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Best Toilet Step Stool for Toddlers

Do you feel it is the right time to introduce your kid to use the toilet? Introducing toddlers to use the toilet is one of the difficult processes that require your time and devotion to see them using the toilet successful without your support. However, that could be easy if you use the step stool meant for toddlers since it has features that will make your work easier, and they will be able to do their business independently with your minimum supervision.

What Is A Toilet Step Stool For Toddlers?

This is a self-supporting, compact, foldable, adjustable, non-adjustable, and portable ladder with flat steps designed to help the toddlers step their way up to independence as they transition from toilet potty training to use the toilet.

Why Do You Need a Toilet Step Stool For Toddlers?

-To help the toddlers step their way up to independence as they transition from toilet potty training.
-To help the toddlers adjust to the sink so that they can easily wash their hands and help them reach things at a higher point in the house.
-It offers the toddler ample time and privacy to make their long call comfortably without interruption.
-Some of the toilet step stool is ergonomically designed to help the kid to attain the right angle of a squat to improve colon health and improve symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, and bloating.
-It relieves the burden of frequently washing and emptying the toddler’s potty.

At What Age Can Toddlers Use Toilet Step Stool?

The age-appropriate for the toddlers to start using the toilet step stool is between 18 months to 24 months when they have enough stability to climb things. However, it is worth noting that some maybe not be ready to use, like boys often start later, and they may take longer to learn how to use it.

Different Types Of Toilet Step Stool For Toddlers

• Squatty potty toilet step stool

Squatty potty step stools are ergonomically designed to help children attain natural squat posture and feel comfortable while learning to use the toilet without feeling any pressure on their lower highs and back, especially for the kids who struggle to pee or pooping. Some may come with adjustable height, while others may have a double step depending on your preference and needs.

• Toilet seat step stool

Toilet seat step stool is an advanced step stool with a cushioned seat. It has comprehensive features designed for hygienic and ergonomic reasons for the toddler to use it comfortably and independently as they transition from toilet potty training. This step stool is designed with a great mind for versatility. It has handles for easy climbing, rotates to adjust different toilet types, and is designed to avoid splashing urine and designed to support and protect the toddler’s spine while taking a long call.

• Folding toilet step stool

Folding toilet step stool is designed for multipurpose reasons because it has adjustable arms that secure the toddler while sitting on it. They are also compactly designed and can be folded easily by removing the adjustable arms to adjust according to the toddler’s height to meet the toddlers’ comfort to a greater extent and for easy storage when not in use.

How To Pick The Best Toilet Step Stool For Toddlers

There are different types of toilet step stool for toddlers, but there are features/ characteristics you have to consider for you to purchase the best toilet step stool that would be reliable, flexible, and versatile to serve the toddler’s needs. These include;

• Safety

Whenever you want to purchase the best toilet step stool for a toddler, you have to bear in mind its friendliness on the floor and to the toddler while using it. Therefore, you should consider the one with padded foot, and the step platform should be treaded/TPR to prevent the step stool from skidding and the toddler’s feet from slipping while using it. The step platform should also be wide to provide ample support to the toddler’s foot to avoid unnecessary injuries. Lastly, you should also check on the design; for instance, go for the one with rounded ends that minimize the toddler’s chances of getting injured while using or playing with it.

• Should be flexible

The best toilet step stool should be constructed with adjustable features like the footrest should adjust to a comfortable height that will allow the toddler to attain a squatting height and angle while eliminating and makes it flexible to work with any toilet.

Suppose your budget does not allow you to purchase the one with the adjustable height feature. In that case, you should consider the toilet step stool with double steps or with elevated footstep since they will also help achieve the same benefit as the adjustable one.

• Materials used for construction

Materials used for construction plays a big role since it also determines the durability and the sturdiness of the step stool; therefore, you should keenly check if the material used for construction is non-toxic, bears a quality mark logo or stamp and should be able to withstand or has a capability of holding up to 150 pounds which makes it reliable to be used by even a 3 years old kid.

How To Use A Toilet Step Stool For Toddlers Safely?

-Always ensure you place it on the even surface, and you should avoid supporting it against the surface since it is unstable, which could be hazardous while the toddler is using it.
-Always ensure you clean it and wipe the greases that have smeared on the step platform to avoid unnecessary slipping.
-It would be best to talk to your kid while on the step stool to engage her on what to do and avoid misunderstanding or putting her life at risk while using it.
-Ensure you test the stability of the step stool before allowing the kid to climb it if given a chance.
-Ensure you have tightened or adjusted the footstep to avoid slipping.

How To Train Toddlers To Use The Toilet With Step Stool?

Before the Toddler is ready to use the toddler the toilet, you should make her familiar with the step stool by playing with it to understand its purpose. However, if she is about 18 months and wants to train her to use the toilet, you should familiarize her with words like “pee and poop” to express when they need to take a call in the toilet. Below is how you train toddlers to use the toilet with a step stool;

• Devote your time to train her in the toilet process while using a step stool.
• Please don’t make the toddler sit on the toilet against their will.
• Show her how to climb the toilet step stool and sit on the toilet. Now, you have to do it by yourself practically.
• Please explain what you are doing because the child learns from observing what their parents do.
• Then establish a routine. For instance, you may begin having the toddler sit on the toilet after 45-60 minutes of drinking water and let her get up if he/she wants.
• Empty the bowel in the toilet by flushing and show her it goes there.
• It would help if you also avoid clothes that are hard to take off since kids who are trained to use the toilet should take off their clothes easily by themselves.
• Give her small rewards to encourage how to master the use of step stool in the toilet.
• It would be best if you also encouraged her to pick up a step stool every time she feels like taking either a short or long call.
• Ensure all the caregivers, nannies, siblings, relatives, or anyone living with to follow the same routine to help her in the toilet.

Best Toilet Step Stool For Toddlers Reviews

1. iLove 2 Step Stool for Kids

iLove Step Stool comes in 2 pieces that are wide enough and its top is layered with soft gray rubber on the top to ample support and safely secure the kids’ feet and its bottom edges are reinforced with a thick rubber for resistance against skidding on the floor while training to use the toilet, brushing her teeth at the sink or reaching things beyond her reach. The iLove step stool is made from High-quality material that is PVC-free, BPA-free, durable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, stain-resistant, lightweight, and compact enough to hold up to 175lbs making it reliable to be used by adults for reaching staff beyond their reach. Furthermore, it is also deep to provide extra-stability and it is stylishly designed to complement the interior decoration of your home.

2. SKYROKU Potty Training Toilet

Skyroku potty toile is one of the most advanced step stool for toddlers with versatile features that makes it superior and reliable step stool for toilet training for girls and boys. The step stool is designed to fit on top of all of the standard size toilet and also the toilets with elongated seats, and is also easy to install. The step platform of this step stool is supported on the ladder making it adjustable to a different height that suitable for your kid to achieve a good squat angle best for eliminating bowel, wide enough for ample support and its surface is gripped for stability and to prevent the kids foot against skidding/slipping while using.

Skyroku potty toilet trainer features a seat with a removable cushion that offers maximum comfort and for healthy hygienic purposes. The front and back are raised to prevent accidental urine splash and to protect the toddlers’ spine while on long calls and both sides of the seat there are handrails that allow that kid to independently climb up and down the seat. Besides, the ladder that supports the step platform is designed with anti-slippery pads installed on its bottom to prevent the seat from shifting while climbing up and down the toilet. Furthermore, you need not worry about its durability because it is made from PP material that is robust, environmentally friendly, skin-friendly, and sturdy enough to hold up to 165lbs.

3. Mangohood Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder

Mangohood is a step stool ladder that is advanced with an ergonomic potty training toilet seat. The ladder is adjustable to fit all standard height toilets ranging from 14” up to 16.5” ;however, the potty trainer seat is not suitable for square toilets. The toilet seat is designed with handle rails on both sides for the toddler to climb up and down easily and independently and its front is raised a bit to prevent unnecessary and unintentional urine splash. Besides, the footrest/ step platform is adjustable for ergonomic support and healthy bowel elimination and the seat also features a removable cushion for hygienic reasons and to provide maximum comfort when the toddler attends to her needs.

This step ladder potty toilet trainer is made from robust PP material that is well known for being environmental and skin-friendly and sturdy enough to hold up to 75kg. Furthermore, it is also easy to set up and uninstall by simply unfolding it for adults to use the toilet.

4. Tiawudi Step Stool for Kids

Tiawudi is a dual step stool that comes in 2 packs for a price of one step stool making it pocket friendly especially for those who have twins. The step tool is manufactured from non-toxic PP material that is also robust, BPA-free, sturdy to support up to 170lbs, and its edges are curved to prevent unnecessary injuries making it safer for kids to use in the bathroom, sink, and for reaching counter-tops. Besides that, it also features non-slip runner strip inserts under the edges of the four sides to ensure it does not skid/slip and prevents it from budging and breaking while in use. The upper surface or the step platform is laid with green runner dots to maximize gripping thereby offering secure and safe support for your child.

5. Squatty Potty Kids Step Stool with Dog Pup Potty Pet Base

Squatty potty kids step stool is one of the best step stools in the market that is tested and certified for its quality and backed up by the medical journals due to its ergonomic designed to help the kid to eliminate bowel healthily. The double step stool platform helps the children to attain a natural squat posture that allows the toddler to train using the toilet comfortably without feeling any stress and pressure on their lower back and the knees. The stool also comes with a removable topper that locks in place to adjust its height to attain the best height and squat angle.

The front view of the step stool is designed with a puppy face which makes it the perfect pet doll for the kid to familiarize and faster learn how to use since it helps to create a bond and friendship with the step stool. Besides, you need not worry about the safety of your kid when using it in the toilet independently since its edges are secured with non-skid grips and also it is manufactured from sturdy, durable, and environmentally friendly material.

6. Coindivi Plastic Toddler Step Stools

Coindivi is not only a step stool but is also designed to be an ordinary chair for the toddler because it has a removable and adjustable arm that allows it to be converted into an ordinary chair and you can remove them for easy storage. To make a comfortable chair for your kid you will be required to adjust the arms height that will secure her in place while seated.

The toddler step stool features double anti-slippery lines on its step platform to offer ampler support and preventing the kid from slipping when climbing up or down the step stool and at the bottom is equipped with rubber anti-skid pads to prevent it from shifting sideways while using it in the toilet, at the sink or reaching for things out of reach. Furthermore, the safety of your toddler is also guaranteed by its engineered construction from a high quality, certified, sturdy and robust material.


All in all, the step stool is here for you to help your kid step their way up to independence as they transition from toilet potty training. Therefore, the reviewed products from the above will help you decide which is versatile and flexible for your child to use it.

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