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Top 8 Best Office Chair For Shoulder Pain Reviews – Best Ways to Relieve Shoulder Pain

It is true that chairs have become one of the most significant parts of our day to day lives. We use them both at home and at the office. A good chair means a lot. First, it brings the aesthetic feel we need in our offices. Also, a good chair can provide you with much-needed stability. However, according to most physicians, a good chair should always provide the user with comfort. Comfort in the sense that it doesn’t cause any pain to the user, especially if they sit on it for long office hours. This not only improves your productivity but guarantees your health as well. Therefore, if you are suffering from back pains or shoulder pains, or you simply want to minimize the chances of you suffering from shoulder pains, here is a list of best office chair for shoulder pain reviews to consider having. But first, let’s look at some simple activities we can use to ease shoulder pain.


How to Choose Best Office Chair For Shoulder Pain?

Sometimes, getting the best chair for shoulder pain can be overwhelming, especially with so many varieties in the market. Therefore is you are planning to buy one, the following buying guides will help you land the best chair that will help ease your shoulder pains.

Lumbar support

First and foremost, always check on the availability of the lumbar support system before you buy the chair. A good office chair should be able to support your lower back as well as your shoulders. While some chairs come with adjustable lumbar support, others lack this functionality. Therefore, it is advised that you go for an office chair with an effective lumbar support system. This will help relieve back strain as well as shoulder pains, making you feel more comfortable again.


Another important thing to consider when buying an office chair is its adjustability features. Different office chairs have different adjustable functions. Remember, adjustability helps you attain the best sitting posture hence guaranteeing your comfortability. Some of the important features to look for include lumbar adjustment, arm width, height adjustment, back and front angle, and tension control.

Seat pad size

The best office chair should come with a seat pad, which is deep enough to support your things. The width of the seat pan should be a little bit wider than your hips, let’s say by one inch. Additionally, ensure that you can put your arms comfortable without stretching them wide apart.

Stability and wheelbase design

Before buying a chair, you should always check for its stability as well as the quality of casters. A good chair should have a minimum of the five-spoke base. Out of the five, four spokes should prevent tip over when you are reclining back in your chair. Also, the chair should be heavily built to provide maximum stability against falling. The quality of casters will also make the chair to roll freely over different floor surfaces. Again, this will solely depend on the type of your office floor. If you intend to use it in both hard and soft floors, then always go for the slightly bigger casters.

Top 8 Best Office Chair For Shoulder Pain

1. Best Pick – Furmax High Back Adjustable Leather Office Chair

best chair for shoulder pain

For those suffering from various kinds of back pains, you definitely know how unbearable sitting can be. However, the Furmax High Back Office Chair is specifically designed to alleviate your problems. It’s built with a high-density cushion at the back as well as at the seat to provide the user with all-day comfort.

Also, its ergonomic design allows it to support your back spine as well as the lumbar providing you with maximum comfortability. The chair also comes with wide seat dimensions of 20.9″ by 20.1″.”

Therefore, it can fit a variety of body sizes and shapes. Last but not least, the chair is fitted with a noiseless roller, which can easily rotate to 360 degrees for convenience purposes.


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2. Best Guest Chair For Neck and Shoulder Pain – Berlman Ergonomic Task Reception High Back Chair

best office chair for neck and shoulder pain

The Berlman Ergonomic is another great chair for managing shoulder pains and discomforts. It’s an absolutely gorgeous design as well as outstanding features makes it a popular option for many buyers. The frame is often integrated with a strong and durable mesh that is not only breathable but also comfortable.

The chair is designed to support the lumbar and the back system. This helps you to stay in the right sitting posture without any fatigue. The good thing with this is that it also alleviates any back problems, including shoulder pains. Also, the chair comes with flipping arms that make it a good space saver.

Another significant feature is its heavily built design. The chair comes with a maximum capacity of 250 lbs. this makes it highly stable. Lastly, it has a service warranty. If you notice any problem, you can always get free spare parts from the manufacturers.


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3. Best High Back – REFICCER Bonded Leather Computer Office Chair

best office chair for neck and shoulder pain

The design of this office chair always impresses many. It has a thick and soft lumbar supporting cushion to provide the user with optimum comfortability. As if that’s not enough, the chair also features a support spring behind the cushions to add extra comfort.

Also, its high-density foam offers pressure changes giving you the ultimate massage experience. The tilt tension knob beneath its seat provides flexibility and tilt sitting positions for maximum enjoyment. Other than 360-degree rotation, the chair can also be adjusted to various heights as preferred by the user. The bonded leather material provides it with an elegant and stylish design.

Moreover, the heavily built construction, as well as the nylon rolling casters, makes it easy to move around and about. Lastly, the chair comes with a one year warranty. You can, therefore, get a spare part replacement during this period.


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4. Best with Headrest and Armrest – SMUGDESK Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

best chair for shoulder pain

If you are looking for an office chair with a multifunctional headrest features that can reduce neck and shoulder problems, this should be the one. It comes with lumbar support, which aids in supporting your head, shoulder, and back spine, therefore, reducing fatigue and muscle pain. Similarly, the lumbar support features help relax your body and ease pain associated with long sitting hours.

The chair comes with a 3D armrest that is fully adjustable. This, therefore, provides comfort to a variety of sitting positions for sedentary people.

Also, it boasts of airflow structure that allows free air circulation hence maximum breathability. Last but not least, when you buy the chair, there are other after-sale services that come along.


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5. Best with Lumbar Support – Hbada Ergonomic Office Reclining Chair

best office chair for neck and shoulder pain

More than often, the Hbada has continued to show a great impression by their chair designs. The chairs exoskeleton is designed with modernity in mind. It enables you to tilt and increase the angle between your thighs and torso for comfortability. Also, it comes with other adjustable features such as lock settings, multiple heights, lift, and tilt.

Its breathable mesh allows the free circulation of air, keeping you cool and comfortable despite the hot weather. Also, it comes with waterfall cushions to reduce stress and pressure on your back, head, and shoulders.

Along with this, the chair also has a lumbar support system to help you stay in upright posture hence protecting your back, neck, and shoulder from pain.


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6. Best For Heavy Person – OFM Essentials Collection Black High Back Office Chair

best desk chair for neck and shoulder pain

If at all you are looking for luxury as well as comfort, then the OFM Essentials Collection High Back Office Chair will suit you just fine. It’s made with high-premium materials that give it its superior luxury and comfort. Also, it is designed using a heart pressed diamond pattern hence impressive.

It’s covered using SofThread leather, ultra-plush padding, as well as a high-density lumbar cushion that provides excellent comfort. Moreover, it integrates headrest and armrest to guarantee the user all-day comfort.

The center-tilt mechanisms provide 360 degrees rotation as well as a relaxing massage-like experience. This ensures that your shoulders and the back of your neck are at ease all the time.


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7. Best Desk Chair – Herman Miller Adjustable Ergonomic Aeron Task Chair

office chair for neck and shoulder pain

For those running on a tight budget but still want a good office chair to help ease shoulder pain, this chair should be your sure bet. In comes in a variety of sizes to ensure everyone gets the matching type. Also, the chair is designed with a breathable pellicle suspension that ensures the free circulation of air. This makes you stay cool all day long.

Plus, its front edge is designed to reduce pressure on your thighs and legs. The lumbar support kit adjusts vertically to minimize strain and pressure at your back, waist, and shoulders. Also, the patented tilt mechanisms allow the chair to tilt and rotate smoothly, bringing convenience and comfort.

Therefore, this chair is good for those having problems with their neck or shoulders since it helps spread out in those respective areas.


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8. Best Multifunctional For Shoulder Pain – XUER Adjustable 3D Ergonomic Office Chair

best desk chair for neck and shoulder pain

If quality matters to you, then this chair completely stands a high chance of landing into your shopping cart. First, its seats are made from a high-quality mesh fabric that provides ideal comfort and breathability. Secondly, it features nylon roll casters that move majestically either in hard floors or soft ones like carpets.

Also, the skeleton frame is made with strong and sturdy materials hence highly durable. It also has adjustable features to meet all kinds of people’s needs. The intelligently sensed gravity lumbar support also improves its performance. Plus, the chair is built with a classic design.

Its unique temperament makes it good not only for office work but for home use as well. In order to sweeten the deal, the XUER Ergonomic Office Chair comes with a 3-year limited warranty. This improves customer satisfaction as well as experience.


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How to Sit Correctly on Office Chairs to Avoid Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain caused by sitting at a desk is a common issue and cause of stress among a large part of the working community. This is especially for people who work in an office and spend your entire day sitting on a chair.

The main problem arises because of slouching forward and down while sitting especially when one is working for long hours. This forces the spinal ligaments to overstretch and this strains the spine.

There are ways one can customize their office chairs to get rid of shoulder pain. They include the following;

suitable position for shoulder pain

-Maintaining a comfortable distance.

When you try overreaching your desk, mouse, and keyboard, you will be causing tension on your back which will also result in severe shoulder pain. To solve this, try moving closer to the office desk and ensure you maintain the right distance.

-Ensure that you have proper arm support.

The armrest of your chair normally plays a very critical role in giving you a proper sitting posture. Ensure that elbows are at an angle that is slightly more than 90 degrees. Also, try and avoid overreaching.

It is worth noting that when you slouch, you will be putting a lot of weight on your back rather than having your arms as support and this will result to shoulder pain. Having a chair that has adjustable armrests is good. You can customize them to your comfort and your height.

-Adjusting the height of your chair.

Make sure that your knees are just about the same height as your hips or just a little bit lower. There are office chairs whose height can be adjusted. You can play around with it until your knees and forearms are comfortable and this will eliminate shoulder pains.

-Get the right lumbar support.

Lumbar simply refers to the lower back. Normally, desk chair ergonomics will have the ears, hips, and shoulders aligned to relieve all the pressure and weight from the lumbar portion. You should recline the back of the chair to roughly about 100 to 110 degrees. Also, ensure you keep your hips a little far back in the chair so that your lumbar is carefully supported. You also want to maintain all the three normal curves of the spine.

If the lumbar support is too high, one will be forced to lean forward and slouch and this will cause shoulder pains and leave you feeling fatigued. On the other hand, if it’s too low, it will force one to hyper-extend their back which will result in back and shoulder pains. One should fix the adjustable lumbar support right above the beltline. The ultimate goal is to maintain the natural curvature of your spine.

If the chair you are using comes without built-in lumbar support, the best idea is to use a thick through a pillow.


Does Long Time Sitting Hurt Shoulder?

The question as to whether long sitting hours can hurt the shoulder really depends on the posture. According to studies, if you sit in an incorrect posture for long, the chances are that you are causing some serious imbalance to your back muscles. This will, therefore, make your shoulders muscles to tighten and get pressurized. Eventually, you will start experiencing some pain. However, if you sit in the correct position, there is no harm that can be caused. Proper posture ensures that your body is well balanced hence reduces muscle strain.

How to Relieve Shoulder Pain?

While there are many causes of shoulder pains, some physicians tend to relate shoulder and neck pains with inappropriate sitting posture, especially for those who sit for long hours doing office chores. When one sits in a bad posture for long extended hours, pressure usually develops in the back of the body.

This leads to musculoskeletal problems, including neck and shoulder strains. Therefore, if you are suffering from shoulder pains, there are some stretches and activities you can do to alleviate such pains.

Correct your sitting posture

First, you can observe your sitting posture. Always be aware of how you sit, especially when handling projects that require long sitting hours. Remember that while sitting, your feet should be planted firmly and flat on the footrest of your chair. Also, the thighs should be parallel to the ground surface.

Support your lower back

More importantly, your lower back should be fully supported, and elbows supported close to the body. Lastly, your shoulders should, at any given time, be relaxed. These ways, you will always be in a position to fight fatigue and other pressures from developing in your shoulders.

Using ergonomic chairs

Another thing you can do to relieve shoulder pains is using ergonomic processes. This includes the use of ergonomic chairs that come with full-body support features to help alleviate pressure and stress from developing in your body.

Why Addressing Shoulder Pain When Working?

One reason for addressing shoulder pain when working for long hours is that it will affect your overall life. Failure to address shoulder pain at an early onset will eventually lead to chronic conditions. Also, this will affect your overall productivity in the office. Therefore, one sure way to address issues with shoulder pain is by buying a good ergonomic chair. Along with this, you should always adopt proper sitting positions.

How Can I Stop Sitting at My Desk for Shoulder Pain?

sitting posture for shoulder pain

To prevent shoulder pain, one should try and develop a better posture. Ensure that your lower back is supported and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then the shoulders should relaxed and you will be good.

One can also rearrange their workspace in that the desk and your elbows are at the same level. For those who talk a lot on the phone, investing in a headset will be a worthwhile venture. One can also take regular breaks and walk around and shake hands and arms and this will narrow the chances of experiencing shoulder pains and fatigue. Trying to relax your body muscles in these breaks will be key to eradicating shoulder pains.


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