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The 15 Best Step Stool For Potty Training Reviews [NEWLY Update]

Step stools are a must-have in any house with toddlers. They help them in the bathroom for potty training and help them feel more independent when helping out in the kitchen. Step stools are essential once your toddler wants to do things by themselves. Experts recommend these stools for use during potty training.

With that said, you must find one with durable materials and all safety features such as a non-slip base and surface. The step stools for potty training give your toddlers the confidence they need to get up and down independently. They are also a significant milestone in helping your toddler master potty training skills and be entirely independent. This article gives you a broader insight into these products.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallMangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool
“Adjustable footrest is set for toddlers learning potty from 1 to 8 years old, high-quality PP material guarantees stability in use.”

#2. Best Multiple Use Tundras Kids Green Step Stools For Potty Training and Kitchen
“Anti-slip material on the top of the stool prevents kids from falling, lightweight design allows you to move it around for multiple usages.”

#3. Best 2-stepiLove Toddler Stool For Toilet Potty Training
“The thick slip-resistant rubber feet protect your wooden floor for long time use, dual height is available for little kids and large toddlers.”

#4. Best WoodenWood City Toddler Bathroom Step Stool
“Non-slip feet allow small kids to use it safely while in the bathroom or in the kitchen, sturdy wooden materials carry the maximum weight to around 200 pounds.”

#5. Best Potty Seat –  Summer 3 in 1 Potty Seat and Step Stool For Potty Training
“Affordable price comes not with bad quality but with functional design, the 3-in-1 design combines toddler potty seat, potty topper, and stepstool together.”

#6. Best with HandrailAlayna Toilet Step Stool with Handrail For Toddlers
“Dual height options meet most toilet height, handrail design avoids kids from falling because of losing balance.”

Quick Pick on the Best Step Stool For Potty Training


How to Pick the Best Step Stool for Potty Training?

Step stools for potty training are fundamental right when the toddlers want to go to the toilet alone. They come in a wide range of designs and specifications, so choosing one may not be an easy task. Below are some factors that you need to put into consideration before making a purchase.

potty and step stool combo set

Height and adjustability

What is the height your toddler wants to reach? Step stools come in a broad spectrum of kinds. Some are simple one-step types, while others may look more like a tiny staircase. For potty training, for the toddler to get on and off a toilet, one step is enough. In this case, a too-tall stool will not be ideal. For other purposes, such as in the kitchen, more steps will be needed.

Also, you should note that the right potty step stool should not leave your child standing on their tiptoes. This is not safe, and your child may fall over. By the time the toddler is going to the bathroom alone, they are likely to be steady on their feet. But when they are forced to stand on tiptoes, their balance is thrown off.

Width of the step stool

The step stool should be wide enough for your toddler to stand on it safely. Also, it should be narrow enough to fit in confined spaces.

Safety features

When it comes to buying step stools for potty training, safety should be your top priority. It would be best to have a step stool with several safety features to be assured your toddler is fine in the bathroom alone. These include a non-slip surface, which keeps them from sliding off.

Generally, the surface should be of rubber. It may make cleaning difficult, but for your child’s safety, definitely worth it. Another feature is non-skid feet. Toddlers tend to wiggle a lot, and the stool may happen to glide beneath them. This may cause a dangerous accident in the bathroom. The non-skid feet work to keep the seat from sliding away.


The bathroom step stool should be conveniently lightweight so the toddlers can pick it up and use it where necessary, yet sturdy enough to hold their weight. The toddlers should easily transport these step stools as they need it to reach high places safely.

Weight limit

This is a crucial factor the avoid accidents. You should always s check the weight limit of the product you intend to buy. That will help the toddler to stand on without the worry of it getting damaged or breaking.


The 10+ Best Step Stool For Potty Training Reviews

#1. Best For Potty Training – Mangohood Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladders

potty step stool for toddlers


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#2. Best For Kitchen and Bathroom – Tundras Kids Green Step Stool

children's potty step stool


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#3. Best with Anti-slip Pads – SKYROKU Potty Training For Kids

potty seat and step stool combo


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#4. Best Sturdy – BABYJORN White Step Stools For Toddlers

potty training seat with step stool


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#5. Best with Two-step – iLove Toddler Step Stools For Potty Training

soft potty seat and step stool


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#6. Best Wooden – WOOD CITY Bathroom Potty Stool

potty training step stool with handles


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#7. Best 3-in-1 – Summer Potty Topper and Stepstool Combo

kids potty step stool


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#8. Best with Adjustable Height – BABYSEATER Training Seat with Handle

best step stool for potty training


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#9. Best Foldable – Alayna Step Stool For Potty Training with Handles

potty training step stool


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#10. Best For Large and Small Kids – Squatty Potty Kids Step Stool

potty step stool


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#11. Best Cheap – Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Step Stools For Potty Training

potty seat with step stool


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#12. Best with Wide Step – BAMNY Potty Chair Non-Slip Step Stools For Kids

potty seat and step stool


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#13. Best For Girls – Fisher Price Pink Princess Step Stools For Potty Training

best potty step stool


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#14. Best Lightweight – Skyla Homes Step Stools For Child Potty Training

potty training seat with step stool


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#15. Best with Large Weight Capacity – StrongTek Squatting Toilet Stool

potty seat and step stool


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Why Buy a Step Stool for Potty Training?

soft potty seat and step stool

Toddler step stools are an excellent addition to any home, and not just in the bathroom. They are handy once your toddler is starting to master the art of using the toilet. Often, the countertops, tables, toilet seats, and tables are not in their reach. They, therefore, require some help, i.e., additional height, to reach for them safely. Naturally, toddlers love to help and learn, but most importantly, to be independent. These step stools help them in all these aspects. They need the right chair to reach for kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, and the toilet seat.

When your child is learning how to potty train, climbing up the toilet may prove to be a difficult task for them. They may have mastered the art of walking, running, and others, but to step up and maintain their balance on a stool may be daunting. And that is where the potty training skills come in handy. Having a step stool for potty training is a significant milestone in achieving this. These stools help your toddler to get up and down with confidence. It would help if you looked like eyesores in the bathroom- they have a subtle yet stylish design for a great look.


What Types of Step Stools Are Suitable for Potty Training?

Different types of step stools are suitable for potty training. The common ones are those with handles and the potty seat and step stool combo set.

Potty training step stool with handles

The step stools for potty training that come with integrated handles enhance convenience. They give the children an easy time moving them from one place to another. Another thing is, the handles help the children to get up the toilet by themselves. After they are done with the bathroom, they need to wash their hands. The handles make it easy for the toddler to move the stool near the sink for handwashing. Besides that, the step stools with handles are conveniently lightweight for a better user experience. These step stools are not only convenient for the children but also the parents as well.

Potty seat and step stool combo

The potty seat and step stool combo set is an excellent value for your money. It is a step stool with a toilet seat insert. These give the toddlers more confidence in using the toilet as they can get up and off independently. Also, they have handles for added safety when getting on the toilet seat. They are, however, not as versatile as simple step stools.

What’s more, they provide enough sturdy and safety to your babies’ potty training. These have an ergonomic design and non-slip footpads that help you increase confidence and gain independence. They make potty training fun and easy. Another thing is, they are universally applicable for standard-sized toilets. Some can be folded into a compact size for storage behind the door when not in use.


At What Age Do Toddlers Need Step Stools for Potty Training?

Toddlers are different – there is no right age to begin toilet training. But here’s how you can tell it is time for your toddler.

It is advisable to start potty training when your toddler can control her bladder and bottom muscles. Naturally, the muscles mature at 18 and 36 months of development. So it is recommended to start potty training when your toddler attains two years.

Months before the beginning of the formal training, it would be best if you had the potty visible and available in the bathroom so your child can familiarize with it and even occasionally use it. She will start getting used to sitting on it with time.

Besides developing the necessary muscle control of your toddler, the other signs that will indicate they are ready for potty training are her ability to sit on and get up from a potty quickly. Another sign is the ability to tell you whenever she has the urge to go.

Rushing to potty train your toddler is never a good idea. It may make the process longer. From recent studies, the toddlers who started to potty train before the 18th month finish their training around the age of four, while those who started at around two years of age were entirely trained by the time they are three.


Is It Useful Buying a Soft Potty Seat and Step Stool?

potty training step stool

Toddler step stools can be very convenient in a home. They help children promote their independence and develop their self-help skills such as brushing teeth, toilet training, setting tables, and other essential chores.

A soft potty seat with a step stool will help you get the step stool’s maximum value. This combo of the potty chair and step stool will do away with step stools for the toilet. Many of them have integrated handles that help the toddler get up by themselves.

Moreover, since toddlers have to sit on the actual toilet, they are more likely to acclimate to toilets in general. That means that they will not be intimidated by other people’s toilets when you are not with them.

The soft to touch seat provides maximum comfort to help your child feel at ease. Also, they are portable, lightweight, and easy to clean. They are kid-friendly with materials that will not affect their skin. Also, they come in so many different colors with many characters that children love. They have handles that are integrated into the seat to provide extra stability and security to the child.


Potty Step Stool vs. Potty and Step Stool Combo Set


Potty Step Stools are a great addition to the bathroom. Toddlers may need to get up to the big potty or reach the sink and wash their hands. You can use one step stool for both applications if you are ready to move around. Potty Step Stools are more versatile compared to the combo set.

You can use them in a wide range of applications and places. The combo set is, however, limited for use in the bathroom. Potty Step Stools feature a textured gripping top that enhances the child’s security. Also, these have a large weight capacity to support your toddler comfortably. They are conveniently lightweight, so your child can quickly move it around.

The combo set does away with the need for a step stool for the toilet. However, you will still need a step stool in front of your sink. It is essential that your child feels comfortable, secure, and well supported, and the combo set provides just that. Many of them have a contoured shape with molded back and sides to give children great confidence.

Design and materials

The top of the stool features a non-slip surface for added safety. The stool’s bottom has a non-slip rubber material that keeps it sturdy in hardwood, vinyl, tile, and other non-carpeted floor types. They can fit nearly all toilets. Many of them come with handles that make them easy to carry and transport. Also, they have a large weight capacity.

The potty and step stool combo set are the go-for options for many. The combo set is a good value for your money and offers greater convenience for the toddlers.


How to Train a Toddler to Use the Potty with Potty Training Step Stool?

Get right potty seat insert

Here’s how to get started on potty training your toddler. Firstly, you need the right potty or toilet seat insert, depending on your toddler. Some prefer using the ‘grown-up’ toilet with the insert seat while others want their potty.

Once your toddler is ready, you need to explain to your toddler that they will no longer use nappies but the potty. It would be best if you also went for the training-type nappies to keep your toddler comfortable and free of nappy rash.

The next step is to switch from the nappies to the underwear.

You can tell when your toddler is ready to use the underwear, such as when she tries to remove her pants and nappy without your help or occasionally use the potty.

And to get her into the routine, you need to give your toddler regular reminders that she needs to use the potty. She should sit on the potty by her effort and do not sit her on the potty. React positively, even if accidents happen, and praise her successes and efforts.

Potty training while traveling may be a challenge.

Before leaving home, ensure that your toddler visits the washroom. Also, you need to map out some restroom locations on your way. For the extra-long trips, consider using a nappy.

Remember that toddlers develop at different rates, and therefore you need to be patient. Take the potty training at the toddler’s pace and do not try to rush them.


When Should Kids Stop Using Potty Training Step Stools?

So when do you trade the kid-size potty for the adult-size toilet? Most children are already toilet trained at the age of three.

However, many toddlers are trained on a kid’s potty and may not be familiar with the regular toilet. That maybe around the time they start pre-school and even spend time at other kid’s houses. To prepare them for this stage, your children need to do away with the pity training step stools.

Just like potty training your child, moving them to the toilet is challenging. They may have the physical capabilities of using the toilet, but they need to cope with some emotional issues. You can start by positioning the potty next to the toilet. That will make the child get used to going to the bathroom.

The next step is to get a child-size toilet seat for the toilet. Get a stool with this so the kids can quickly get up and off the toilet. The stool provides the surface for placing their feet. After a successful transition to the toilet, you can now remove the potty.



A toilet step stool is one of the most crucial bathroom fixtures for toddlers. The chair not only provides a convenient footrest, but it can double as a stepping stool allowing toddlers to brush their teeth and use the sink. Decide on the step stool for potty training that is ideal for your toddler, and you will be good to go.

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