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Best Value Ergonomic Office Chair Recommendation – Guide & Reviews

One of the significant causes of back pains for people working in the office is the sitting posture as provided by the office chairs. An office chair plays a role in improving one’s sitting posture since it aligns the back according to its style and size. One of the most recommendable offices chair to buy, especially if you sit for long hours, is the ergonomic office chair.

Ergonomic office chairs feature lumbar adjustment settings on height and depth to accommodate different individuals. The backrests of these office chairs are wide to offer enough support to the individuals sitting. Below is what you need to know to buy the best value ergonomic office chair.


Which Is the Best Value Ergonomic Office Chair on the Market?


How Long Can An Ergonomic Office Chair Last?

The durability of the ergonomic office chair depends on how it is used, the weight load, and how it is handled in the office regarding movements, or when users swivel with the chair. The other thing that determines the durability of the ergonomic office chair is the warranty. If a chair comes with a 7-year warranty, then you are guaranteed to use it for more than seven years.

Below we list some most recommendable office chairs that are worthy of investing in. They are durable and can stand long-time use.


How to Pick the Best Value Ergonomic Office Chair

There are so many models of ergonomic office chairs on the market, which can be a bit challenging for buyers to choose. To make your purchasing process much more comfortable, we will discuss some of the things that you need to consider when choosing the chair. They include:

1. Lumbar Support

This is the support offered to the lower back area. Research shows that most people develop back pains and injuries at the lower back after sitting for too long without any help to this part. This is because of the lower back curves backward when you sit and require enough support to prevent straining.

Considering not all the office chairs have the lumbar support padding design, make sure to check the chairs that have this part. The chair you choose should have lumbar adjustments in height and width to accommodate your body size and weight.

Also, if you can buy gaming office chairs, then we highly recommend you to prioritize those that have a lumbar massager. This design does not come with a high price but can give you much relief.

Best Lumbar Support – Nokaxus Gaming Chair with Massager for Lower Back Pain

Nokaxus reclining chair best value

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2. Backrest

This is another crucial thing to check out when choosing the best value ergonomic office chair as it determines comfort. Not all office chairs are made with wide and long backrests as some chair models have slimmer back resists that are not padded. On the other hand, the ergonomic chairs have more full backrests, with some models having padding for total comfort and support to the back.

Therefore, choose a chair with a full backrest and padding to achieve reliable support to the back section. The width dimensions of the best value ergonomic office chair should range between 12 to 16 or more inches. The height of the backrest should smoothly adjust so you can set the perfect back support a great feature to check out if you are buying a chair to be shared by more than one person.

Best High Back – Sihoo Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

 ergonomic office chairs


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3. Seat Material

What features should you look out for when choosing the best value ergonomic office chair based on the seat type? Well, you need to consider the material of the seat and the padding as well. These office chairs have cushions to add support and stability to the body while seated. The top recommendable materials used to make the best value ergonomic office chairs are; leather, fabric, and mesh materials.

  • Leather

The leather top covers are suitable for people who need an easy to clean chair because they need wiping or simple upholstery cleaning methods.

Best Leather Seat – SPACE Seating AirGrid Back Adjustable Managers Chair

SPACE Seating best value chair

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  • Fabric

The fabric is the most preferred material, especially in making the modern ergonomic chairs because they are comfortable and look great. The fabric is easy to clean using the upholstery cleaning method, and some can be wiped.

Best Fabric Seat – Serta Leighton Chair with Memory Foam Padding for Home Office

valuable ergonomic office chair


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  • Mesh

The mesh materials are excellent since they allow the free flow of air for breathability purposes while seated. You can sit for long without feeling too much heat on such chairs.

Best Mesh Seat – SPACE Seating 2-to-1 Tilt Chair with Gunmetal Finish Base

mesh tilt office chair


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4. Swivel

A swiveling office chair is a must-have since it makes movements easy around the desk when accessing documents, or passing things to your colleague. The swivel reduces the body movements around the area you are working in. The caster also protects the flooring from scratches as the wheels are smooth to avoid scratching the floor when moving it.

Best Swivel – Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair with Adjustable Armrests

Flash Furniture best value swivel chair

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Why Is the Ergonomic Office Chair So Expensive?

The design and use of the ergonomic office chairs make them more expensive than other models. These chairs are adjustable in height, width, and have great padding that offers support and comfort even when seated for long hours. The chairs are strong to accommodate big guys and are durable to withstand long term use.

  • How Much Should I Spend on An Ergonomic Office Chair?

The ergonomic office chairs are sold at varying market prices. As the buyer, you also need to consider a lot of factors like; the design of the chair you need, how many pieces of the chairs, and, most importantly, your budget. But it is crucial to note that ergonomic office chairs are relatively more expensive than other brands of office chairs. The prices of these chairs range from 100 to 1000 or more dollars depending on the brand, the type of the chair, and also the dealer. However, you can acquire a reliable, best value ergonomic office chair within a budget of 100 to 300 dollars.

Best Buy – Staples Hyken Technical Modern Office Task Chair Under $250

Staples ergonomic modern chair

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Can Ergonomic Office Chair Be Used As A Computer Chair?

The answer is yes! The best value ergonomic office chairs we recommend are primarily designed with the comfort of the user in mind, and therefore, this is a chair ideal for people who spend multiple hours seated. It could be working, playing games on a computer, or any other stationed job that requires you to sit for long. Some of the features that make the ergonomic office chair suit for computer uses are;

  • The chairs are adjustable in both height and width
  • They feature excellent padding to offer comfort
  • The chairs swivel at a 360 degree for efficient movements around
  • The chairs have wide backrests

Best Computer Chair – GTRACING Gaming Style with Head and Lumbar Pillow

ergonomic gaming chair

mesh tilt office chair


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Are you planning to start up an office at home? Well, consider the above-mentioned factors and buy the best value ergonomic office chair to provide the support and stability you need. These chairs are a bit more expensive than the standard office chairs, but when it comes to quality and comfort, well none can beat it. Below we have chosen 3 perfect best value ergonomic office chairs to use at the home and office.


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