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ADVANCED Reviews For 20 Best Wooden Bar Stools

Today I am going to show you the top 20 best wooden bar stools on the market that updated.

Wood is a popular type of material in making furniture. Wood bar stools, too, have outweighed leather, metal and plastic ones in many ways. Wood is naturally strong, so, with good maintenance, wooden bar stools can last long.

It can be carved into different shapes, so bar stools vary in their appearance and you can find the ones you like more easily. Also, wooden bar stools are never out of style. Another refreshing bonus is that, as opposed to plastic ones, wooden bar stools are environment-friendly.

So if you are fond of the natural visual feeling of wooden bar stools,

you will totally LOVE these reviews.

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Our Top Pick:

#1. Best Overall – Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool
“Cushioned seat with white wooden legs brings modern style without compromising its comfort, ergonomic seat curve fits perfectly with the human body.”

#2. Best SwivelBoramm Augusta Bar Stools with Wooden Design
“Heavy-duty wooden material bears larger weight capacity, the high back design supports your back while using .”

#3. Best CheapWinsome Satori Backless Bar Stools
“Small compact shape along with backless design allows you to place it under the counter after use for saving much floor space.”

#4. Best Foldable – Linon Keira Pad Back Folding Bar Stool
“The sturdy wooden frame keeps it sturdy and stable, folding it up once after using.”

#5. Best with Leather Top Madison Park Belfast Bar Stools
“Ergonomic leather top seat adds up comfort without compromising the glam look for modern or contemporary home decor.”

Quick Pick on the Best Wooden Bar Stools


How to Choose the Best Wooden Bar Stools?

1) Stool Spacing

Bar stools are placed in a row plus next to one another, which implies there is enough space for everyone. Characteristically, 26 to 30 inches of space obtainable between the centers of every bar stool. And this space is adequate for every individual to sit restfully close to one another.

2) Modifiable

Height-adjustable stools are significantly convenient and multipurpose. Individuals have no limits to employing the bar stools at just one counter (kitchen or bar) or tabletop; nonetheless, it can be adjustable agreeably in other areas too.

The adjustable wooden stools are fitted with a swivel system that lowers or raises the seat as per requirement; however, others employ the hydraulic lift mechanism to regulate its elevation.

3) Back and Armrest

For ultimate comfort, several stools have the arm and backrest feature so that you can sit contentedly. Bar stools don’t have such comfy traits; thus, if you need a conservative appearance, you should shop for units that are devoid of armrests and backless. Plus, if you search for luxury and coziness, you should look into the stools with back support and armrests.

4) Corresponding Wood Finish

Those looking at wooden barstools think through the other wood surfaces in your kitchen (i.e., hardwood flooring and the cabinets). Match the same surface for a uniform appearance or pick a lighter or darker wood for additional contrast.

5) Seat Cushion

Contingent on the time you use up sitting on the barstools, you might want to deliberate a barstool with a padded or cushioned seat for extra luxury.

6) Adaptability

Wood bar stools provide comfort and versatility. You can employ them at your bar whenever having a snack or lemonade with family or contacts. Afterward, move the bar stools inside the living room whenever you have a big gathering to offer your visitors extra places for sitting. Style and versatility are what you shall get with wooden bar stools.

7) Consider the style of stool

Do you wish to have a design statement, or do you require more discreet seats? Do you need to layer or match? Plus, do the bar stools you want work in the place you have? Your responses can help you conclude on the height and style of stool that shall eventually work in your space.

If the stools are in a hectic or constricted passageway or you do not need a tall profile that submerges your island, select backless seating that can effortlessly tuck away and under. Nonetheless, if you like to entertain plus need something more lounge-friendly, pick a wide-backed stool with deep seating.

8) Heavy-duty Seating Materials

You do not need to take your sort of seating material casually, since if you make the apt choice, you will want to spend lots of time sitting around. Wood is a standard material for bar stool seats or frames, providing a traditional appearance and stability. Leather bar stools highlight coziness and have an upscale look. Metal and plastic bar stools fit the contemporary style and are another tough selection. Whatever you select, ensure you discern how to cleanse it in the event of spills.


The 20 Best Wooden Bar Stools Reviews

#1. Wooden Breakfast Bar Stools – Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool

Editor Rating: 4.6

wooden bar stool


  • Strong wooden legs
  • Fashionable design of the comfy seats
  • Easy storage under the bar or counter
  • Going well with most styles of décor
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced and good quality


  • Assembly required
  • Non-swivel backless seat
  • Wide distance between legs occupying more room


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#2. Boraam Augusta Swivel Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.1

wooden kitchen stools


  • Padded back and seat enhancing comfort
  • Extra comfort from the full ring stretcher and footrest
  • Constructed of hardwood for daily use
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Attractive design
  • 360-degree swivel


  • Assembly required


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#3. Wooden High Back Bar Stools – Lavon 24″ Counter Stools Black and Espresso

Editor Rating: 4.2

black wooden bar stools

Asian hardwood


  • Upholstered seat with a back
  • Footrests designed in two heights
  • A weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Elegant appearance
  • High quality and cost-efficient


  • Beware chromatic aberration
  • Assembly required


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#4. Wooden Breakfast Bar Chairs – Winsome 94084 Satori Stool, 24″

Editor Rating: 4.2

tall wooden bar stools


  • Fashionable saddle seat
  • Constructed of high-quality solid beechwood
  • Footrests adding to comfort
  • Available in bar height and counter height
  • Transitional style going with your décor
  • Contoured seats offering comfy seating


  • Assembly required
  • Backless non-swivel seat with no cushions


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#5. Wooden High Back Bar Stools – Winsome Windsor Swivel Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.2

wooden kitchen stools with backs


  • Footrests available in two heights for extra comfort
  • Country style easily blending with your décor
  • A cost-efficient product beating its counterparts
  • Crafted of solid wood
  • Sturdy, strong and durable
  • Swivel seat with a high back


  • Assembly required


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#6. Wooden Kitchen Counter Stools – Winsome Wood Rush Seat Bar Stools

Editor Rating: 4.5

wooden bar stools without backs


  • Constructed of solid beechwood with walnut finish
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Woven rush seat promoting the classic design
  • No assembly required
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Space-saving storage


  • Footrests may be low for some people
  • Non-swivel backless seat


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#7. Simple Wooden Bar Stools – Winsome Wood 94260

Editor Rating: 4.5


tall wooden bar stools

Solid wood construction in antique walnut finish


  • Pristine design of country style going with your décor
  • Footrests available in two heights for extra comfort
  • Fully assembled
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Space-saving size for narrow space


  • Backless non-swivel seat with no cushions
  • Bad packaging leaving the products prone to denting in delivery
  • Some with bad finish presenting a cheap look


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#8. Folding Wooden Bar Stools – Linon Keira Pad Back Folding Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.2

wooden breakfast bar stools with backs


  • Padded back and seat
  • Foldaway for easy storage
  • Fully assembled
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Functional


  • No foot glides to protect the floor
  • Non-swivel


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#9. Plain Wooden Bar Stools – Atlantic Foldable Outdoor Wood Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.1

low back wooden bar stools

These bar stools are constructed of Acacia wood, which bestows on them weather-resistance. They are folding for easy storage and convenient transportation. Their natural color will well blend int with the outdoor settings.


  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Easy to match other settings
  • Foldaway for easy storage and convenient transportation
  • Fully assembled


  • Low-back, armless seat with no cushion offered
  • Might be wobbly


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#10. Ashley Furniture North Shore Swivel Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.3

wooden kitchen bar chairs

Crafted from wood and man-made wood with a metal footrest


  • Swivel seats with cushions
  • Extra comfort from backrest, armrest and footrest
  • Elegant design elevating your taste
  • Suitable for counter tops higher than average
  • Good quality
  • Nice package promised


  • Assembly required
  • Occupying more room
  • Not going with all styles of décor
  • Not recommendable for outdoor and casual settings
  • A bit more expensive


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#11. Bar Stools With Wooden Seat And Metal Leg – Ashley Furniture Signature 

Editor Rating: 4.3

pine bar stools

Plank-style seat is crafted from wood with veneer and manmade wood details


  • Adjustable footrests for extra comfort
  • Suitable for various settings
  • Stylish design with a metal frame and a wooden seat
  • Going with both rustic and industrial styles
  • Suitable for small space


  • Non-swivel backless seat without a cushion
  • Assembly required
  • Not recommendable for heavy use


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#12. Boraam 54129 Bali Bar Height Swivel Stool

Editor Rating: 4.2

wooden high stools for kitchen


  • Crafted of solid hardwood
  • 360-degree swivel seat
  • Stylish design of the contoured or cushioned seat
  • Available in various colors and styles
  • Footrests for extra comfort


  • Backless seat
  • Assembly required


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#13. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Pinnadel Swivel Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.4

wooden bar stools no back

The main construction of these bar stools is wood and engineered wood. Engineered wood is common in flooring. It is made of layers of wood, so it can lend a hand in protecting the bar stools from moisture. Also, instead of wooden seats, these ones boast comfy padded faux leather seats. The metal footrests provide extra comfort.


  • Upholstered 360-degree swivel seat with a back
  • A full ring footrest for comfort
  • Available in two seat heights, 24.25″ and 30.25″
  • Stylish nail-head trim of the faux leather seat
  • Going with both industrial and rustic style
  • Nice package promised to protect your orders during delivery


  • Assembly required
  • Heavy item weight at 29.9 pounds, not friendly for moving
  • Color variation might occur


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#14. Legacy Decor 4 29″ Dark Espresso Wood Bar Stools with Bonded Faux Leather Seat

Editor Rating: 4.3

wooden stools for kitchen counters

These bar stools are made from solid wood. To promote comfort, they have upholstered faux leather seats rather than wooden ones. The chic espresso color will have hints of reddish hues in good direct lighting. This will make a lasting impression.


  • Available at two heights, 24″ and 29″
  • Upholstered seats for comfort
  • Comfy footrests
  • Recommendable for light use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very attractive price


  • More padding of the seat wanted
  • Poor protection for the floor from scratching
  • Small seat not comfortable enough for chubby people


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#15. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Glosco Vintage Casual Barstool

Editor Rating: 4.4

wooden saddle bar stools

These bar stools are all wood construction. With a light-colored wood seat and dark-colored wood legs, they can be a bonus to your rustic décor. The saddle seat is not only comfortable but also good for your health.


  • Stylish and contemporary saddle seat
  • Two heights available
  • Not taking much space
  • Nice packaging promise for the manufacturer
  • Comfy footrests


  • Some made from poor-quality wood
  • Seat with no cushion or back
  • Assembly required
  • No floor protector


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#16. Short Wooden Bar Stools – Madison Park Belfast Bar Stools

Editor Rating: 4.6

wooden swivel bar chairs

The frame of these classic bar stools is made from high-quality hardwood, so they are stable and sturdy. With high density foam cushion, the contoured seats are quite comfortable. But it is not recommendable to clean the cushion with bleach or harsh chemical solution, or they may lose their original elegant color. They are a good choice if price is not a problem for you.


  • Dense upholstery for comfort
  • Protected footrests
  • Various colors available
  • Fully assembled
  • A weight capacity of 250 lbs


  • Relatively high price


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#17. Wooden Bar Stools And Chairs – AquaTeak The Original 30″ Asia Tall Teak Bar Stool

Editor Rating: 4.3

wooden breakfast bar and stools

This is a high-quality teak bar stools that fits both indoor and outdoor uses. Employing sustainably-harvested solid teak, it is naturally water-proof. Also, it has adjustable padded that is safe and stable. Besides, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Nice package preventing damages during delivery
  • Well-constructed


  • Pricey
  • Assembly required


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#18. Heavy Duty Wooden Bar Stools – Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 

Editor Rating: 4.3

wooden stools for breakfast bar

These bar stools have a solid beechwood construction with a mahogany wood frame finish. They have a weight capacity of 800 lbs, and they can easily withstand high traffic use. They will add to the elegant and classic sense. The price is not very competitive, but in view of their quality and longevity, they worth the investment.


  • Weight capacity: 800 lbs
  • Solid beechwood construction
  • Elegant and classic mahogany wood frame finish
  • High quality, sturdy and stable
  • Fully assembled


  • Non-swivel seat without cushions


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#19. Wooden Leather Bar Stools – SONGMICS Set of 2 Counter Stools

Editor Rating: 4.0

sturdy wooden bar stools

These barstools have rubber wood legs and pinewood-framed seats. The upholstery has a high-quality cotton-linen cover or PU cover and is quite comfortable. They are heavy-duty and sturdy.


  • Glamorous design
  • Comfortable seating
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • Assembly required


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#20. Wood Counter Height Bar Stools – Krei Hejmo Plastic Bar Stool 

Editor Rating: 5.0

outdoor bar stools wood

These barstools come with solid beech wood legs and hard composite plastic seats. The wooden legs are light-colored, so they can easily lend a refreshing sense to your furnishing. You can choose the black or white seats to blend with your décor or pink or sky-blue seats to delight your interior design.


  • Refreshing design
  • Easy to clean with a clean cloth
  • Attractive price


  • Assembly required
  • No cushions


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Why Wooden Bar Stools?

Bar stools come in three major body frames, wooden, steel, and plastic. In what ways do wooden bar stools outweigh the other two types?

First, wooden bar stools lend the elegant beauty of nature, so they are the best choice in a rustic environment. This is one of its biggest selling points.

Second, wooden bar stools tend to have a higher weight capacity than plastic ones, since plastic can snap easily when put under too much pressure.

Third, wood is naturally strong, so you don’t have to replace your wooden bar stools very often. And due to its durability, the high cost turns out to be cost-efficient over time.

Fourth, wood is easier to work with than steel, so manufacturers can invest less in the production of wooden bar stools. In this way, the price is cut down a bit.


What Types of Wooden Bar Stools Should You Choose?

For years now, so many people have been using wooden high stools in their homes. From the days of our great grandparents to this new era of technology, people are still using wooden high stools, only that they are a little bit modified to make them better and last longer. Wooden bar stools are built to last longer because of the natural state of the wood.

Bar seats are made using different materials such as wood, metal, plastic among other different styles out there. It is therefore hard to decide which one you want to use in your house.

All of these types of bar stools have their ups and downs, but what stands out is the wooden bar stools. If you ask most bar owners, they will tell you that they prefer this type of stools over any other materials. Why? We are going to find out shortly.

Wooden bar stools ranging from wooden breakfast bar stools to wooden bar kitchen stools have many benefits if you are planning to buy some for your house. With that said, here are the benefits of wooden bar stools:

Wooden Breakfast Bar Stools

One of the biggest reasons why wooden breakfast bar stools are loved by all is that they are long-lasting. Normally, materials that are made from timber are extremely durable and long-lasting. This applies to all wooden bar stools. If you are looking to enjoy your breakfast in the long run, then wooden breakfast bar stools are good for you.

If you have playful kids and they are always knocking out things then trust me, these wooden breakfast bar stools won’t break at any point. They have the ability to last as long as you live. Breakfast wooden bar stools made from trees such as mahogany, Cyprus, pine are build to last long. The natural state of wood cannot be compared to any material out there.

Metals can rust, plastics can break easily but wood is built to endure the tough conditions. Furthermore, they can be used almost everywhere without being damaged.

Wooden Kitchen Bar Stools

A kitchen is an important place in a house and everybody needs it. For your kitchen to be good looking, then you will need bar stools and in this case, wooden kitchen bar stools are the best. Wood comes in a variety of timber which includes oak wood, bamboo, mahogany, teak, cherry, among many others.

Each of them has specific characters and qualities which make them different from others. A good example is a teak. It is usually heavy but it cannot be affected by insects. This only means that if you have wooden kitchen bar stools made from teak in your kitchen then you will be sorted because they are durable and you will always feel comfortable while in the kitchen.

On the other hand, bamboo is light in weight and has a rustic appearance that fits rightfully with nature. Therefore, knowing the type of wood the wooden bar stool you want then you will help you choose the best chair for your kitchen.

Cheap Wooden Bar Stools

This is a type of wood that apart from being affordable, it also matches almost all type of interior themes. The fact that they exist in different types of timber, color, and texture, cheap wooden bar stools are able to fit in almost all types of interior themes at home.

For example, the red-brown color of cherry is a good choice for traditional interiors if you need a vintage touch. A lighter-hue beech wood matches well with urbane, contemporary as well as minimalistic homes which are made with subdued textures and pale colors. If you are having cheap wooden bar stools then a reclaimed of any form will be a great boost for it.

Wooden Bar Stools With Arms

A wooden bar stool that has arms is good for you. This only means that you will have somewhere to place your arms on for support which increases comfortability. Furthermore, your home may require some modifications here and there so as to meet your needs for that time. With such a remodeling process, it will be natural that even the furniture in your home will undergo some remodeling.

When you have wooden furniture in your home then everything will because so easy. Instead of throwing away wooden bar stools, you can give them some modifications so that they can fit into your home.

For example, if you have wooden stools with arms, then you are sorted because you won’t have to remodel them. They fit perfectly into your home. This brings in a fresh color or polish thus bringing in a unique finish, enabling you to use colorful cushions and covers.

Wooden High Back Bar Stools

These are designed with a high back so that you can have an easy time relaxing. They have combined both height and comfortability so you can still be comfortable up there and do something fun.

This type of bar stool is best recommended in living rooms and in the back yard or balcony. Here, you can watch the sunrise or sunset while you sip your drink.

Wooden Bar Stools With Backs

At some point, support is all you need. We all want a place to lean on so that we can support our backs. The perfect bar stools for that matter will be wooden bar stools with Backs. They really help a lot. You can lean on them while you want your favorite movie or just relaxing to meditate upon your day.

Wooden bar stools with backs that are a bit expensive but lasts longer save your money rather than spending more time and money trying to replace broken furniture that is made out of cheap materials. Handcrafted wooden bar stools with backs usually display durability and for that reason, they move from one generation to another.

Wooden Bar Stools With Padded Seats

Wooden chairs such as wooden bar stools with padded seats are very easy to use. Wooden bar stools can be designed in very many ways. There are those with or without armrests, backs, support among other features. What stands out is those with padded seats. This is because they have an additional soft material that protects you from mechanical injuries.

The design here doesn’t matter as the wooden bar stool with padded seats will always be comfortable for you no matter the purpose you are using it for. A wooden bar stool will always be comfortable when sitting on it. To make it even more comfortable, you can add some cushions or even choose a design that is already inbuilt so that you can enjoy it for life.

White Wooden Breakfast Bar Stools

If you love classy items or you love to live a luxury life, then the white wooden bar stools are the best for you. Not only do they display beauty but are also long-lasting and can be used everywhere. Another quality why many people prefer white wooden breakfast bar stools in their homes is that they are easy to clean.

One thing you should note is that wood doesn’t keep dirt especially if you live in areas where dust is everywhere. It is easy to clean them once they have dirt on them. What you do is you simply get a piece of cloth with water that has a detergent in it then you wipe off the dirt that is on the chair. Wood is also wood material to choose from if you don’t want to regularly clean your chair.

Though many people tend to say that white is hard to clean, why not try it and see how easy it can be for you to clean?

Wooden Bar Stools With Backs And Arms

If you are looking to enjoy a combination of support and comfortability, then wooden bar stools with arms and backs are the perfect stools for you. They also add beauty to your house. Wood as a natural material possesses a character that enhances interior spaces.

Lumber is the best material when it comes to beauty as it adds a unique touch and warmth thus elevating the look in your kitchen, living room, or bars.

If you are looking to make your living room better, then add wooden bar stools with backs and arms into the mixture. Beauty is not the only thing that we need in our homes but it is definitely a necessity if you want your house to stand out.

Wooden Bar Stools Without Backs

This is a type of bar stool that can be used by everyone especially those of us who don’t have back problems. For you to have them, it’s not a must that you have all the money in the world for you to get one.

You can buy wooden bar stools for yourself because they are affordable. The good thing is that they play the same role as the other wooden bar stools. They are comfortable and long-lasting. You can use them for any purpose. Anyone can afford them.

In fact, getting wood bar stools without backs that are handmade then it’s good for you. You can buy them and place them in your garden, living room. You simply need about $200 dollars and you will get all the wooden bar stools without backs you want.

Small Wooden Bar Stools

Small wooden bar stools are portable and you can move them from one place to another. This is because of the materials that they are made from. Materials such as bamboo, oak among others are light and if small wooden bar stools are made from them then it will be easier for you to move from the living room to your garden with your wooden bar stool.

Metal stools can be heavy to move around with. This is because of the heavy nature of metals. You won’t be able to move them from one place to another with ease. It is also possible that you will get hurt in the process while moving your metallic bar stool around. When you have small wooden high stools, everything is easier for you. This is because movements will be easier, your kid can carry it for you and so on.

High Wooden Bar Stools

This is a bar stool that is best recommended for tall people or those who love enjoying the height. Also, if you are short, it is also possible that you use this type of bar stools while watching, eating, or doing something that needs you to be a little bit taller. They are affordable and you can get them easily.

24 Inch Wooden Swivel Bar Stools With Back

This 24-inch bar stool is another definition of comfortability. It has steps where you can place your legs which reduces the levels of fatigue in your legs. Furthermore, it has a back where you can rest and chill. With its natural color, it is definitely one of those stools that you will want to place in your garden.

In summary, wooden bar stools are the best to go for if you want something that lasts longer. From what you have seen, wooden bar stools are the new style in houses and there is no need of feeling pressured over prices, durability among other qualities that you out for while buying a wooden bar stool for your home.

For those of you who have back problems, then it is better to look for wooden bar stools with backs and arms for support. They will help you a lot. Furthermore, you don’t need to be rich to afford them. You can get them if you have little money because they are affordable.


Veneer, Laminate, or Solid Wood?

When choosing wooden bar stools, you may consider whether they are solid wood, veneer, or laminate. Now let’s take a look at these three types to help you decide which one you prefer.


A veneer is a thin layer of wood or plastic glued to the surface of cheaper wood. In this way, the barstools have a lower cost while maintaining an elegant look. But mote that such bar stools vary in quality, so ensure that you purchase the ones from reliable manufacturers.


Laminate is a material made by sticking several thin layers together. It is common in making low-end furniture. This can provide the bar stools with a durable surface. It has a price advantage over the veneer and solid wood. Also, it is very easy to clean, so you can share the bar stools with kids without too much worry about their maintenance.

Solid wood

Solid wooden bar stools are constructed of nothing other than solid wood and hardware. Therefore, it hardly falls apart or peals. Solid wood bar stools, though generally more expensive, are much more durable. They are still nice-looking when they wear. With proper maintenance, solid wood grows more and more beautiful as time goes, so it is a great investment.


What Type Of Wood Are the Best?

Though almost all types of wood can be used to construct bar stools, there are differences in appearance, durability, and performance. Choosing the right type can help you buy more durable and satisfying ones.

Hardwood bar stools

Generally speaking, wood can be divided into hardwood and softwood. But don’t be tricked by their names-some softwoods are actually harder than many hardwoods. Hardwoods are more common in making furniture than softwoods. Popular types include oak, pine, cherry wood, mahogany, and teak.


Oak bar stools are versatile and have various choices to blend with different styles. Well-made oak bar stools are high-quality and, with proper care, they can last long. Oak is the most abundant hardwood grown in the United States, so they are easily available and thus reasonably priced. All these characters help oak bar stools win popularity. Unfinished oak bar stools are also popular because they stain well.

Red Oak Wood Veneer Plain Sliced

oak wood

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White Oak Wood Veneer

white oak wood piece

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Maple is the hardest wood available in furniture making. It is affordable, strong, and ultra-durable. Maple bar stools have a light-colored glow and that makes people feel warm. They look nice for the years to come. Since maple stain beautifully, it is often used to mimic a pricier wood like cherry or mahogany.

Maple Wood Veneer Plain Sliced

maple wood

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Beechwood is easy to work with. Like many other kinds of wood, beechwood aged gracefully and looks good for years. It is shock absorbent, able to withstand heavy weight and high-impact forces.

best beech wood pieces

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Cherry wood

Cherry wood is common in making upscale classical furniture. It has been popular since the seventeenth century and will lend a sense of elegance to the décor. Prices vary with the specific type of cherry wood applied.

cherry wood pieces

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The supply of mahogany is getting scarce as a consequence of over-exploitation, so mahogany bar stools are usually pricey. It is common in making fine bar stools. Mahogany bar stools have warm colors and are reasonably stable.

mahogany wood

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Teak is an ideal choice for outdoor bar stools and can last longer than other wooden bar stools. But it is not recommendable to fully expose teak bar stools to sunlight. Due to the high cost of teak, getting some well-made pieces of teak furniture and passing them down to future generations will be a good choice.

teak wood pieces

Softwood bar stools


Pine is light-colored and usually has a creamy white look, so pine bar stools pair well with your décor. Pine is cheap and is popular in making low-end bar stools. Therefore, it is a good choice when price weighs heavily in your choice. Also, its stiffness makes pine bar stools durable and strong. Cedar bar stools are suitable for outdoor use and will hardly deteriorate or rot. However, pine can easily dent and scratch.



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