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22 Best Gaming Chairs – For PC Games and Console Games

Nowadays, e-gaming is growing in popularity. As more people take this as their career, choosing the best gaming chairs is more important than ever.

But after searching on Amazon, you will see over 5,000 results surrounding and confounding you. It is really hard to make a choice, and we know it. So, this is why we select the best gaming chairs for you here.

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Quick Pick on Best Gaming Chairs

ergonomic executive gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Adjustable seat height: 17.3″ – 21.5″
  • Comfortable dense foam on the seat
  • Support for the shoulders, head, and neck
  • Head pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Durable construction and upholstery
  • Rocking, swiveling, rolling & tilting
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

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What Are the Different Types of Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs can be roughly divided into two groups: the PC gaming chairs and the console gaming chairs.

The PC gaming chairs look like ordinary office chairs but outperform them in many ways. The console gaming chairs have more options as you can play console games wherever you want to.

Here is a simple introduction to these gaming chairs. If you have got adequate knowledge over them, click here for gaming chair recommendations.

Chairs for PC Games

These chairs often share many similarities with ordinary office chairs. But they will go extra lengths to make hardcore gamers comfortable during long gaming hours. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are buying PC gaming chairs for their workstation.

That is to say, whether you are an avid PC gamer, an office worker, or a video blogger, gaming chairs will be an excellent choice.

Click here to check the Best Budget PC Gaming Chairs.


Chairs for Console Games

Console games often have more types of chairs available. This is because usually, you can take your video game console to your living room, your study, or your car.

Typical chairs for console games include video rocker, pedestal chair, floor chair, beanbag chair, and gaming sofa, And, of course, you can use the PC gaming chair too.

Click here to check the Top-rated Console Gaming Recliners.

top rated console gaming chairs

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More Specific Types of Chairs for Gaming Sessions

Many types of chairs are recommendable for gaming sessions. You can choose the ordinary office chairs for PC games, but you may want more professional or special gaming chairs. So, here is a list of the common types of gaming chairs.

Video Rockers

Generally speaking, video rockers are the cheapest type of professional gaming chairs available on the market. These chairs sit on the floor and thus are great for console gamers. Some of them are foldable, so they will not take up much space when you store them away.

Meanwhile, they can provide you with immersive sound effects, making your gaming experience more enjoyable. Don’t miss out on this type of chair if you want to improve your gaming sessions within a limited budget.

Click here to check the Best Video Rockers with Armrests.

top rated video rocker with armrests

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Floor Gaming Chairs

Floor chairs are often highly adjustable. Most can recline from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. That is, you can sit upright on it to enjoy reading. Meanwhile, you can lie on it as if you are lying on the bed to relax fully.

But mind that floor chairs are often relatively small in size. Therefore, it is not comfortable and supportive enough if you are on the bigger side. But this makes them a perfect pick for kids.

If you have several kids at home, or if your kids love inviting friends over, these warm-looking floor chairs will be a fantastic spot for them.

Click here to check the Best Swivel Floor Gaming Chairs with Removeable Base.

swivel floor chairs

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Beanbag Chairs for Gaming

As you can see, these chairs are like an extended version of the bean bags you often play with during your childhood. Or maybe you are still having fun with them now.

Some of the bean bag chairs are filled with beans. But these chairs are often hard to sit on. Therefore, most people do not want to spend hours at a stretch in the spot. A better choice is the chairs will memory foam padding. These bean bag chairs often come with a fabric covering. So, they feel much softer and warmer and have more give than the previous option.


Racing Stimulator Cockpits

As you can tell from their name, these expensive chairs are designed for racing game lovers, simulating the feeling of sitting in a real cockpit on the road. With the best quality driving simulator, your experience will be unique and superb.

Before buying such cockpits, make sure to check their system compatibility, size, adjustability, material, and the quality of the overall construction. And, don’t forget to check if it allows for driving on the left or the right, or both.

Click here to check the Best Racing Stimulator Cockpits.

best openwheeler racing simulator cockpit

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Pedestal Chairs

The pedestal gaming chairs are quite similar to video rockers. But what differs them from video rockers is that these chairs are mounted on a chassis. Such a base allows the chair to swivel and rock. This gives you some distance from the floor, so you can watch your monitor more comfortably if it is higher on the wall or a stand.

So, this is a good alternative to video rockers if you want to swivel or sit higher off the ground.

Click here to check the Best Rated Pedestal Gaming Chairs.

black pedestal gaming chairs

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Why Do We Recommend Gamers’ Chairs?

Nowadays, gaming chairs are more and more common in our daily life. Why is that?

Gaming Chairs for Avid Gamers

Whether you are an amateur game lover or a professional game player, having a premium gaming chair will be of great help to your gaming sessions. Wonder the specific advantages? Read on to find out more.

More Comfort Helps You Focus on Your Game.

Compared with ordinary office chairs, gaming chairs excel at comfort. They can make you feel comfortable even after sitting for hours at a stretch. In this case, you will not be distracted by back pains induced by long-hour sitting and focus on your game.

This is a huge deal for gamers.

Click here to check the Most Comfortable Ergonomic Gaming Office Chairs.

ergonomic high back gaming office chair

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Professional Designs Give You More Immersive Gaming Sessions.

Gaming chairs take pride in the designs that fuel your gaming experience, including special sound effects and vibration functions. High-quality racing simulator cockpits allow racing gamers to mimic driving on the road. With the help of such features designed by experts, you can enjoy your games as if you were in them.

Gaming Chairs for People Looking for Ultimate Comfort.

Considering that most gamers fancy sitting in one spot for hours at a stretch, comfort is an essential factor to consider in gaming chair designs. Gaming chairs often come with ergonomic seating with lumbar and head support and a high back. Some also have padded armrests and footrests. Such features may seem trivial when you just look at the chairs, but once you sit on them for extended hours, you will relish the benefits.

PC Game Chairs as A Comfy Alternative to Your Old Office Chairs.

Tired of your old office chair? Try gaming chairs! They are designed not only for gamers but also for whoever wants to sit comfortably for long periods.

Making for Longer Periods in One Spot

As we all know, most if not all of the avid gamers will spend consecutive hours sitting and playing games. And gaming chair manufacturers have designed comfortable chairs. They have an ergonomic seat and thick padding. Some also have lumbar cushions that can massage your lower back. Some even come in the style of a massage chair, giving massages to your full back.

This is a pleasant relief if you are having trouble sitting in front of your computer working all day.

More Styles Available

Tired of the office chairs that look quite similar and dull? Try gaming chairs! They boast a sporty design available in various colors. Most of them are chairs with leather upholstery, so they will look stylish in your place. Some types come with a fabric covering and look very warm and inviting. Whether you want low-profile ones that easily blend with your office settings, or prefer a colorful piece that refreshes your surroundings, you can find a top pick.

Click here to check the Best Pink Gaming Chairs with Footrest.

gaming chairs with footrest for girls

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How Can You Choose Your Favourite Game Chairs?

Astounded by the unlimited variety of gaming chairs on the market? No worries! We sort out some ways of inspecting existing offers. Read on if you want to buy a chair to fuel your gaming sessions.

How Can You Choose Gaming Chair for Your Office?

If you are buying the gaming chairs to take the place of your old office seating, we have comprehensive guidance on choosing office gaming chairs. It will be a resourceful reference.

Remember to consider …

  • Height range
  • Weight capacity
  • Cushions and comfort
  • Quality of construction and material
  • Swivel functions

Reviews of the 12 Best Gaming Chairs on the Market

Here are detailed reviews of the most popular gaming chairs. Read on if you want to choose the one that best suits your needs and fuels your gaming sessions.

1. Best Ergonomic Executive Gaming Chair with High Back

ergonomic executive gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Adjustable seat height: 17.3″ – 21.5″
  • Comfortable dense foam on the seat
  • Support for the shoulders, head, and neck
  • Head pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Durable construction and upholstery

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This chair is an ideal alternative to your old office chairs. They boast all the qualities you would like for your office seating.

Its high adjustability will allow you to customize your seating. The seat height from the ground is adjustable from 17.3″ to 21.5″. And you can modify the height of the pillow on the headrest and the lumbar support, which is not possible on many other chairs.

The seats are wide and thick-foamed. This is a bonus for long-time sitting.

The backrest measures 22.5″ wide and 30.5″ high from the seat. This will provide support to your full back. Also, you can tilt back to a degree of 150°. This will allow you to work or game in front of your computer monitor more comfortably.

With a weight limit of 300lbs, it can hold most people well.

The rubber casters roll smoothly across the floor. But note that they are not lockable.

Also, be careful that the armrests are not adjustable.

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2. BestOffice Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest

gaming office chair with footrest

Editor’s Note:

  • Adjustable height and armrest
  • Full back support with head and lumbar pillow
  • Able to tilt to 160°
  • High-quality and fade-resistant material
  • 360-degree swivel function
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs

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If you are looking for an office gaming chair with an extendable footrest, this is the one.

Such footrests are more supportive than foot rings. And, you do not need extra room to store them, which is necessary if you have an ottoman instead. Tilt-back to a degree you like and extend the footrest, and you can enjoy a relaxing break from games or work.

The leather high back and waist and head pillow are comfortable, whether you are working or gaming for prolonged hours. Some even complain that the gaming chairs are so comfortable that they are spending more time on them than expected.

For the look, you can choose the low-profile ones if you want the chair to blend with your room. Meanwhile, there are the red and yellow ones which look as enthusiastic as you are. They will also help fuel your gaming experiences.

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3. Homy Casa Leisure Recliner Gaming Chair with Ottoman

homy casa gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Fade-resistant leather covering and dense sponge padding
  • Backrest tiltable from 90° to 145°
  • Omnidirectional swivel function
  • Weight capacity: 350lbs / 158 kg
  • Ottoman size: 18.1×15.7×16.5inches (L x W x H)
  • Recommendable for people of medium height or the stout group

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Fancy the ottoman coming with your bed? Get one for your chair, too!

This gaming chair with ottoman will definitely provide more support than those with foot rings. The ottoman also outperforms extendable footrests in some sense, as it may be hard to push the footrest in or pull it out. Some of the footrests are even not lockable, which is very much trouble.

Some reports say that we are spending more time on our chairs than in our beds. That clarifies why you won’t regret investing in this relaxing and supportive gaming chair.

The seat has thick and brand-new sponge padding and is covered by high-quality leather. Only easy and convenient maintenance is enough.

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4. Pink/Red Adjustable Gaming Office Chair for Female Gamers

gaming office chair for female

Editor’s Note:

  • Creative, unique and cute coloring
  • Soft cushion on the seat
  • Ergonomic back, head, and lumbar support
  • Adjustable seat height: 17.7-20.9 in
  • Omnidirectional swivel function

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Fed up with the black-or-white coloring of gaming chairs? These chairs come in more refreshing colors that easily stand out from other competitors.

Many girls fancy the pink and purple one at first sight because it reminds them of Daisy Duck. Having such a gaming chair at home or in your office can well protect your childlike innocence. Little girls dub it the princess chair.

If you belong to the enthusiastic and outgoing type, the red and white one probably fits you better than those common dark ones. This chair can light up your mood, as you do when others are feeling down.

Besides, these chairs will provide optimal comfort. It has a head and lumbar cushions to support your comfy seating. The height is adjustable, and the back is tilting.

Trust me. If you want a gaming chair for your daughter or girlfriend, this one is a steal.

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5. Top-rated Homall Leather Recliner for Gaming and Relaxing

best gaming recliner

Editor’s Note:

  • PU leather upholstery & sponge padding
  • Thick headrest and built-in lumbar support
  • Tilting function for naps
  • An inexpensive and worthwhile investment
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs

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This chair boasts a design that resembles massage chairs. It can fit in many settings. You can place it in your recreational room. Also, it can pair well with your sofa in the living room. Using it in your study as your office chair is also a good choice.

It uses skin-friendly PU leather upholstery that requires relatively easy maintenance. And the thick and resilient sponge padding is ideal for a comfortable seat.

If you want to take a nap on the chair, tilt the backrest backwards. The footrest slides out easily and will support you well.

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6. BirdRock Adjustable Comfortable Floor Gaming Chair for Kids

floor gaming chair for kids

Editor’s Note:

  • Easily adjustable for 14 positions
  • Dense foam padding & fabric upholstery
  • Easy to store under your bed
  • Better for people on the shorter side

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This is an ideal choice if you feel like sitting closer to the floor. They can provide comfy seats whether you are reading, gaming, watching TV, or chatting with friends and family. You can even lay it flat on the floor and use it as a temporary bed.

The adjustable floor chair has dense and high-quality foam all over its body. The fabric covering further strengthens comfort. Plus, you can easily adjust the chair to support as many as 14 positions.

Feel free to invite your friends over and enjoy your leisure time together. This floor chair gives you a chance to get closer to each other in this safe and warm spot.

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7. Best Comfortable Beanbag Chair for Gaming and Daily Uses

best beanbag gaing chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Various colors available
  • Capable of supporting 2 kids, a parent with a child, or a single adult.
  • So comfortable that you fall asleep easily

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These chairs come in a lot of colors, including the easy-matching ones like charcoal and camel and more creative ones like aquamarine and tangerine. They can either silently provide another spot to sit in, or actively add color to your décor.

They look somewhat like the bean bags you play with as a child. But unlike the kids’ toys, bean bag chairs are beanless. Inside them is fluffy memory foam stuffing, which is more comfortable than bean-filled counterparts. This will provide more give, feels softer, and is more durable.

With a diameter of 5 feet, they allow two kids or a parent and a child to share. Or, of course, an adult can use one of the chairs alone. So, you can use them for leisure time as well as for reading hours.

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8. Best Selling X Rocker 51259 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair

best selling x rocker video gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Compatible with many devices: Xbox, PlayStation, iPad, TV, home theatres, …
  • 4 speakers and a subwoofer
  • Wireless transmitter and built-in radio receiver
  • Side control panel for the volume and the bass
  • Vibration functions
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs

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These video rockers are a good companion while you play games. They are compatible with a variety of devices, including Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, Nintendo 3DS and home theatres. Also, they work well with any source with RCA outputs.

These video rockers boast 4 speakers, while their counterparts often have only two. Their subwoofer employs an innovative AFM technology from Ace Bayou.

To make your gaming session more real, they proudly own the vibration functions.

These designs will bestow an immersive gaming experience on you. So, they are ideal for hardcore gamers.

The video rockers are also awesome chairs when you are not gaming. They provide support to your full back so that you can sit on them more comfortably. To save room, you can fold the chairs and store them away.

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9. Best Budget Ace Bayou Wireless Video Gaming Chair

best budget video rocker

Editor’s Note:

  • Compatible with many devices
  • Compatible to various wiring types
  • Two speakers near the headrest & a subwoofer
  • Folding for space-saving storage
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs

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This is a worthwhile investment, even if you do not need the speakers. It comes in an ergonomic design for optimal comfort.

With a weight capacity of 250 lbs, this chair is a cost-efficient purchase for people at and above the age of 12.

It is compatible with many devices, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Home Stereo. The two speakers near the headrest and one subwoofer give you an immersive sound experience while gaming.

If your monitor is on a stand, chances are that you need something allowing you to sit a bit above the floor. In this way, you can view the monitor more comfortably.

Tip 1: To make the audio work well with your Xbox One, you will need to buy an audio extractor.

Tip 2: To use the speakers, you will need to have it powered. So, you may need a cord for this.

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10. Best Rated OpenWheeler Adjustable Racing Simulator

best openwheeler racing simulator cockpits

Editor’s Note:

  • Compatible with all racing wheels
  • Allowing for driving on the left or on the right
  • Highly adjustable construction
  • Convenient for moving and storage
  • Various colors available
  • Easy to put together

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These cockpits are the hot pick on the Internet, available in various colors. They come with ultimate adjustability. The foot pedal, the wheel stand, and the seat all glide backwards and forwards. The back reclines for more a comfortable sitting experience. You can modify the height of the wheel stand and tilt it too.

As racing simulators, they are compatible with all racing wheels, including Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatec. And they work with various devices including PlayStation and Xbox One. While gaming, you can drive either on the left side or on the right.

They are also quite supportive during your gaming sessions, providing support to your shoulder, back, and legs. If you want more support to your lower back, just add a lumbar cushion. And they do not have a weight limit. Feel free to enjoy your games on these racing simulators.

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11. Best Seller Pedestal Chair with X Rocker AFM technology

best selling pedestal gaming chair

Editor’s Note:

  • Compatible with all gaming systems
  • Can be connected with many chairs
  • Ergonomic design with gun-stock arms for maximum comfort
  • Two speakers and a subwoofer for an immersive sound effect
  • Swivel and tiling functions
  • Great for video gaming, reading and relaxing

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You can connect these pedestal chairs with many chairs for an excellent gaming experience. They are also compatible with all gaming systems. This is quite convenient.

They have two speakers and a subwoofer that makes for immersive sound effects. The radio receiver makes gaming easy.

As seating options, they are also ideal. The ergonomic design and thick padding allow for comfy sitting sessions. The pedestals have a swivel function, so you can face any direction you want to.

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12. X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chairs from Break-Up Country Camo

pedestal gaming chair mossy oak

Editor’s Note:

  • Wireless connection with your devices
  • 2.1 wireless stereo sound with subwoofer
  • X Rocker AFM technology
  • A wise investment for avid gamers
  • Good for gaming, reading and relaxing
  • Ergonomic seating & padded armrests
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Folding for space-saving storage

▶ Buy Now

Well, different from the former pedestal-style gaming chair, this one has a unique and futuristic design. On sight of the chair, I can recall troops dressed in camouflage, guarding all our people or fighting in the wild. These gaming pedestal chairs just look so cool. If you are a fan of Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, America’s #1 camo pattern, don’t miss out.

Otherwise, this is a professional chair for hardcore gamers. It is designed with gaming in mind. To enjoy your gaming sessions, just connect this chair with your devices using Bluetooth. This is quite convenient, freeing you of the troublesome wires. It adopts the exclusive X Rocker AFM technology and thus doubles its power. Also, its full 2.1 wireless stereo sound with subwoofer will give you an immersive sound experience.

This is also a perfect one to share with people who do not fancy gaming. They can read or watch TV on this chair. Trust me. It will be very comfortable and relaxing.

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How Can You Choose Professional Chairs for Gaming Sessions?

If you are looking for gaming chairs to enhance your gaming session, read on. Listed below are detailed instructions on the numerous functions of gaming chairs.

System Compatibility

When you are choosing more professional gaming chairs, like racing simulators, system compatibility is important. So, don’t forget to make sure that the chair will work well with your devices so that you are entitled to a more immersive gaming experience. This is particularly important if you are looking for racing simulator cockpits.

Click here to check the Best Video Rocker Compatible with Most Devices.

best selling x rocker video gaming chair

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Types of Your Game

Playing PC games and playing console games may require different seating. One reason is that when playing PC games, you often have to sit in front of your computer monitor. However, when you are playing console games, usually you can sit in various places. So, take this into account when you look for chairs for your gaming sessions.

PC Game Chairs

For PC games, there is a wide range of selections. This is probably the most common type of gaming chairs. They usually look like your office chairs and are welcomed by both gamers and people who do not play games.

Why are they so popular?

Well, the most important reason is the ultimate comfort you can get from the chairs. As hardcore gamers, you often stay on your chairs for long hours. You will play games with friends for fun, or shoot videos for other gamers as your career. So, you need to sit comfortably on the chairs, and manufacturers do take that into account.

PC game chairs have many different color options. You can select from the low-profile black and grey ones, or the unique pink and purple combinations. Just buy your favorite one and fuel your gaming sessions.

Click here to check the Best Adjustable and Comfortable Gaming Chairs for PC Games.

most confortable pc gaming chairs

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Console Game Chairs

For console games, the chairs can vary a lot in design. You can choose the more professional ones like rocker gaming chairs and pedestal video gaming chairs. And you can buy more casual and comfy alternatives like beanbag chairs and floor chairs.

The former two can connect with your media devices and give you a more immersive sound experience while you game. But before that, don’t forget to check if they are compatible with your devices. The latter two can well act as cozy seating when you have friends around, talking, and gaming together. Both will be an excellent addition to your place.

Click here to check the Top-rated Recliners for Console Games.

top rated console gaming chairs

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For Kids or For Adults

Usually, gaming chairs with simple functions are enough for kids.

If they fancy console games, then both beanbag chairs and floor chairs will be an ideal choice. These chairs and comfortable and cheap, so you can feel free to buy two or more of them at a time. In this way, your lovely kids can invite friends over and enjoy themselves on the fun seating. Many kids have reported to love these comfortable chairs and take them as their little sofas.

If your kids prefer PC games, then you can choose the PC gaming chairs. These chairs can provide them with more immersive gaming sessions. Before buying, make sure they suit your kids and have reasonably good adjustability, so your kids can use them as they grow taller.

Click here to check the Best PC Gaming Chairs for Kids.

best adjustable gaming chair for kids

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For adults, there is a broader selection of chairs. Generally speaking, all the gaming chairs we recommend is suitable, only if you choose the one that best satisfies your needs. But if you want to buy beanbag chairs or floor chairs, do check their sizes. Many of them are made for kids, and thus only suits small and short people.

Final Words

If you want to fuel your gaming sessions, choosing the gaming chair that best suits your needs is most important.

So, we have selected the best gaming chairs for each type. Check the 8 gaming chairs in the chart below and get yourself the best one.


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