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Choose the Best Office Chair for Long Hours of Sitting

A survey shows that Americans sit for 13 hours a day on average. This is more than the time we spend lying in bed. However, such sedentary lifestyles are posing threats to our health. To solve the ensuing problems, we need to buy the best office chair for long hours.

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What Is the Best Chair For Sitting All Day?

Many chairs now have ergonomic features to make for comfortable sitting experience during long office hours. But all you want is the best one and I know your need. So, this is it. The Herman Miller Aeron chair has 3 sizes for people of different heights and weights.

expensive lumbar support chair for back pain

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The most popular price range for office chairs falls between $120 and $300. These Aeron chairs, however, cost around $1,000. But they are worth the investment.

Their PostureFit SL technology allows the chair to follow each of your movements and give support to your back. This design beats other lumbar support by a comfortable margin. When you engage it, you can adjust the chair back to the curvature that perfectly matches your spine. Then, you will gradually feel pain relief even if you often sit for long hours on it.

Additionally, the chairs have full adjustability. You can modify the position of the chair back and the armrests. The tilting function on the back allows you to lean forward and backward comfortably. Also, you can modify the height and curvature of the lumbar support. As for the armrests, their height, angle, and depth are all flexible. Courtesy of this, custom-making your chair is a breeze.

Also, as I have mentioned, these chairs come in 3 sizes. Size A is for people on the smaller side. B size is the most popular as it fits people of average build best. For size-C chairs, big and tall guys will love them the most. These 3 sizes come with a size-fit reference from the manufacturer. They have listed a wide range group of heights and weights and the chair size for them. With this instruction, you will make an informed choice.

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2020’s 16 Best Chair for Long Hours Sitting at Computer Comparing

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What Are the Best Chairs for Prolonged Sitting?

Many types of chairs are now available on the market. Choosing the most ergonomic ones will help you sit more comfortably whether you are working, reading or gaming for long periods on your chairs. So, here is the ultimate guide to help you choose the best office chair for long hours.

1. Computer Work Chair

This is the most common type of chair you can see in offices. Many ergonomic features are now available for your choice. And, sure, the better the function, the higher the price. What you can look for in these chairs include:

  • Breathable materials that make you feel coll even if you sit for 8 hours at a stretch. The most recommendable type is mesh. It allows good airflow so that heat won’t stay on your chair back and seat.
  • Soft leather upholstery like LeatherPlus will be very comfortable and durable. If you prefer leather to mesh, then this is a good alternative. By the way, it is easy to maintain.
  • Adjustability is a must. Almost every part above the chair base can be adjustable. For example, most chairs have a wide seat height range for users and desks of different heights. Also, some chair backs have reclining and tilting features that are flexible. More importantly, invest in adjustable lumbar support if you have back issues. And don’t forget the headrest. They can have adjustable heights and angles.
  • Make sure the casters are smooth. Also, 5-star bases are often more stable and useful.

The information above is merely brief guidance. You can also check the best one I pick for you.

Best Ergonomic PC Desk Chair for Studying Long Hours

popular aeron chair

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2. Office Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are the best type of chair if you sit in one spot for long durations. As you know, gaming sessions often last for several consecutive hours when the gamers are fully immersed. Manufacturers have listed comfort for long hours as the top priority when they want to make chairs that attract gamers.

Ergonomic gaming chairs differ from regular office chairs in many ways. The most obvious distinction is the sporty design. however, the most important difference is the extra-thick padding and adjustable lumbar and head pillows. These chairs use high-quality and dense padding that will not flatten out over time. The lumbar and head cushions are detachable and height-adjustable. Such ergonomic designs help ensure comfort even after sitting for 12 hours. So, if you are a programmer or have other professions requiring you to sit for prolonged hours, don’t miss out.

Best Seller Computer Chairs For Long Hours – High Back Reclining Chair for Long Hours of Gaming

ergonomic executive gaming chairs

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3. Kneeling Desk Chairs

If you are suffering from back pains and want the cheapest way to solve the trouble, buy kneeling chairs. As their name suggests, you are more like kneeling on the chairs when you use them. But don’t take them the wrong way. Kneeling is uncomfortable and sometimes punishing. These chairs are ergonomic and won’t bring you through the pains you will have while kneeling.

When you sit on the chairs, you are placing your knees comfortably on the thick pads. Also, they can make wonders by encouraging you to place your weight evenly across the seat. I can’t tell how the magic works, but I do see immediate pain relief and posture improvement. So, I have recommended this special type of chair to the people around me and now to you.

Best Chair For Working Long Hours – Healthy Sitting Kneeling Office Chair Rated for 8 Hours Usage

ergonomic kneeling posture office chair reviews

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4. Exercise Ball Chairs

Balance ball chairs are now gaining popularity not only among exercise-maniacs but also among office workers. One important reason is that more and more people start to care about their well-being. If you are one of them, I would highly recommend these unusual chairs for you.

When searching for fitness ball chairs, you will find such seating come with a base or only a ball. The base is an addition for people who are not used to sitting on balls or bad at keeping balance. Such options are quite similar to the regular chairs but you can bounce slightly when seated. If you are familiar with swiss balls, then you can buy the balls only. Some of them will have a cover so that the balls will not roll around in your office room.

Best Ergonomic Balance Ball Chair w/ Cover & Handle for Long Sitting

fitness ball with cover

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5. Massage Chairs for Office Rooms

However much effort you have paid to choose the best office chair for long hours, you may still suffer from prolonged sitting. After all, the human body does not have a design for extended sedentary hours. So, I’d suggest you buy an office massage chair in addition to the ergonomic chairs you already have.

Why do I recommend a purchase of chairs rather than reservations with masseur? One important reason is that making such reservations is a mostly hassle. You need to spend time traveling the distance to get to a masseur. This, however, isn’t worth the effort. Personally, I tend to cancel the reservations most of the time because working for a whole is tiresome and all I want to do is go back home and lie in my bed.

But with a massage chair in an office room, things are the other way round. Massages are easily available after buying a massage chair. Whenever you feel tired, you can go and recline on the chair. Start the machine, close your eyes and let the chair soothe you mentally and physically.

Most Comfortable Office Massage Chair After Long Hours of Sitting

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Best office chair for long hours


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Many massage chairs now are as professional as masseurs. They can offer massage techniques from all over the world. Also, they have heating and vibration features to make you more relaxed while getting massages on them. More surprisingly, most heavy-duty pro massage chairs have the zero-gravity positions that allow you to have deeper massages. It is hard to describe all the benefits of receiving massages on chairs after working for long hours. So, try in person. They will not let you down.

How Do You Cope with Sitting All Day?

Neither long sitting hours nor the side effects that come along are avoidable. However, there’s something you can do in addition to the best office chair for long hours you have bought.

1. Take A Five-Minute Walk

Whether you work in a large office or a small one, this solution is feasible.

  • If you drive to work, park your car a mile or half a mile away from your office building. Then, walk to where you work. It won’t take long, but will effectively reduce the fatigue from driving and sitting all the time.
  • Or you can choose to take the subway or bus instead. On both vehicles, you can stand for a while. Also, you sure need to walk to the station. If your house is far from the stations, riding a bike there is a good alternative.
  • Working in a large office where there’s a distance from your room to the lounge room? Walk to take a rest. Sitting in front of your computer for hours on end isn’t the most efficient way of working. Instead, taking temporary rests will refresh your body and mind. And after that, you will be able to improve your productivity.
  • Not making food for yourself at home? Then don’t order take-outs all the time. Walk to buy yourself a good meal. By doing so you will digest the food you take in better while not gaining weight.
  • Are you a pet owner? If so, you are entitled to a good chance of taking walks. Walking your dog twice a day is not only good for your beloved partners’ health but beneficial for your relationship.

The situations above are merely some examples for your reference. If you take heed, there are many more occasions when you can take a walk. Such minor activities are what people often overlook. Suppose that you spare 20 minutes a day to walk around, then the total time will add up to over 120 hours a year. This is amazing.

2. Do Some Relaxing Exercises

On most occasions, it is impossible for you to exercise as you do in gyms. However, there are some simple exercises you can do in your office room and even on your chair.

  • Take the stairs if your office is on the 8th floor or below that. Stair climbing reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Also, it builds up your muscles and burns more calories than jogging. So, this is an ideal way of losing fat and strengthening muscles.
  • Exercising on chairs is now prevalent among office workers. You can give it a shot, too.
  • Balance ball chairs are ergonomic seating and meanwhile provide balls for you to do yoga exercises.

Best Selling Fitness Ball Chair for Long Sitting Hours & Exercises

ergonomic exercise ball Best office chair for long hours


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These exercise ball chairs are the most popular product online. The ball on the chair base is the same as what you use in gyms or yoga classes. It is 52 cm in diameter when well inflated. The metal bar in the front holds the ball firmly so that it won’t fall off when you are busy working. Also, the ball is detachable. You can take it off and do some yoga exercises if your office room is big enough. The manufacturers have included a PDF instruction in your purchase.

If you are not in the mood for exercises, sitting on the ball chair is already doing you a power of good. When you are on the balls, your core muscle will get to work to help you keep balance and stability. On regular chairs, however, these muscles tend to be lazier so that your lower back has to take their responsibility and do extra work. This is one of the major reasons for back pain.

3. Alternate Between Sitting and Standing

Studies have shown that sitting for excessive hours is bad for your health. It will increase your risk of heart diseases and obesity. Standing, however, is as harmful as sitting if you overdo it. It will give rise to leg pains very soon. So, a wise solution to this dilemma is to alternate between the two.

But before you start, take a look at the way you distribute your time. I have done some searches and found the 2 most recommendable ways of balancing sitting and standing. Cornell University Ergonomics Web suggests that after sitting down for 20 minutes, you should then stand up for 8 minutes, and move for 2 minutes. Another research by the University of Waterloo advises that during an 8-hour workday, 4 to 6 hours should be standing time.

Both solutions are effective once you hold on to that. Sitting is generally considered more comfortable than standing. Many chairs now are capable of sharing the load you place on your back to relieve unwanted pains. Standing up for a short period after hours of sitting will increase your blood circulation and refresh you. Also, it helps to reduce the pressure you unconsciously place on your lower back.

However, standing with no support for long periods will do much harm to your health. Though your lower back is relieving in this position, your legs, especially your calves, are holding much of your weight. Then, in the long run, the muscles on your calves will become stiff and painful. Therefore, people have made standing desk chairs to solve this problem.

Best Professional Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Chair for All-Day Uses

adjustable standing desk Best office chair for long hours

Key Features:

  • Height range: 22.5″ – 46.3″
  • Recommended user height: 5’0″ – 6’4″
  • Seat angles: 15, 45 and 90 degrees
  • Seat size: 15.24″W x 13.11″L
  • Base: 18″W (max) x 30″L
  •  Overall weight: 37 lbs

These professional sit-stand chairs are the most useful options for a workstation where you can sit and stand. The seat height is adjustable from 22.5″ to 46.3″ for users 5’0″ to 6’4″ tall.

  • The lowest position is ideal for sitting hours and the seat can lie parallel to the ground. In this way, you can sit on it as you do on regular chairs.
  • Also, the seat can rise to a height at which you are almost in a standing posture. At this time, your butts can rest on the chair seat, which has an adjustable angle.
  • Plus, the highest position is perfect for you to stand upright. Your lower back leans against the edge of the seat for support so that you won’t feel tired shortly afterward.

Additionally, these chairs have an anti-fatigue mat. It will further protect you from leg pains after sitting and standing to work all day long.

4. Swap Between Different Type of Chairs, If Possible

Many types of chairs are on hand to build an ergonomic workstation for you do stay for long hours. Each kind has its own pros and cons. Now that it is next to impossible to find the once-and-for-all solution that prevents you from all side effects of long sitting hours, the best compromise is to swap between these types.

The following chart shows a brief summary of the benefits and drawbacks of the 5 types of chairs you can use during office hours. Read and find out the best ones for you.



Office Chair

Ergonomic lumbar support

Most popular for offices

A wide range of price

Limited styles and colors

Many are low-quality

Gaming Chair

Best for long hours of sitting

Extra thick cushion

Cushioned for lower back pain

Not suitable in some offices

Kneeling Chair

Best at improving postures

Instant back pain relief

Good for pregnant women

Prone to leg pains

Takes time to get used to

Ball Chair

Best for active sitting

Burns more calories

Exercises on balls

Unsuitable for some office rooms

Not for big and tall guys

Standing Chair

Sit and stand while working

Professional chairs are expensive

Less comfortable for long hours

Requires buying sit-stand desks

Here is a hot-selling rocking kneeling chair you can buy. This type of kneeling chair is more recommendable for pregnancy. Besides, sitting on it for long hours is more comfortable than on those with wheels.

Best Varier Variable Original Kneeling Chair with Rocking Base

ergonomic colorful kneeling Best office chair for long hours


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Why Do You Need Comfortable Office Chair for Long Sitting Hours?

Do you sit for long hours while at work? If so, you probably realize the importance of a comfortable office chair. An uncomfortable office chair can cause a variety of problems, including decreased worker performance, tiredness, and pain. Your body was not designed to sit for hours; therefore, you need a chair that supports your body and provides comfort.

Side Effects of Sitting Too Long

One of the most common problems associated with sitting too long is back pain. Back pain occurs when the back is not supported properly. The best office chair for long hours has lumbar support and a high back that can provide the support your body needs.

While you are working, you need a chair that is the proper height so that your feet reach the floor. An adjustable office chair allows you to adjust the height so your feet hit the floor and your legs are at a 90-degree angle.

You do not want to spend all day sitting on a hard surface; therefore, the office chair should have ample padding. A properly padded chair not only provides comfort, but it will also contour to the body to support it.

An office chair should also support your upper body. Choosing a chair that has arms will allow you to rest your elbows on the chair while you are working. For best results, your elbows should be at a 90-degree area. This helps prevent shoulder, neck and arm pain from occurring.

Millions of workers spend their entire workday sitting in an office chair. Sitting too long can cause a multitude of health problems, including back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Therefore, it is essential that the chair you sit in offers proper support. Protect your health, improve productivity and enjoy the comfort a high-quality best office chair for long hours can provide.

This durable chair has great lumbar support and very padded. It reclines back a little and is comfortable for sitting 10 hours a day.

Top Sale Boss Office Product Chair for Long Hours Sitting

Boss Black Leather Plus Executive Reclining Office Chair


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How to Choose the Best Chair for Long Periods of Sitting?

Do you work in a job that requires extended periods of sitting? If so, you need a chair that is comfortable and supports your body. The following information will help you find the best chair based on the features you need.

1. Adjustability

When you are sitting in an office chair, your feet need to be able to reach the floor. An adjustable chair not only allows you to find a comfortable position for your legs, but it will also allow you to comfortably reach your desk and work materials.

2. Lumbar Support

Sitting is hard on your back. An office chair with lumbar support can help protect your back and prevent injuries. When choosing an office chair, look for a full back that will support your back and your head. Many of the best office chairs offer adjustable lumbar support. This adjustment allows you to mimic the natural curve of the spine and support it.

3. Cushioning

Nothing is worse than sitting on a hard, uncomfortable chair. Look for a chair that offers ample padding in the seat and the back. This will help ensure you remain comfortable even when sitting for extended periods of time.

4. Arm Support

A chair with armrest will help prevent wrist injuries. One of the leading causes of injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, is often caused by improper alignment of the elbows and wrists. Finding a chair with armrests will help support these injury-prone areas.

Finding the best features in an office chair will help prevent back, neck and shoulder pain. Additionally, an ergonomic, comfortable chair can increase productivity and protect against injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and spinal disc injury. Use the information from this article to find a chair that supports the body and provides comfort.

This SPACE Seating Professional chair is the best office chair for long hours uses.

Best-Rated Space Seating Office Chair for 8-Hour Usage

SPACE Seating Best Professional office chair for long hours


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How to Choose An Office Chair If You Work 8 Hours Per Day

Working in an office setting for 8 hours or more per day is not a comfortable task. Oftentimes, you can develop back problems that can hinder your ability to perform well in the workplace. One solution to these problems is simply purchasing a better quality office chair than the one you already have. There are low-end chairs out there, but if you’re able to spend more money and purchase something on the higher end of the scale, you will find your back pain decreasing and your productivity increasing.

Choosing an office chair is different for everyone, but here are some thoughts to take into consideration.

1. Lumbar Support

Does the chair have enough lumbar support? When it comes to hours of working behind a desk, it’s important that your chair has support panels in all the right places – most importantly in the lumbar regions.

2. Weight Capacity

What is the maximum load capacity of the chair? Depending on your weight, it’s important that your chair is able to support your entire body without falling apart. For heavier people, it’s optimal to check out chairs in person to ensure the chair feels stable and massive enough for support.

3. Reclining Features

Does the chair recline? If you have an 8-hour workday to consider, you should opt for a reclining office chair that comes with a matching ottoman. During your break, you’ll be able to recline and rest your back. The addition of an ottoman will help you align your spine by elevating your feet.

4. Durability

Lastly, the best office chair for long hours will last for several years. You can find an office chair that has additional perks such as an armrest or even a built-in massager that sends out vibrations. Though you can purchase chairs online, it’s best to test them out in person.

This small mesh back chair is reasonably priced, highly functional, fit for small home and small desk, sit for long periods of time with no back pain.

Best Cheap Office Chair for 8 Hours Worker Under $50

ergonomic mesh chair with lumbar support


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How to Buy Chairs for Office Workers Who Sit for Extended Periods

Anyone who works for about more than eight hours a day at a desk in a chair can experience health problems over time. Besides having back pain, staying in a chair for too long in the wrong position can pose a risk for cardiovascular disease. Before you buy a chair for your home office or before you buy several chairs for a team of workers, you need to know what to look for in that chair so that it provides the best ergonomic support possible.

1. Adjustability

Look for chairs that have all the correct adjustments to help promote good seated posture. These can include adjustments for the chair’s height. A person should sit with both feet touching the floor. Otherwise, it creates a strain on the lower back for them. Also, there should be a way to adjust the back to provide a comfortable means of supporting the lower back. This can also help transfer bodyweight off the floor and against the backrest of the best office chair for long hours.

2. Casters

Test chairs outfitted with casters. It is easier for a seated worker to move from one area of the desk to another when there are casters. It will take more physical effort to have to get up from a chair to move to a keyboard or a printer every time they need something during the workday. By being able to roll to the desired location, it takes more pressure away from the legs and feet.

3. Armrests

Make sure there are armrests that offer a way to adjust them up or down to meet a person’s comfort level. To test these levels, you can have the worker sit in the chair as you help him or her adjust the back, the height and the height of the arms for a perfect fit.

Best Swivel/Napping Office Chair for Extended Sitting

Merax High-Back Racing Style Swivel Chair Lumbar Support Chair


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Top 3 Best Office Chair For Long Hours

Best Overall Pick:

expensive lumbar support chair for back pain

Best Executive Chair:

big and tall leather executive office chair

Best Mesh Chair:

high quality office chairs ergonomic

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