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The 15+ Best Potty Step Stool Reviews You Should Never Miss

In some instances, we may not always be in a position to visit the toilet and pass our stools as smoothly as need be. At such times, we need to make use of the potty step stools. These are stools that comprise a series of steps that act to guide us through to the toilet or potty well.

Given the obscure nature of these best potty step stools, chances are that you might never really arrive at the best purchase of the equipment you badly need. We have hence seen it necessary to offer you the support you need. The discussions that stretch here below endeavor to do just that.

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What Is the Best Potty Step Stool on the Market?


Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallBABYBJORN White Step Stool
“Multiple colors available for different preferences, anti-slip rubber seat and bottom protect kids for the bathroom to use.”

#2. Best For Potty Training –  Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat
“Universal height design fits a wide range of toilet to use, high quality PP material bears larger weight capacity to use.”

#3. Best 2-step StoolSecure Home Wider Toddler Stool for Potty Training
“The 2-step stool suits small toddler to start potty training, lightweight BPA free plastic material enables kids to move it around without harming themselves.”

#4. Best Folding –  Handy Laundry Lightweight Folding Stool
“Foldable design of the stool allows better storage without compromising its safety in use, compact shape fits both indoor and outdoor use.”

#5. Best For Proper Toilet PostureStep and Go LLC Toilet Stool
“The affordable price is not the only reason for its hot-selling, but more on its high-quality performance and convenience.”

#6. Best Potty ChairMunchkin Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Ring and Step Stool
“The functional design that combines potty chair, removable trainer seat, as well as step stool, enables kids from 18 months to 2 years old to use.”


Quick Pick on the Best Potty Step Stools For Toddler Potty Training Use


How to Choose the Best Potty Step Stool?

To choose the best potty step stool for your cause, you need to factor in these considerations:

perfect potty stool


This refers to the manner in which the items blend with your toilets and other allied structures. A good step stool has to possess the same size and configuration as your toilet. This is to negate the need to squeeze and suffer some inconveniences in the course of pairing the two metrics.


Next should come to the size of the structure. A good structure must come about in a size that is neither too small nor too large. Then again, it must meet the sizes of the persons who are supposed to use it while at the same time matching that of the toilet bowl.


How high the structure is elevated from the floor also counts. Different toilets come at different sizes or heights from the ground. You hence have to be certain that the steps you pick for the job have to match the precise size of the toilet against which you want to use it.

Weight Capacity

It is the measure of the weight of the occupant that the steps are able to accommodate. A good set of steps has to be strong enough to accommodate the largest weights possible. That can only be guaranteed if the constituent parts and components are stronger and firmer.

Safety Features

For your own safety and that of the occupants, the stool has to be packed with loads of safety features. Among these should be the guard rails, the wider base, and some stable steps. They are necessary to prevent the risks of fall off even when the structures have to fidget excessively.

Storage Space Available

Considering that you will only occasionally use these items, you have to consider the amount of storage space that is available at your disposal. Choose only that stool whose dimension may easily fit the storage space that you have. To be on the safe side you have to prioritize that which folds.

Material Makeup

The kinds of materials that make these step stools up also count. Some materials are super tough and highly resistant to the risks of breakups and the subsequent damages that come along. You have to give them a higher priority in your search for the right stool for your cause.


It is also important that the potty step stool you pick for the job comprise other extras. These should be songs, lights, sound effects, and themes. They not only bring in a higher value for money but also contribute to the added comfort of the people who use the gadget altogether.


Best Potty Step Stool Reviews

1. Best For Boys and Girls – Fedicelly Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder

potty step stool for adults

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2. Best Comfortable – SKYROKU Potty Training Stools For Toddlers

potty step stool for toddlers

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3. Best For Bathroom and Kitchen – Tundras Kids Green Step Stool

potty chair and step stool

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4. Best with Multiple Colors – BABYJORN White Step Stools

potty footstool

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5. Best For Potty Training – Squatty Potty Kids Step Stool

fisher price royal stepstool potty

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6. Best with Handles – Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat

potty chair with step stool

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7. Best Plastic – 711TEK Potty Training Seat with Step Ladder Stool

potty seat and stool

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8. Best with 200 lbs Capacity – Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Durable Potty Step Stool

children's potty step stool

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9. Best 2-step – Secure Home Wider Slip Resistant Toddler Potty Stool

potty stool

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10. Best Adjustable – BABYSEATER Toilet Training Seat For Potty Training

potty seat stool

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11. Best Foldable – Handy Laundry Lightweight Step Stool

potty stool for adults

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12. Best For Proper Toilet Posture – Step and Go LLC Step and Go Toilet Stool

potty training seat and stool

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13. Best Padded – KATARUS Potty Training Stool with Adjustable Seat

the potty stool

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14. Best Multi-functional – Tundras Kitchen and Bathroom Step Stool

child potty stool

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15. Best For Boy – Angels Step Stool For Potty Training

fisher price stepstool potty

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16. Best Convertible – Squatty Potty Adjustable Toilet Stool

potty seat with stool

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17. Best For Girl – Disney Minnie Mouse Step Stool

squatty potty step stool

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18. Best 3-in-1 Combo – Munchikin Arm & Hammer Multi-Stage Potty Chair

kids potty step stool

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What is Potty Step Stool Used For?

This item serves a variety of tasks and associated purposes. Below are but a few of those belabored in their finest details:

potty and stool

Accessing the Toilet Bowls

The first and foremost task of this item is to aid in accessing the toilet bowls freely and seamlessly. It particularly helps the small children, the elderly, and those with difficulties in moving around to access the toilet bowls and relieve themselves without unnecessary hassles.

Providing the necessary support

These items are further equipped with a number of support structures that aid in keeping you safer and well taken good care of. Chief among these are the stable wide base and the guard rails. Even when you have to fidget excessively, you may be certain not to trip and fall off.

Safer Disposal of the Wastes

By getting to the toilet bowls smoothly and unhindered, the stools allow for the safer disposal of the wastes. Hardly does it allow you to spill the contents of the bowls as may the norm ordinarily. Then again, it aids with targeting the disposal mechanisms with absolute ease.

Minimize Dirtying the Rooms

The sum total benefit of the above points is that the stool prevents or minimizes the chances of dirtying the rooms. You will hardly spill the contents on the floor as may often be the case. That of course works to preserve the cleanliness of your rooms considerably.


Who is Potty Step Stool Designed For?

Generally, a potty step stool is designed for the following cadres of persons:


The adults who have some difficulty in moving about or balancing on two feet may find the stools pretty palatable to their needs. That is because the stools give them the leeway to stand straight and get to the toilet bowls normally than they would without the use of such pieces of equipment.


Children who are shorter than the toilet bowls may normally find it quite challenging to get to the bowls. They too need the step stools to help them to get to the bowls. The stools provide them with the support they need to stretch and get to the bowl unhindered.


Toddlers who are yet to fully develop may also experience some difficulties in getting to the toilet bowls. They too badly need some support to be able to attain this end. The stools provide the structure and the support that your toddlers may require to get the job done.


Lastly, even the elderly persons who are too weak and fragile to balance on two feet may yet again find the stools truly suited for their ends. These stools provide the support and the strength that the elderly persons need to stand, stretch, and get to the toilet bowls easily.


What Makes the Best Potty Step Stool For Toddler Potty Training?

These items are potentially hazardous due to their likelihood of fidgeting. To be on the safe side, the one you pick for the job has to be packed with tons of safety features. These include:

potty seat and step stool

Broad Base

The stools have to possess a broad base. This is to provide the degree of stability and support that the occupants have to leverage to operate smoothly. It is imperative that the base stretch out wide enough to prevent the structure from breaking under its own weight.

Flat Steps

Its steps have to be flat and stable. This again is to minimize fidgeting and the risks that come along with the same. Some give you the leeway to determine the degree of flatness of the steps. If you must settle for such, ensure that you know how to alter the flatness as can be.


This may not seem like a safety feature but it is! In the course of engaging the services of these items, they are bound to catch dirt. If and when the dirt accumulates excessively for a longer duration of time, they cause diseases that are related to hygiene like cholera.

Locking Wheels

If you have to settle for one that has some wheels, you have to see to it that the wheels lock. The purpose of this is to prevent the said item from slipping apart or moving about uncontrollably. That is due to the fact that the locks prevent the wheels from slipping on the floor.

Adjustable Heights

As a last consideration, your stool has to let you adjust its heights as need be. This consideration is important as it guarantees the safety and the peace of mind of the diverse kinds of users. In fact, it is mainly emphasized in the event that the structure is to be used by many people at a time.



Having belabored the best potty step stools in their finest details, we are now cocksure that you can appreciate the items deeper not to mention making the most suitable pick for your job. What more could you be asking from us? Is it not advisable now for you to move hastily and pick one from above?

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