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The 15+ Best Office Chair Under 500 Reviews with Ergonomic Shape

Did you know that you can have an excellent office chair which is cheaper than $500? The problem that most people have is that they always want to think that anything cheap is not worth having. Cheap is relative. Office chairs are available in different prices, and you ought to make your choice wisely without focusing on having something expensive. What should matter to you is the features that come with the chair. The brands that are not yet known can, at times, give you the best office chair without charging you too much of it. In this post, we will list several best office chair under 500 reviews and offer expert buying guides for you.

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What Is the Best Office Chair Under 500?


The Importance of Investing in a Good Office Chair

A good office chair can be costly, but you will realize that it worth its cost. As much as you might feel that you can take any chair for your office, it is more important to settle on something good. Here are some of the importance of a good office chair:

Best Worth Buying Ergonomic Office ChairSMUGDESK Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair

office chair under 500

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It gives saves you from workplace injuries

Having a good office chair keeps you from workplace injuries that are caused by poor posture. When you have an office chair that does not make you feel comfortable, such conditions like back pain and respiration related problems get minimized. You, therefore, end up spending less capital on health issues. If you are employing people who sit for a long time as they perform their duties, you should ensure that you give then a good office chair, or else you be ready to provide multiple sick leaves.

Best Office Chair for PostureDuramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support

heavy duty office chair

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It boosts your focus

A good office chair also promotes your focus. When you are comfortably seated, you tend not to be tossed around in mind. There are no distractions. With such, you are likely to enjoy what you are doing. Uncomfortable seat makes you think about how unbearable the office is. When you feel like concentrating on finishing your work, the mind gets reminded of the discomfort. This is the reason those with wrong office chairs tend to carry work home.

Most Comfortable Office Chair under 500Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

breathable office chair under 500

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It boosts job performance

As long as you have no problem being in the office, you will always have a perfect job performance. One of the things that will always keep you in the office is the type of chair you have. If it is not a good one, you will feel bored when you hear about your office. Anyone who is not entertained about being in the office will not do much, hence poor performance. With a good chair, you can find yourself doing all that is expected of you within a given time.

Best High Back Office Executive Office Chair under $500Smugdesk Thick Padding Headrest Chair

best executive office chair

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Things to Consider with Chairs Under $500

$500 is a good amount of money which you ought to use wisely when you finally decide to buy an office chair. You, therefore, have to consider the following factors:

The base stability of the chair

Most people dwell on the beauty of the chair but fail to find how stable a chair is. This should be a significant factor. The chair ought to be very durable, or else you will not be comfortable. If your officer entails a lot of movement, you should consider one with wheels. This helps in a smooth movement without damaging the chair. It also can help you in making short movements within the office without having to stand up whenever you need something not close to you. Whichever the decision you make, ensure that it is stable.

Most Stable 3D Office Chair Under $500NOUHAUS Rolling Desk Chair with Armrest

best office chair under 500

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Corporate image

This is yet another factor that you should consider. Today, the corporate image is not built through a logo and color alone. Several other factors are coming in. There is what a type of chair you are having in the office can speak about your company. Therefore, if you want to build your corporate image, ensure that you have something worth the image you want. You can go ahead and have the chair customized to fit the company.

Best Mesh Breathable Ergonomic Office ChairKomene Ergonomic Large Weight Office Chair

heavy duty adjustable office chair under 500

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The fabric

You also got to check the material of the chair you are buying. Let it be of good quality that will not demand repair shortly. You can also look at other factors like the color of the fabric, is it waterproof or not? Leather currently stands as one of the best office chair fabric if you want the chair to last longer. Don’t go for delicate fabric, which is challenging to maintain since they will add you to the office expenditure.

Best Fabric Office Chair under 500Glitzhome High Back Adjustable Swivel Office Chair

best home office chair

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The size of the chair

You also have to consider the size of the chair you are buying. It should not be too small that some people cannot be accommodated on it. At the same time, it should not be too big to be uncomfortable for most people. Generally, a good office chair should be 15 to 17 inches long, from the backrest to the seating position. The height also matters. You either have to go for a height that fits a large percentage of the planned users or go for one whose height can be adjusted.

Best Fully Adjustable Middle Size Office ChairThe Office Oasis Ergonomic Mesh Chair

best adjustable office chair

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Click to check different sizes of the chair for different height of people:

Do We Become Lazy If We Buy Comfortable Office Chair?

It is miserable that some people still feel that if they buy a comfortable chair, they will become lazy. I don’t think that we should reason in such a way. The comfort that you gain from your chair has nothing to do with laziness. If someone is lazy, he or she is just lazy and should not blame the chair in the office. If anything, a comfortable chair makes you happy about anything you want to do in the office, and you can do it to completion. If you are lazy, you will still do nothing when you sit in a less comfortable chair. I don’t see any connection between a comfy chair and laziness. If anything, it boosts your morale to work better.

Ergonomic Comfortable High Back Office Chair Ergousit Adjustable Office Chair with Backrest

best ergonomic office chair

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How Many Hours Can We Work Comfortably When We Buy the Best office chair?

This has been a heavy concern for most people. They are interested in knowing how many hours they can work if they got the best chair. Well, giving an exact number of hours would be very misleading since it is not only the chair that determines the number of hours that one can work. Other factors like the type of work, the discipline of the person, the personality of the user, among other factors, come in. this means that the comfort of the chair contributes just part of the duration one can work. However, compared to ordinary chairs, if you get a comfortable office chair, you can work as long as the mention factors can allow you. If the chair is not convenient, even if the other factors are favorable, you will get tired very fast.

Best Adjustable Valuable Office Chair for Long Hours under 500 Liccx Computer Head Support Chair

best home office chair

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Click to check the best office chair for long hours work:

Do the Best Office Chairs Stimulate Natural Body Posture?

Best office chairs stimulate natural body posture. This is by allowing you to sit as you wish. Other office chairs might force you to sit at a 90-degree position or any different angle given. The best office chair, on the contrary, allows you to sit at an angle comfortable for you. They can bend and stretch to the position that you love. A good office chair will enable you to choose the posture you want while other ordinary one dictates a specific posture to use.

Best Breathable Office Chair with Back SupportExblue Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Chair

adjustable office chair

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What Is the Right Way to Sit on An Office Chair?

There is no fundamental way of sitting on your office chair. What matters is how comfortable you are. Well, there are some chairs which give you a specific style of sitting. For instance, some have the backrest placed on given angles, which are adjustable. Some even have the footrest so that you can be comfortable. Generally, you ought to sit in any way that you can be comfortable with. However much you are interested in being healthy, do not be extreme so that you destroy the office chair. Give it space to last.

Best Office Chair for Spine under 500 XUER Ergonomic Desk Chair with Armrest and Mesh Seat

best multifunctional office chair

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How Much Should I Spend on An Office Chair?

The market provides several options for you when it comes to the pricing of the chairs. All that matters is your budget and the features that you want to see in the chair. You can get an office chair which is as cheap as $200. You can as well spend as much as $1000 just in one office chair. The amount to spend should not be dependent on what you want but rather on what you need. If the features you need to make the chair more expensive, then you should go for it. However, if you can get the features you want in a cheap chair, count yourself lucky and go for it.

Best Recline Office Chair under $300 REFICCER Reclining Leather Metal Base Office Chair

best reclining office chair

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Characteristics of Office/Task Chair

Here are some standard features of an office chair:


An office or task chair is known to be adjustable. Not everyone can fit in a standard size. Therefore, it should be flexible in height, armrest, and footrest. Without such a feature, the chair will be considered as just any other ordinary chair far from the office chair.

Best Adjustable Office ChairLiccx Ergonomic Mesh Desk Computer Chair

best office chair under 500

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It gives lumbar support

Aan office chair provides lumbar support so that the user can have a simple rest on the back. If you have to sit for a long time, the backrest provides you some support. Its back support should be as well adjustable. Something that looks like a stool cannot be considered as an office chair.

Ease of mobility

Any office chair should be comfortable to move from one point to another for ease in office operation. The wheels usually enhance this on the legs. This is one thing that distinguishes an office chair from other ordinary chairs. Without the ease of mobility, the work in the office can be difficult, making you stand anytime that you need something.

Best Mobility Reclining Executive Office ChairDuramont Adjustable Seat with Lumbar Support

lumbar support office chair under 500

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It can be reclined

Another characteristic of an office chair is that it can be reclined. This is not just meant for resting but instead giving you the comfort that you need. At times you can get tired of a given posture, but you are still interested in doing what is expected of you. This being the case, anything that cannot be reclined does not fit to be considered an office chair. It should allow you to lean without the danger of falling.

Advantages of Office Chairs

Office chairs have several benefits to your office. First, they make office operations much more comfortable. There are some duties that you might not perform while standing. With an office chair, you become comfortable. Even when you have meetings, the chairs can serve a big deal. Depending on the size of the office, it does no harm having more chairs that can be kept for such functions so that the individual office chairs can be kept intact.

Additionally, the best office chair under 500 makes your office look organized. If your chairs are well arranged, the aesthetic value of the office is boosted. It looks better than when there are no chairs. Also, the chairs available should be presentable for this advantage to be visible.

Best Breathable High Back Office ChairSIHOO Ergonomic Skin-Friendly Mesh with Armrest

best ergonomic office chair

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Lastly, the office chair has a way of boosting the corporate image of your office. For instance, if you have some business partners visiting you in the office, you need some office chairs. The visitors ought to have something to sit on. Imagine being in an office then gets some visitors whom you are not even sure what brought them, yet you don’t have some office chairs. These can lower the corporates image of the company in question.

Final Thought

Having an office chair makes your work easy. It becomes more comfortable when you have the best office chair. Several factors determine the choice of an office chair that you need, as explained above. You, therefore, have no reason for being uncomfortable in the office when you can enjoy yourself. Ergonomic office chairs serve better than any other office chair type. Consequently, you should make a wise decision to come up with the best office chair under 500.

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