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Best Shiatsu Massage Chair with Heat And Vibration for Home And Office – Reviews & Guide

As we all know, most people are working in the office. And this means that you’re using office chairs, usually spending hours in front of a computer. Under such circumstances, a massage session after busy office hours will be a great relief. So, we are here to introduce the best shiatsu massage chair for you.

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What Is the Best Shiatsu Massage Chair on the Market?






  • Chair dimensions: 27″ – 46″L x 29″W x 41″H
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Faux leather upholstery that is easy to maintain
  • Wireless remote controller and side pockets for your convenience
  • 5 preset programs, 9 intensity levels, and 2 modes for your full back and thighs

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Why Buy the Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs?

You may know some lucky folk who work under the swaying branches of a coconut tree on a tropical island. However, most people will be sitting in offices, including home offices, to work. And this means that you’re probably going to be spending hours in front of a computer.

Many people have resigned themselves to this fact. After all, it’s just something that we’ve done for generations. However, it also means that large numbers of people are also going to experience back pain at some point due to the effects of sitting the whole day. Combine this with ever-increasing levels of workplace stress, and you’ve got the recipe for a pretty miserable professional life.

The good news is that the office chair might be the best tool for dealing with back pain and stress. This is because new technology has made multifunctional office massage chairs a reality.


Tips on Choosing the Right Office Massage Chair

Before we get into the details on why you need to have an office chair with massage function, let us first talk about what an office chair/massager is. It looks like any other office chair except for the part where it has a thicker recline and buttock support. Those two parts are thick for a good reason – they are what enables the chair to massage you properly.

So if you’re searching for an office massage chair, for what functions you should be looking?

1. Heated Massage Functionality

Some of the best shiatsu office massage chairs can supply warmth while massaging you. There are several benefits to this, including further relaxing your muscles. Many manufacturers also claim that heat can aid in the digestive process and drastically improve blood circulation.

There is an increasing number of shiatsu massage chairs in airport terminals. This indicates that the massage from advanced chairs will undoubtedly assist in keeping the blood flowing naturally. Those interested in this type of functionality should investigate manufacturers such as Restwell, DTinxs, and Canneto (among others).

2. Leather  Office Massage Chairs

Do not underestimate leather when it comes to choosing an office massage chair. Leather is fabulously comfortable and contributes to a relaxing office massage experience. As a bonus, most of the leather office massage chairs are at the forefront of shiatsu office massage technology. Purchasing these massage chairs is a win-win situation when it comes to functionality, good looks, and comfort. There are also several synthetic leather options on the market. They boast the same luxurious style and comfort but can be available at significantly lower prices. Manufacturers to look out for include Caesar, Lanaform (striking modern good looks), and once again Canneto.

3. Reclining Office Massage Chairs

If you want the ultimate in office chair massage experiences, then the model that you purchase should have a reclining function. This elevates the entire massage experience to new heights. The reclining function makes destressing even more effective as well as reducing pressure on the spinal column during the massage process. It also makes the restoration of healthy blood circulation even more effective.

As a bonus, many of the reclining models come with built-in foot support which extends once the chair is in a reclined position. Some come with separate footstools. Names to keep in mind are the trendy Canneto models, the ultra-luxurious lineup from Caesar, and the Tuscany offerings.

If you want to get the best out of your office shiatsu massage chair then the combination of a reclining function, heating, and leather simply cannot be beaten. Look for this combination to take relaxation to new levels.

Here is the best selling reclining massage chair for your reference:

Click here to buy the Black Leather Massage Recliner and Ottoman.



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Choose the Best Office Chair With Massage Function

Now that you know what an office chair with a massage function is, it’s time to understand why you need to have this kind of furniture in your home or office. One reason is that it is not expensive at all, and you can get a chair for less than $80, but then you get a lot in terms of health benefits.

We do not need to tell you, but there are a lot of health benefits to having regular massages. It relaxes your muscles and de-stresses you while you are working. And this can spell a big difference in your health, provided that you use the massage function regularly, of course.

So, when you are ready to work and relax at the same time, go ahead and search for the different models of office chairs with massage functions. You can easily find them on Amazon, although there are different retail stores out there that specialize in office furniture.

When it comes to choosing the actual chair, you will want to choose based on the different massage points. For a chair to be any good, it must massage you at six points. This is for maximum effect, so you can really feel the difference between your regular office chair and this type of office chair. Let’s see the most affordable executive ergonomic massage chair most officers like:

Click here to buy the Best Budget Ergonomic Executive Office Massage Chair with Vibration



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And if you have had a comfortable office chair and don’t want to pay too much, you can buy a massage pad or pillow instead. Keep reading for more tips.

Buy an Office Chair Massage Pads or Back Massager Pillow

Do you suffer from stiff muscles, a sore back, and general aches and pains because you are stuck in an office all day? Are you finding that you leave the office feeling fatigued, and you can’t figure out what to do about it?  An office chair massage pad could be an excellent solution to your stiffness and your aches and pains.

Office chair massage pads are small, portable pads that can be secured to your chair and that provide a gentle, rumbling massage effect. Essentially, they turn a mundane office chair into one of those spa chairs that you may be used to seeing in shopping malls and at the airport. So you can sit down, recline and relax for a few minutes during your break, and feel relaxed, loose, and invigorated.

Massage chairs can work both the upper and lower back, and can also provide a gentle, soothing massage for your thighs. Many higher-end models have a head feature that augments the relaxation. The heat helps to improve circulation and relax the muscles, giving you a better massage experience. Pulse and vibration massages can both stimulate blood flow and make you feel more alert. Also, they release any tension that could be causing headaches or pain and generally make you feel better. In this way, you will be able to face the day better.

A lot of people buy portable pads so that they can use them during long journeys. And that’s certainly an option too. Once you feel how soothing and relaxing they are, you’ll never want to give them up. They’ll become a part of your daily routine. You’ll feel more energetic. And hopefully, you can get rid of those annoying aches and pains troubling you over the years.

2 Top Selling Massage Pad and Pillow

We choose the top-selling chair massage pad and pillow for your reference, both of them have a highly 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Click here to buy the Top-rated Gideon™ Powerful Vibrating Massager Seat Cushion



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Click here to buy the Zyllion ZMA-13-BK FDA Listed Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat



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Reviews of the 19 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs on the Market

We know that massage chairs are often costly, so you want to be especially careful while choosing them. So, here we would like to offer you more detailed reviews of the chairs we recommend. Some are professional massage recliners, while some are cheaper chair pad alternatives. Read on to make an informed choice.

1. Best Selling Full BodyMassage Chair And Ottoman for Personal Relax Sessions Under $300


Key Features:

  • Chair dimensions: 27″ – 46″L x 29″W x 41″H
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Faux leather upholstery that is easy to maintain
  • Wireless remote controller and side pockets for your convenience
  • 5 preset programs, 9 intensity levels, and 2 modes for your full back and thighs
  • Simple design that blends with most decor, looks much less bulky

If you want to buy a nice massage recliner within your limited budget, then this should be your pick.

As you can see, these recliners have a simple all-black design. Different from other recliners, which often look bulky, they are less complicated. Additionally, there are 4 sizes available, so you can choose the one that best fits the size of your room. Also, each one has a unique design on the back. They are all sleek but have different touches.

Also, these chairs are comfortable to sit on. When you want to take a rest, sit on the recliner and recline on the back. Then, you can place your feet on the ottoman if you like. The black upholstery is very soft and durable so that you can use it for a long time. Besides, the seat and back have thick padding. Therefore, the recliners are more comfortable while you sit.

Apart from this, the chairs have a remote controller to help you easily deal with your massage settings. The massage function will cover your back, thighs, and legs. And there are 9 modes and 5 intensity levels. Moreover, there is a heating function and a timer. Feel free to modify your own massage modes with the simple remote controller.

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2. Best Electric Full Body  – High-rating Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Acupressure L-Track Massager wto Relieve Back Pain

luxurious massage chairs

Key Features:

  • The only chair that involves 25 experts to ensure professionalism
  • Zero-gravity technology for full-body stretching
  • 3D L-track feature to take care of your back and legs
  • Automatically scns your body to provide tailored massage functions
  • Many massage types available on the chair, way more functional than the cheap options
  • Extra padding available for free, allowing you to further customize your massage settings

It is hard for a product to satisfy all its customers. But this one has made it. This is because of its unparalleled professionalism.

First, before starting to design the chair, the manufacturer has spent as many as 5 years doing researches and studying. Therefore, they get to incorporate different massage techniques from around the world into the chair. So, once you buy the recliner, you are entitled to Japanese shiatsu massage, ancient Roman therapy, New Delhi Yoga Stretching, and so on. This means that you can enjoy local and exotic massages without bothering to travel the distance. This has won compliments from many customers.

Second, this recliner can even be called the masterpiece in that designing it involves the work of 25 experts. They work together to find out the ultimate reason for muscle pains our daily routine induces. Then they find ways of dealing with it by getting therapies on the chair. As a result, this chair excels in professionalism. So, these chairs definitely worth the price.

In a word, if you are in search of luxury and practical gifts, this will never let you down.

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But if you find this one too expensive and want one under $3,000, we would be happy to recommend the Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 for you. They are from the same brand and share many things in common. So, you can feel free to take the MB4 as a cheaper alternative.

3. Best Reclining Body ChairTop-rated Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Under $3,000 for Home And Commercial Uses

pro shiatsu massager

Key Features:

  • Zero-gravity position to stretch your body, alleviate pains and improve spinal health
  • Covers your neck, shoulder, back, thighs, calves, and feet
  • Automatically scans your body to learn its features and provide better massages
  • Involves 25 experts while designing the chair to guarantee professionalism
  • Allows you to enjoy massage techniques from all over the world

As you can tell from the model names, the former MB6 is an upgraded version. It is true that MB6 has more built-in massage techniques. However, this one will beat it for the price in that this is by far more cost-effective. It is fully adjustable and functional, and thus good enough to satisfy all your needs.

If you want the chair to be softer, you can get more padding for free. This is viable for all massage recliners from Medical Breakthrough. So, from this detail, we can also tell that the manufacturers do have customers’ needs in their hearts.

In addition, there are wheels on the base. This is convenient when you want to move this bulky recliner. After all, it weighs 220 lbs and can be really hard to move without the wheels.

The high-tech zero-gravity positions are as good as other luxury massagers. Meanwhile, the automatic body scan will learn the curvature of your body and apply customized massage modes. This will be convenient and useful. Also, the chair has other massage techniques necessary for a relaxing session. Check more on Amazon!

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4. Best Luxury for Lower BackShiatsu Massage Recliner with Auto and Manual Modes for Home And Office

manual and auto massage chair

Key Features:

  • L-track massage system to cover your legs
  • True zero-gravity position that makes you feel weightless while receiving massages
  • 4 auto programs, 3 techniques for targeted massage, 3 airbag intensity levels, and 3 speed levels
  • 2 heating pads for lower back
  • Highly comfortable beauty hip massage function
  • Large-screen remote controller for easy adjustment

These massage recliners have a very cute look, resembling Bay-max. So, when you get seated, you will feel like Baymax is cuddling and comforting you. This makes the chairs comfortable even when they are not working to massage you.

Also, like other advanced massage recliners, these come with zero-gravity positions. This technology gains its inspiration from astronomy and is incorporated to provide more comfortable and practical massages. But the problem is that this zero-gravity position does not come with a space-saving technology. So, you will need to ensure there is at least a 12-inch distance from the wall when the chair is at the normal position. This might be troublesome in small places but not a big deal for large office rooms.

Besides, there are so many airbags inside the chair that they can even cover your hips. So, if you are doing exercises to build a beauty hip, then we would like to suggest you buy such a chair to help you with that.

Moreover, distinct from the cheap massage pads, this professional massage chair can cover your legs and feet. The airbags there will inflate for compression massage. In the meantime, the rollers on the bottom will apply the kneading massage to relax your tired feet. This will be a great relief if your job requires you to stand or walk a lot.

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5. Best for Full Back with Zero GravityIdeal Professional True Deep Tissue Massage Chair for Big Places

top rated shiatsu back massager

Key Features:

  • Zero-gravity position for a more comfortable full body massage session
  • 4 auto programs making for easy massage services
  • Shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling and vibration features for professional massages
  • Also contains the manual mode for you to take full control over the massage features
  • Massage sessions last 5 to 30 minutes each time

Yes, this chair also has 3 zero-gravity positions. This will make you feel weightless as if you were in outer space. Apart from this, the design will facilitate a more effective massage session. The massage nodes will fit your body better and thus work better to deal with your painful muscles.

If you don’t want to bother designing your massage mode, there are 4 preset modes. They scientifically combine different massage techniques to give you unique and professional massage experiences. But if you prefer taking charge, then you can modify your position, massage coverage, intensity, and speed. We would highly recommend you to buy the recliner and try it yourself.

But don’t take the gadget on the arms as a phone holder. It is actually the controller that allows you to take charge of your massage sessions. With this design, you can change to different modes, whether you are sitting in a normal position or the zero-gravity type.

Also, if you want to move them through a narrow door, you can take the side panels off. In this way, you will find the chair able to fit through narrow doors.

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6. Best Reclining Chair for HomeErgonomic Reclining Shiatsu Back And Neck Massage Chair with Adjustable Leg Rest

home shiatsu massager

Key Features:

  • Adjustable neck massager for pain relief
  • Kneading nodes for pin-pointed massages
  • Vibration and heat functions to warm and relax your body
  • Remote controller available for spot massage
  • Allows you to return the chair and get your money back within 30 days
  • A unique design that differentiates the chair from other options

As you can tell, at first sight, this product has a look different from other massage recliners. They are less of a recliner but more of a rocking chair with massage functions. Therefore, they look much less bulky than other massage chairs. So, if you have got tired of the dull appearances of massagers, we would like to suggest you buy this low-profile one that blends in with your decor more easily. They will call so much attention in your place as to overshadow your carefully selected furniture. However, most people will love it once they take notice of its existence.

Though not a recliner, this electric massage chair has 3 positions. That is, you can adjust the footrest while the angle between the seat and back remains 120 degrees. This variation will be comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design of the chair. So, the different leg positions will help you find the most suitable level to relax your tense muscles on the thighs and especially calves.

In addition, these chairs also have wonderful massage functions. There is an adjustable neck massage for neck pain relief. Also, there are the heat and spot massage functions that cover the back and vibration on the seat. This will give you an excellent massage experience.

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7. Best Power Massage for OfficesProfessional Full Body Leather Massage Chair with Heat Therapy

massage chairs for your office and home

Key Features:

  • Zero-gravity technology for 3 stages of the position, with the inspiration from NASA, to relieve your muscle tensions
  • Covers you full body, including neck, shoulder, back, arms, buttock, legs, and feet
  • 3 speed levels and 3 airbag strength levels for your choice
  • Kneading and shiatsu massage features that mimic human hands
  • Heat therapy to further relax your overused lower back in case of pain
  • 3-year warranty, time extension feasible

Some jobs will require you to work in a serious atmosphere. But in the meantime, you will need some truly effective massage sessions to free you of the burden of work. So, in such cases, you will need some black leather massage recliners. And here is our pick.

This chair has a more advanced zero-gravity design. While most other chairs allow the alternate between only 3 positions, this one will enable you to lock it at any angle within the scope. In this way, you will have a broader range of selection from sitting upright to lying flat on the chair to receive massages. This will make the chairs fit for more body types. Meanwhile, massage therapy on the recliner will get incredibly useful.

Apart from this, it boasts many other expensive and ergonomic massage designs. You can easily control these features with the remote controller. For more detailed information about the massage techniques, you can view on Amazon or buy one home and try them in person. The former way will definitely give you a more comprehensive and accurate evaluation of the chair. So, no more hesitations. Just click on the button below and buy the high-rating recliners.

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8. Best Portable –  Giantex Massage Chair And Remote Controller with Vibration to Relax Back And Thighs

portable shiatsu massager

Key Features:

  • 3 back massage modes and 3 vibration levels for your choice
  • Adjustable neck massage height, easy to control
  • Angle-adjustable backrest for more comfort even when not getting massages
  • Soft PU leather, comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain
  • USB charging port, convenient for daily and outdoor uses
  • Folds up for easy portability

If you want to buy a simple massage chair for indoor and outdoor uses, here is your best pick.

As you can see, this is a chair with a massage seat topper. Except for the lovely massage functions, this chair has many fantastic details that make the chair user-friendly.

First, it has a hand controller. This is generally more durable than touch-screen control panels. Meanwhile, as you place them in a pocket under the chair instead of on the chair arm, you are less likely to press the buttons accidentally.

Also, it is highly portable. If you want to take it outdoors, it folds up for you to carry conveniently. This folding feature is also useful for space-saving storage.

Besides, there is a USB charging port. With this, you can charge your phone while massaging on the chair. So, you don’t need to worry about being dull when your phone runs out of battery.

In addition, the angle of the backrest is adjustable. Courtesy, you can recline on the back as if you were sitting on a recliner. This will be more comfortable than receiving massages while sitting upright.

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9. Best ElectricRecliner for Shiatsu Massage with Automatic and Manual Modes for Lower Back Pain

shiatsu massage chair full body

Key Features:

  • Built-in heat therapy to make you feel warm and relaxed
  • Adjustable speed, width, and intensity and computerized scanning technology for a more enjoyable personal massage
  • 7 massage modes and 9 preset programs to guarantee professional massage techniques
  • 21 airbags to help you improve circulation and do you a power of good
  • Suitable for your office and living room
  • Black / brown/ burgundy options available

This is a professional electric shiatsu massage chair that will soothe your whole body. It massages not only your full back and legs but also your arms, buttocks, and feet. So, by reclining on this chair and starting the massage function, you can enjoy the massage as relaxing as you receive from masseurs. This is done courtesy of the auto body scanning technology. With this design, the chair can learn the shape your body and intelligent place the airbags and massage nodes. Then, you can get a customized massage on the recliner.

If you want to try different massgae modes, there are as many as 9 preset programs for your choice. You can try each of them and make a comparison. Then, select your favorite modes and have fun with them. If you are new to massage chairs, you can start with the full body stretching program. And if you are an expert, you can take control of the chair and adjust the functions to your favorite level. This will further enhance the comfort you can gain from the chair.

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10. Best Dual Foot RollerKahuna LM6800 Massage Recliner with Space-saving Zero-Gravity Position

lm6800 shiatsu massage chair

Key Features:

  • Professional massage designs: various advanced technology working together to optimize your massage experience
  • Convenient storage: remote holders preventing you from looking for your remote controller everywhere
  • No worries over installation: an online video awaits to offer you detailed help.
  • Satisfying warranty service: easy registration for the service; a limited 3-year warranty

Kahuna is, by all means, the hottest product among customers. Normally, people just log onto the shopping sites and type “massage chairs” to find what is the best one. But for this one, many have remembered its model. This is because they are so nice that users want to recommend them to people around them. So, the quality of them is quite self-evident.

Like most other professional massage recliners, this one has zero-gravity positions. This will make for more intense and effective massages. But what is unique about this model is the space-saving technology that comes along. Courtesy of this, you can place the recliner only 3″ from the wall. Considering the bulky size of the product, you will find this space-saver an excellent help for those relatively small rooms. Besides, you will be able to align this recliner with your other pieces of furniture. So, this will help with your interior design, too.

Moreover, the massage coverage of the chairs is L-track, an upgraded version of the S-track. With this upgrade, the massage function can cover not only your back but also your thighs and calves. So, you can enjoy the premium soothing massage functions better.

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11. Best for Small PersonAffordable Massage Recliner with 8 Rollers for Full Body Relaxation

reai relax massage chair

Key Features:

  • Nice massage function: shiatsu and roller massage reducing your muscle pains
  • Detailed instruction on assembly and usage: installation video and user manual on hand for your convenience
  • Easy moving: two casters on the base assisting in moving this bulky chair
  • Cheap but high-quality: can’t beat the price
  • Better for users on the smaller side

This is another high-rating massage recliner coming at an easily affordable price. They also have various massage techniques that help you relax your muscle pain after long hours of sitting or standing. Thanks to the 3 zero-gravity positions, you can lie on the chair, freeing your mind of all the trivial in daily life. Then, concentrate on the massaging session from the 50 airbags and other techniques. This will be a truly relaxing break from a busy life.

This chair has an exclusive armrest linkage system. Courtesy of this, you will find your arms staying in the armrests comfortably when you recline. Without this design, you will find the armrests not matching your arms in the zero-gravity position as they do in regular positions. As a result, the arm massage will be less effective. So, it is worthwhile to invest in this technology.

All in all, if you are looking for a gift that the whole family can share, this will be the ideal choice. Well, not for the babies, perhaps. But you can invite 3-year-olds to give it a shot, too. One of my colleagues says that his nephew loves the foot massager that vibrates. So, maybe your little kids will also love this massaging chair that vibrates and heats up.

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12. Best LookZero-gravity Positioning Simple Design Shiatsu Massage Chair with 7 Modes

L track massage chair

Key Features:

  • Zero-gravity position for a better massage on your legs and feet
  • Sleek and simple design that easily blends with your place, better than the bulky ones
  • Strategically placed airbags with heat therapy to soothe your pain muscles
  • 4 warm massage rollers, 7 modes, 2 preset auto programs, and 3 speed levels for professional massage experiences
  • Various colors available
  • Guarantees good customer service

We don’t know if you have ever taken notice of this. But most of the massage chairs we see in homes or malls are in dark colors, like black and brown. Some of you may have got tired of that and want something new and refreshing. And this is one of the many reasons we are introducing this massage chair.

Of course, they have the black and brown versions as most others do. But in the meantime, they also have two more unique options. One is a mixture of black and burgundy upholstery. This will look elegant wherever you place them. Besides, they will make people feel energized. After all, red shades are always the mind-booster. But if you want a more girlish one, the white and pink choice will be good. They will easily blend in with your light-color furniture.

Apart from its unique look, massage recliners are also very functional. They have as many as 7 massage modes, including kneading, knocking, rack, tapping, shiatsu, air pressure, and heating. These functions will work together, or independently, to warm and relax your body. Thereby, you will feel less stressed. This will help prepare you for future challenges in life and at work. So, don’t wait and buy yourself one.

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13. Best Selling Massage PadZyllion Shiatsu Massage Chair Cushion with Heat Therapy And Vibrating Functions

massage pad for pain relief

Key Features:

  • Shiatsu massage for neck and back
  • Rolling massage functions with adjustable rollers
  • Heat function to sooth you
  • 3 vibration levels to fit your need
  • Cover your back and neck
  • Turn off automatically after 15 minutes of usage
  • Convenient remote settings available

First, these seat toppers boast a sleek design. Courtesy of this, it can best fit the shape of your seating so that you won’t feel uncomfortable. Plus, this will fit the curvature of your body and give you more soothing massages.

Second, these pads have strong massage functions. The shiatsu nodes on the neck and back will give you more targeted massages. You will feel as if a real masseur is helping you relax your stiff muscles. Also, there are the rolling nodes that travel up and down your back. These nodes are adjustable so that you can place them where you hurt the most. Moreover, the vibration feature comes in 3 levels for your choice.

Third, the massage function will turn off by itself after 15 minutes of usage. This will ensure safe uses.

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14. Best Cheap Seat TopperMassage on Electric Chair Pads with Rollers for Full-Back Pain Relief

shiatsu massage pad

Key Features:

  • Different modes covering your upper back, lower back or full back
  • Spot massage features to pinpoint your painful part
  • Shiatsu balls with heat therapy to relax your overused muscles
  • 3 vibration levels and 2 intensity levels for your choce
  • Integrated strapping system to secure the pad to your seating

These are the cheap but good massage chair toppers you have been looking for. We dare say that they are better than you think.

First, these products, though having a low price, are customizable. There are 2 intensity levels of the deep kneading massage and 3 vibration levels on the seat. SO, you can choose your favorite level to ensure that the massage is not too strong while being effective.

Second, the massage feature covers your full back. So, you can choose to apply them to your upper back, lower back, or full back. Furthermore, the spot massage function is also viable to allow you to concentrate the features on your painful area.

Third, the cushions have other designs to help you use them more conveniently. They are lightweight and portable so that you can use them in different places on different seating. Also, the integrated strapping system will secure them to your seats tightly. Thanks to this design, you don’t need to worry about the pad falling off.

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15. Best for CarLowest Price Portable Seat Massager with Heat And Vibration Features for Home And Office

shiarsu massage seat pad for car

Key Features:

  • A rare design that fit car uses (AC adapter for home and office, DC adapter for the car)
  • 10 vibrating motors, 5 massage zones and 3 intensity levels for your choice
  • Takes only 30 seconds to heat up
  • Wired remote controller to assist in personalized massage sessions
  • 4 buttons to help you relax your shoulder/back/waist/leg, easiest to control
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-time uses

Different from most other massage chair pads, these are adaptable to car seats. This is amazing for a product available at such a low price. To make for this benefit, the cushions come with two adapters, the AC for home uses and DC for car uses. Moreover, they fold up pretty thin. So, you can feel free to use it at home and the office and in your cars.

Apart from this, they also have premium massage functions, including different massage techniques and heating and vibrating features. There are 5 massage modes and 3 intensity levels for your choice. This will well satisfy your needs for a relaxing break from work. The heat function can work independently of other features to warm your body. Then, this will facilitate a soothing massage session.

Moreover, these chair toppers are easy to control. There are 4 buttons to allow you to choose the massage coverage. Whether you make to massage your shoulder, back, waist, or leg, press the button, and they will work.

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16. Best Affordable for Back PainPortable Massage Seat Pad for Chair, Recliner, And Sofa Under $100

massage chair pad for relief

Key Features:

  • 4 flexible deep-kneading nodes for 3 massage zones (full back, upper back, or lower back)
  • Easily affordable price: a wise investment especially if you are new to massage chairs and massage pads
  • Broad application: able to work well with any chair or sofa at home and in your office
  • Remote control available: a breeze to customize your massage mode
  • Lightweight and small size: allowing you to carry it along, traveling up or downstairs, indoors or outdoors; will not take up much space

These chair cushions have some flexible massage nodes. They are height-adjustable for a maximum of 3 mm to fit different body curvatures. This is good if you want to share it with others or place it in the office break rooms.

Also, these massagers are very comfortable. The leather and mesh material will make you feel both soft and breathable while you receive a massage on the pad.

But there are some drawbacks, too. The seat only has a vibration feature. Instead, it does not heat up. This will be a minus if you want to relax your full lower back and thighs. Also, the massage function does not cover your neck or shoulder. So, they are not recommendable if you are suffering from pain there.

Inspite of this, these chair pads are good enough at this price. If you do not have much special needs, it is good to go for these products.

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17. Best for Big And Tall GuysFunctional Seat Cushion for Professional Shiatsu Massage with Washable Cover

massage seat topper

Key Features:

  • Professional massage functions: diverse ways of massage for different parts of your body with no time limit
  • Adjustable height: for users 63″ – 70.9″ (1.6m – 1.8m) tall
  • Functional design: adaptable to various seating options, be it a sofa, a recliner, or an office chair
  • Integrated strapping system fixing the massager to your sofas/chairs
  • Easy maintenance: separable and washable neck cover & back flap
  • Remote control to tailor-make your massage mode

If you are on the taller side, then this is the ideal and cheap choice for you. They have a recommendable users’ height range from 63″ to 70.9″, or 1.6m to 1.8m. But meantime, be careful if you are on the smaller side. They might be too large and thus uncomfortable.

Why Are They Good

To make things better, the massage function covers from your neck all the way to your thighs. To put it more specifically, the shiatsu massage will work on the neck and full back. And the seat has a vibration function. This will help you relax your butts and lower back, which often suffer from pains from overuse.

Moreover, the seat cushion is easy to maintain. The cover on the neck is detachable and washable. This will help you use the topper longer. After all, no one will want to use dirty cushions to give massages.

What is also detachable is the flap on the back. But this is not for washing. Instead, it is for modifying the intensity of back massages. Installing the flap will help alleviate the intensity. If you still find the massage too strong, you can place a blanket between you and the topper. This is easy and convenient.

Mind the Minor Pitfalls

But there are two things about which you should be careful. First, this pad is not suitable for car use. If you have this need, turn to the 15th one we select for you. Second, the seat material is kind of slippery so that you may slide a bit sitting on it. But don’t worry, this will not be great trouble.

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18. Best Quality for Neck And Back –  Homedics Shiatsu Massage Seat Topper with Handheld Controller for Targeted Pain Relief

homedics massage seat topper

Key Features:

  • Soothing heat feature for your lower back in case of pain
  • 3 massage modes: deep-kneading shiatsu, gentle rolling, or invigorating percussion for different needs
  • Handheld controller for your convenience
  • Breathable fabric on the back for enhanced comfort
  • Integrated strapping system to ensure safe uses on most seating
  • 2 sizes available for people of different heights and weights

Long sitting hours often induce back pains because most people tend to sit in the wrong position. Now that it is difficult to improve our postures, massage chair pads are a good addition to relieving pains.

This chair pad, though seemingly unnoticeable, can give massages to your full back, including your neck and shoulder. The 2-in-1 kneading shiatsu massage feature will apply massage to the targeted area. So, this will effectively help alleviate pains.

Meanwhile, massaging with no heat will further cause pain. Therefore, there is a heating feature to warm your bodies and make you feel genuinely relaxed.

Also, there is a handheld controller that comes along. With this, you can choose among the 3 massage modes: deep-kneading shiatsu, gentle rolling, or invigorating percussion. Each will satisfy a different need.

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19. Best Selling for Neck PainZyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Handle Straps for Back and Calves

zyllion massage pillow

Key Features:

  • Best-selling one on Amazon, with over 8,700 customers’ reviews
  • Massage rotation directions change every 60 seconds to enhance comfort
  • Ergonomic design to perfectly fit your head and neck
  • Shiatsu massage nodes to relieve your tight muscles
  • Also recommendable for your upper back, lower back, abdomen, and legs
  • Car adapter and adjustable straps included

If you want something small and portable as an addition to your leisure room, then this type of pillow massager is a wonderful choice. This product can act as a simple alternative to massage chairs.

Massages for Your Neck, Back, And Calves

Of course, it can give massages to your neck. You can either lie on the bed or sofa and place it under your neck. This will make for a relaxing session, both mentally and physically. Or, you can attach it to your car or chair seat. The straps on the back will help you secure the pillow to your seating for safe uses. So, it can soothe you when you want a break from work or driving. Plus, your purchase includes the car adapter. That saves your effort in finding a suitable adapter.

Meanwhile, the pillow can massage other parts of your body that feel pain. So, all you need to do is to find a place to sit or lie down comfortably. Then, start the massage function and lay the pillow where you feel pains. You can get massages on your back or calves, which are often sore.

Easy to Use

This massage pillow is easy to use. When you want to get a soothing session, press the power button once to start the massage function. Then, you can press the button to turn the heat function on or off. After the massage session, you can simply press the power button again for 3 to 5 seconds to turn it off.

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The Best Brand Shiatsu Massage Chairs You Can Not Miss

There can be no argument that one of the most stressful places to spend your time is in the office. Unfortunately, for most of us, there are simply no other options.

Even if you’re not physically at the corporate headquarters, the chances are that you’ll spend a lot of your time telecommuting.

No matter how you’re getting the job done, you’re going to be sitting on a chair. And for many people, that’s going to be the cause of back pain and increased levels of stress.

Massage on Chairs will help with Your Problems

The good news is that office workers across the country don’t have to suffer in silence. New technology means that shiatsu massage office chairs are now more advanced than ever before. So, using them can reduce or even eliminate back pain. Besides, they will help you control the levels of stress.

The best types of shiatsu office massage chairs mimic the motions of a professional masseuse. The rolling and kneading motions of the chairs can release tension from specific parts of the back and spine. So, this is the ideal solution for those who spend hours in front of a computer.

If you’re evaluating shiatsu office massage chairs, be aware that there are numerous types. Some of the more advanced models’ sensors make allowance for weight and width. They can even automatically sense height to provide the perfect shiatsu massage. These models will also allow the user to select certain preset massage routines to optimize the user experience.

Top 3 Picks

If you suffer from back pain or want to make your office less stressful, then buying a shiatsu office massage chair may be the right way. We choose the top 3 models with a high rating in different price ranges, check details and choose the one you like best!

The first one is the most affordable model:

Click here to buy the Most Affordable Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Recliner Under $800



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Next is the best valued new full-featured luxury massage chair, get you well deserved daily massage now at an affordable price without compromise:

Click here to buy the Best Valued Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair with Heat And Deep Tissue Massage



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The last models are the best functional massage chair you can find now. With 4 automatic massage programs –
3 manual specific targeted massages (kneading, tapping, combo) – 3 levels of airbag intensity control – 3 massage speed control. Check it now!

Click here to buy the Best Functional Relaxon Zero Gravity Chair with Shiatsu Massage



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