C-shaped pregnancy pillows as the name suggests would be like a letter C.

It would help in providing support to the leg, back, tummy, and your head.

To make the most of this pillow while sleeping your head would be on the upper half of C while your legs would be folding the lower half of C in between.

The curve of the C would be providing support to your back.


U-shape Pillow

The U-shape pillow would be suitable for those who like sleeping on their back. With an increase in your belly size, it would be quite tough to sleep in your preferred position.

So, you have to use the U-shape pillow as it can provide support to your full body including your back and your growing tummy.

It would be possible for you to use it similar to the C-shape pillow. You can wrap the body around the U-shape pillow while your head would be resting on it.

Depending on your personal preferences and sleeping positions, you can select the pillow you like! It also depends on how you would prefer to sleep and what can make you more comfortable. Based on the design and features, you can decide which one would be suitable as per your choice.

How To Choose Best Pillow For Office Chair During Pregnancy

When selecting the best pillow for your office chair during pregnancy, there are various aspects and features that would be important to keep in mind. There are many pillows available out there and it’s hard to decide which one would be the most viable option especially when it comes to selecting it for the office chair. There are various styles available for you to select.

If you are planning to go office during pregnancy, it’s best to invest in the right products that make it easy for you to work comfortably. If you know what features to expect and what you can expect, it would be easy to select one final pillow for your office chair during the pregnancy.


Easy to Clean

Make sure the pillow you are selecting is easy to clean and maintain. If it’s washable or has a removable cover then it would be suitable for your use. It is important to maintain cleanliness and while you are pregnant, you have to select the right product for your office use.

Filling Material

Depending on your preferences, it would be a good idea to know what kind of filling is used in your pregnancy pillow for the office chair. You can see the product details and description to know more about the pillow. There could be a filling of microbeads, polyester, or anything else.


You should select a pregnancy pillow for the office chair that is soft and comfortable. If you are placing an order online, you have to rely on the product details and information. However, it would be a good idea to check the customer reviews and see what other people are saying about their experience.


Durability is important. You have to see whether the pregnancy pillow is durable or not. If the pillow is made of high-quality material then you can expect durability as it would last longer. However, if it’s not made of good materials, it won’t last much.

Lumbar Support

When you are sitting on an office chair or any other chair, it’s important that you are maintaining the correct posture. Your back should be straight. Thus, it’s important that the pregnancy pillow you are using is providing you lumbar support.


The size of the pregnancy pillow for the chair at your office would be really important. It can make a huge difference in the comfort level of pregnant women. Thus, it would be important to select the size accordingly. To get information on the size, you should check the relevant features and dimensions thoroughly. It’s always better to do proper research especially when you are investing in the products that would provide you comfort.

Orthopedic Pillow or Cushion

It’s possible for you to use a specially designed orthopedic pillow during pregnancy while sitting on the office chair. In the same fashion, it’s also possible to use an orthopedic cushion that would make it easier for you to sit comfortably and work on your office chair.


Using the office chair cushion for pregnancy is important as it can add more comfort to your life. If you plan on working and going to the office, make sure you are not sitting for long hours. You have to maintain the correct posture while sitting. You should find the most suitable pillows and cushions as it can be a great investment for your pregnancy.

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