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Newly Updated 13 Best Pet Step Stool Reviews For Cats Or Dogs

Pets are incredibly human friendly, and ensuring their comfort should be your number one priority. The pet needs help getting around, and it is common for old and small pets to experience difficulties accessing high places. Likewise, it is heartbreaking watching them trying to access the high areas with no success and tiring to keep helping them get up. Pet step stools are safe, easy to use, portable, and easy to store tools placed against cars, furniture, or beds to allow easy access to your puppy. The article below will help you know the best pet step stools and their benefits.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallFoldable Pet Step Stools with 3-step Design
“Multiple colors available with 3-step or 4-step design to fit various home decorations, while the soft foam is set for comfortable use.”

#2. Best For Bed PetSafe CozyUp Foldable Step Stools For Small to Large Pets
“Fold it up when you stop using it with the foldable design, its super sturdy materials are there to protect your elderly or small pets in use.”

#3. Best For Cats and Dogs – Furhaven Pet Steady Pet Step Stools For Multiple Usages
“The super-wide surface guarantees two or more pets to climb on it at the same time, while the machine-washable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.”

#4. Best For Trucks & SUVHeeyoo Nonslip Portable Metal Fram Stairs and Stools 
“With a weight capacity up to 150 lbs, this stool is suitable for small-sized to large-sized dogs to get into SUV at ease”

#5. Best RampsPet Gear Travel Lite Pet Step Stools with Soft Surface
“Equipped with soft supertraX surface, accessing to the trucks for dogs is an easy task without hurting their paws.”

Quick Pick on the Best Pet Step Stools on the Market


Why Do You Need A Pet Step Stool?

pet step stools for small dogs

Most pets are too small to jump on chairs, cars, and the owner’s bed, and they often need assistance. Besides, several pet lovers have purchased pet stools for their cats and dogs to help them climb on higher furniture, cars, and bed.

Depending on your dog’s size and weight, pet step stools are helpful, practical, and multifunctional and can ensure convenience to your beloved pet. Pet step stool helps reduce pressure and stress placed continuously on your pet’s joints, hips, and knees when it jumps on and off the higher places.

Likewise, unlike human beings, the pets are horizontal and therefore exert pressure on their entire body when walking or jumping on high places. This pressure may, in turn, lead to pain, so the pet step stool helps reduce the injury risk and ensure they show a comfortable, healthy, and happy life until old age.

Similarly, the pet step stool’s gentle incline helps reduce the stress on your pet’s hips, ligaments, and muscles for added comfort. It would be best if you had a pet step stool because they are complete, large, and stable and help eliminate the pet’s anxiety and stress when jumping on higher places.

Best Pet Step Stools Reviews For Dogs and Cats to Use

#1. Best For Both Dogs and Cats – Foldable Pet Steps with Certified Foam

comfortable pet step stools

Why Choose It:

  • Non-slip design
  • CertiPUR-Use certified foam to safeguards your pets
  • Cheap price with premium quality levels
  • Multiple colors available
  • 3-step design for bed or sofa
  • Perfect for small pets

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#2. Best For Multiple Uses – Zinus Comfortable Pet Steps and Stairs in Different Sizes

pet step stools

Why Choose It:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Affordable price
  • High density foam to prevent pets from getting hurt
  • Machine washable cover
  • Ideal for small pets

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#3. Best For Sofa – PetSafe Folding Step Stools For Small Pets

sofa and bed step stools for pet

Why Choose It:

  • Safe and durable to use
  • Lightweight and foldable for easy moving and storing
  • Nonskid feet
  • Suitable for small dogs

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#4. Best For Bed – PETMAKER Foldable 3 Step Pet Stools For Easy Storage

pet step stools for bed

Why Choose It:

  • 3-step design for high beds and sofa
  • Easy to fold it up
  • Perfect for both home and travel use
  • Durable and long-lasting with plastic material
  • Ideal for erderly cats or dogs

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#5. Best For Small Dogs – Nova Microdermabrasion Pet Step Stools with Washable Carpet

pet use step stools

Why Choose It:

  • 4-steps for easy accessing to high beds
  • Large weight capacity up to 150 lbs
  • Portable design
  • Constructed by durable plastic material
  • Ideal for small or mid-sized pets

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#6. Best For Multiple Pets – Furhaven Multi-step Stools For Dogs and Cats with Different Height

4 step stools for dogs

Why Choose It:

  • Suitable for both cats and dogs to use
  • Three dark colors available to resist dirt
  • Safely designed for small, aging and disabled pets
  • Plush faux fur for soft use
  • 3-step and 4-step available

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#7. Best For SUV – Heeyoo Nonslip Portable Metal Step Stools For Large Pets

fold step stools for trucks

Why Choose It:

  • Large metal frame for large dogs
  • 150 lbs weight capacity
  • Foldable design to store it in your cars
  • 4-step design for SUV
  • Non-slip surface

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#8. Best For Small Dogs – Pet Gear Lightweight Step Stools with Portable Design

dog step stools for sofa

Why Choose It:

  • Extra wide surface for fat pets
  • Machine washable carpet tread
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 175 pounds weight capacity
  • Stair and ramp combo

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#9. Best 2-Step – Pet Gear Portable Pet Step Stools with Washable Carpet

best pet step stools

Why Choose It:

  • Wide and deep stair landings to keep pets safe in use
  • Removable carpet when it gets dirty
  • Cheap price
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Perfect for small-sized pets

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#10. Best With Large Weight Capacity – Pet Gear Travel Ramps For Pet with Multiple Models

dog step ramp for SUV

Why Choose It:

  • 4 models to choose from
  • 150-200 lbs weight capacity for both small pets and large pets
  • Designed for SUV
  • SupertraX mat to pretect pets’ paws
  • Rubberized grippers for convenience

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#11. Best For 200 Pounds – Pet Gear 2 Step Non-slip Step Stools with Wide Platform

best foldable step stools for sofa

Why Choose It:

  • Affordable price
  • Very lightweight to move it around
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to sanp it together
  • Ideal for both small-sized pets or large-sized pets
  • Machine washable carpet tread

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#12. Best Lightweight – PetSafe 62 inch Portable Dog and Cat Step Stools For Trucks

best step stools for cars

Why Choose It:

  • Large weight capacity to 150 pounds
  • Lightweight design
  • High traction walking surface for easy use
  • Foldable ramp
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

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#13. Best Sturdy – Pet Gear SupertraX Free Standing Step Stool Ramps For Large Cats and Dogs

non slip pet step stools for SUV

Why Choose It:

  • Compact shape for storage
  • Raised edges to protects dogs
  • Perfect for dogs with all life stages
  • Super easy to store
  • Soft and comfortable SupertraX tread


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What Can A Pet Step Stool For?

Most pets find it difficult, climbing higher places, such as beds, sofa, or cars. The pets are usually forced to jump; this causes stress and pressure on their joints, hips, and muscles, leading to disorders. Pets can use a pet step stool to climb various higher places, including:

For bed

Cuddling feels nice for everyone, and small cats and dogs are no exception. The pets sometimes have a strong need to cuddle with you when you are sleeping at night and may find it challenging to leap upwards. This difficulty may make the dog start barking and whining. To solve this problem, one needs to buy a pet step stool that helps your pet climb on your bed with ease when required.

For sofa

Likewise, pet lovers should purchase a pet step stool that allows their dog to climb on the couch or sofa to help the pet join them when watching movies or listening to a good podcast. This makes the dog feel loved and happy while they grow.

For car

Furthermore, if you love traveling with your pets to various destinations or adventures, then it is high time you get your pet a pet step stool for climbing in the car. The pet step stool will eliminate the need to put the pet in and out of the vehicle that becomes cumbersome sometimes. The pet step stool helps reduce anxiety and fear when your pet tries to enter your car.


How to Pick A Suitable Pet Step Stool?

If you are about to purchase a pet step stool, I am sure you have checked out several online stores and stall in your town looking for the most suitable pet step stool. The process of identifying the best and most suitable one for your pet can be challenging. Well, before purchasing, you must consider some essential features for the best experience. Below are some of the factors:

cozy step stools for small pets


Different pet step stools feature other materials, including wood, metal, or foam. Metal pet step stools are usually slippery, and one should consider one that is surfaced to protect your dog against accidents. Likewise, pet step stools with foam material are more comfortable but relatively lightweight to hold a heavy pet. When purchasing, you should always consider the pet step stool’s surface to protect your pet from accidents.


Well, pets will never recognize their pet’s design or color, but you cannot place a purple pet step stool in a farmhouse style room. It would help if you considered a pet step stool that will match your décor and style. Look for one that features an eye-catching design and colors to help compliment your style.

Width and grip

If your pet is afraid of heights, you should always consider purchasing a pet step stool that is wider to help it stay calm and feel secure when climbing on sofas, on the bed, and on the couch. Similarly, you should check on the pet step stool’s grip to prevent hazards. Always consider one that features a non-skid material on its bottom and top to prevent sliding when climbing high places.

Assembly and storage

Also, we are aware that most large items require assembly before use. One should always consider a pet step stool that allows a snap-together or tools-free assembly to avoid the tiresome process of assembling. Similarly, you should always check on the pet stool’s weight, consider a lightweight yet sturdy pet step stool to allow easy portability and storage when not in use.


Dog Step Stool vs. Cat Step Stool

Different people have different pets; some love cats, while others love dogs. Regardless of the type of pet you love, they all need to be kept safe and comfortable when climbing higher places such as sofa, bed, and cars.

Dog step stool helps small, and large dogs get to higher positions with ease and comfort, while the cat step stool helps small and large cats to jump to higher places with ease.

Similarly, both pet step stool features have similar features such as foldable design, easy storage, machine washable fabrics, low height, and inclined stairs for convenience and reliability. These features help reduce pressure on these horizontal creatures for comfortable and healthy living. They are beneficial stools to pet lovers as they help reduce fatigue, reduce anxiety, and reduce the number of visits to the veterinary.


Is It Necessary to Get A Pet Step Stool?

wooden step stools for small dogs

It is common for small dogs and cats to have a strong desire to cuddle with you on your couch or bed, but it finds it difficult to jump. The problem may cause whining and barking of your dog and cat hence the need for a pet step stool. If you find it tiresome and sickening lifting your pet on and off the pouch, then it is high time you invest in the versatile and durable pet step stool for convenience and reliability.

As your dog grows older, it may develop a joint and back problem due to continuous jumping and running. The back and joint issues may make it difficult for your pet to climb on the couch, bed, or car, thus needing assistance. Moreover, the pet step stool helps cats and dogs with a predisposition as it allows them not to jump excessively for safety.


Tips on Using Pet Step Stools

Teaching your pet to use the pet step stools, you need praise and patience.

The first step is placing the pet step stool where you need it to be, which could be on the sofa, car parking lot, or at the bedside to help your dog learn about their presence. If it knows how to use the pet step stool, it will be more comfortable, but if it remains fearful, you can use treats when the dog approaches the steps to contribute to the happiness and comfort that the pet step stool brings.

Additionally, when your pet gets used to using the step stool, keep guiding them, and applauding them with toys or more treats. Moreover, bringing down the step stool might become difficult; therefore, you should always consider coaxing them with treats until they learn the process and do it independently.



Allow your pets to access high places such as cars, sofa easily, and bed with the versatile, easy to use, and safe pet step stool. The pet step stools bring extra comfort, convenience, and reliability, and they are easy to climb. If you consider getting one for your dog, you can use the article above for guidance on the best and what to consider before purchasing one.


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