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Best Armless Office Chair to Save 30% Room Space – Ideal Choice For Small Rooms

Armless chairs are trendy in small offices. They are low profile and meanwhile functional. Whether you are a student or an office worker, these petite and space-saving chairs will be helpful. So, here I would like to introduce the best armless office chair for you.

What Is the Best Armless Office Chair on the Market?


How to Choose the Best Armless Office Chair?

Typically, there are varieties of armless office chairs. Besides, these chairs need to keep someone comfortable while working and stop worrying about their health. Therefore, before you purchase the armless office chair, there are factors that one should consider to choose the best of all. Such factors include:

office armless chairs

Lumbar Support

Support for your lower back while sited in the office is crucial. Therefore, an office chair should have lumbar support, which will support your lower back. Notably, sitting for long will lead to slumping of the lumbar spine curve if the office chair does not have lumbar support. So, consider choosing an office chair that consists of adjustable lumbar support that enables one to fit appropriately hence supporting the lower back.

The Material of the Seat

The material Seat of the armless office chair should be fabric hence making someone comfortable while working. Moreover, when someone sits on it for long, it prevents the chair from being hot and uncomfortable. Also, the cushion on the chair should prevent the user from feeling the chair’s base.

The Base of the Wheel

One of the targets for an armless chair is the base of the wheel. However, it may be essential to buy a wheeled chair made of a carpet specifically covered with carpet. It is tiresome when the user strains to get items that are away from a working surface. Therefore, a wheel-based chair will prevent the user from straining since it is movable. So, you can move in every direction to reach something away from your working area when you are working.


The arm and height adjustment is most office chair consideration. However, when shopping for an armless office. However, when you are shopping for an armless office chair, these re not th most essential adjustments to look at. A five adjustment armless office chair makes it ranked the best, but some can have 14 various adjustments. Some of the adjustment vital features include; lumbar support, back seat height, and width tension control.

Swivel Base

All armless office chairs should enable the user to access various parts working desk easily and hence swivel easily. However, arm fatigue can occur from overextending to reach multiple items that are far away from the working surface.

What Types of Armless Chair You May Need For Various Usages?

It is true that office chairs with arms are the most common type in offices. However, the armless chairs are also of great help on some occasions. Here are some clues.

1. Desk Chairs without Arms for Office Work

Some offices accommodate many people at the same time. If so, there will be a narrow space between you and your colleagues, which means that you have a relatively small workstation. And this is when the armless chairs can help.

choose armless office chair for home business

In small offices, you often have petite chairs when you work. The seat, therefore, tends to be smaller. Things will get worse if the chairs have arms since they will take up some space on your seat and make the actual seating area even smaller.

Even if you work in large offices, it can be hard to find a suitable office chair with armrests. One reason lies in their function of them. These arms on chairs are designed to support your arms when you work or study. If they fit your height, you can place your arms naturally on them when you type or read. So, they need to be almost the same height as your desktop.

Many chairs, however, do not have armrests this tall. Instead, the arms are lower than your ideal position so that you still need to place your arms on the desks. So why bother to pay for the extra arm support when you are comfortable putting your arms on desks?

Considering this, many manufacturers have produced chairs with flip-up arms. If you are not sure if you can get accustomed to armless chairs, try these first.

Flip-up arms are what can go as high up as if there were no armrests at all. Thanks to their full adjustability, you can lift them to a high position to rest your arms. But if you find it unnecessary, feel free to raise them to the sides of your chair back so that there is no armrest for you. This will be of help if you want to push your chair all the way in when you leave your office.

2. Armless Guest Chairs for Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms can vary largely in design. You can make it modern, classic, high-tech, or techno-art styles. In different styles, chairs that match the decorations also vary. Therefore, loveseats, sofa, tablet arm chairs, and benches are all available for the reception area.

If you often have visitors around, but your guest room is rather small, then armless guest chairs are the best. They will make your room look less narrow. Also, these chairs are ideal for rooms with simple or creative designs. After all, for most people, chairs without arms seem to give them more freedom.

Plus, your guests often vary in weight. If your chairs have arms on the seat, then your guests may find the seats too small for them, which can be annoying. Armless chairs, however, can have larger seats to meet the needs of big and tall guys.

Here are the top rated armless guest reception chairs you can buy.

3. No Arm Kneeling Chairs for Good Posture

Generally speaking, kneeling chairs do not have arms. However, this has no negative effect on its ability to promote good posture. So, you can also see from this that armrests are not a must on ergonomic chairs. For adequate arm support, you can choose desks that stand at the most comfortable height for you. Also, desks with adjustable heights are a wonderful alternative. Such desks can even rise to a height that allows you to stand up to work.

When you buy these chairs, all you need to choose is whether you want a rocking base or a chair on casters. Both types have their pros and cons. Also, thick padding is important, or you will suffer from hard seats and knee pads. This, in the long run, will give rise to leg pain. So make sure the padding is at least 2″ thick and will not flatten out easily.

Additionally, there are some other features you can look for in kneeling desk chairs. An orthopedic seat is one. Such seats have special shapes that help you relieve hip pains from long sitting hours. And, sure, they often come together with thick padding, or this ergonomic design will be reduced to nothing. Plus, some chairs have back support in the back or chest support in the front. You can try these picks if you always feel safer with such support, but chairs without these types of support are still comfortable enough.

Here is a list of the best kneeling chair with different features for special needs.

4. Standing Desk Chais with No Arms for Back Pain Relief

Now that we have mentioned standing desk chairs above, here let’s look into the pros of them.

Sitting has long been criticized because it can increase our risks of heart diseases, obesity, and other health issues. Experts say that our bodies are not designed for long sedentary hours and thus suggest us stand up and do some exercises. Such healthy lifestyles, however, are quite difficult to form. After all, the pace of our life is getting faster and faster. Squeezing out time for exercise seems to be something luxury for many people.

But the change is necessary. So, office ergonomics experts come up with ideas for standing desk chairs. They design these chairs not to let you stand in front of your desk all day like a soldier. On the contrary, such chairs work with standing desks to allow you to alternate between sitting and standing. The chairs like the second recommendation in the chart below have many ergonomic designs to make you comfortable whether you are sitting, standing, or leaning on the chair.

Listed below are the best representative type of chairs for standing desks. Go and check their functions.

5. Exercise Ball Chairs without Arms for Your Health

Exercise ball chairs are actually the balance balls you use in gyms and at yoga classes. Some have a chair base as you can see in the product below. Some are nothing but a ball. The chair base can help you get used to this special type of seating more easily while sitting on the balls only can help you stay fit and concentrate on your work at the same time.

Studies have shown that sitting on these ball chairs can help you burn 6% more calories than on regular office chairs. Sure, the number of calories burned is small, but it is still better than nothing.

Except for better body shapes, these ball chairs can improve your overall health too. One obvious difference when you use these balls as office seating is that your core muscle gets stronger. On regular chairs, your core muscle is often lazy and does not play its part in supporting your sitting posture. On balance ball chairs, however, you will need them to help you keep balance. This will gradually help you rebuild your strong core muscle.

For the best exercise ball chairs for different needs, check the product below.


Who May Need An Armless Office Chair?

When asked what type of office chair they prefer, most people working in an office will automatically answer, one with arms. It’s quite true that an office chair with traditional arms is the most popular option, but there are certain people and situations that can benefit from armless office chairs. In fact, armless chairs are slowly becoming a recognizable office icon.

1. Office Workers

Working in an office requires you to spend hours within the confines of a small cubicle. Meanwhile, your boss is probably fortunate enough to have an office chair with all of the bells and whistles.

Employees are often stuck with lesser quality seating options. With an armless office chair, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or quality, but due to the armless nature of the chair, it’s easier to fit into small spaces, and you can completely roll it under your desk.

2. Stay-at-Home Entrepreneurs

Working from home is slowly becoming the norm for entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the right office furniture to be productive. At the very least, you will need a quality desk and an office chair that offers adequate lumbar support. Since most people working at home don’t have a lot of office space to dedicate to their work, an armless chair provides the perfect balance in working comfort. The compact nature of the chair allows it to have a smaller footprint and be useful in cramped quarters such as your kitchen or spare bedroom. For more details about home business chairs, see:

Click here to check the Best Home Office Chair for Home Business Needs.

3. College Students

Living in dorms can be the ultimate college experience, but students all have a problem making their furniture fit into a small room. Every student needs a desk, but special attention must be paid to the office chair. A chair with arms can eat up a great deal of space since it can’t directly slide under the desk.

On the other hand, an armless office chair is not only trendy for dorms but handy in taking up less square footage. And you can check small-size office chairs for a short person and small room use.

Many people can benefit from an office chair without arms, but one must pay careful attention to the options available before making a final decision.

People busy at the office, working from home, or living in dorms are especially going to benefit from the ergonomic and compact design an armless chair offers. In addition, the affordable price of these chairs can also make them very desirable.

To save you time, you can check the best price armless office chair, check the details below:

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair Under $50


  • Measurement: 22.5 inches deep by 21.5 inches wide by 30.5 to 34.5 inches high
  • Weight capacity: 225-pound

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Benefits And Drawbacks of An Armless Office Chair

Today’s office environment often includes a variety of furniture. One of the staples in the office chair. When purchasing office furniture, you may wonder what the difference is between office chairs with and without arms.

The type of chair which is best suited to your office will focus on several factors. The first of these is the other type of furniture in your office.

Some employees like their office arranged with more than one desk space. For these, an armless desk chair can be the right choice. Before making a purchase decision, it is also a good idea to take a look at the benefits and the drawbacks of armless office chairs.


1. Space-saving for Small Places

One of the primary benefits of an armless office chair is that they take up less space than those with arms or armrests. If your office space is tight or you share your office with others, an armless office chair may be a better fit. They are also convenient if you want to move quickly between desk spaces as you are working on a project.

Click here to buy the Best Small Office Chair with No Arms For Small Space.

ergonomic mid-back chair under 100ergonomic mid-back chair under 100

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2. Fit for Other Furniture

Another of the benefits and convenience of no-arm office chairs is they are designed to fit seamlessly with most office furniture. If you like sitting up close to your desk, an armless chair will slide right up to the edge. Office chairs with arms may not fit easily under the desk, creating a challenge if you need to sit close in.

3. Convenient for Typing

If you use a keyboard tray, an armless chair will most certainly be more convenient since it will allow you to position the keyboard tray where it is most comfortable without the possibility of running into chair arms. If you are working with a budget, an armless office chair will usually cost less, helping you remain within budget parameters.

4. Ergonomic design to fit office furniture

Some armless office chairs will also be ergonomically designed, making them a very good choice for office furniture. An armless chair may also be less prone to damage since it is the arms on a chair that tend to get damaged.


No as comfortable as a chair with arms

It is also important to know the disadvantages of an armless office chair before making a purchase decision. An office chair with arms provides a better ergonomic fit, so an armless office chair may not be as comfortable as one with arms. Arms on an office chair may be important if you have back problems or need to sit in a certain way.


How to Sit Comfortably on An Armless Office Chair?

Most people spend their working hours sited for long and end up being affected. They may experience effects such as back and neck pain. Therefore to prevent such impacts, consider the following guidelines to help you sit in a good posture while working.

how to sit on armless office chairs

Arm and Distance

When you are working, ensure you sit close to your desk. Your arm should be parallel to the spine. Also, adjust your office chair height so that you may rest your hands on your working surface if your elbows are not at a 90-degree angle.

Level of Resting Eye

Ensure your gaze is at the center of the computer screen to a few inches above the eye’s level. This ensures the relaxation of your neck. Also, it helps the neck stay in a neutral position while working.

Alignment of the Leg

When seated, always ensure your feet are flat on the floor and slightly lower with the hips. Keep the hips back in the chair and sit straight. Notably, you are in the right position if you can easily slide your finger under your tightness at the chair’s edge.


The armrest of the chair should enable one to lift the arms slightly at the shoulders. The armrest is crucial since they help someone to less slouch forward. Also, it prevents strain on the shoulder and upper tension.


How to Remove Arms From An Office Chair?

Removal of arms from an office depends on several reasons such as worn-out armrest. The following are steps that will guide you to make your office chair armless.

armless office chairs prices

Step 1

Identify a firm surface or table that can hold the office chair. Alternatively, use a floor if you do not have a suitable surface for the task. After that, place the chair on top of the surface while it is resting on its back.

Step 2

Enable the arms to move freely from side to side by unlocking the arm width adjustment lever. Ensure you identify the same bolts that hold the arms on the width plate.

Step 3

From the underside of the chair, remove the hex key. Turn the bolts counterclockwise until the bolts are removed using the hex key. Now the arms will be out of the width plate easily when the bolts are removed.

Step 4

After completing the above, Screw the bolts back to the width plate by turning them clockwise using a screwdriver. This will ensure the width plate is tightly and correctly placed to avoid the shaking of the chair.


The best armless office chair will save much space and is especially suitable for small spaces to use, no matter in office rooms or for home business.

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