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AWESOME Reviews of Top 15 Best Outdoor Bar Stools [2022 Updated]

We tested and analyzed hundreds of stools and picked out 15 best outdoor bar stools and made a professional review with the help of experts.

Specifically, outdoor bar stools are harder to choose compared with indoor types, for different considerations such as waterproof or dustproof need to be taken.

Apart from the appearance and common features, there are also many functions that best outdoor bar stools be endowed.

Now, it is time to share the reviews and expert guides we made for you.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallAndeworld Metal Counter Height Stool
“Middle back design support your hips and lower back while sitting, wooden and metal combo brings a look of modern style for outdoor and commercial use.”

#2. Best WickerChristopher Knight Home Stewart Outdoor Bar Stools
“Full wicker design along with high back and wide seat gives maximum comfort in use, weather resistance performance prolongs it using time for outdoors.”

#3. Best BacklessFlash Furniture Commercial Metal Stool
“Multiple colors are available on the market for various home decor, stackable design allows even small homes to use it freely.”

#4. Best High BackFlash Furniture Copper Metal Outdoor Stool
“High copper material enables to withstand harsh using conditions for both indoor and outdoor use, high back design suits people with back pain.”

#5. Best Swivel TypeBest Choice Products Outdoor Patio Stool
“360-degree swivel offers optimal convenience for patio chatting, while the plush cushion allows for a long time sitting without feeling tired”

#6. Best PortableTangkula Folding Patio Outdoor Chair
“Commercial grade quality level guarantees safety use, while folding design fits indoor and outdoor use.”

Picking the Best Outdoor Bar Stools on the Market


How To Choose The Best Outdoor Bar Stools?

First, you will need to know the basics of choosing the perfect bar stools.


A bar stool usually comes with a bar or counter, so it is important to make sure their heights match perfectly to provide comfort. It is advisable to select bar stools that are 9 to 12 inches lower than the bar top or countertop.


Make sure the design of the bar stools goes well with the style of the surroundings. A super modern bar stool may look weird in a rustic environment.


Usually, a swivel bar stool with a back, a cushioned seat, and a footrest is more comfortable and convenient. But do not miss the ergonomic bar stools that provide comfort even without these extras. Also, you may need proper spacing to sit more comfortably, so make sure the bar stools are not too big and occupy too much room. Taking the size of the seat and the base into account will help.

Seating capacity or comfort

Chances are that you may need to provide seating for a lot of people in a relatively small area. If seating capacity outweighs comfort for you, it is better to choose bar stools with smaller seats and bases.


Big-budget bar stools often come with more choices. But no need to worry even if you are on a tight budget. There is a variety of cheap bar stools that offer good quality.


Bar stools are delivered either fully assembled or ready to assemble. Both categories have pros and cons.

Fully assembled bar stools can save your time and effort, especially when you are not interested in DIY, However, such bar stools are prone to damage during delivery.

Bar stools that require assembly are preferable if you enjoy making things. If not, some products provide expert assembly, if you are willing to pay for that. However, you may find that the hardware enclosed does not match your bar stools or is inadequate. And make sure you do well in assembling them, or you may find them wobbly.

Weight capacity

High weight capacity is a plus, in case someone heavyset comes by and wants to try your stylish bar stools. By the way, bar stools with seats larger in size tend to be more comfortable for the chubby group.


15 Best Outdoor Bar Stools Reviews

Here we have reviewed some of the best bar stools and we have listed some top recommendations.

Though we have listed assembly as a disadvantage, whether it is a pro or a con really depends on how you value the process.

#1. Stackable Outdoor Bar Stools – UrbanMod 24 Inch Bar Stools 

Editor Rating: 4.9

outside bar stools

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This bar stool can well meet most of your needs for outdoor uses. Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, these bar stools will hardly rust and are quite sturdy. They come in different colors, so no matter you want low-profile bar stools that blend well in your garden or colored ones that dot your patio with vitality.

Also, you can also use them indoors or stack and store them indoors. Their weight capacity of 330 lbs means that they can hold almost people of all sizes. Plus, don’t forget that except the ones with wooden seats, they are fairly easy to clean. This frees you from troubles in keeping them tidy.


  • A lifetime warranty
  • Fit for diverse occasions
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Foot glides preventing floor from marring
  • No need to assemble
  • Hand holes in seating area providing convenience
  • Easy storage to save space


  • Low-quality wooden seat providing less comfort and hard to clean
  • Sold in a set of 4, thus a limitation on the number
  • Not all parts rustproof
  • Non-swivel


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#2. Outdoor Plastic Wicker Bar Stools – Stewart Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools 

Editor Rating: 4.1 

outdoor bar chairs

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These hand-woven Polyethylene wicker bar stools are designed especially for outdoor use. Their powder coated steel frame can well protect them from rusting. They can withstand many weather conditions.

Do not worry about having no other wicker furniture-it is OK for outdoor furniture to differ in material and texture. And no doubt that they are lightweight so you can easily move them. Plus, as you can see from the picture, their high backs, wide armrests and footrests will offer you extra comfort.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Comfortable with a high back, wide armrests and footrests
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easily blending in the surroundings


  • Assembly required


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#3. Outdoor Backless Metal Bar Stool – Flash Furniture Backless Metal Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.5
outdoor patio bar stools

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These bar stools have a modern industrial appearance that can easily touch your outdoor settings. They are constructed of galvanized steel, so they will not suffer from humid weather too easily. With a drain hole in the middle, the seats are less prone to rusting.

But do not go so far as to leave it in the wet climate for too long. And make sure to take regular care of them so they can last longer. Besides, these all-weather use bar stools have protective floor glides, so they will not do damage to the hard surface you put them on.


  • Popular square seat with a drain hole preventing rusting
  • Various colors available
  • Stackable for saving room
  • Sturdy
  • No assembly required


  • Beware of chromatic aberration when selecting colored ones
  • Non-swivel backless seat


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#4. Outdoor Bar stool with Back – Flash Furniture 4 Pk. 30” High Copper Metal Indoor

Editor Rating: 4.1

outdoor bar table and stools

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These bar stools are also designed for all-weather uses. Also, it is advisable not to expose it to the wet climate for long periods of time. The copper powder coat finish can well protect them from rusting and there is also a drain hole on the seat in case the rain stays on the seats and causes damage to them. They are lightweight so you can easily move them to wherever you like.


  • A curved back and footrest offering comfort
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor setting
  • Rubber glides preventing damage to the floor
  • Available in both counter height and bar height
  • Lightweight for moving


  • Non-swivel seats with no cushion
  • Seat base not big enough to offer complete comfort when reclining back


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#5. Outdoor Counter Chairs – Outdoor Interiors Stools

Editor rating: 3.9

tall outdoor bar stools

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These bar stools do take pride in their materials-sustainable plantation grown Brazilian eucalyptus. With high quality dense hardwoods, these bar stools are capable of satisfying your needs for outdoor seating. They impervious to the heat and the wet.

They are quite strong and durable. In places with a harsh climate, it will do the bar stools good to protect them with furniture covers. Another bonus is that these bar stools are produced by Outdoor Interiors, a manufacturer that specializes in outdoor furniture made with teak, eucalyptus and stone with mixed materials and boasts their excellent customer service.


  • Footrests set at two heights for extra comfort
  • Comfortable with no cushion required
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor purposes


  • Assembly required
  • Higher price


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#6. Outdoor Bar Chairs With Backs – Sundale Outdoor 2 Pcs All Weather Patio Furniture

Editor Rating: 4.0

outdoor kitchen bar stools

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The aluminum frame of these bar stools, together with their rattan wicker, makes them durable for outdoor uses. You do not even need to worry about them when you leave them outside on rainy days. But it is better to take the comfy cushions back indoors when it rains. With little care, these bar stools can last pretty long in the elements. Plus, they are fairly easy to move.


  • Welded construction
  • Set of bar table and bar stools available
  • Made from weather-resistant materials
  • Comfortable thick cushions available in various colors
  • Designed for years of use


  • Assembly required


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#7. Outdoor High Bar Stools – Flash Furniture 24” High Black Metal

Editor Rating: 4.2

outdoor high top bar stools

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The galvanized steel construction works together with the black powder coat finish to help the bar stools last in outdoor settings. With a simple, low-profile design, they can easily blend in with a wide range of furnishing styles. The colored pieces will surely rev up your patio.

For longevity, it is better to take regular care of them so that they won’t suffer too much from constant wet weather. Besides, these bar stools are sturdy, with a weight capacity of 500 lbs.


  • A weight capacity of 500lbs
  • Available in various colors
  • Designed for all-weather use
  • Firm and sturdy


  • Beware delivery problems
  • Metal seats might be cold to sit on


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#8. Bar Stools For Outdoor Bar – Andeworld Set of 4 Tolix-Style 

Editor Rating: 4.6 

outdoor counter chairs

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These are multi-function bar stools designed for both indoor and outdoor uses. You can choose between swivel and non-swivel seats and among the heights of 24 inches, 26 inches and 30 inches.

Also, you may choose among those with high backs, those with low backs and the backless ones-you name it. These rich choices make them easy to match your outdoor settings.


  • A weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Detachable back
  • Stackable once the backs are detached
  • Rubber on the feet avoiding scratches on the floor
  • Extra support underneath the seat
  • Swivel and non-swivel seating available at 24″, 26″ and 30″


  • Minimum assembly required
  • Low backs might be not supportive enough to some people


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#9. Tall Outdoor Bar Stools – Adams Manufacturing Real Comfort 

Editor Rating: 4.3

commercial outdoor bar stools

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Plants secrete resins because they can protect them well from injury. And these bar stools are made from high quality resin material, which is lightweight and durable.

Thanks to this material, these bar stools will hardly rust or rot. Therefore, they are recommendable for outdoor uses.

Besides, these bar stools can remain bright and charming in the sun as they have UV-inhibitor. Another bonus is that these bar stools boast a patent for their ergonomic seating design, which increases your sense of comfort.


  • Extra comfort from patented ergonomic contoured seating
  • Lightweight and high-quality resin materials reducing the chances of rusting or rotting
  • UV-inhibitor allowing of bright and beautiful colors
  • Stackable for room-saving storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully assembled


  • Beware of sharp edges, especially when you have kids around
  • Non-swivel backless seat


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#10. Outdoor Patio Bar Stools Swivel – SUPER DEAL Adjustable Pub 

Editor Rating: 4.9
bar stools for outdoor bar

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The materials these bar stools employ are wicker elements and chrome steel. Therefore, they have fewer chances of suffering from the elements.

While protecting the furniture against weather conditions, these materials also promises longevity. Plus, the UV fade-resistance woven wicker will keep the elegant rustic look of the bar stools.


  • 360-degree swivel seat with a stylish back
  • Adjustable height from 24″ to 32″
  • Wicker elements and chrome steel allowing of outdoor uses
  • High-quality, lightweight and durable
  • Wide base offering extra stability


  • Low-back seat with no cushion
  • Lack of choice in color


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#11. Folding Outdoor Bar Chairs – Tangkula 4 PCS Folding Patio Chair 

Editor Rating: 4.7

outdoor bar swivel stools

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If you are looking for bar stools for camping or travelling, these are a good choice since you can fold them for convenient carriage.

Constructed of PE wicker and steel frame, these bar stools work well in outdoor settings. Also, PE rattan is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Besides, they guarantee good customer service.


  • Foldaway for easy storage and carriage
  • Fully assembled
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good customer service
  • Weather-resistant, harmless and environment-friendly materials


  • Only one color available
  • Non-swivel seat


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#12. Best Outdoor Bar Set With Stools – Best Choice Products All-Weather Outdoor

Editor Rating: 3.9

cheap outdoor bar chairs

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These are hand-woven wicker bar stools with a durable aluminum frame. They promise to stand the elements and remain sturdy. Unlike many other wicker bar stools, they have the 360-degree swivel function so you can comfortably have fac-to-face conversations with people around you. Also, they offer extra comfort with cushions and ergonomic armrests.


  • 360-degree swivel function
  • All-weather use
  • Seats with a back and a cushion
  • Ergonomic armrests for extra comfort


  • Offered in only one color
  • Questionable quality of the ball bearings


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#13. Outdoor Furniture Bar Chairs – Atlantic Foldable Outdoor Wood Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.1

outdoor patio counter stools

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These bar stools are constructed of Acacia wood, which bestows on them weather-resistance. They are folding for easy storage and convenient transportation. Their natural color will well blend int with the outdoor settings.


  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Easy to match other settings
  • Foldaway for easy storage and convenient transportation
  • Fully assembled


  • Low-back, armless seat with no cushion offered
  • Might be wobbly


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#14. Outdoor Bar Stools Cushions – Crosley Furniture Palm Harbor 

Editor Rating: 4.0

outdoor sling back bar chairs

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Benefitting from the UV-resistant resin wicker and durable steel frame, these bar stools are doing well in outdoor use. With no back or armrest, kids can easily have fun with them.


  • Durable in all-weather use
  • Easy to blend in with any style of decoration
  • Attractive and sturdy


  • Assembly required
  • Only one color available
  • Backless non-swivel seat with no cushion provided


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#15. Modern Outdoor Bar Stools – 2xhome Clear 25″ Seat Height Barstool 

Editor Rating: 4.0
counter high outdoor chairs

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These bar stools are made from crystal clear transparent polycarbonate, which is stronger than acrylic. Invisible material gives it a modern and contemporary look, which also adds great fun to your interior or exterior decoration. If intending to take a sun bath outdoors, you can also place it outdoors for fun, the strong UV-protected material will protect it from getting broken for long-time use.


  • Unique modern design
  • For indoor and outdoor uses
  • Strong plastic frame
  • Affordable price


  • Assembly required
  • Potential to scratch
  • Not as comfortable as cushioned ones


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When looking for an outdoor bar stool, it is wise that you consider picking the best stool, something that will give your backyard a good appearance. But with the number of options in the market, picking a single outdoor bar stool that you can consider as the best stool can be tough. That is why we always find a way to help you achieve your dream outdoor patio designs using the best outdoor bar stools. The guide will concentrate more on different sizes and types; we will also help you plan the space well. It’s all you need before making a move towards buying because you can only make a wise choice when you have some ideas about the whole purchasing basics.


Which Materials Last Longer For Outdoor Bar Stools?

Now that you have learned how to choose a bar stool, here are some extra tips on choosing the right materials for outdoor bar stools. In an open environment, weather-resistant bar stools are more recommendable, especially when the furniture is completely exposed to the elements.

Bar stools made of materials suitable for spaces prone to weather conditions will bestow on you added durability and easy maintenance. Plus, it is a good idea to read the following instructions and select dual-purpose pieces, so that you can use the bar stools both indoor and outdoor. Now, here are the tips we provide.

Outdoor wooden bar stools

-Why Should You Choose Wood Type?

Wood has long been used to construct furniture for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Wood bar stools can well fit into the nature and lend warm and casual beauty to modern settings. It is also a good pick if you want to place your bar stools on a hard surface.

-What Type Of Wood Is Best?

Still, beware of the specific type of wood employed. If you are to place the bar stools in an outdoor are immune from weather conditions, you can get away with a softwood like pine.

Other popular choices include teak, eucalyptus, and cedar. Teak is relatively more expensive, but it is weather-proof. Eucalyptus is less expensive and can last long with careful maintenance. Cedar, with a protective coating and regular upkeep, can last for decades.

-Good construction

Of course, equally important is to choose well-constructed wooden pieces for long-time use. Check if the joints are sturdy.


Outdoor metal bar stools

-Why Choose Metal?

Rustproof metal-constructed bar stools are also recommendable. Both metal and resin are a good choice if the bar stools are on soft ground. And by the way, resin bar stools perform excellently in damp locations.

-What Type Of Metal Should You Choose?

The most commonly employed types of metal are powder-coated aluminum and steel. Aluminum-made bar stools are lightweight, rustproof, corrosion-resistant, and cool in sunlight. More importantly, it cleans easily, which will save you much time.

If you want stronger bar stools, steel comes to mind. But steel is subject to rust, so a protective coat is preferable.

Wrought iron is a very strong material and fits into formal surroundings. Likewise, it requires extra care to prevent it from rusting and corrosion.


Plastic outdoor bar stools

Advanced techniques in processing help plastic regain popularity nowadays. It can be used to make bar stools that fit into literally all the styles. Plastic bar stools can withstand all weather conditions and they vary in color to meet your diverse needs for different settings or to add color to your backyard. Besides, they are often light enough for you to move them around.


Outdoor wicker bar stools

Wicker is not a specific type of material but an ancient technique for weaving fibers. Traditionally, people weave such natural materials as rushes, rattan, willow, etc. into functional shapes. Now manufacturers also use recycled materials like rolled paper or resin.

Wicker furniture is a good choice for outdoor use, but remember that organic materials are not suitable since moisture and sunlight may cause damage to them.

When your wicker bar stools get wet, please dry them to prolong their life, or you will have to take pains to choose new ones. Wicker bar stools for outdoor use usually have an aluminum frame to help them last longer.


Mesh outdoor bar stools

Mesh outdoor bar stools are one of the strongest options to consider, and if you are looking for a bar stool that you can sue for more than a decade, you need stools made of mesh. They also come in different designs and added features such as adjustable and swivel ability, making them the most efficient choices in outdoor venues.


Why Outdoor Bar Stools For Patio Activities?

Probably you are the outdoor type and enjoy inviting friends over to hold a party in your yard. Or maybe you love having dinner with your family on the patio. Then you will find bar stools a good choice to add style and functionality to your outdoor activities.

Bar stools are often lightweight, and thus it is easy to move them. Also, the simple structure of bar stools makes them convenient for high traffic use in a party or an outdoor exhibition. Besides, bar stools vary in design, so it is easy to find the stylish ones that match the surroundings.


What Sizes of Outdoor Bar Stools Should I Pick?

The first step towards choosing the right outdoor bar stool is identifying the right size, but this also depends on different aspects. The choice is based on different aspects such as counter height, a person sitting, and the stool’s location. Hence, it is wise to say that each size has its specifications, and buying any size without an idea on the proper installation or fitting can mess up your outdoor space. To avoid that, here are some tricks and factors that you should consider when buying different outdoor bar stools.

-24 inch

You will be required to buy a 24-inch outdoor bar stool when your outdoor counter tables are 34 inches high or 35 inches. At all costs, a 24-inch option should be fitted with a 34-inch counter stool. The next thing that will require you to buy this size is the space available, 24-inch options are somehow small and flexible, and if your outdoor space is limited, you can opt for the size. Lastly, if you are hosting a fire night, and most of your friends have some back pains, you can consider the 24-inch type here; the pressure is somehow less than other options.

-26 inch

If your counter tables are 36-inch, then you can consider buying an outdoor bar stool size of 26-inches. But this should be determined with additional features such as backrest, armrest, and the stool you buy to rotate. If you wish to serve drinks on more than two counter tables, then a 26-inch outdoor bar stool will give you the best as it is equipped with some stability.

The second thing that you should look at is the stool; basically, a 26-inch has some added features, and maintaining the 26-30 inches between the center of the stool can be challenging.

Lastly is the people you are expecting or wishing to host if you have people with some health issues or long sitting hours condition, then it is wise that you consider buying a 26-inch with backrest and other features.

-28 inch

If your counter table or serving tables are more than 37-inch tall, you need a 28-inch outdoor bar stool. This is because the 37-39-inch meet the interior design rule of a minimum of 10-inch difference between the stool and the counter. If you are also having problems with storage or space, you can consider 28-inch options as they come in different designs that include foldable designs. Lastly, when you should pick a 28-ich bar stool is the spacing, the minimum spacing required for a 28-inch stool is 12 inches between on stool to the other, and if your bar space has less, then you can opt for other choices.

-30 inch

If you have a taller kitchen or outdoor island counter that is more than 39 and less than 41, then a 30-inch size will be the best choice for you. The required height difference when it comes to a 30-inch bar stool should be at least 10-inches. If your bar or outdoor space has enough space, you can consider buying the 30-inch size as it gives you the best appearance when the spacing is done well.

-32 inch

If your home has a kitchen or outdoor counter table height of 42 and above, this makes the best choice since it gives the clearing freedom of both you or the person serving you drinks. If you want a bar stool with all the features such as backrest and armrest, the 30-inch is designed to offer that to compensate for its height with atmospheric pressure. The same applies to a 30 inch; if your space is enough and you wish to give each person the freedom to move around, you can opt for either a 30 or 32-inch.

-36 inch

The last option you will likely find in the market is the 36-inch, which makes the best outdoor bar stool in all the counter table heights of 46 and above. If your outdoor space is made of breezing bays, then a 36-inch size will be the best. In addition to this, you will pick a 36-inch stool when you are sure about the spacing and the available space; this is because they make the best design when spaced well. So if you have some extra storage or room, you can buy the 36-inch bar stool with a back and armrest.

Picking hint; It is all about your counter table that determines the right bar stool size to buy; at all costs, ensure that the stool size you buy should be 10-inches less the height of the counter tables; this is according to interior décor and counter tables and stools height.


What Types of Outdoor Bar Stools Are Available on the Market?

1-adjustable height outdoor bar stools

Adjustable height outdoor bar stools are those designs that allow you to adjust the height, which means you can raise or low the stool to meet different people sitting needs and that of your counter. If you are working on a tight budget and have no cash to buy different bar stool sizes to match with your counter tables, then the adjustable can be a wise gamble. They also make the best options if you have no storage space since you can lower them to fit under the tables.

2-commercial outdoor bar stools

If you are looking for commercial bar stools, then a commercial design will do you some good. Your bar should have something new and affordable, making the commercial outdoor bar stool the best options since they are designed to meet different people’s needs. If you are on a tight budget and looking for something good for your commercial space, these choices come with an adjustable feature that allows you to fold, raise and lower the stool to meet the space and the design specifications.

3-foldable outdoor bar stools

If you are limited to storage or spacing of your bar stool, a foldable outdoor bar stool has taken care of space and storage because you can dismantle them and fit them in your garage. When looking for stools that will fit into your space with fewer installation costs, the foldable choices are the best. They work with your budget making them the best and the most comfortable choices for your friends or customers.

4-high back outdoor bar stools

You will need some high back outdoor bar stools if you or your friends have some health conditions related to long sitting periods. This is because the high back bar stools are equipped with some backrest and armrest giving your body full support to give your spine full support. If you are having some trouble with your back or one of your customers complains about your stools and their back, you can replace your normal bar stools with the high back outdoor bar stools.

5-outdoor saddle bar stools

These standard outdoor bar stools give you maximum support due to their design, reducing the center of gravity to rest within the stool. If you are looking for a bar stool that will match any counter heights, then the outdoor saddle stools can give you some help. Buying this depends on the type of people around; if you have no person with any co-existing back or neck pains on your list, you can opt for them.

6-outdoor sling back bar stools

Outdoor sling back bar stools offer the best support to your spine when holding a long drinking or sitting period. They are equipped with an inclined backrest that matches your body shape giving you the best and enough support. So, if you are looking for something that you can use under your shades, then outdoor sling back bar stools will make the best choice.

7-outdoor swivel bar stools

This is one of the common types of bar stools you will find in any furniture shop; they are always equipped with an ability to rotate or give your clew the ability to serve more than two tables. So, if you are looking for a counter bar stool for your outdoor commercial space that will give your customers different views, then an outdoor swivel bar stools make the best.


Choose a Suitable Color for Different Designs.

Color is the next thing you should consider after picking the right size and type of an excellent outdoor bar stool. But before you pick a certain color, here are some important aspects that you should use to be sure that the color you choose matches your décor and specification.


The red color is known for its appearance, and if you need to capture people’s attention to your counter bar, then adding them to your bar can be good. But they need some slight adjustment and fit well if your interior or outdoor counter tables are painted white or with any bright colors. This helps you to complete and color match the space making it noticeable and stylish.

Recommended Red Outdoor Bar Stools to Lighten Up Your Patio Area

best red bar stools

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These are one of the most common bar stools in any shop because they offer a full match with any color, and also, most beams used to make bar stools are naturally grey. If you are working under a tight budget, it is wise to consider the gray type to make the best fitting to any counter color or décor. They are also good in dull and normal outdoor space, and their presence speaks for itself, which means you don’t need some extensions to beautify the place; the bar stools will complete the whole decoration.

Modern Gray Outdoor Bar Stools with High Back Design For Outdoor Relaxing

best outdoor gray bar stools

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When looking for outdoor bar stools with a full and stylish design, consider picking the black options since they offer a full completion. If your counter tables or exterior theme color incorporates two or more colors such as white and red, you can use black stools to complete the décor.

Long-lasting and Durable Black Outdoor Bar Stools Recommended

outdoor black bar stools

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Choose the Proper Style of Patio Stools.

Style is the second last factor that you should consider when buying the best outdoor bar stools, and to help you make a choice, here are some styles to consider.

1-contemporary outdoor bar stools

If you are working on a tight budget and a limited storage space, then this style can help you meet your design since they come in a shorter size that you can fit them under the counter table after use. They also have a unique design that makes them the best if you are looking for something different for your outdoor party.

2-industrial outdoor bar stools

This is the average waiting or serving bar stools that allow you to keep track of the whole event, and if you are looking for something strong and durable, then industrial outdoor stools will do you some good. They also come with added features to ensure that your outdoor experience doesn’t end with back and neck pains.

3-modern outdoor bar stools

As the name suggests, modern designs are the ones that incorporate adjustable features and swivel extension. And if you are looking for an outdoor bar stool that will serve different roles and fit into different people sitting requirements, you can buy a modern outdoor bar stool style. The addition of back and armrest makes them the best and the safest option to buy if you have friends or people with health conditions due to poor sitting postures.



Buying an outdoor bar stool can be easy, but only if you have the key factors that guide you towards picking the best outdoor bar stools. The above guide is all about helping you pick something that will give you the best outdoor appearance and a durable option.




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