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What are the Best Office Chair on the Market? – Ultra Guides and Reviews

Office work has become an essential part of our daily life. Most of us are spending most of our day sitting at the computer to work. You may find it hard to believe, but we are sitting for an average of 13 hours a day.

Considering that such long sitting hours may give rise to health problems, it is essential to choose the best office chair to help promote a more ergonomic workstation. So, we are here to provide some tips on how you can do that.


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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallSpace Seating AirGrid Back Leather Office Chair

“Breathable mesh chair back brings comfort in summer and also makes it easy to clean for long hours of use.”

#2. Best For ExecutiveBoss Office Leather Plus Executive Office Chair

“Black thick leather material gives a sleek look without compromising the comfort in use, ergonomic design fits boss to sit for a whole day.”

#3. Best For PostureFlush Furniture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for Posture

“Natural wood frame finish adds up its classic style, while medium-density fiberboard provides you with the highest level of comfort.”

#4. Best For StandingSeville Classic 360 Sit-Stand Adjustable Desk Stool

“Adjustable standing height mechanism allows you to fit any height of desk, plush seating designed to correct poor posture.”

#5. Best Ergonomic For Long Hours Homall Computer Gaming Chairs

“Ergonomic design fits for employers working for hours without feeling tired on back and neck, while the recline function enables to take a sound rest while break.”


A Roundup of Chair Features You May Want

best ergonomic office chair

Every part of the chairs plays an essential role in making your favorite office seating. And people have varying special needs for personal reasons. Some prefer high-back chairs because they feel more reliable while some like mid-back ones for freer motions. Some choose leather over mesh upholstery, while others may find mesh or fabric more comfortable. It is hard to find one model that suits everyone’s needs. So, it is better to choose according to your requirements.

Listed below are the popular features that customers have been looking for. Click and read the reviews of chairs of each kind. All the chairs we select are of high quality and worth a try.

1. Chair Seat

When we sit on chairs, we are resting our butts on the chair seat. So, we need to choose the most ergonomic one to avoid hip pains. Office chair seats, in fact, have many features for our needs.

Before making a purchase, we’d highly recommend you decide what size of chairs you want. Regular seats measure 19″ to 21.75″ wide and 15.75″ to 18.5″ deep. But if you are big and tall, you may need big and tall chair seats larger than 20″ x 20″.

The seat height is often adjustable to fit standard-height desks and people of varying heights. Also, there are chairs, often referred to as stools, that adjust to fit desk heights and counter heights. These stools, or drafting chairs, are a great addition to a sit-stand workstation. With them, you can sit high or low and stand up to work from time to time. Such high flexibility allows a wider range of motions and thus does you a power of good. And if you are a short person, be careful if the seat height will enable you to place your feet flat on the floor.

reclining executive desk chair

Except for height, the seat depth can also have the adjustability to fit various leg lengths. By pushing the seat in or out, you will find the most comfortable position for your thighs and calves. The Steelcase Leap chairs, for example, have a seat depth range of 2 inches, from 16-3/4″ to 18-3/4″.

Also, some seats have a waterfall edge to allow for better circulation and thus reduce legs pains that arise from long sitting hours.

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2. Arms

Arm support is not only to support your arms but also to relieve shoulder pains. The arm support at a proper height allows you to place your arms naturally on it. The angle of your elbow effortlessly gets 90 degrees so that your arms have better blood circulation. Meanwhile, your shoulder will be less stressful, courtesy of the improved arm posture.

 Find out about the Best Armless Desk Chairs.

3. Backrest

Chair backs have three categories in terms of their height of them, high-back, mid-back, and low-back office chairs. The high back chairs can offer support for your full-back and even your neck and head. The other two have less, or even no, support for your upper back. However, they allow for a broader range of motions. Meanwhile, the mid-back and low-back ones can offer adequate support for your lower back, which is susceptible to pains if you sit for too long.

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4. Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is the most important part if you are worrying about back pains. There are lumbar pillows support and built-in lumbar support. Both types have their way of making you feel supportive and comfortable.

Mesh chairs can have adjustable lumbar support. That is, it enables you to decide its height and depth to fit the unique curvature of your spine better. Leather chairs often have lumbar pillows or built-in padded support. They tend to be softer than that mesh chairs thanks to the thick padding.

Additionally, high-end chairs can have a premium lumbar support mechanism. Herman Miller, for instance, has a PostureFit SL technology (S for sacral and L for lumbar), and Steelcase boasts the LiveBack mechanism. Both promise to offer automatic support to you when you move on the chairs.

 Buy the Best Lumbar Support Office Chair.

best mesh office chair for lwer back pain adjustable support

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5. Head/Neck Support

The head support is the part that rests on top of your chair’s back. It can be separated from the chair back, or built inside it. High-back mesh chairs often have separated headrests while leather chairs come with the built-in type.

Now that a chair has head support, it is sure to be a high back one. Courtesy of this, you can feel support for your full back when reclining against it. The head support, as its name implies, will support your neck and head to prevent the forward head syndrome.

But low-back and mid-back desk chairs with no neck support have their advantages, too. Now that your upper back has a broader range of motion, you can try some simple neck stretches to avoid neck pains. Sometimes this can be more effective than relying on headrests. We have also found a video to help you start your exercise program. Check it out.

  Buy High-quality Office Chairs with Headrests.

fully adjustable office chair

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6. Base

Generally speaking, there are two types of bases, one with wheels and one without. The rolling chairs are the most suitable type for office work. In offices, you may need to roll across the floor to view the monitors in your workstation, which is particularly true to programmers. Also, you may need to shift from individual work to group talk. And this is also when the casters shine.

Stationary chairs, or chairs without wheels, are more common in waiting rooms. If you want to buy one for your office desk, then we’d recommend those with a sled base. They are safer if you want to stay put in your spot.

 Highly Recommended Chairs with No Wheels

space seating sled base office chair

7. Materials

The most common materials are leather, mesh, and fabric. Each has different pros and cons.

  • Leather, for example, holds thicker padding and is most popular for executive chairs. However, it is less recommendable for sweaty guys for they may quickly get wet on the leather chairs.
  • Mesh makes for better airflow to prevent overheating and often comes at a low price. But it holds thinner padding than the other two options, and most mesh backs have no padding.
  • Fabric is less common than the former two types but is welcomed in home offices for its warm touch. It also holds thick padding for comfort. Yet it can be hard to maintain if you happen to spill drinks on it.
  • High-end chairs can use recycled materials for environmental protection. As far as we know, more than 90% of the materials that Herman Miller Aeron chairs and Steelcase Amia chairs use are eco-friendly.


Special Needs You May Have for Office Desk Chairs

The office chairs have varying features because we all have different needs for them. So, here, we are going to take a quick look at what the chairs can do for you and what requirements you may have.

1. Pain Relief

Pains can take root if you sit in poor postures for long hours. However, the ergonomically-designed chairs can lower the risk of getting pain.

  • Orthopedic seats can reduce the risk of hip pains. They have a well-designed curve and a waterfall edge to assist you in sitting with less effort.
  • Curved backs and lumbar support can provide adequate support for your lower back area, which is quite fragile when exposed to long hours of sitting.
  • Head support will do good not only for your head but your neck. With this feature, you can rest your head comfortably and find the best position to place your computer monitor to protect your eyes. Gradually, you will feel neck pain relief.
  • Sciatica pain relief has ergo requirements for the seat and back.

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2. Posture Improvement

Ergonomic support on the office chairs can help you improve postures. One important reason is that the support fits the natural curvature of your body so that you are less likely to surrender to comfort in poor postures.

Also, there are kneeling chairs and exercise ball chairs that skill in changing your postures for the better. Kneeling chairs help you distribute your weight evenly across the seat and prevent you from sitting cross-legged. Exercise balls can act as active seating that assists in building up your core strength. If you are willing to take up the challenge of using creative chairs in your office, do not miss them.

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3. For Different People

Different people may have different needs for office chairs. So, we have reviewed the best chairs for pregnant women and children, and big and small guys.

3.1 Pregnant Ladies

One can never lay too much emphasis on choosing an ergonomic and comfortable office chair for pregnant ladies. So, there are a number of office chair factors you should pay special attention to during pregnancy. There are, sure, well-made chairs on hand. Meanwhile, special types of chairs, like kneeling chairs and exercise ball chairs, are also helpful. Also, massages on chairs are beneficial to pregnant ladies.

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3.2 Kids

Children have varying designs of chairs according to their age group. For little kids, you can buy them exercise balls as chairs so that they can hop while sitting and head for better sitting postures. When they are in their teens, there are chairs that look similar to adults’ office chairs. But these chairs can come with more creative designs like a basketball-shaped back and seat.

 Find out more about Popular Chairs for Kids Study.

kids computer desk study chair

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3.3 Big and Tall Guys

Big and tall guys are sure to need chairs with wider seats and rise higher than average. Therefore, many manufacturers have made special chairs to accommodate people on the bigger side. Herman Miller Aeron chairs, for example, have made the chairs in 3 sizes, C is the most suitable model for tall or overweight people.

Also, we have reviews of chairs for people weighing 300 lbs. Please make sure to check it if you are buying chairs for 300-pound guys. Even if you are not over 300 lb, we’d recommend you to read it if you like wide seats. They are sturdy enough to hold most people well for a long time.

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3.4 Small or Short People

One of our colleagues is a small person, average height, weighing around 100 lb. She says that most chair seats of average size are nice to her, but narrower seats can provide better arm support for she can place her arms naturally on the armrest.

Also, a short person on our team, who is around 5 feet in height, says that she needs chairs that can be adjusted low enough for her to place her feet flat on the floor instead of the chair base. So, we have also written reviews of the best office chair for small and short people. Don’t miss out.

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4. Massage Functions

Making appointments with masseurs and traveling the distance to get a massage can be a hassle. You have to spare time and effort even though you have been occupied with work. And this is one of the reasons why people have designed massage chairs.

Current massage chairs are having more and more high-tech features. The heating and vibrations are nothing new, but they are inseparable in making the chairs functional. In addition to that, massage chairs now have massage techniques from all over the world. And some boast the zero-gravity positions that can take the massage effectiveness to the next level.

 Reviews of the Best Shiatsu Massage Office Chairs for Pain Relief.

reai relax massage chair

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Different Types of Chairs for Office Rooms

There are many creative and ergonomic chairs you can choose other than the regular type.

1. Regular Office Chair

This is, by all means, the hottest type of chair for office rooms because this is what they are made for. All the reviews and buying guides here can help you choose the best ones, whatever your needs are.

2. Standing Desk Chair

Long hours of sitting have long been criticized because they are to blame for many health problems. So, you can try making your workstation a sit-stand one. That is, make it a place where you freely alternate between sitting and standing. In this process, there are drafting stools and professional sit-stand chairs on hand.

Some of the drafting stools are adjustable from desk height to counter height. Thanks to this, you can stand to work with your computer and change into sitting without bothering to adjust your desk height.

The professional sit-stand chairs are those that come with a fully adjustable seat and an anti-fatigue mat. The seat can support your position whether you are sitting or standing to reduce fatigue that comes along. The anti-fatigue mat will enhance the effect for it has ergonomic features and some boast massage functions.

adjustable standing desk chair

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3. Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs are gaining popularity among people who care about healthful seating. It may seem revolutionary to desk-bound fellows who have never tried it before. But it does make wonders. Once seated, you can feel immediate posture improvement for it helps you sit in a more healthful way on the seat. Instead of kneeling on the knee pads – a misunderstanding that many people have – you are placing your knees naturally on the soft, padded support. Though the overall posture is quite different from our traditional way of proper sitting, this is a way that’s good for our well-being.

  Best Kneeling Chairs for Posture Improvement on the market.

kneeling chairs for posture improvement

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4. Exercise Ball Chair

Balance balls are a popular tool that helps us do varying exercises. Now they are also popular as office chairs. These special chairs can be subdivided into different types according to their bases. Some people like sitting directly on the ball with no external help from the chair base. Some prefer adding a ring base, which can also be helpful when exercising. Still, some choose a chair-like base that has four wheels during the transition from traditional office chairs to this active seating.

Whichever type you want to buy, we have recommendations at Best Exercise Ball Chair Reviews.


5. Guest Chair

As its gaming suggests, a guest chair is what you place in waiting rooms. These chairs are often stationary. And they come in varying forms. Some resemble office desk chairs while some can be sofas. The main factors you need to consider when buying guest chairs are comfort and sturdiness. After all, you will not want to see the chairs break when your visitors are using them. Nor will you be happy to hear your guests complaining about discomfort because of the chairs. In a word, make sure to buy the high-quality guest chairs that your visitors will love.

best office guest chairs

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6. Office Gaming Chair

Professional gaming chairs, like rockers, are often unsuitable for your office rooms unless you have a lounge for gaming.

Office gaming chairs are those you often use for PC gaming. They have a simpler look and less professional functions for gaming. Instead, they have ergonomic features like reclining functions for different activities and lumbar and head pillows for support. Also, they boast thick and high-quality padding that does not flatten out quickly and soft, wear-resistant leather covering.

   Read about why Gaming Chairs are suitable for Long Working Hours.


Top 6 High Recommended Office Chairs

Office chairs are where millions of people spend the majority of their day. On average, people spend five hours and forty-one minutes each business day sitting at work. This can create a multitude of health problems if you’re not sitting comfortably. Back problems are the most common outcome. However, when the right chair is purchased, such issues can be put off.

best rated office chair

It’s important only to check out highly reviewed products and to understand that even chairs of the highest quality aren’t perfect for everyone. Comfort comes first, but the style must not be overlooked either. With these two aspects in mind, a fair review can be made of the 6 best office chairs available on Amazon.

One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with all the options available to you is to start reviewing the sites of the better chair manufacturers. You can get a good feeling for their offerings and familiarize yourself with different choices you can make.

1. Space Seating AirGrid Back with Black Eco Leather Seat

SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back

A light chair for the office. This relatively inexpensive chair comes in black color. The design is relatively informal but comfortable. Making it perfect for a home office. All you’ll spend is less than $200. The chair is also one of the “lightweight” models. At forty pounds, any adult could easily move it.

This chair might not be the right one for you if you’re particularly tall. Those who are 5’10 and over have stated that this adjustable chair just doesn’t seem to go down low enough. Of course, the inconvenience of this is dependent on the height of your desk.

Check Latest Price!!

2. Boss Office Products Black Leather Plus Executive Chair

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Few can offer the style this chair does. It has an extremely plush look that makes it appear to cost more than the $150 it does. It’s full back style, and fluffy nature makes it perfect for those who suffer from back problems. Many enjoy the fact that this chair is made from a mix of leather and vinyl. Even being partly made with leather, it can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Some have found this chair to be wobbly. Those who have mentioned this claim that the base is firmly planted, but a loose screw causes the chair itself to move when they sit down. Another common complaint is that it’s too high off the floor.

Check Latest Price!!

3. Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12

Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12

This is one of the cheapest options featured on the list. You can claim one of these chairs as your own for less than $50. Making it perfect for those on a budget. Despite its low cost, it’s gotten some pretty positive feedback. Over half of the reviews for this chair have been five stars.

An advantage this chair brings to the table is its petite weight. At just 25 pounds, this one is small enough for a child to move it. They are making it perfect for the computer in your kid’s playroom. It’s also great for adults. For the low cost, many people appreciate the durability it has to offer.

Some claim this chair is difficult to put together. If you’re a person who does not like to read instructions, or simply doesn’t have time to put a chair together that’ll take more than five minutes, this one might not be for you. The maximum height for this chair is only 20 inches. Making it not ideal for people under 5’3″.

Check Latest Price!!

4. Lorell Executive High-Back Chair Mesh Fabric Chair

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair Mesh Fabric

This chair is perfect for customers who’d like their chair to come with a little back support. Sometimes you just want to lean back and shut your eyes for a second. The high back of this chair allows most people to do this.

Its moderate price is well worth the support it provides. Many call themselves the proud owner of this chair after only spending less than $150. If you’re not an amazon prime member, this chair will cost you above $200.

The mesh sheet of this chair allows flexibility. Each back is unique. This chair can curve to meet your back’s needs no matter what the contours. That’s why so many people claim it’s the best office chair for those who suffer from bad backs. The plush chairs may look comfortable, but they’re not as flexible.

Not everyone likes the flexibility of this chair. Some hate that it gives a little when they are leaning back. This chair is not the right option if you want a firm feeling when you’re resting. It will support you without breaking, though. Others have found the lumbar curve to be too deep, pushing their bellies forward.

Check Latest Price!!

5. Serta Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

Big And Tall Leather Office Chair

Many of the chairs listed previously have quite slender weight limits. Some of them only hold up to 250lbs. This can be a little nerve-wracking for those of us who weigh over. Everyone needs to have a chair they can call their own. Luckily, the Serta 43506 fixes this problem. It can hold up to 350lbs of weight. Making it a chair that’s strong enough to hold pretty much anybody.

Without a prime account, you’re looking at $400 to own this chair. Things get much cheaper when you’re an Amazon member. You can get this chair for only a little above $200 when you belong to the site, making the cost well worth the investment. The 350lb rating is extremely hard to find in this price range.

When You Purchase this chair, you get three levers to control the position of the seating. This allows you to find your perfect angle. It’s an especially useful tool for those of us with unusually tall bodies. No longer will we have to bend to reach the keyboard.

Check Latest Price!!

6. Smugdesk Mesh High Back Office Chair Multifunction Swivel

best smugdesk office chair

This is a highly rated chair that actually comes with a headrest. Sick of figuring out what to do with your head when you’re sitting at the desk? You’re not the only one. This chair exists for those of us that want the perfect padding for that little, eight pounds, egg we call ahead.

Some may think that they’re going to have to dish out a lot of money to buy back, and head support. This simply isn’t so. Amazon Prime members can get this baby for around $200. Considering the two levels of support the chair provides, it’s not a bad investment.

The office seat can be an extremely hot place to work for hours on end. We often aren’t the ones in control of the thermostat. This chair is built with materials that help prevent overheating. Sitting in a sweaty chair is gross. If this is a problem that’s been plaguing you, this chair’s the solution.

Some find the seat of this chair to be hard. And the firm support it provides can be considered uncomfortable to customers who like a softer experience. However, most find the durability of this product to be well worth its price.

Check Latest Price!!

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How to Buy the Best Office Chair for You

You can purchase good work chairs from most major furniture stores. The Internet gives you a much wider range of options to choose from, though. You can use a combination of in-person and online shopping to make an informed decision on chairs. First-hand experience — understanding how a particular model feels to sit in — is positively vital.

Once you’ve found a model that suits you, don’t commit to buying it from the store where you found it! Take the details of the chair (manufacturer, model number, options, etc.) down and then hit the Internet. You may find a much better price online through dedicated furniture-selling sites or general-purpose retailers like Amazon.

300 lbs limit chair for short person

1. Set A Budget

Office chair prices range from less than $100 to more than $1,000. Your budget will be a major influence on which seat you end up buying! Generally speaking, you can expect durability to track closely along with the price. Budget chairs under the $100 range will wear out quickly, requiring frequent replacement. Spending more will get you a longer-lasting chair, with $200-$400 being a reasonable price range for a chair that will last for many years and will give you more comfortableness. Click our page for more about Best Buy Office Chair for Your Budget.

With the more expensive chairs available to you, you may be paying for aesthetic design along with ordinary functionality. You have to decide if having an attractive chair with a designer label is worth paying more for. Of course, higher-end chairs are also typically the most ergonomic. They’re usually protected by comprehensive long-term warranties, too. You can go page for some expensive and ergonomic office chair.

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2. Assess Your Needs Before Buying Office Chairs

You need to invest some thought into your particular needs when you go shopping for an office chair. Ask yourself how much mobility you need: Do you spend the majority of your time at one desk, or do you roll from place to place? How long do you need to be seated in a given stretch? What materials feel most comfortable to you — leather, fabric, or mesh? Do you need special support for the back or lower back? Does the seat height just right for you to sit down?…

It’s also important to account for any particular irregularities you need your chair to address. Very short and very tall individuals both need special chairs.

Those with specific health issues (e.g., recurrent back pain or certain injuries) may need chairs that provide extra support or special accommodations. You must get a chair that’s capable of handling your unique situation!

Choose the Best Office Chair for You

It’s not all about ratings. Sometimes getting a good product is more about buying the one that has reviews you can relate to. If you’re a tall man, you’re of course going to be happier with the big and tall option. This wouldn’t be right for a petite person. Some reviews should not be put into consideration. There are always Amazon customers who are impossible to please.

Get Your Questions Answered

All of these chair listings have questions about them answered by the manufacturer. It’s your job as a smart consumer to make sure you have any questions about the quality, or cost of these products answered. Once you’ve accomplished this, you should be able to make an educated choice about the chair you’d wish to have in your office or home.

And you may need the best chair cushion for more comfortable back support for your old chairs, or you can try a massage chair pad to get more relaxation. Some people who run a home business will pay more attention about move the chair around, in this condition, how to protect your floor would be important, choose a quality mat for your chair is very necessary. So have picked up several products to give you a better sitting experience.

Check them below:


A Spotlight on the Best Ergonomic Aeron Chair

Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair deserves a closer look as a fine example of a premium modern work seat. Technically a mid-back chair according to the classification system described above, the Aeron is made entirely out of highly durable polymer materials. Its most distinctive feature is probably the lightweight mesh used to form both the back and seat of the chair. This is a design cue that has been widely copied by other manufacturers since the Aeron’s introduction in 1994.

With its lightweight, futuristic appearance, and uncompromising quality, the Aeron became the darling of tech companies during the millennial dot-com boom. Despite its high price (originally retailing for well over $900), the Aeron has remained popular in a wide range of offices, especially those with the financial resources to pay for the finest possible seating.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame

expensive lumbar support chair for back pain

Check Latest Price!!

A closer look at some customer feedback for Aeron chairs will show you that picking out the best office chair is harder than it might seem! Many first-time users are unimpressed with the Aeron and can’t get over the high price tag. Those that take the time to learn the chair’s features and how to use it ergonomically have much better impressions. When adjusted properly and used with proper posture, most Aeron owners consider the chair outstanding.

This simply demonstrates how important it is to go beyond the first impression when you’re shopping for office chairs. This is a seat you’ll be using for hours at a time! It needs to feel as comfortable at the end of the day as it does when you first sit down in it. The Aeron scores high marks along that line and many happy owners report it helps to minimize back pain.

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The Importance of Having A Good Office Chair

If your job requires you to sit for long hours, the chair you sit in plays a huge role in how much you appreciate your work! Investing a little care in your choice of office chair can make a big difference in your comfort and even your health. This buying guide will give you a good general grounding in the most important factors you need to consider when you choose your chair.

The human body simply wasn’t designed to maintain a sitting posture for hours on end. You need a well-designed chair to provide ergonomic support and keep you comfortable while you’re working. This is why chair manufacturers invest considerable time and effort in making their products as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Most good office chairs are highly adjustable, allowing you to customize your posture to meet your needs. Height, tilt, and the angle between the seat and the back are all adjustable on most decent chairs. More advanced models may give you the opportunity to adjust the height of the armrests (very important for comfortable typing), the lower back support, the position of the headrest, and even the firmness of the seat and back.

1. Main Types of the Office Chair on the Market

There are three main categories of office chairs you need to understand before you pick out your perfect seat: task chairs, mid-back chairs, and executive chairs. An ergonomic task chair is a lightweight seat designed to offer maximum mobility; it usually lacks head and lumbar support. Many task chairs come without armrests, see our collection of some great recommended task chairs page to choose the one you like.

Mid-back chairs and executive chairs are more suitable for all-day sitting. As their name implies, mid-back chairs feature some lumbar support to offer greater comfort and better ergonomics. Executive chairs usually have a complete back piece which gives full support from the lower back up to the head. Materials are usually chosen for all-day comfort and durability (e.g., leather or suede).

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2. Great Chair Makers and Brands You Should Know

Many different companies have developed a reputation for creating great office chairs. Some manufacturers are relatively new on the office furniture scene, like Viva Office, Boss Office Products, and Space Furniture. Other companies have been in business for decades, building up great track records for innovation and quality. Examples of long-time quality chair makers include Steelcase and Herman Miller.

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