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Best Office Chair without Wheels Cheap – Top Reviews for You

Many people are having problems with chairs with wheels. Whatever casters they buy, their carpets and hardwood floor always suffer. So, here I would like to introduce the benefits of chairs with no wheels for you. Read on to see what the best office chair without wheels is.


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How to Choose Suitable Types of Non-Wheeled Chairs for Special Needs?

The sector above lists some special types of chairs you can use in office rooms. They all have their unique features. Here I will take you to have a look at their functions. Reading this will help you make your office more ergonomic and more employee-friendly.

1. Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain Relief

Kneeling chairs have won a reputation among office workers because they can effectively reduce back pains and promote good postures.

If you have never seen anyone using these kneeling desk chairs before, then you may distrust them. And I was one of you. I thought that when sitting on the chairs, I would put excessive pressure on my knees and felt uncomfortable shortly afterward. The actual sitting experience, however, is the other way round.

I tried this chair because all my friends who had bought them spoke highly of this strange chair. Out of curiosity, I bought one – anyway, they come at a reasonable price. After 30 days of trial, each day using them for hours at a stretch, I can guarantee that they are a marvel of ergonomics. I did feel posture improvement once I got seated. Sure, you can defy me by saying that this is my false illusion. But what you can’t deny is that my lower back pain from long sitting hours has been largely reduced.

So I compared the regular chairs and the kneeling chairs by finding out the difference in my sitting postures. I found that these seemingly strange chairs can help me distribute my weight evenly across the seat. And I could feel that I was placing less pressure on my lower back. Additionally, bad postures like sitting cross-legged and slouching are not even possible.

If you want a non-wheeled chair, I’d highly recommend the rocking base. They are as fun as us riding rocking horses in childhood. Also, there are bases with foot glides that allow you to stay in one spot more safely. Plus, this kind of base can have a built-in desk too. This is useful if you love going out to nature and enjoy drawing or working there.


2. Exercise Ball Chairs for Active Sitting

Using fitness balls in offices as chairs is gaining popularity. Here is a brief introduction to their benefits and the different types for sale.

2.1 Good for Men and Women

Balance balls are trendy among women. Exercising with them is simple but effective in building good body shapes. So, many ladies have regarded them as a company when they want to keep fit. Some have also started using them as office seating. After all, the pace of our life is growing faster and faster. Squeezing out time for exercise sessions seems like something luxurious for many people. This kind of ball chair, however, combines work with exercise and can help you burn 6% more calories.

But I am not recommending these yoga ball chairs to office girls only. Men, actually, can also benefit a lot from them. The universal benefits of ball seating like reducing the risks of heart issues and strengthening core strength are what we all want. Additionally, there are plenty of exercises men can do with them to lose fat and build muscles.

2.2 Different Bases Available

Some exercise ball chairs have a base with casters. These are more similar to the regular office chairs due to their base. However, when you want to use the ball for exercises, you will have to disassemble the metal bar that holds the ball and assemble it after doing exercises. If this is trouble for you, then try the balls with a ring base. Don’t look down upon these ring bases. They can also help with your exercise sessions if you have a band in hand.

Also, some balls are inserted into a cover. These balls are not detachable. But if you are new to balls and find it hard to keep balance on them, then this is your best bet. These are more like a hybrid of regular chairs and exercise balls. The common flat seat is replaced by a ball, which is the core reason why ball chairs can do a power of good.

In a word, once you buy these balance ball chairs, you will gain benefits from simply sitting on them. In the meantime, you have easier access to simple exercises to improve your overall health. So, why not give it a shot?


3. Standing Desk Chairs for Health

Experts and doctors have warned a lot about the negative effects of long-time sitting. However, even doctors themselves may find sedentary hours inevitable. After all, with the popularity of high tech, most people have to work with computers, which are often laid on desks. So, if you want to rid yourself of endless sitting hours, you need to start with a standing workstation.

Two most important factors in building a standing workstation are standing desks and chairs. In simple terms, that is a height-adjustable desk and a chair that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. Between the two, chairs seem to be more difficult to buy. You need to factor in many features to ensure they will serve you well during long hours of working. One of them is the wheels.

Why Standing Chairs without Wheels

Most people will go for wheels when choosing chairs to sit on. These chairs are more flexible and will not stick you in one spot. However, when choosing sit-stand chairs, those without casters are also recommendable.

One reason is safety. When sitting on seats as tall as drafting chairs, your feet are often off the ground. If the chairs have wheels that are not lockable, you will feel unsafe as the chair may fail to stay static as you wish. Instead, it may roll across the floor when you are unconscious of its moving, which is likely to cause you to fall off.

Another reason is the design of the chairs. There are not only regular but extra tall chairs for a standing desk. More professional sit-stand chairs are also available, like the motion stool. Such seating often comes with a rocking base or an anti-fatigue mat on the base. And you can see this from the recommendations below. It is less safe and even impossible to produce these chairs with casters.


4. Office Recliners for Long Working Hours

If you want swivel office chairs without wheels, then recliners are the best choice. They are not designed for working hours but are ideal for taking short breaks from tiring work. These chairs come with thick padding so that you feel comfortable when you recline them. Also, in the reclining position, the ottoman can support your legs.

Since the ottoman is a separate part, you can place it wherever you want. Some recliners have a footrest on the chair. This kind of footrest is extendable and will not take up extra space when you don’t need it.

Plus, these chairs can have many other functions. For example, they can have an adjustable height to make you comfortable when you are on it watching TV. There are gaming recliners that come with headrest and lumbar support. Such chairs may have speakers to fuel your gaming sessions, too.

Additionally, massage recliners are very popular. They are smaller in size than professional massage chairs but meanwhile as functional as they are. Getting massages after long hours of work will be soothing, both mentally and physically.


5. Office Chairs for Kids Study

Buying office chairs for kids doesn’t mean asking them to go to offices and work as a breadwinner. It is more about buying the ergonomic and fun seating to help with their talent scouting.

Kids tend to act, both mentally and physically. They have a wild imagination and love moving around. Even when you want them to sit down and do some drawing or a jigsaw, they can hardly stay in one spot.

If you buy the chairs with wheels, they will sit on them and roll across the floor for fun. Sure, this is nothing wrong. But you may also need a nice chair with no wheels. This will, to some extent, help them concentrate.

What are the Best Chairs without Wheels for Kids?

The chairs in the chart below are both fun and functional. They are wonderful choices for your creative kids.

The first one is elementary to high school grade students. It has a sturdy frame to stand up to intensive and abusive uses. Also, the legs are height-adjustable so that they can fit students of varying heights.

The second chair is for smaller kids who are less likely to sit and concentrate. These chairs have a weight capacity of 154 lbs and will help your kids develop good sitting habits. Also, they are cheap for massive purchases. WIth these non-wheeled chairs, kids in kindergartens are more likely to stay in their spot in the class.

And then the last one comes with a desktop and a cup holder. There is also a storage bin under the seat. Such convenient designs are what kids and parents will love. More surprisingly, the chairs have different styles available. The characters all kids love are on the surface, like Snow White and Spider-man.


Why You May Need A Non-Wheeled Chair for Office?

The most common types of office chairs feature arms and casters to help them roll around the office. In most corporate environments, wheels on an office chair are a must-have item.

Of course, some people do recognize that office chairs without wheels also present several benefits. When looking to replace your old office chair, it’s wise to consider the advantages of a chair without wheels.

If you work from home, you know how important it is to ensure that the look and feel of your office blend in well with the rest of your home’s interior. If you have a modern country home or prefer a minimalist look, office chairs without wheels are a much better option. Since the chair doesn’t roll around, you can even hide your office space while it’s not in use.

1. Won’t Harm Your Flooring

Wheels can wreak havoc on your flooring, especially if you have hardwood installed in your office space. The constant rolling motion of the plastic casters can leave scratches and dents all over your hardwood flooring, which can be expensive to repair regularly. Stationary office chairs are a much better option for the sake of your flooring as you won’t be moving around and leaving scratches.

You can choose a very comfortable chair for home use, and it has 3 colors & styles that match the different interior designs. The affordable price of less than $100 will be the best choice:

Flash Furniture Brown Microfiber Executive Side Chair with Sled Base


  • Side chair: 24-inch width by 26-inch depth by 36-inch height
  • Easy to assemble, soft-touch, beautiful, elegant look.

2. Become More Productive

An office chair without wheels can allow you to be more productive when working. Casters can often serve as a distraction or will enable you to mess around by rolling around the office. The stationary nature of the chair makes it easier for you to focus on the task at hand and to sit a comfortable distance from your desk.

3. Fewer Accidents

Though an office chair that has wheels is excellent for quickly rolling around the office, it can also be dangerous. If you place your feet in the wrong position or someone sneaks up on you, you can roll across their feet or even yours. If you have ever been on the warpath of an office chair, you know how incredibly painful it can be to run your toes over.

For the modern office, there is a best-rated no-wheels chair with a highly recommend, ergonomic design with comfortable lumbar support, see what people say about it:

Boss Office Product Mesh Back with Pewter Finish Reception Room Chair


  • Beautifully upholstered in LeatherPlus (seat) and breathable mesh (back)
  • Pewter finished loop arms.
  • Metal Pewter finished cantilever sled base

How to Choose the Best Office Chair Without Wheels?

If you have an office with a desk sitting on a raised platform or a wooden floor, you will need an office chair without wheels. To choose the best office chair without wheels, you need to consider the following factors;

Ergonomic contours

The shape of your office chair is very vital. It would be best to have a comfortable office chair that you can sit on and work for hours without straining your back. A quality office chair without wheels will have an ergonomic contours design that will comfortably support your body as long as you will be in your office.

Neutral style

The majority of office chairs without wheels are made to be more functional than stylish. Therefore, whenever you choose your office chair without wheels, ensure you pick one with a simple but excellent look, choosing a neutral color that will fit perfectly in your office room such as brown, black or gray.

Perfect breathable back

You need comfort if you work in your office for long hours without sweating and feeling hot during hot weather. Therefore, it would be best if you chose a chair that is made with perfect breathable material.

>>Check the mesh office chair for a better breathable using experience.

Quality materials

When you choose a cheaper office chair without wheels, ensure you consider the material the chair is made of. The quality of the material will determine not only the durability of your chair but also how you will feel after sitting on that office chair for hours.

Affordable price

Choose an office chair without wheels, which is very less expensive but of good quality. An expensive office chair does not mean it is the best. You can choose a chair that is ideal and affordable for you and comes with a warranty.

Seat width and depth

The standard width and depth of an office chair are usually 17 to 20 inches. Before you buy your office chair without wheels, ensure you choose a chair with the right width and depth. This will make you sit comfortably for hours while you are working.

Seat height

The perfect height a seat should have is from 16 to 21. An office chair with perfect height will enable you to have your feet flat on the floor as you sit, your thighs horizontally, and your arms at your desk’s same height. This will promote your body’s blood flow and prevent your legs from swelling even after sitting down, and working for hours.


Best Chair Glides Reviews – Change Your Chair into A Stationary One

Almost all office work chairs have casters on their bases. You may, however, prefer a stationary chair instead. As an employee, you may fail to participate in purchasing chairs, but there are ways to change your office seating into static chairs.

Two solutions are the most recommendable. One is to disassemble the casters on the base and replace them with foot glides. The other is to buy wheel cups and place your chair casters on the cups. Both are applicable once you get the products of the right size for your chair.

So, listed below are 2 best-selling picks for you.

1. Best Plastic Foot Glide – Cheap Stationary Rubber Bottom for Wood Floor & Carpet

Stationary Plastic Foot Glide

  • 2 sizes: a high 2.5″ and a low 1.5″ in height when installed
  • 11 mm mounting stem
  • Soft rubber bottom to protect your wood floor, no felt pad needed

Check Latest Price!!

2. Best Wheel Cup – Caster Feet Chair Leg Protectors for Carpet & Hardwood Floors

Slipstick CB840 3-1/4 Inch Caster Cups

  • A set of 4 coming at an easily affordable price
  • Ideal for 2″ (diameter) casters up to 2-1/4″ wide
  • 2 colors: caramel and chocolate for your choice

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A Final Look at the Top 3 Stationary Office Chair You Can Buy

Is an office chair without wheels worth your consideration? We believe so! A stationary office chair can help you become more productive, allows you to save space, blend in with your home’s interior, and keep you away from potential mishaps. So, next time you need office furniture, consider chairs without wheels!

We find three best-reviewed stationery office chairs with different features for your reference:

1. Hercules Series 21-Inch Extra Wide Stacking Church Chair – About $50

hercules-series-21-inch-best office chair without wheels

  • 800-pound-capacity stacking church chair
  • 21-inch width by 24-3/4-inch depth by 33-inch height
  • 3-1/2-inch Thick Cushion Graduating to 5-inch Thick

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2. Hercules Series 1000-Pound Big/Tall Extra Wide Burgundy Fabric Stack Chair

flash-furniture-xu-60555-best office chair without wheels

  • 1000-Pound capacity frame extra-wide multi-purpose stacking chair
  • 24-1/4-inch width by 23-1/2-inch depth by 31-1/4-inch height
  • The heavy-duty, 3/4-inch square tubular frame

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3. Boss Office Traditional Black/Burgundy Wood Guest Chair for Visitor Reception

boss-traditional-black-caressoft-guest-best office chair without wheels

  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • 19″ x 20″ seat
  • Elegant Mahogany wood finish base, hand-applied brass head nails

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