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8 Best Office Chair Floor Mats for Carpet You Can Buy

Most of us are using office chairs for long hours at work. During office hours, we need to roll across the floor frequently. Consequently, our floor is suffering some scratches that look ugly. Therefore, here I will introduce the best office chair floor mats for carpet to help you solve the problem.

how to choose office chair floor mats


What Is the Lip on A Chair Mat?

Many office chair floor mats for carpets have two versions for different sizes. The difference lies in whether they have a lip. So, what are they, and why are manufacturers adding these lips?

Lips on your face refer to the soft edges at the opening of your mouth. Similarly, a lip on the chair mat is an extension from the edge of the mat. So, why do I recommend you to buy mats with lips?

When you place the mats on the carpets to hold your chair, the lip part will go under your desktop. Courtesy of this, you can place your feet on them while using your chairs. And the extra bonus is that they will protect the part of your carpet under the desk when the chair scoots all the way in.

This is easy to understand. Your chairs mostly have a 5-star base instead of a rectangular one. Therefore, one or two legs of your chair base will stand on the protrusion, or the lip, when you roll the chair towards your desk. This is when the lip protects your carpet from chair caster scratches.

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Chair Mat for Low/Medium Pile Carpets up to 1/2",

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How to Choose the Best Desk Chair Mat for Carpet

Buying the best office chair floor mats for carpets will double the lifetime of your flooring and your carpets. When selecting them, you should factor in many features to make the best choice. Here is a guide for you to know about what to look for in the products.

1. Thick Desk Floor Mats for Carpet Are More Durable

Thick carpets mostly outperform thinner ones as they are better at absorbing noises and providing comfort. Likewise, thick office floor mats often do better in preventing your carpets from having scratches. They tend to be more durable, being able to stand up to abusive uses.

However, you need also to know that the most suitable thickness of the mats varies with that of the carpets. That is, thicker carpets need thicker mats. Or else the mats will fail to provide adequate protection. For more about this, read the chart below. It will show detailed guidance on how to choose the most fitting size.

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2. Factor in the Thickness of Your Carpet

Generally speaking, carpets have 3 groups according to their thickness. That is low pile carpets, medium pile carpets, and high pile ones. Accordingly, chair mats have different levels of thickness to work well with these carpets.

The table below shows how thick a chair mat should be for different carpets. Make sure to measure the thickness of your carpets before making a purchase. Also, don’t forget to count in the underlay when you do the measurement.

Carpet TypeLow PileMedium PilePlush/High Pile
Carpet ThicknessUp to 1/4″Up to 3/4″Over 3/4″
Chair Mat ThicknessUp to 1/8″Up to 3/16″Over 3/16″

Note that the thickness of chair mats for different carpets vary with brands. However, the division of the carpet type is universal. So, you can judge what type of carpet you have first and refer to the chart to find out the approximate thickness of the chair floor mats you need.

Best for Low/Medium Carpets

office chair mats for medium pile carpet

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3. Rectangular Mats with Lips Are More Popular

Carpeted floor mats come in different shapes, varying from rectangular and square to round and sector-like ones. Among all the styles available, rectangular is the most versatile.

The shape of your workstation is the most important thing when you choose among the shapes of mats. Most office chair floor mats for carpets have a weight limit of 250lbs, making it impossible to place your desk on them. Therefore, the mats you choose need to match the size and shape of your workstation.

Sector mats are designed specifically for L-shape and corner workstations.

Rectangular office chair mats are ideal for U-shape ones as well as places with only a writing desk. Meanwhile, they can fit in L-shape desks if you choose the right size. Therefore, you can feel free to choose rectangular shapes if you have different types of workstations in your office.

Round ones are less useful if you are moving a lot while sitting. When the diameter of a round mat equals the length of a square mat, the former choice covers fewer areas than the latter one. So, I’d recommend you to consider rectangular or square ones ahead of this.

Buy the Best Multiple Sizes and Shapes Office Chair Floor Mats for Carpet.

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4. Different Sizes Are Available

The size of your workstations varies from each other. Therefore, you may want chair mats of varying sizes. That is to say, you also need factors in the space you have for your chair bases.

So, you will need to measure: (1) the sizes you have under your desk; (2) how far away you will roll your chair when you are sitting in your spot. The former measurement is simple. The latter varies with your rolling habits. Do you roll back and forth or left and right a lot? Or do you stay in one location more often? Think about it before you size up your workstation.

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5. Polycarbonate Is A Cheap Alternative to Glass

Glass chair mats for floor and carpet are made from tempered toughened glass. Such material is 4-5 times stronger than window glass and will stand up to long-time uses. However, these mats can be very expensive, costing over $400.

Therefore, manufacturers have found an economical alternative, polycarbonate. These materials are capable of satisfying your needs for a durable carpeted floor office chair mat. Polycarbonate will not crack, curl, discolor, or smell even when you have used it for a long time.

Also, it is transparent, so your carpet under it can show its unique designs. Plus, many of these mats are recyclable. This is good for the environment. More surprisingly, polycarbonate carpets are easily affordable, around $50 for a mat approximately 48″ x 48″.

Therefore, if you have a limited budget, polycarbonate chair mats are the best choice.

Buy the Best Eco-friendly Polycarbonate Desk Office Chair Floor Mats for Carpet.


6. Beveled Edges Makes for Smoother Rolling

There are generally 2 types of edges on the market. One is the straight edges, which are the most suitable for hard floors. The other is the beveled edges designed for carpet uses.

When a mat has a beveled edge, there will be a transition from your mats to your carpet. Since your mat is slightly higher than your carpet, it is comfortable to have such a transition. When you accidentally roll off your mat, such an edge allows you to roll back on your mat effortlessly.

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7. Carpet Mats Are Not Designed for Hard Floors

If you take a close look at the chair mats for carpets I have recommended, then you will find small anchors or “teeth” on the backing. This is what holds the mats tight to your carpet when you roll around. Such anchors have special designs to protect your carpets from scratching. However, these cleated backs will cause scratches if you misuse them on hard floors.

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Why Do You Need the Best Office Chair Floor Mats for Carpet?

When you are first setting up your office, it is important to get all of the right equipment. This includes investing in a high-quality, ergonomic office chair. After all, chances are that you will spend the vast majority of your time seated while you are working.

One item that many people overlook when they are setting up their office, however, is a chair mat. There are a number of compelling reasons to buy a mat for your office chair.

1. Protect Your Flooring

For one thing, office chair floor mats for carpets can help protect your flooring. As the wheels of your office chair move back and forth over the surface of your floor, they can cause a number of problems ranging from scratches and scuff marks to indentations, depending on the type of flooring that you have.

Because flooring is expensive, you should do everything you can to protect it. This includes investing in an inexpensive floor mat.

These mats are designed to provide a solid surface that is durable enough for your chair to glide easily over without damaging the underlying floor. This can help protect your property so that you don’t wind up doing any permanent harm as you move your chair back and forth during the workday.


2. Make It Easier to Move

Another benefit of chair mats is that they make it easier to move. This is especially important on carpeted surfaces. Trying to roll the wheels of your office chair over the carpet can be challenging.

You may find that your movements are impeded. This can cause you to leave your chair in an uncomfortable position rather than taking the time to move it to a better position. Over time, you may find that your body starts to feel the strain of regularly being improperly aligned.

When you use office chair floor mats for carpet, however, you can move your chair easily across the floor. It makes the process of working in different parts of your workstation far easier. You are also a lot more likely to take the time to move to a more comfortable position since it is just a matter of sliding your chair easily across the floor. This can help prevent strain on your body, minimizing common issues that office workers face, such as neck pain or back pain.

3. Final Verdict

These are just a couple of the most compelling reasons to invest in a chair mat for your office chair. These mats are relatively inexpensive but can make a big difference in the overall functionality and comfort of your office space.

When choosing office chair floor mats for carpet, be sure to look for one that is designed for the type of flooring that you have in your office. For instance, mats that are designed to be used on carpeting typically have prongs that stick out of the bottom to help hold them in place.

Mats that are designed for hard flooring, on the other hand, usually will not have prongs. By choosing a mat that is properly designed for your flooring, you can get the best possible results.

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More About the Best Ways to Protect Carpets from Office Chairs

Of course, there are other methods to protect your floor or carpet. If you do not like using the mats, you can try the special wheels that are great for the carpet to replace the chair mat. Among all the wheels available, rubber ones are the most friendly for carpets.

Thousands of people reviewed them as convenient to use. Also, if you want your chair to stay static on your carpet, you can use a caster cup holder for each wheel. Listed below are the hot-selling and high-quality picks.

1. Best Selling – Heavy-Duty Computer Chair Casters for Carpet, Tile & Hardwood Floor

Office Chair Caster Wheels

Key Features:

  • Versatile wheels for carpet, tile floor, and hardwood floor
  • Won’t leave scratches on any surface
  • Heavy-duty features with a capacity of 650 lbs
  • Features a universal standard size stem for most chairs and stools

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2. Best for Carpet – Cheap Office Chair Swivel Rubber Casters Replacement

Office Chair Caster Wheels

Key Features:

  • Rubber casters are the best for carpet protection while allowing you to move smoothly
  • Features standard 7/16″ (11 mm) diameter x 7/8″ (22 mm) length stem & 2″ (50 mm) dual caster rubber wheels
  • An ideal and cheap alternative for plastic floor mats
  • Allows easy and quiet rolling on hard floors, including laminate flooring
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs (chair + user)

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3. Best Wheel Cup – Caster Feet Chair Leg Protectors for Carpet & Hardwood Floors

chair wheel cups


Key Features:

  • Easily affordable price for a set of 4
  • 2 colors are available: caramel and chocolate
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for 2″ diameter (50 mm) casters up to 2-1/4″ wide

Watch out For:

  • Your chairs have to stay static on them.

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