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The 10 Best Office Chair Under 100 for Desk and Computer Use

Can I get the best office chair under 100 dollars? This is a question that commonly features among many individuals look for office chairs. A comfortable chair has numerous benefits to the user, it helps to prevent back strain, fatigue, and discomfort since one will use the chair for many hours each day.

In this post, we discuss the 10 best office chair under $100 on the market, if you have an interest in getting the ideal type, please go on reading!

What Is the Best Office Chair Under 100?


According to studies done on employees, those whose comfortable seats are more productive and they take fewer breaks. If you are looking into purchasing office chairs less than $100, it doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality, you can still get superb affordable office chairs provided you know the features of an excellent office chair.

Buying Guides of Best Office Chair Under 100

A superb affordable office chair should help in preventing muscle soreness and body aches, it should also be comfortable and stylish to complement your office’s décor. In this buyer’s guide, you’ll learn some of the critical factors to consider when choosing an affordable office chair. Let’s get the details.

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Comfort& ergonomics

Comfort and relaxation should be some of the most critical features to look at for an excellent office chair below $100. These two factors are related to the seat height, seat tilt, and an adjustable back. Additionally, an adjustable headrest and armrest are also important features of an ergonomic office chair.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $100SMUGDESK High Back Desk Chair with Padding

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If the office chair has the said features, then you’re guaranteed an incredible experience. When purchasing a budget office chair, you must appreciate the fact that these chairs aren’t ergonomically inferior to their expensive counterparts. It’s surprising to note you can get an incredible cheap office chair that is comfortable.

The armrest of the chair should enable your shoulders to remain relaxed and your elbows to be close to your body for additional support and comfort. If the seat has no armrests, it means it’s less restrictive and offers greater mobility. When purchasing an excellent budget office chair ensures its backrest conforms to the typical curvature of the spinal cord. The chair should be able to support your pelvic region and the coccyx.

It’s crucial to ensure the seat offers the perfect lumbar support so that your back isn’t strained. When seated you should be able to rest your feet on a flat floor without straining your toes or ankles. This will ensure blood circulation in your feet is normal besides preventing any tenderness.

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Adjustable seat height

As you scout for an affordable office chair, it’s also essential to ensure the set is suited to your needs. In this regard, the set should be of ideal height.

Best Adjustable Executive Office Chair under $100OFM Essentials Collection Office Chair

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If you make a mistake of picking a seat with the wrong height, you’ll be extremely uncomfortable and you’ll keep straining at your computer. This ill posture can result in shoulder and neck pain in the long run. An excellent office chair should be one you can adjust to enable you to sit comfortably as you do your work in the office.

When seated your lower back and thighs should not be compressed. You should also be able to place your feet on a footrest or the floor without straining. The set height should enable you to comfortably rest your forearms and wrist on your desk and your eyes at the same level as the top of your computer screen.

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Cover materials& padding

Although the construction of office chairs differs from one brand to another, you should pick a budget seat made of high-quality materials. Of great importance are the materials that make the seating surface and the backrest.

These materials should be soft, breathable and friendly to your skin. Additionally, the padding should not have any odor. The chair materials should not eliminate any pressure on your body besides having excellent contact with your body.

Breathable Mesh Swivel Adjustable Office Chair SMUGDESK Padded Seat with Armrest

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When packing your office chair you can consider PU leather or leather seats since they are durable and tend to offer an elegant look besides matching with different types of décor. These seats require little maintenance and are resistant to spills and stains. You can also pot for mesh chairs that are sleek, modern, with maximum airflow and requiring low maintenance.

PU Reclining Gaming Computer Chairs Under $100Homall Computer Leather Adjustable Chair

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In simple terms, the material should be smooth to tough and soft, it should be durable, should not attract dust, neither should it be too warm or too cold. It should be strong enough to stand the daily rigors of the office.

Final Words

With so many budget office chairs in the market, choosing your ideal seat can be challenging. You may not know where to start, but this buying guide has provided guidelines that will make your selection process fast and simple. If you’re in search of an excellent office chair below 100 dollars, then you know what to look for; take time and look at the critical features of an office chair.

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