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The 20+ Best Step Stool Reviews with Multiple Functions

Generally, not everyone is given the high heights worth being in the NBA, and on the other hand, not everyone is blessed to have his/her own house built to fit his/her height in all dimensions. Besides, there are times when we are engaged with tasks that require the extra height. Due to these, find a best step stool becomes necessary for that reason.

Step stools are designed for various uses, but the main use is to provide the extra height we need to access our kitchen shelves and ceilings. They are designed with great stability to allow easy and safe climbing or access to higher heights.

This article will provide you with various information about step stools.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallCosco Retro Counter Chair For Decorative
“Metal frame with anti-slip rubber on the feet guarantees safety and durability in use without compromising its sleek look.”

#2. Best with 2 Step –  Cosco Houshold Folding Stool For Adults
“The 2-step stool allows you to reach the cabinet or closet easily, lightweight design enables to move around for different usages.”

#3. Best LightweightHandy Laundry Folding Step Stools
“Store it in any corner in your house after use thanks to its foldable design, sturdy frame supports you to use it in kitchen or bathroom.”

#4. Best For Elderly –  DMI Stool with Handle 
“Non-slip texture matting enhances its sturdiness especially for elderly to use in the bathroom or kitchen area, the handle design also adds up stability.”

#5. Best For PottySquatty Potty Original Bathroom Stool
“Curved shape fits perfectly with any toilet, while the proper height design provides you with preventative care.”

#6. Best For KidsSDADI Adjustable Step Stool For Toddlers
” 4 height setting accomodate kids from infants to toddlers to use, sturdy wooden frame safeguard your kids’ curiosity for the kitchen area.”

Quick Pick on the Best Step Stool Comparison Chart

How to Choose the Best Step Stool?

Step stools are ideal stools to add to your kitchen, office, or house to help you complete various tasks quickly and safely, as well as sitting. However, there are many types in the market today with different features, quality, and price tags, hence, a challenge when choosing the best is to suit your needs. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing the proper one.

childrens wooden step stool

– Height.

The height of a step stool is one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing your stool. Ideally, the height determines the usages, as well as the intended user.

Step stools come with different heights and steps, designed either for children or adults. Also, depending on the highest height that you intend to access using the it also determine the ideal height of your stool. Therefore, ensure that you measure the height of your highest shelf or cabinet.

– Support and stability.

Support and stability are very crucial, and they are the main purpose of having one. Typically, a step stool is used to work on high heights and dangerous tops and this is the reason why great support and stability are crucial.

When picking your stool, consider one with non-slip legs to avoid sliding, as well as steps with large surface area and tread grips to enhance stability and avoid slipping. Also, consider the weight capacity of the step stool, ensure that it accommodates your weight and that of any other user.

– Durability.

Durability is a key issue in any product. Ensure that you pick a quality and long-lasting step stool that is resistant to damages like corrosion and rusting. Generally, steel coated stools are the best for heavy-duty tasks, while plastic types are the best for lighter tasks and children, due to a lightweight.

– Intended purpose.

Your intended purpose determines the best one to buy. Generally, step stools can be used for many purposes including lighter tasks and heavy-duty tasks.

Different materials are used to make different stools and ideal for different uses. Some of the materials used to make them include plastic, metal, fiberglass, and more. These materials are all ideal, but each has a purpose where it is more suited.

For instance, plastic stools have ultra-lightweight, hence ideal for children, and light office and home tasks. Metal ones are most ideal for heavy-duty tasks while fiberglass step stools are most ideal for electrical tasks as they are non-conductors.

– Duty rating.

Finally, consider the duty rating. Generally, step stools are used for various maintenance tasks, therefore, it is important to know the duty rating to see whether it fits your needs. The ideal one should have a duty rating capable of handling your weight as well as the weight of your tools. Ideally, there are four duty ratings: light, medium, heavy, and extra-heavy-duty ratings.

The 20 Best Step Stool with Multiple Functions Reviews

1. Best For Kitchen – Cosco Retro Counter Sliding Stool

large folding step stool

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#2. Best Small – Rae Dunn Wooden Stepping Stools

wide step stool

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#3. Best Collapsible – Pretigo 2-Step Ladder Stool with Handle Grip

rubbermaid folding step stool

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#4. Best with Handle – Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool

black step stool

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#5. Best Portable For Adults and Kids – Handy Laundry Folding Lightweight Step Stool

sturdy step stool

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#6. Best Fold Up – Acko Folding Premium Heavy Duty Stepping Stool

folding step stools

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#7. Best Black – Rubbermaid RM-P2 Molded Plastic Stool

steel step stool

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#8. Best For Bathroom – Angels Kids Take It Along Portable Step Stools

handicap step stool

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#9. Best For Commercial – AmazonBasics Sturdy Steel Step Stool

small wooden step stool

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#10. Best Wide – HBTower 3 Step Folding Lightweight Stools with Handgrip

white step stool

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#11. Best For Elderly – Duro-Med Step Stool with Handle For Adults and Seniors

folding 2 step stool

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#12. Best For Toddler – ANGELBLISS Dual Height Toddler Stool with Anti-Slip Pads

two step wooden stool

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#13. Best Decrative – HOUCHICS Wooden Multi-purpose Step Stool

step stool with handle for elderly

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#14. Best One Step – Rundras Boys Stools For Kitchen and Bathroom

one step stool

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#15. Best For Toilet – Squatty Potty Original Bathroom Toilet Step Stool

step stool ladder

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#16. Best Sturdy – Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Kids Stool 

step stool for toddlers to reach sink

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#17. Best Large Tall Type for Kids – KidsWerks Child Adjustable Step Stools

step stool chair

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#18. Best For Reaching Sink – SDADI Adjustable Height Step Stool For Kids

wooden step stool with handle

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#19. Best with Handle For Elderly – Platinum Health DoubleSafe Deluxe Step Stool

folding kitchen step stool

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#20. Best For Bedside – HOUCHICS Multi-Purpose Wood Step Stool

step stools for seniors

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What Is a Step Stool?

kick step stool

Many people tend to confuse a step stool with a step ladder, which can be attributed to the several close similarities between the two, especially the general appearance and design. However, these two are not the same and vary in various features and uses. Generally, there are several definitions for it. The following are some of the definitions.

A step stool is simply a simple backless and armless seat with one to three steps designed to allow folding beneath the seat. It can also be defined as a low set of steps connected with hinges to allow folding and often take an inverted V shape which distinguishes it from the normal stools. Generally, they have a lightweight and are quite smaller than normal stools and have extra-steps to allow easy climbing.

Who Needs the Step Stools the Most?

Generally, a step stool can be used just like the ordinary stool, therefore, everyone needs one, both children and adults. Step stools can be used in the office, industrial places, or home, hence ideal for all. However, some individuals need the them most. They include:

– Minor office workers.

Minor office workers, especially secretaries and office store workers, are some of the people who need them the most. The work of the secretary and the store workers is to keep record books and other items and to retrieve them when needed. Usually, record books are stored in the wall cabinets which might be quite high, these workers require such a tool to access the record cabinet with ease and safely, hence the need for step stools.

Choosing one for office rooms use:

– Kitchen workers.

People working in the kitchen also require the them the most. Generally, kitchens have high shelves and cabinets for storing kitchen wares and foods. These individuals require a step stool to access the high cabinets and shelves easily and safely.

Durable and decorative stools for kitchen areas:

– Industrial workers.

The industrial workers including painters also fall under this category of people who need them the most. Various industrial tasks involve high heights, for instance, painting, these people require step stools with high duty ratings to accomplish their duties.

Pick the best one for industrial use:

Step Stools Vs. Step Ladders

Generally, most people don’t understand the exact difference between a step stool and a step ladder due to the close similarities between their general appearance, design, construction, and shape. However, there exist several differences. To understand the differences between the two, it is crucial to understand their definition.

Just like I mentioned earlier, a step stool is a simple backless and armless seat with one to three steps designed to allow folding beneath the seat with an inverted V-shape. On the other hand, a step ladder is a climbing tool consisting of several steps with self-support and an inverted V-shape when its two halves are opened apart or when in use. Generally, a step stool is closer to a stool in design than a ladder.

The following are some of the differences between a step stool and a step ladder in various aspects.

bathroom step stool for toddlers

– Design.

The design for both tools is very confusing as it is the first aspect of their differences, as well as their similarity, with the first similarity being the inverted V-shape. On the other hand, a step stool has a maximum of 4 steps while a step ladder has more steps, therefore, a step ladder is taller.

Another difference is the appearance: generally, a step ladder resembles a 2-sided ladder, while a step stool looks like a stool consisting of V-shaped legs with steps on the legs.

– Size.

When considering the size, a step ladder is bigger or taller than a step stool. A stool consists of 1- 4 steps while a step ladder consists of more than four steps. A step ladder is heavier and sturdier.

– Usage.

The usages of a step ladder are different from those of a step stool. Ideally, a step ladder is designed for both indoor and outdoor uses, while a step stool is mostly limited to indoor uses only. A step ladder can be used outdoors to reach tree branches, house gutters, and more and indoors to reach the ceiling, bulbs, high shelves, and walls.

On the other hand, it is used to sit, as a side stand, accessing high shelves, ceiling, among others. However, it can also be used in outdoor spaces like patios, for relaxing.

– Duty ratings.

Another difference that exists between a step stool and a step ladder is the duty ratings. Generally, a step ladder has higher duty ratings as it is designed for heavy-duty tasks including commercial and industrial usages. While a step stool has lower duty ratings as it is meant for lighter tasks that mostly include indoor, office, and household usages.

Picking step stools indoors for relaxing:

Top-rated step stools for reaching high shelves or ceilings:

Where Can You Use Them?

Just like mentioned earlier on this page, step stools have multiple usages and can be used at different places for different uses. The following are some of the areas where a step stool can be used.

narrow step stool

1. For kitchen

In the mind of most individuals who know about step stools, their mind mostly clicks to the kitchen when asked about the them. This is because step stools are widely used in the kitchen and they are a part of the kitchen in most families. It plays an important role in the kitchen when accessing high cabinets and shelves: whether storing the kitchen wares after cleaning or retrieving them for cooking. The step stools allow easy and safe access to the kitchen shelves and cabinets.

Apart from accessing the kitchen cabinets, they are also used to replace light bulbs in the house at large, as well as installing fixtures and devices on the wall or the ceiling. Also, they are used for cleaning walls and other objects with high heights.

Here are kitchen step stools you may need:

2. For kids

Step stools are also used for kids either at home or in any other place where kids come together. Generally, step stools are designed with various steps ranging from one to four steps, with one mostly designed for kids. The kid’s step stool is designed with a lightweight and mostly made of plastic material with carrying handles to allow easy portability. They also have non-slip feet and seats to avoid sliding and slipping.

These stools are used for sitting and play an important role in kids learning self-balance and support. They also help toddlers to learn how to stand and walk. Another important role for a kid’s step stool is to allow easy and safe access to things like faucets while cleaning hands and other things or reaching higher heights depending on the age of the kid.

Check the kids step stool with durable performance for safety:

3. For bathroom

Step stools are also used in the bathroom for various usages. The bathroom step stools can feature 0ne to three steps depending on the users or the family members. They are used for installing or replacing showerheads in the bathroom or for adjusting the position or direction of the overhead showerhead.

Also, the bathroom stool is used for replacing other bathroom overhead fixtures as well as the light bulbs. Another usage for step stools in the bathroom is to allow easy and safe access to the shower tap by short kids, in the case where the tap was installed quite high.

Using bathroom step stool for adults and kids:

4. For decorative

This is another sector where the step stools are very important and play a crucial role. Generally, most decorations are put at high heights so that everyone can easily see them and avoid blocking. On the other hand, the decoration is not a one minute task it requires time to carefully put them as they should be.

Having all that in mind, then it is evident that you require something to allow easy and safe access to the high heights and capable of holding you in place for quite some time with no stability problem. Step stools give you an excellent option to easily and safely reach your preferred height while doing your decoration.

Bring in the top rated decorative step stool to add special look to your home:

5. For elderly

Step stools are designed for different uses and different areas while others are designed for multi-purposes. Some are designed for the elderly. These stools consist of versatile features that can easily accommodate elderly people. Just like any other type, they are used for sitting and accessing higher heights that the elderly can’t access.

Generally, as one tends to grow old their height reduces to some extent, while the stretching power or strength fades away. Therefore, elderly people must have a helper to access higher heights and the step stools become the helper.

Top picked step stool with handle for elderly to use:

6. For commercial

Step stools are also used in various commercial places to carry out different tasks. Unlike other step stools in other places, the commercial types have various uses apart from accessing high heights.

Step stools for commercial use serve many purposes including accessing high shelves and cabinets, for instance, in restaurants, for surveillance or as watchtowers, for stalking items on top of the others, for addressing a cloud of people and making announcements, among others. These stools are mainly high with three to four steps.

Get the best commercial step stool for reaching top shelves:

What Size of Step Stool Should I Pick?

Picking the right step stool size seems challenging to some individuals which should not be the case. Your intended purpose, the height of the place of use, and the user determines the right size for your stool. These factors affect the size of a step stool in different ways.

For instance, the intended purpose could be reaching extra-high shelves or cabinets, this will require you to get the highest possible step stool with three or four steps. On the other hand, the user determines the size of the stool depending on the age: kids will require a small size step stool to avoid unforeseen accidents.

However, there is some general sizes ideal for different users and purposes categorized based on the number of steps. One step stools are ideally the best for children and kids, while 2 – 3 step stools are ideal for various tasks in the kitchen, office, living room, bathrooms, libraries, and more. While 3 – 4 step stools are ideal for extra-high tasks like ceiling tasks, commercial use, accessing extra-high kitchen shelves and cabinets, extra-high library shelves, among others.

How Much Do They Cost?

Generally, most step stools come at cheap and affordable prices even below $50. However, the prices of different step stools vary depending on various factors like the manufacturer, quality, number of steps, duty rating, and usages. But despite the various factors affecting the price, most step stools come with price tags below $100, with the cheapest being around $10 and the most expensive being above $100.

pretty step stools


2 Step Stools vs. 3 Step Stools, Which Should I Pick?

Generally, the number of steps in a stool determines the size as well as the usages to some extent. Although there are fewer differences in terms of size and usage between 2 step stools and 3 step stools, the two stools are not the same. Generally, the 2 step stools are ideal for low to medium height jobs, while the 3 step stools are ideal for maintenance tasks.

While choosing between the two stools it is important to consider the intended user. In case the step stool is specifically meant for your child, then the 2 step stool carries the day, while on the other hand, if the stool does not have a specific user or generally meant for teenagers and adults, then the 3 step stool has it.

Considering the usage, everyone will prefer the stool with multiple uses, and with no doubt, the 3 step stool takes the day. Generally, the 3 step stool provides you with 3 steps that allow you to reach various heights comfortably, without stretching or bending. Also, your budget is another factor that can determine which step stool you should pick.

Which is the Best Material for Step Stool?

Step stools are made from different materials, therefore, it is important to check that the material will suit your needs perfectly. Also, remember that the material quality determines the durability as well as the duty rating. The following are some of the materials.

1. Plastic.

Plastic is one of the best materials. Plastic step stools are perfect for home and office light maintenance jobs and menial home jobs. They are also resistant to rusting hence long-lasting, and they are ultra-lightweight hence ideal for kids due to easy portability. Plastic step stools also require less maintenance cost and cheap to buy, hence pocket-friendly. It also comes in different colors.

Choose the plastic fold up step stool:

2. wooden.

Wood is a natural material and chemical-free ingredient used to make many furniture including the step stools. Wooden step stools are very durable and are of lightweight, hence portable. They boast an aesthetic design hence great decor addition. Also, wooden types are very strong, well-balanced, and stable, and capable of holding heavy loads without breaking.

Picked wooden step stool with handle for adults and kids:

3. Stainless.

Stainless steel is considered the best material for step stools due to its sturdiness and durability. Stainless step stools are the perfect option for heavy-duty tasks as well as daily usage. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and rusting, making it ideal for industrial and outdoor usages. They are also portable although not comparable to plastic.

Using stainless steel step stool for long-lasting:

4. Metal.

Metal is a very broad word representing several materials. Generally, metal is a good material for most heavy-duty step stools. However, their durability depends on the type of metal used, for instance, aluminum and stainless steel are great options with long-lasting usage, while the iron metal is limited to rusting. Therefore, it is important to confirm the exact type of metal used to make the them before buying, to ensure that it fits your needs.

Get the small metal folding step stool for safely use:

5. Acrylic.

Acrylic is another good option for step stool material. Acrylic is simply a type of modified plastic, hence lightweight and easily portable. Acrylic stools are very stylish and come in different colors including clear acrylic step stools. They are long-lasting and make perfect decor addition. They are suitable for light to medium tasks.

Top picked acrylic step stools with multiple designs:


1. Can I use my step stool as a chair?

Yes, a step stool can be used as a chair but not recommendable for long hours of sitting. To use it as a chair, you need to place the stool next to a wall or cabinet, which acts as a backrest. Also, for those typess with an extended frame can be used as a chair. However, before using your stool as a chair, make sure you place next to a cabinet or wall.

2. What is the weight capacity of step stool?

Weight capacity is the maximum load that it can withstand comfortably without breaking or getting damaged. Different stools have different weight capacities. The weight capacity can be classified based on the duty rating.

For light-duty step stools, the maximum weight capacity is 200 lbs, while for medium-duty step stools the maximum weight capacity is 225 lbs.

For heavy-duty step stools, the weight capacity is up to 250 lbs, while for extra heavy-duty, the weight capacity is above 250 lbs.

3. Is it safe to use a foldable step stool?

Yes, foldable step stools are safe to use. Usually, the foldable types consist of strong hinges with locking mechanisms that keep them open and firm, hence no worry about collapsing. However, it is not safe or recommendable to use foldable step stools for kids. This is because the little fingers might end up on those spaces in the hinge and get hurt. Always remember to lock your foldable type before using it.


In conclusion, the above article has explained different information concerning step stools. They are great working tools that allow easy and safe access to high heights. They can also be used for multiple purposes in multiple places, hence ideal for everyone. They are also stylish and perfect for decor addition, not forgetting the cheap and affordable price tags.


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