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Top 8 Best Price Outdoor Bar Stools Reviews – CHEAP From $80-$100 Recommend

Almost everyone owns an outdoor bar stool, but some individuals look for a bar stool that is unique and unusual. Therefore it is appropriate for you to note that when it comes to the best price, outdoor bar stools manufacturers usually have varying standards of quality to manage. This article will take you through the best price outdoor bar stools.

What Is the Best Price Outdoor Bar Stool on the Market?

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Overall – Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools

“Metal material endows it with an industrial and modern look, sturdy legs with built-in footrest spare comfortable space to relax.”

#2. Best For Patio – Homall Patio Bar Stools Wicker Barstools

“Compact shape saves large space, the woven seat material cools down effectively in hot summers.”

#3. Best Swivel Type – PHI VILLA 3 Piece Height Swivel Bar Stools Sets

” Wooden seat combines well with sturdy metal construction, the swivel design allows for easy chatting.”

#4. Best Stackable Stools – Merax PP038358 Bar Stools Low Back High Feet Stool

“Small detachable back gives basic support to your waist, stacking it up and place it in the corner when left unused.”

#5. Best Foldable Stools Giantex Patio Folding Sling Chairs Furniture

“A perfect stool for patio and garden use with the sleek design, folding it up and taking it along for outdoor activities.”

Reviews of Best Price Outdoor Bar Stools:

1. Best Around $100 – Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools

best price outdoor bar stools

This is a metal product with mar as well as scratch steel resistant and a perfect polish finish. Moreover, it is an all-around chair that perfect used for restaurant chairs, café, patio, and bistro. The product has a complete assemble since every outdoor bar stool under the seat contains a brace that generates additional stability as well as support.

It is stackable for saving space; additionally, it comes with no-mar feet rubber to prevent them from scratching the hardwood floor. This product is ideal for outdoor and indoor use; on the other hand, it is rust-resistant and has a dual painted varnish water-resistant.

Therefore, thanks to these incredible features for making this product outstanding. So, in case you are looking for the best price outdoor bar stool, then opt for this product.

  • This product is worth the price.
  • Easy to assemble and saves time.
  • This product delivers the recommended performance.
  • It is a quality product.
  •  No back design


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2. Best Around $80 – Furmax 24 Inches Metal Bar Stools

metal bar stools

The Furmax 24 Inches Metal Bar Stools is mar and scratch steel resistant with an excellent polish finish. Multiple colors are available to meet various demands, grey, red, black, and silver, all with a sleek look to brighten up your home decor.

It is a perfect stool for heavy people to use, thanks to the x-brace under the seat, which tends to be more sturdy and long-lasting than other types on the market. If you live somewhere small and tiny, stack it up and place it in the corner, the large activity space is spared easily.

The biggest concern of metal stool is the damage to the wooden floor, with the no-mar rubber feet, it prevents the hardwood floors from scratching effectively. What we love most are water-resistance and rust-resistance performance. Plus, you will find it super easy and straightforward to clean.

  • It is a quality product.
  • The product is worth the value.
  • It is rust-resistant as well as water-resistant.
  •  Not suitable for long time sitting


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3. Best Around $120 – Homall Patio Bar Stools Wicker Barstools

outdoor bar stools

This is definitely a perfect outdoor patio bar stool, rattan materials bring in the fresh air and avoid you getting sweaty in hot summers. The dark brown color is also dust-resistant and can be used for a long time without cleaning.

There are built-in armrest and footrest that you can place your arms and feet comfortable on, especially when you are taking a sunbath. The height of the chair can be a bit higher, aiming to provide you a clear view of looking far away.

Solid steel construction with 280lbs carries larger weight capacity, allows for heavy person use safely. If you aim to place it in the balcony, there is a foot tube to protect your floors from scratching.

The outdoor patio or garden stools tend to be large in size, however, it is quite compact and space-saving, so that you can place it anywhere conveniently after use.

  • Mid-back design to better support your back
  • Woven materials bring a classic look
  • It has easy portability.
  • The product saves space.
  •   Needs assembly


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4. Best Around $100 – PHI VILLA 3 Piece Height Swivel Bar Stools Sets

patio garden stools

This swivel bar stool is durable, weather, and rust-resistant for its metal design. Large weight capacity of 300 lbs enables long-lasting use. The combination of wooden and metal material endows it with a modern and industrial look. And the wooden seat also cools you down in hot summers.

The swivel seat makes it more convenient to talk with others, and curved arms suit the curve of your body, bringing the great joy and comfort in use.

The assembling process of it is quite simple and straightforward, you need only read the instruction carefully. Placing it indoors can be hard for it occupies large space, but it is wonderful for balcony, patio, park, and porch use.

  • Modern and classic look
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High back design
  •   A bit heavy


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5. Best Around $100 – Merax PP038358 Bar Stools Low Back High Feet

metal bar stools in cheap price

This product is convenient since it is easy to install; it just requires you to create screws for four screws. This means you can finish your entire installation in approximately 10 minutes. Moreover, its sturdiness is fantastic since it comes with a metal frame that is sturdy enough to ensure maximum durability and stability hence having the ability to carry a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

The strength of this product is long-lasting since this barstool is easy to clean, rust-resistant, and water-resistant and has a scratch-proof surface.

Additionally, it has a retro style, which makes them look valuable, impressive, and elegant, and suits any home decor, whether for indoors or outdoors.

What’s more, its maximum design of metal legs enables you to enjoy a conversation while relaxing and having your meal. Thanks to these excellent features for making this product outstanding in the market.

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for small space
  • Stackable for storage
  • Durable
  • Super easy to clean it up
  •   Low back design without cushion makes it hard to sit for a long time


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6. Best Around $80 – Christopher Knight Home 304143 Caribbean Outdoor 30

wooden bar stools

Here comes a cheap price outdoor bar stools under $100, the acacia wood finish endows it with a classic look. Small compact shape saves large space in use, allowing you to place it in the corner after using.

The 30″ height fits with bar height, with the built-in wooden footrest, you can enjoy relaxing time sitting on it. Plus, the curve seat closes with your butt and makes it more comfortable in use.

Apart from using outdoors, it is also a perfect choice for kitchens and balcony.

  • Well worth the price
  • Unique design
  • Perfectly fit your garden and patio
  • Space-saving
  • Sleek look
  •   No back and swivel design


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7. Best Around $100 – Do4U Set of 2 Patio Bar Stools with Soft Cushion

leather bar stools

This product comes with a design that is modern and simple, along with excellent comfort as well as durability. The product is useful for any given entertainment outdoors.

The make of wicker barstools is from woven wicker accompanied by protection of UV. Furthermore, it is durable since it has frame steel rust-resistant and weather-resistant; this enables it to be much longer-lasting.

This product is comfy and superior. Its lofty padded sponge cushion makes it comfortable to sit for a long time without getting collapse. Using the damp cloth to clean it up once it gets dirty.

To enhance its sturdiness, all the hardware on the chair are stainless steel, resistant to sunlight and water and you can use it for several years without breaking.

  • Modern and classic look
  • Long-lasting design
  • Perfect for outdoor and patio use
  • Thick sponge cushion for comfortable sitting
  • Large weight capacity
  •   Not suitable for indoor use


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8. Best Around $120 – Giantex Patio Folding Sling Chairs Furniture 

cheap price patio stools

If you find assembling troublesome, this chair is the best choice for you. It requires no assembling and you can use it immediately after you received it. Sturdy as it is, it is quite lightweight and you can move it around freely.

The large seat area adds up the comfort in sitting and can be used for thin and fat persons as well. Brown colors endow it with a modern and stylish look. Built-in armrest and footrest provide a good place for relaxing.

If you like hunting or fishing, take it with you after folding it up. Lightweight design allows you to place it anywhere possible.

  • Foldable for saving space
  • Built-in arms to relax your arm muscle
  • High back design to better brace your back curve
  • Stylish and modern look
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  •   The seat is a bit thin


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What Kind of Patio Bar Stool Should You Buy?

Purchase a patio bar stool with the appropriate height so that you do not acquire a bar stool that will look out of place. It is also essential that you put into consideration the material used since it enhances its durability; moreover, go for the one that perfectly matches your décor.

Different Materials of Outdoor Bar Stools

There are a variety of materials for outdoor bar stool, even though they vary. It is appropriate that when it comes to material, you do not take it slightly since if you make the right choice, you are likely to spend a lot of your time there. Therefore, wood is a popular material for bar stool seats as well as frames, granting you durability and a traditional look. Leather Barstools gives you a luxurious appearance and emphasizes comfort as well. The metal and plastic bar stool are also durable, and it matches the modern aesthetic. So, for whichever materials you choose to ensure that you can clean it effectively and efficiently in case of any spillage.

Features of Best Aluminum & Cast Aluminum Patio Bar Stools

Adjustable height

Most aluminum & cast aluminum stools come well equipped with either hydraulic pump or airlift lever, which enables your customers to make adjustments on their seats. Therefore, this feature is ideal for both adults and small children who use this bar stool at different occasions and times.


The full-back support guarantees you added comfort and stability for sitting. Furthermore, it is ideal for an extended time of sitting. Note that a backless stool is similar to casual; a sleek frame makes storage convenient through easy stacking.

metal bar stools

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Features of Best Wicker Patio Bar Stools

The wicker patio bar stools are the most frequently used types, for it cools down effectively when used in hot weather. Unlike thick cushions or wooden material, the wicker fabric lets in more fresh and cool air, and thus is suitable for sweaty persons. Plus, they combine perfectly with the classic or vintage decoration, whether placing it indoors or outdoors, you will find them sleek in look.

leather bar stools

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Features of Best Wood & Teak Patio Bar Stools

Wooden bar stools or teak patio bar stools can be more sturdy because of the material. It wobbles less with the complicated constructions, and you will find cleaning and maintenance of them an easy task. When they get dirty, damp cloth is a straightforward and effective solution. Though labeled as outdoor patio bar stools, most of them fit indoor use perfectly. The damage caused by wooden legs is ignorant when compared with metal or steel legs, better protecting your hardwood floors.

The only drawback of pure wooden bar stools is that the hard seat surface makes it uncomfortable to sit for a long time, so place a cushion on it, or you can pick the one with a cushioned seat.

wooden bar stools

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How to Pick the Best Price Outdoor Bar Stools

Restaurants, as well as hotels, are trying their level best to do away with the traditional setting designs such as outdoor dining and living sets. On that note, they commenced designing outdoor bar stools for a unique new experience to their guests that feels much different. Therefore just as you are required to select the right outdoor furniture, the same applies also to the when choosing the best price outdoor bar stool. So, below are some factors necessary for you to consider while picking the outdoor bar stool:

outdoor patio stools

Consider the desired height of the outdoor bar stool

You must make sure that you generate comfort for the guests who would like to occupy the outdoor bar stool. Therefore, the process of support commences on selecting the appropriate height for your seat. Ensure that they are not too short for people to struggle to reach the bar. On the other hand, they should not also be too high as the guest will be forced to bend over. Thus, the appropriate height of your bar stool should be approximately 70% of your bar height to generate an excellent experience.

Match your outdoor bar stool with the location

It is vital to match the best price outdoor bar stools with your entire location. Therefore, styles, materials, shapes, as well as, colors should be put into consideration to maintain an atmosphere that is homogenous within your outdoor space.

Focus on the comfort

You must note that in the industry of hospitality, businesses are not allowed to compromise comfort aesthetic. On that note, you should always try as much as possible to purchase a comfortable bar stool just as you do to the outdoor furniture. However, the design of your bar stool can either have a positive or negative impact on your comfort. It is appropriate that you always put this factor into consideration whenever you will be looking forward to purchasing bar stools.

The style of the outdoor bar stool

The best price bar stools come in varying styles and shapes, such as; upholstered, swivel, with arms, as well as backless. The popular ones are the backless bar stools; they have around shape hence saving space. However, they do not generate comfort for a long duration. On the other hand, the one with arms is the most comfortable. This is because they provide support to both the back as well as the arm. When it comes to the swivel, it contains features that no other product can outdo; they guarantee the guests to rotate them according to how they want instead of you moving them forth and design. For upholstered bar stools, they generate a lot of comforts compared to non-cushioned ones. However, they tend not to go with the entire designs.

Features and Advantages of Sling Patio Bar Stools

These are high quality and durable furniture made from sling material that can withstand outdoor conditions as the material make is highly durable and is made for strength.

The furniture made from sling material can be designed and built with a variety of assorted texture and colors. More so, sling furniture with stainless steel or aluminum structure is a more vibrant and modern look.

Due to the strong feature of the sling, it has an advantage of not be able to hold water, and the mesh in it helps to pass any water through and quickly and takes a short period to dry by wiping or in the sun. Cleaning this furniture is secure by the use of spray hose, which washes any present dirt down.

Furniture that is well tensioned with a sling is very durable and tough when using it on typical conditions and can provide comfort when it is well tensioned as it allows for cushion conditions.

Therefore anyone who is searching for durable bar stools that is modern, plus stainless steel make should consider sling patio stools as they are suitable for anyone.

Why Choosing Recycled Plastic Patio Bar Stools

There are advantages possessed by plastic patio bar stools that one will consider buying as the benefits are associated with good quality and their costs. Most plastic patio bar stools require less or no maintenance as they require no more of your money for doing painting and are free from rust, unlike other stools made from different materials.

Plastic patio stools are friendly tour environment as it is made from plastic which can be recycled once again. Often most plastic patio stools are more affordable than other options and can be easily transported as they are light in weight. look out for the best!


Based on the above review, you are now well familiarized with the best price outdoor bar stools. Therefore, it is upon you to choose and purchase the one that can efficiently meet your demands and serve you best. I hope this article will be beneficial to you search for the best price outdoor stools.

Top 3 Best Price Outdoor Bar Stools


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