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Reviews and Guide of the Best Office Gaming Chairs You Should Have

Nowadays, most of us are working hours at a stretch in the offices. And for most of the working hours, we are sitting on chairs. However, due to bad postures and uncomfortable seating, many of us are suffering from pains. So, here I would like to recommend the best office gaming chairs for you. They will help you relieve back pains and thus work more efficiently.

What Are the Best Office Gaming Chairs on the Market?

ergonomic executive gaming chair

Key Features:

  • Adjustable seat height: 17.3″ – 21.5″
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Comfortable dense foam on the seat
  • Support for the shoulders, head, and neck

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Are Gaming Chairs Better Than Office Chairs?

As we all know, most people are working in their offices for long hours, sitting in one spot staring at the computer monitor. Then one day, people realize that such office work actually bears a resemblance to gaming. And that is the long sedentary hours. Because, you know, professional gamers also have to sit there for hours on end and compete with others. In view of this, people think it might be a good idea to apply gaming chairs to their office rooms.

So, here I would like to make a comparison between office gaming chairs and normal desk chairs. This might help you know more about the differences between the two types. And I do hope this can help you make a better choice.

1. Style

As you can imagine, office gaming chairs and office chairs are quite different in their design.

  • Gaming Chairs

Many gaming chairs will feature a racing style. They look more sporty and refreshing. This is because they also have more color options.

Since I have done a lot of research on office chairs, I do have seen some manufacturers trying to add color to them. To be honest, however, most of them do not appeal to me. The feeling is beyond words, but the chairs do seem cheaply and poorly made. If I were to buy office chairs, I would definitely go for the low-profile colors like black or grey.

But for gaming office chairs, I can have easy access to high-quality and good-looking red, blue, or pink alternatives. This is an ideal choice for lightening up your office rooms.

  • Office Chairs

In comparison to gaming chairs, office chairs often have a sleek and simple design. Executive chairs are often leather and look elegant and luxury. Cheap ones are mostly fabric and blend easily with most office settings. They are low-profile and lend a touch of professionalism.

The most common colors are black, brown, gray, and white. If you do careful research, you can find some nice red or blue ones, too.

If you want some nice-looking office chairs, I would like to recommend the Herman Miller chairs for you. They have made efforts in designing professional office seats that are both intelligent and unique. You will love them for their ergonomic structure and the comfort they bring.

In a nutshell, if you want colorful office seats, gaming chairs will be a better choice. But if you are the low-profile type, then the simple office chairs will satisfy your needs, too.

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gaming office chair for female

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2. Reclining Feature

As office workers, we often spend both the working hours and the siesta break in the office. As a result, we are sometimes spending more time on the office seating than on our bed. So, it is no doubt that we will prefer a chair that makes us comfort whether we are working or relaxing. And this is when the reclining feature counts.

  • Gaming Chairs

Most gaming chairs are reclining chairs. The difference lies in the range of motions. Some are fully reclining chairs, allowing you to lie flat on them and sleep. Others, however, will recline back from 90 to 120 or 150 degrees.

At the upright position, you can type with your pc or laptop. If you want to watch movies or gaming videos, you can recline back to 120 or 150 degrees, depending on how much the chair allows. Then, if you feel tired and want to take a nap, the 155 and 180 degrees are both comfortable.

This is one of the most important reasons why many people want to take gaming chairs as office seating. You can feel the ultimate comfort and fully relax your mind during the siesta break. This is amazing.

  • Office Chairs

The bad news is that many office chairs do not recline. Some ergonomic chairs will have a tilting back. This allows you to rock back and forth when you are resting your back on the backrest. Some chairs will have a tilting tension control. This allows you to decide how much force is needed when you tilt. These are very considerate designs that add to enhanced comfort. However, reclining is different from tilting.

When you are watching video clips, for example, your hands are often off the computer keyboard. So, under such circumstances, opening up the angle between your back and thighs will enhance your comfort. On chairs with reclining features, this is easily feasible. But if your chairs do not recline, your lower back will be prone to pains over time.

In a word, if you want a reclining chair to assist you with different positions, I would like to recommend gaming office chairs.

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gaming chairs with footrest for girls

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3. Support

Both types of chairs will offer support for you. Without this, you will suffer more from the bad postures for placing too much pressure on your lower back. However, these two chairs do vary in the way they support your body parts.

  • Gaming Chairs

Most gaming chairs have head pillows and lumbar cushion to support your body.

The headrest is often detachable and sometimes adjustable. Courtesy of this, you can take it off if you find it redundant. And you can adjust its height to make it supportive for your neck. This will assist you in relieving neck pains and even shoulder pains.

The lumbar cushion, like the one on the neck, is usually detachable. So, you can take it off if you find it unnecessary when you fully recline the chair. More surprisingly, some of the lumbar support has a massage function. Of course, the feature cannot beat the professional massage chairs, but it is a great addition to ordinary chairs. Believe me. The massage session will take your comfort level to luxurious heights.

  • Office Chairs

Generally speaking, office chairs have built-in lumbar support. Some come with adjustability while others don’t. Also, some desk chairs have a back curvature that follows the shape of your back. Both will help you take the excessive pressure off your lower back.

Meanwhile, the common office seats can have the headrest and footrest. Again, some of the headrests are adjustable while some are not. And the support for your feet is a ring, which is almost only for extra tall chairs.

All in all, if you want to take control of the back and head support, the gaming chairs are preferable. Also, the massage functions on the gaming chairs are a plus. But if you prefer a sleek back design, then don’t miss the mesh back office chairs.

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office gaming chair under $200

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4. Padding

This actually has something to do with the material. The most common material of the upholstery is leather and mesh. And they two will make a difference in terms of padding.

  • Gaming Chairs

Most gaming chairs have leather or leatherette upholstery. So, gaming chairs can use very thick foam padding and then cover it with high-quality leather. Some may be as thick as 5 inches. Thanks to this, gaming chairs are often very soft and comfortable. In fact, you may even feel as if you are sitting on a sofa. Then, this will help you concentrate on working and improve your efficiency.

The only problem is that you may find yourself sweaty after sitting in one spot for long hours. After all, neither leather nor foam padding is as breathable as mesh. But I guess for people working in rooms with air conditioners, this is no big deal.

  • Office Chairs

As for office chairs, they can be leather or mesh. Also, they can be a mixture of the two. That is, generally speaking, mesh back and leather seat. For leather covering, as the case with gaming chairs, manufacturers can tuck in more foam padding. As long as the foam is of good quality, you will not feel hard even after long-time and abusive uses.

But if the chair back is mesh, then you may want to pay extra attention. The reason is simple: you are unlikely to have padding there. So, the chair back design should be ergonomic enough to follow the curvature of your back in varying positions. Some expensive chairs have the technology that allows the backrest to follow you when you change positions. However, the chairs can be really expensive, at over $1,000.

To sum up, the gaming chairs often have thicker padding and thus softer. But if you want cooler sitting experiences, then you can choose high-quality mesh office chairs. However, before you make your purchase, make sure they are ergonomic and capable of relieving your pains.

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homy casa gaming chair

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5. Final Verdict

In a word, it is arbitrary to say that office gaming chairs outperform ordinary office chairs in all aspects. However, there are some qualities that make office gaming chairs the office seating throne. So, if you find it a trouble to search for the most ergonomic office chairs, I would like to suggest you buy the gaming chairs instead.

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ergonomic executive gaming chair


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But if you still feel more comfortable with ordinary office seating, no worries. You can check out our Top Picks for Ergonomic Chairs for long hours of sedentary work. We also have detailed reviews and buying guide for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best PC Gaming Chairs

Choosing the right gaming chairs for PC and console games is very important when you are a serious gamer. After all, you end up spending a ton of time sitting down in front of the TV or the computer. Because of this, you want to be sure that you invest in a good one. When you are attempting to choose the best office gaming chair, you are going to want to look at several factors. In this article, we will be going over some of the primary factors to consider.

1. Comfort

The main thing that you are going to want to look at is the comfort level of the gaming chair. Ideally, you are going to want to find the best possible chair comfort-wise. That way, you know that you will be able to game for long sessions without having to worry about your comfort or hurting your back. Gaming for long sessions can place significant stress on your lower back. By finding a good gaming chair, you should be able to lower this stress.

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most confortable pc gaming chair

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2. Size

Another important factor that you will want to consider when you are attempting to find the top gaming chair is the size. The size is a very important factor that you should be considering because you want to be sure that you find a gaming chair that is going to be able to fit in the room that you need it. For your convenience, here are the best picks of big size chairs and small size chairs.

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dxracer office gaming chair

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3. Price

Another important thing that you will want to pay attention to is the price of the chair. It is very likely that you are going to be working with a specific budget. By finding a chair within your specified pricing parameters, you will be able to find one that is going to fit your needs. Try to find the chair that is going to give you the most bang for your buck. (We have made a cheap chair collection for your conference.)

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office gaming chair under $200

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As you can see, there are plenty of different things that you are going to want to look for and consider when you are trying to choose the best gaming chairs for your PC. Always try to find the best quality chair that you can for the best price. In order to do this, you will need to shop around to find the one that has the best price.

Reviews of the 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Office Work

I know that you want to choose the best value gaming chair to work comfortably for long hours. So, here I will give you a more detailed review of the chairs I recommend. Take your budget and the chair features into consideration and buy the best ones for you and your employees!

1. Best Office Gaming ChairsBest Selling Ergonomic High Back Executive Gaming Chairs

ergonomic executive gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Adjustable seat height: 17.3″ – 21.5″
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Comfortable dense foam on the seat
  • Support for the shoulders, head, and neck
  • 4 colors available: black, white, blue, and red
  • Durable construction and upholstery
  • Rocking, swiveling, rolling & tilting

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These chairs have a very high rating because of their premium quality levels and valuable design. So, I don’t think I need to spare too much time telling you how nice these chairs are. When you don’t know what to buy, it is a perfect solution to see what others like.

These chairs come in 4 colors with a basic black base. They are black, white, red, and blue. All of them look harmonious with the sporty design. And they will lend subtly different touches to your place. Personally, I would suggest you try the black and red option. They will infuse a sense of enthusiasm into your office and boost your mind.

Also, the chairs boast all the features you want for an ergonomic seat. They recline from 90 to 180 degrees so that you can even sleep on the chair. Besides, there are removable head pillows and lumbar cushions. You can choose whether you want them or not. Moreover, the upholstery employs skin-friendly and wear-resisting materials. This will add more comfort.

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2. Comfortable Office Chair For GamingKillabee Fully Adjustable Gaming Chairs with Lumbar Support for Desk Work

most confortable pc gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat Dimensions: 21.3″W x 21.3″D, 20.3″ – 23.4″H
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • 23.2″ wide backrest to relieve shoulder pains
  • Reclining from 90 to 135 degrees for different activities
  • Adjustable rocking pressure, lumbar support, armrest, and tilt
  • Extra thick seat for long hours of sitting

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If you want the comfiest gaming chair to help with your office work, this fully adjustable one is the best. You can literally adjust every part of the chair. And it is easy to control it. So, you can define the height of the seat, armrest, and built-in lumbar support. This will make you comfortable sitting in front of the computer monitor, which is at your eye level. And the total adjustability can help you feel the full support from the chair. And after that, you will gradually feel pain relief.

Besides, the seat cushion is extra thick. In this way, you will feel soft so that your butts will not get hurt. Meanwhile, the high backrest is extra wide at the shoulder part. So, the chair can cuddle your shoulders when you get seated. Then, it can help you take the excessive pressure on the shoulder off and alleviate soreness. This is amazing.

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3. Best Office And Gaming ChairAdjustable Leather Gaming Chair with Racing Seat for 330 lbs

low price office gaming chair under 500 dollars

Editor’s Note:

  • Overall Dimensions: 19.7″D x 20.5″W, 18.9-22″H
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • 35″ high backrests for ultimate comfort
  • Cooperate with eSport professionals to creat great seating to game/work for long hours
  • Real leather (over $500) and faux leather options available
  • Fully adjustable: lumbar support, 4D armrests, and detachable head pillow, reclining 90° – 125°
  • Simple look that suits most places

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This chair has 2 options in terms of material. One is the faux leather, coming at less than $500. The other is real leather that costs around $700. Both have a sturdy construction and comfy padding. So, you can feel free to choose either of them according to your taste and budget.

Different from the traditional and common gaming chairs, this one is more low-profile, not coming with detachable head and lumbar support. But this does not mean it is uncomfortable. The high back and built-in lumbar support will hug every curvature of your upper body and give your support. Meanwhile, the flexible 4D armrest will support your arms and shoulders. Then, you wil feel less pressure on your muscles and joints. Gradually you will reduce pains induced by bad sitting postures.

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4. Best Cheap Office Gaming ChairHot Selling Rocking PC Gaming Chairs with Various Colors Under $100

best cheap pc gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Seat height:17.7″-20.8″
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Various colors available to match the black base, good enough to blend in with your decor
  • Wider back that allows a wider range of motion
  • All the parts with BIFIMA certification, a reliable choice for long-time and safe uses
  • Adjustable and rocking features and flip-up arms to enhance comfort

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If you want a simple chair and do not care about the bells and whistles, then this is the best. There is a wide range of colors available. You can choose the black and camo ones. Also, you can buy the pinky chairs. Regardless of your preference, you can find a nice one.

Besides, these chairs are quite comfortable. There is a thick padding on the seat and back. Also, the rocking features can help you vary your positions a bit while working. Moreover, the angle between the seat and back is 125 degrees. This will make you feel relaxed.

So, go ahead if the appearance attracts you. In case you find the chair not good enough, the manufacturer guarantees excellent customer service. So, feel free to contact them if you have any problems.

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5. Best Office Chair For KidsSmall And Nice Gaming Chairs with Wheels for Children Study

best adjustable gaming chair for kids

Editor’s Note:

  • Over dimensions: 22″W, 34″ – 37.5″H
  • Adjustable seat height for kids of different heights, good enough for 11-year-olds
  • Weight capacity: 130 lbs
  • Breathable head support for enhanced comfort
  • Stylish armrest for more support
  • A racing style design that attracts your kids

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Nowadays some people are taking their kids with them during work. But this may give rise to a problem. That is the big office chairs do not suit the kids well, so they will sit in bad postures. I bet you will not want to see this. So, here I have selected the best gaming chair for children. They will be wonderful for the kids’ study room, too.

This chair is good not only for the comfort it provides. It also has something to do with the look. Many kids, as you may have known, like pretending to be adults. So, choosing a chair that resembles the seating for adults will make them happier. Taking this into account, I would highly recommend you buy this one. You can also choose a similar but larger chair for yourself. In this way, you and your kid can share similar seats.

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Features to Look for When Shopping for the Best Video Game Chair

Being seated for long periods is one of the unfortunate consequences of gaming. If you aren’t playing a sports or fitness game, chances are you are sitting down for hours at a time as you work your way through all of the levels of the game. This is where a gaming chair can help. These chairs are specifically designed to meet the needs of gamers, keeping them as comfortable as possible as they take on just about any game.

More importantly, these chairs are far more than just a comfortable seat. Many of them also include built-in features that are designed to enhance the gaming experience. Here is a quick rundown of some of the main features that you should look for when shopping for the best gaming chair.

1. Speakers

Buying a gaming chair with speakers is a great way to immerse yourself in the game that you are playing completely. For the ultimate sound quality, look for a chair that includes a subwoofer so that you can experience the deep, rich bottom-end of the music and sound effects.

2. Extra Padding

No one wants to sit on a rock hard chair for hours at a time. A good gaming chair should include plenty of padding to keep your backside properly cushioned throughout the entire game. If you like extra cushions, you can check here to choose one.

3. Back Support

Nothing is worse than dealing with back pain after a night of gaming. You can avoid this problem by choosing a gaming chair that has built-in lumbar support, and that is ergonomically designed. If possible, try out several chairs in person before deciding which one to buy to determine which one offers the best overall level of support.

4. Built-in Vibrations

If you want a fully immersive experience, look for a gaming chair that has built-in vibrations. These chairs are designed to sense deep bass sounds from the game, translating them into vibrations in the chair. This can make you feel like you are actually in the middle of the action instead of sitting in your living room.

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best selling x rocker video gaming chair

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Shopping for a gaming chair is easy when you know what to look for. By looking for a chair that incorporates some or all of these features, you should be able to take your gaming experience to the next level. Just remember that the best gaming chair is the one that makes you the most comfortable and relaxed while you play.

What Are the Most Comfortable Chairs for Gaming And Office Working?

The first pick is from X Rocker: Top sales gaming chairs on Amazon. Great for playing video games, listening to music, watching TV, reading, and relaxing:

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X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair Wireless

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If you are pc and console gamer, this is the best gaming chair can fit all your needs!

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Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount

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If you like an office gaming chair, this sporty and elegant racing chair below fits in almost every environment, No matter if office or home:

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Merax Big and Tall Back Erogonomic Racing Style

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