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AMAZING Reviews & Guides On Top 12 Best Plastic Bar Stools [New]

Interested in getting the best plastic bar stools?


This post offers the top 12 best plastic bar stools on the market.

Through constant study and analysis of each plastic bar chair and durability as well as the service life of them, we finally picked out the following 12 plastic chairs that used outdoor and indoor.

So if you are anxious about getting the best plastic bar stools, you’ll find the ideal one!

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Overall2xhome Clear Plastic Bar Stools
“Round back combines with square seat brings a contemporary and sleek look, the four modern colors are available for your preference.”

#2. Best Sturdy Yaheetech Plastic Stack Bar Stools
“Compact shape with stackable design allows small rooms to use, lightweight design enables you to move it around for indoors and outdoors.”

#3. Best SwivelNOBPEINT Contemporary Plastic Bar Stools
“Adjustable height is the major reason for its popular use between people tall and short, curved seat and back adds up comfortable for long-time use.”

#4. Best ModernFlash Furniture Ghost Counter Height Stool
“Sturdy frame with long-lasting plastic material promises optimal quality levels, mid-back design supports your middle back.”

#5. Best RoundFlash Furniture High Transparent Counter Chair
“Round shape enables you to place it under the counter after use, while the stable structures bear larger weight capacity.”

Quick Pick on the Best Plastic Bar Stools on the Market

How to Pick the Best Plastic Bar Stools?

Desired Levels of Comfort

How many levels of comfort do you desire from these bar plastic bar stools? It is imperative that you figure out this metric as it has the ability to make or break the situation. Your best plastic bar stool has to be packed and loaded with tons of elegant comfort features.

Back vs. Backless

These plastic bar stools are available with backs or without the backs. It is imperative yet again to make a suitable choice as diligently as can be. Choose the one with the back if you want to sit for a longer duration of time or have a back problem. Select the backless one if you just want to sit there for a limited duration of time.

Intended Longevity of Use

In total, how long do you plan to make use of these plastic bar stools? Is it for occasional or one-time use or for prolonged and reliable engagements? If it is for only one time or occasional use, you need not pay too much attention to the strength and overall reliability. These twin traits are however significant when you want to use them for too long.

Sheer Height

Needless to say, the sheer height of the plastic bar stool also counts considerably. The choice of the right plastic bar stool largely depends on the height of the countertop as well as the height of the person who is to sit on it. You are hence supposed to be mindful of these two traits as you seek the most appropriate plastic bar stool.

Arms vs. Armless

Just as the back and the backless matters above, so is the arm or the armless versions. An armless plastic bar stool is a great choice to pick if you are short on space or would simply want to sit for too short a duration of time. The one with the arms is suitable mainly for prolonged seating escapades.

Size vs. Space Availability

How much space do you have on your premises? You have to see to it that the plastic bar stool that you place your bet on is able to fit the least spaces possible. As a way forward, you have to mark out the precise dimensions of this space and translate the same to the plastic bar stool you want to choose.

Style and Colors

Other than the core purpose of holding your weight, these plastic bar stools also play the secondary role of making your interiors appear more beautiful. This being the case, you really have to factor in the style and the colors that these plastic bar stools come about in. Be sure to blend the same with your interior décor.

Swiveling Capabilities

In order that you may leverage added levels of comfort, your bar plastic bar stool ideally ought to possess swiveling capabilities. These capabilities enable the item to let you embark and disembark with absolute ease and utmost simplicity. Then again they minimize any further efforts and strains on your part.


For your added comfort, style, and elegance, you need a plastic bar stool that is upholstered with the latest comfort features. These include the soft cushions, elegantly-looking fabrics, and laces that are breathtaking. They also seek to add some styles to the plastic bar stools altogether and make them enhance your interior décor. Be mindful of the total weight of the plastic bar stool as well.

Weight-bearing Capacity

This refers to the amount of weight that the plastic bar stool can bear. The one you choose to use has to be strong and stable enough to bear your own weight as well as that of the other users you may have to care for and haul. For that to happen, you must really ascertain your own weight prior to proceeding to make a pick.

Budget Space vs. Cost

As a last but equally significant consideration, you must really consider your budget space i.e. your financial resource endowment versus the costs of the bar plastic bar stools altogether. Obviously, the plastic bar stool you settle on has to fall well within your budget space. That is to negate the need for you to dig too deep in your pocket to afford them.

The 12 Best Plastic Bar Stools Reviews

When selecting bar stools, plastic ones are not as common as metal or wooden bar stools. Her we have reviewed some.

#1. White Plastic Bar Stools – 2xhome Clear 25″ Seat Height Barstool 

Editor Rating: 4.1

plastic bar stools

These bar stools are made from crystal clear transparent polycarbonate, which is stronger than acrylic. The transparency of the material makes the bar stools almost invisible. This will add great fun to your interior design. Also, it will look awesome in an outdoor. Since they are UV-protected, it is also a good idea to purchase them for longtime outdoor uses.


  • Unique modern design
  • For indoor and outdoor uses
  • Strong plastic frame
  • Affordable price


  • Assembly required
  • Potential to scratch
  • Not as comfortable as cushioned ones


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#2. Plastic Counter Stools – Krei Hejmo Plastic Bar Stool Chair 

Editor Rating: 5.0

clear plastic bar stools

These bar stools come with solid beechwood legs and hard composite plastic seats. The wooden legs are light-colored, so they can easily lend a refreshing sense to your furnishing. You can choose the black or white seats to blend with your décor, or pink or sky-blue seats to delight your interior design.


  • Refreshing design
  • Easy to clean with a clean cloth
  • Attractive price


  • Assembly required
  • No cushions


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#3. Cheap Plastic Bar Stools – Yaheetech 17.3″ Plastic Stack Stools Portable 

Editor Rating: 4.7

plastic breakfast bar stools

Featuring metal legs and plastic seats, these car stools are available at a very competitive price. You have three different choices. The first is a set of five all black bar stools that have a weight capacity of 265lbs. The second choice share the same shape with the first set but vary in color-green, blue, red, white and yellow are all involved in one purchase, so your setting won’t be boring. The third set has PVC leather covered foam seats that also come in assorted colors-yellow, green, purple, blue and orange. With their legs in a uniform color, they can embellish classrooms beautifully.


  • Available with or without cushion
  • Very attractive price for mass purchase
  • Good for commercial uses
  • Protective foot caps
  • Easy storage


  • Lightweight construction
  • Lower quality than expensive counterparts


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#4. Molded Plastic Counter Stools – 2xhome DSW Molded Plastic Bar Stool 

Editor Rating: 4.6

plastic kitchen bar stools


  • Various colors available
  • UV protection against quick ageing and fading
  • Made from quality materials
  • Footrests for extra comfort
  • Stylish look, high quality and reasonable price


  • Assembly required
  • Non-swivel seat with no cushion
  • Color might be different from the pictures
  • More expensive than similar counterparts
  • Space-taking base


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#5. Plastic White Bar Stools – NOBPEINT Contemporary Chrome Air Lift 

Editor Rating: 4.8

plastic bar stools with backs


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Air lift adjustable height from 22.6″ to 31.3″
  • Modern and simple design fitting various styles
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Affordable price


  • Assembly required
  • Tend to lower down when you sit at the highest setting


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#6. Red Plastic Bar Stools – Crescent Bar Stool WY.147

Editor Rating: 4.4

plastic outdoor bar
Seat of quality plastic (ABS)


  • Various colors available
  • Adjustable seat height from 25″ to 33″(certified gas lift)
  • Floor protection under the base
  • 360-degree swivel


  • Assembly required
  • No upholstery on the seat
  • Careless shipping


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#7. Modern Plastic Bar Stools – Flash Furniture Ghost Counter Stool 

Editor Rating: 4.1

hard plastic bar stools


  • A cool and chic look
  • Contoured seat for comfort
  • For indoor and outdoor settings
  • Floor protector


  • Assembly required
  • Might suffer from a delivery of wrong products


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#8. Plastic Bar Counter – 2 x Acrylic Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Counter 

Editor Rating: 4.3

plastic folding bar stools


  • Adjustable seat height from 22.6″ to 30.6″
  • Weight limit: 6’250 Pounds
  • Fashionable look
  • Sturdy and affordable


  • Not designed for comfort or longtime seating
  • Not ideal when kids are around
  • Assembly required


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#9. Orange Plastic Bar Stools – Flash Furniture Contemporary Transparent

Editor Rating: 4.1

plastic resin bar stools


  • Various colors available
  • Adjustable seat height
  • For residential use
  • Appealing contemporary look


  • Not for comfy and longtime seating, mainly for decoration
  • Assembly required


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#10. Flash Furniture 25.75” High Transparent Counter Height Stool

Editor Rating: 4.1

white plastic bar stools


  • Attractive modern design
  • Stackable for storage
  • Drain hole in the seat for carriage
  • Protective floor glides
  • Going with any color scheme
  • Fully assembled


  • Uncomfortable seating


Check Latest Price!!


#11. White Plastic Bar Stools With Short Back – Vogue Furniture Direct Adjustable 

Editor Rating: 4.0

plastic outdoor bar stools


  • 360-swivel seat
  • Low maintenance and durable seating material
  • Footrest for more support and comfort
  • Sleek modern look


  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 lbs, relatively lower
  • Assembly required
  • Not comfortable seating


Check Latest Price!!


#12. White Molded Bar Stools With Back – Modway Entangled Contemporary 

Editor Rating: 5.0

molded plastic bar stools

Expertly constructed with molded PP plastic, this seat offers reliable comfort.


  • Low maintenance
  • For indoor and outdoor uses
  • Charming modern look with fluid lines


  • Expensive
  • Not inviting seating
  • Bright-colored ones available


Check Latest Price!!


Furniture usually comes in metal frame or wooden frame. Yet thanks to advancement in techniques in manufacturing process, plastic is regaining popularity nowadays.

Pros And Cons Of Plastic Bar Stools


Due to its natural malleability, plastic can be made into different shapes. Thus, it can construct bar stools that go with a wide range of styles.
Plastic bar stools can withstand the elements and they vary in color to meet your diverse needs for different settings or to add color to your backyard.

They often cost less than quality wooden or metal bar stools, so you can purchase clear plastic ones for decorative purposes.


As plastic bar stools are lightweight, they can hardly withstand strong winds. This refrains them from seaside uses.

Also, they break up easily, and thus not recommendable for heavy uses. For safety reason, it is better to stop kids from climbing onto them.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material that will cause harm to the environment for years.


Why Plastic Over Wood?

Lower Cost And Maintenance

Plastic bar stools are less expensive than wooden counterparts. Also, they are much easier to take care of. Wood, without regular and delicate care, will easily rot or deteriorate over time while plastic does not have a chance to suffer.

Better For Outdoor Uses

Plastic has an immense ability to withstand the elements, thus it is an ideal material for making outdoor bar stools. Besides, they are much lighter than wooden ones. This means it is easier to move them, which happens all the time outdoors. But don’t forget that this means they will be blown away easily in gusts of wind.

More Unique Design

Of course, wooden bar stools vary in design, but it is more refreshing to have a clear plastic bar stool at home or in your shop. Plastic furniture is said to be first produced in 1940s and is welcomed by the younger generation. Moreover, plastic has a wider selection of colors, so you can lighten up your furnishings with bright color bar stools. Probably this will bring new energies to your daily life.

Almost No Raw Materials From The Nature

Abundant trees have been cut down to produce wooden furniture. Some once common species are now protected due to over-deforestation. Plastic, however, hardly demands raw materials from the nature. But note that this does not mean plastic is 100% harmless to the environment.


Why Plastic Over Metal?

Better For Outdoor Reception

In comparison to metal bar stools, plastic ones are much cheaper. They are also more lightweight, so it is easier to move them from one place to another. If you are holding a wedding reception outdoors, they are an economical seating solution to treat large numbers of guests.

Even Lower Maintenance

Plastic is undoubtedly a rust-free material. While both metal and plastic require only low maintenance, the rustproof quality make plastic even easier to take care of. If you are looking for pure convenience, you can take this into account.

More Complex Designs

Despite the advancement in technology, metal is still encountering limitations in complex part designs or shapes. The more complex the design or shape is, the higher the cost. This trend is much less obvious in plastic.

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