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Top 8 Best Price Office Chair Reviews For Your Money

Choosing the best price office chair can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time buying the chairs and you are spoilt for choice. What can even make the process more challenging is trying to decide which seller is providing high-quality office chairs at an affordable price?

In this article, we will offer the top 8 best price office chair reviews for reference.


Importance of Getting Best Price Office Chairs

Price and quality are always the deciding factors for any buyer out on the market looking for the right products to buy. Everyone always wants to avoid future regrets when buying stuff, which is why conducting thorough research is essential to making sure you end up purchasing durable and reliable products.

When buying office chairs, the most commonly asked questions are how much they cost and whether buying cheap ones is worth it. First, we’ll answer these two questions before proceeding to review some of the best office chairs we would recommend buying on the market.

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How Much Does a Good Office Chair Cost?

The cost of a good office chair depends on the seller and the quality of the chair you want to buy. You should note that prices tend to differ from one seller to another. However, having done our research, we were able to find out that the average cost for a good office chair starts from $200 – $2,000 and above. With the mentioned price range, you can be able to find a sturdy and well-designed office chair. Therefore, don’t expect to spend any less than the starting price we’ve stated.

Is It Worth Buying a Cheap Office Chair?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. The reason being, it all depends on you as the buyer and your preferences. If you are okay with purchasing an office chair that is average or even below average in quality and you choose to overlook its low features, then you can go ahead and buy a cheaper office chair.

However, if you want a well-designed, sturdy and high-quality office chair that is going to cost you a lot more but is reliable and can last longer, then cheap shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. One thing you should note is that since chairs come in different quality and from different manufacturers as well as sellers, prices differ, and so does the quality. Therefore, knowing what you want before going ahead to buy, it is crucial to making sure your expectations are fully satisfied.

Top 7 Best Price Office Chair Reviews

Since choosing the best price office chairs can be quite tricky, we’ve reviewed a few office chairs to help you make the right choice. Check them out below.

1. Best Pick Around $70 – OFM Essentials Collection Executive Leather Office Chair

revolving chair low price

If you are looking for a well-priced office chair, then the first option you need to consider is the OFM essentials collection executive chair. The chair has been well designed with a leather seating surface that is quite smooth with a luxurious feel.

What makes this office chair even more unique is its comfortable style, which helps to support your upper body perfectly thanks to its integrated headrest and fixed arms.

The chair also provides ergonomic posture support that you can easily adjust the height, enabling you to sit back and recline for a much more comfortable working experience. The OFM Essentials Collection executive office chair is also quite durable, affordable, and it comes with a warranty.

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2. Best with Soft Arms Around $100 – OFM Essentials Collection Mid Back and High Back Plush Microfiber Office Chair

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When it comes to support, quality, and design, the OFM Essentials Collection plush microfiber office chair is the perfect definition of those features. It is an executive chair that is quite supportive and provides a comfortable feel at a very affordable price.

The office chair also includes padded fixed arms that enable it to offer extra support to your upper body, thereby keeping you as comfortable as possible.

The fact that this office chair helps to support your body well and offer the best comfort make this chair the perfect option to consider when searching for a good and high-quality office chair. This office chair also has intuitive controls that help you to adjust the height according to your needs easily. What’s more, the chair is very durable and reliable.

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3. Best Armless Chair Around $60 – OFM Essentials Collection Black Leather Desk Chair

computer revolving chair price

From its smooth leather seating surface to its tremendous and stylish design, which offers comforts, the OFM Essentials Collection armless leather desk chair is the right fit for any office space. The size of the chair is very convenient, and its ergonomic posture support makes it even a better choice for all buyers.

One feature that makes this office chair stand out from the rest is its simplicity and ability to provide better comfort. This office chair features a unique and simplified design that is suitable for any home or office space. In terms of durability, you can fully count on the OFM essentials collection armless leather desk chair. It is well-built and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

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4. Best Desk Task Chair Around $80 – Smugdesk Mid-Back Armrest Ergonomic Chair

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This chair is amazingly enormous for its price range, which is great for you. You will be assured of getting reliable lumbar support and big size and amazing price ranges. With this chair, you do not have to worry about sustaining back pains as you go about your day to day activities at the office. It has an amazing ergonomic backrest which will ensure that you are sitting in the right position.

The seat is carefully designed into high-quality awesomeness that is geared to making your life comfortable. This seat is resilient and will last you for quite a long while in great condition.

You will be able to easily lower or raise the seat with its well designed and easy to use pneumatic controls. It is very easy to assemble this chair and you will not have to look for specialized tools to install it.

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5. Best Armless Around $60 – BestOffice Swivel Black Modern Ergonomic Office Chair

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This chair has been designed and constructed with the thought of comfort being given priority. You will be assured of the maximum comfort and health of your back. It features an ergonomic construction that is human-oriented.

Its cushioning is incredibly thick and long-lasting for an amazing comfortable feeling. Once you follow the instructions on how to assemble this chair, it will only take you a little while before it is good for use. It comes with all the necessary tools and hardware for its assembly. You can comfortably be assured of a 360 degrees swivel, which will add into the comfort this machine gives.

With this chair, you will be assured of having total stability and efficient mobility. Which will allow you to get going with your work comfortably be it at home or at the office? Its impeccable design will ensure that you can use it in any location, whereby it will easily blend with other furniture and theme of your space.

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6. Best Gaming Chairs Around $100 – Cheap BestOffice PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

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Just by looking at this chair, you will understand that it is built for comfort. You will certainly get to enjoy some long-lasting comfort with this chair. It features an amazing locking mechanism that is great at ensuring that your back is kept upright.

This will then ensure that this chair relieves you of the pain and stress that is normally occasioned by other office chairs. The design of this chair is such that it has a wider make as compared with other chairs, and you can easily be able to adjust its height.

You will appreciate the ergonomic design of this chair, that will allow you to comfortably use this chair. This chair will assure you total comfort when you are gaming, but also when you are using it in your office for other activities. Assembling this chair is quite easy, whereby all the necessary tools and hardware are provided.

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7. Best For Heavy People Around $180 – YAMASORO Ergonomic High Back Soft Adjustable Office Chair

computer chair low price

You will love the PU leather that is used in the making of this chair, especially because of its durability, softness and it is also environmentally friendly.

This is a premium material that will also not fade or absorb water, which will ensure that you get a longer service span. You will continue to enjoy the comfort of this chair for quite a long time, owing to the high-quality materials used in its design. You will get all the useful adjustments for such an office chair, and you will be able to easily adjust its height.

You will definitely love this chair folding armrests, especially because they have been properly designed to help you relax after lengthy typing sessions on your computer. This is a chair that you will definitely fall in love with.

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How to Choose the Best Price Office Chairs

So, how do you choose the best price office chairs? That’s a question that everyone wants to know, and it’s actually a good one. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to decide whether an office chair is the best or not. Read on.

cheapest place to buy office chairs

1. Price

The price of a product is one of the most apparent factors you need to consider when buying it. It is such a huge loss to buy a low-quality product at a higher price than it’s supposed to be. That is why you need to check on the specifications of a product first, then compare it with its price to conclude whether you are getting a fair deal.

If you are on a tight budget, make sure you don’t opt for office chairs that are too cheap and unreliable as a move to try and save money. Remember, when you buy something too cheap, there is a higher chance of ending up regretting. Therefore, make sure that you choose wisely during the purchasing process.

2. Size

The size of an office chair also matters a lot. You need to ensure that you buy office chairs that are proportionate in terms of size, considering how big or small your office is. Avoid buying office chairs that will limit the space in your office as that can make the work environment very uncomfortable.

When searching for the right office chairs for your business, make sure you check their dimensions and estimate which ones would fit perfectly in the office, yet still leave enough room for people to walk through without much hassle. Also, when you buy and bring the chairs into the chairs, strive to arrange them in the most convenient way possible for maximum comfort.

3. Design

The design of an office chair is also very crucial. How the office furniture is designed dramatically contribute to the look and feel of the office. Well-designed office chairs can help bring a beautiful and vibrant look to your office.

Chairs that are poorly designed may be a disadvantage to the office. Your office needs to have a clean and beautiful appearance, and the chairs can help to bring that out, provided they are well designed. Therefore, this is also something you need to consider during your quest to finding the best price office chairs.


The best price office chairs are in plenty in the market, but being cautious when choosing the one to buy is always the right move to help you avoid future regrets or loss of money. The office chairs we’ve reviewed above are some of the best that we would highly recommend. Therefore, we highly encourage you to make sure you choose wisely considering your preferences and needs.

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