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Best Office Chairs with Headrest Reviews You Should Consider For Your Neck

With the popularity of smartphones and computer work, many people are suffering from the forward head syndrome. Also, most office workers are developing bad sitting postures and thus troubled by neck pains. Therefore, it is time to choose the best office chairs with headrest to alleviate this problem.

What Is the Best Office Chair with Headrest?

executive office chair ergonomic under 1000


Key Features:

  • Genuine Brazilian leather seat
  • High-density padded foam
  • Aluminum swivel base for sturdiness
  • Ergonomic shape to protect back curve
  • Adjustable height

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Features to Look for in the Best Office Chair with Headrests

Now that headrests on chairs are so helpful, how can you choose the most suitable type? Here are some tips for your reference.

1. Breathable Mesh Fabric Material

If you sweat a lot, then the best chairs for you, undoubtedly, are mesh chairs. Such seating allows good ventilation to make you cool and comfortable even if you sit for long periods. Together with these chairs come the mesh headrests.

Most of the fully adjustable head support is mesh fabric. It comes with or without padding. The non-padded option, sure, is better for sweaty guys. But mind the pitfall that your hair might get caught in the mesh, which is troublesome. Those with thick padding are softer and less stick than leather alternatives when you sweat. The padding can be as thick as 6″ or more. Because of the padding, the headrest is less breathable than the grid designs, but your hair or your headphone will not get in trouble with it.


2. Soft Leather Upholstery with Padding

Mesh is not the only recommendable material. Instead. leather ones that cover thick padding are also popular. Generally, they are less breathable but very comfortable. This type of headrest comes on a leather chair, which is common for gamers and executives. From this user group, you can also infer the features of these chairs – comfortable, high-quality, and ergonomic enough for long sitting hours.

The leather head support is often included on the back, so they are less flexible. This type of support, however,  is often wider and longer than the former one. Therefore, they can support both your head and your neck when their curvature matches that of yours. When you turn your head to talk to others or relax your eyes, your head can always rest on the head pillow. In this way, the leather support with thick padding makes you feel safer and more trustworthy than the mesh ones.


3. Adjustable Height

The adjustability of the height is the most important for a headrest. You can make do with them if they fit your head but is uncomfortable. They will, however, be worse than useless if they cannot be adjusted to a proper height for you.

Though desks and chairs can come with detailed measurements, it is hard to decide what height of headrest is the best for you. Even if you have bought an ergonomic office chair that fits your head and neck just fine, the best position is still in suspense. After all, each chair has its unique design, just as each of you has unique characters. It might work if you find the best headrest for you and keep a record of its height off the top of the backrest. However, the result might not fit all chairs.

Unless you buy an office chair with large and wide headrest, I’d recommend you to invest in one chair with height-adjustable head support. This is the best bet if you cannot go to a physical store.


4. Adjustable Angle

Many headrests have a curved surface to support your neck. When they have a rotating function, their support for your neck will become more powerful. You can decide whether you want the upper or the lower part to give you support. Also, since the curvature of our neck varies, adjusting the angle of the support can help you find the best position to match your neck.

5. The Headrest on the Chair Back

Except for the headrests that stand out from the chair back, there is another popular type, and that is the headrests on the chair back. Since the backrest of chairs extends to reach your head, these chairs are sure to have high backs. They have many designs not only good for people with neck pain bust also beneficial for shoulder and back pains.

One common feature of these chairs is the thick padding. The chairs with built-in headrest are often leather-covered. Courtesy of such durable leather upholstery, manufacturers can add much padding onto the seat, back, and headrest. It is true that fabric covering can hold padding too, but speaking of durability and comfort, leather is far better.


6. Not Making Any Noise

Many headrests will make noises when you apply pressure to them. The creaking noise can be annoying to you and the people around you.

Why Choose Computer Chairs with Head Support

Here are some benefits you can gain from these chairs with supportive headrests. Please read and check why they will do you a power of good.

1. For Better Sitting Postures

Many health issues have arisen from improper postures during long sitting hours. The higher risk of heart diseases and obesity is causing harm to daily life. So, finding out ways to fight against this vicious trend is necessary. And one tiny step is to find the best ergonomic office chair that promotes good posture. This is how you can address the problem before it takes root.

The suggested proper posture requires people to keep the angle between their thigh and back at least 90 degrees. That is, you either sit upright or recline back a bit. Further, a study has shown that when the angle extends to 130 to 135 degrees, you are placing the smallest amount of pressure on your lower back. That is, you are reclining a bit with your chair back.

In this position, your head and neck will suffer from extra pressure if they lack adequate support. And a common issue is the forward head syndrome, which looks bad and may cause bad circulation. With a headrest, however, things will be different. A reliable head pillow will give support to your head and let it rest more. Then, your upper back is more likely to form good postures.

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best office chairs for posture

2. For Neck Pain Relief

With smartphones and computers intruding into our lives, most of us cannot live without the Internet now. You need to work with the computer, staring at the monitor and typing all the time. Whether you are writing programs or connecting with your clients, you are likely to neglect your sitting postures when you work, which is very dangerous.

One obvious problem with your sitting posture is the position of your neck. Proper postures suggest you place the center of the computer monitor at your eye level or slightly below it. The common poorly and cheaply made desks and chairs, however, are often lower than the standard for you. Therefore, your head will unconsciously lean forward to match the positioning of the computer.

Plus, even after work, you may need to check your phone frequently, surfing the Internet, talking with your friends, or replying to work e-mails. When doing so, bad sitting habits are raging. Being a phubber is also a health hazard.

With support for your head on the chair, however, things will be the other way round. The head support is supposed to support your head and neck and share the pressure you place on them. Who would ever refuse this kind of sharing? Nobody. Once your head and neck reap benefits from resting on the support, they will love it.

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home reclining chair


3. For A Supportive Work Mode

When you work, an ergonomic office chair should give you adequate support. Such support includes a comfortable chair back with lumbar support, a soft and breathable seat, 2 well-positioned armrests, and an ergonomic head pillow. The careful design of headrests are ergonomic and bear good sitting postures in mind. So, when you are too busy working to pay attention to correcting the position of your head and neck, place them comfortably on the head pillow.

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genuine leather executive chair

4. For Comfortable Reclining Functions

Reclining chairs are an excellent choice if you spend much of your day in your office. Generally speaking, the 90-degree angle is best for work and the 155-degree position is ideal for taking a nap. You can make do with sitting upright with no headrest, but a reclining position is sure to come with head support. The reason is simple. Suppose there is no support for your head when you recline 155 degrees. How are you going to deal with your head and neck? You will have to put extra pressure to ensure they are in line with your body. This, however, is tiring and bad for your health.

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reclining computer chair with Footrest

Reviews of the Best Office Chairs with Headrest

As the importance of technology continues to grow, more and more of us find ourselves sitting at our desks working in front of a computer for hours and hours on end. It is of the utmost importance for the overall health of the body that any prolonged periods of sitting are done in a comfortable, ergonomic chair to promoting good posture. Otherwise, slouching is almost a given, and all sorts of pesky aches, pains, and other degenerative effects eventually follow suit. One of the best ways to maintain your posture while sitting at your desk is to choose the best office chairs with headrest. Here are a few of the best office chairs with headrest, all of which are currently available on

1. Executive Computer Desk Swivel Office Chair with Headrest and Flexible Arm Rest

H&L Office High Back Mesh Executive & Managerial Computer Desk Swivel Office Chair with Headrest and Flexible Arm Rest
First of all, those of you with tighter budgets might want to consider the H&L Office High Back Black Mesh Executive and Managerial swivel office chair. Not only does it have a headrest, but swiveling arms as well. The latter tends to be a rare commodity when it comes to office chairs. The overall design is fully ergonomic, allowing comfortable sitting for many hours. It gets TOP stars rating amongst customer reviews and only costs about $100.

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2. VIVA OFFICE Mesh High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Arms and Seat

VIVA OFFICE Mesh High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Arms and Seat
Next up is the best star Viva Office mesh high back chair. This is a multifunction office chair that also offers adjustable arms. The material is a unique combination of sandwiches and normal mesh, providing targeting degrees of comfort for different parts of the body.

This is a chair you can lean back a bit in as well given the ability to accommodate three different vertical positions. Like most Viva Office models, this is an incredibly easy chair to put together. It will set you back roughly about $200 on sale, but it’s a combination of comfort and user-friendly adjustment functionality that makes it well worth considering.

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3. Heavy-Duty Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II model 400 lb Capacity Under $250

Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II model

Over 200 customers have rated the Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II model at a top review. This is a sleek over-sized office chair with gorgeous black leather. The headrest here is fully adjustable. Also, this is a chair that can take a beating.

A lot of office chairs tend to top out at supporting a maximum of 250 pounds. The Commodore II is capable of withholding up to 400 pounds. If you happen to be heavier set or just want something that will last, this is the model for you. The sale price is under $250, but the high-quality materials and sturdiness make it a fine choice overall.

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4. Office Star Space Seating AirGrid Back Chair w/ Adjustable Headrest & Mesh Seat

Office Star Space Professional Deluxe Matrex Back Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Mesh Seat

Finally, if you want to throw caution to the wind and spend big, the Office Star Space Professional Deluxe Matrex model might be right up your alley. You can buy a great discount, and the original sale price is under $900. It might not have the fanciest looks, but this 60 pound beast of an office chair can take a beating.

Comfort is king here as well, with a wide variety of adjustable elements. The average customer review ranks this model around 4 stars. If you have deep pockets, give it a shot!

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The Top Pick #1 Best Office Chairs with Headrest

Ergonomic Modern Cream Authentic/Faux Leather Swivel Tilting Executive Chair

executive office chair ergonomic under 1000

Key Features:

  • Genuine Brazilian leather seat
  • High-density padded foam
  • Aluminum swivel base for sturdiness
  • Ergonomic shape to protect back curve
  • Adjustable height

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