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Can You Mix and Match Bar Stools? Best Ways to Decorate Your Place

Am I the only one who thought bar stools were only suited for bars, clubs or restaurants? If not, then get ready for this amazing journey that we will take together on how to mix and match bar stools.

Can You Mix and Match Bar Stools

Is Mixing Bar Stools the New Black?

While choosing the bar stools, keep these ideas in mind:

1. Size

How tall should they be? You definitely need a comfortable height putting in mind that most counters have an average height of 42 inches. And how wide should the seat be? Comfort is still a priority. I am sure you do not want your visitors to notice a shift of comfort from your amazing sofas to uncomfortable stool. You want them to leave with an amazing experience.

Most Comfortable Duhome Bar Stool with Adjustable Height

2. Types

Are you covering a commercial or residential space? Each of these categories has its own rules and designs. When it comes to commercials, make sure to choose those that can hold heavyweight and those that are durable. This is because people always have crazy ideas, and you might just witness a person deciding to stand on them.

Best Durable Halter Heavy Duty Mid-Back Swivel Bar Stool

Residential places feel more personal and what you should really consider is the setting of your space and what look you want to put out there. Also, take into account whether you want bar stools for your kitchen or for outdoor patios.

Best Rated Christopher Knight Home Indoor Kitchen Stool

3. Styles

Do you want to bring the mid-century into your space or the modern look? Some of the trendy styles are industrial, mid-century, simple Scandinavian, or farmhouse stools. The industrial style brings out the masculinity aspect without having to sacrifice style or sophistication. Simple Scandinavian style is all about simple composition, natural materials, and a minimalist color pallet.

Best Industrial Furmax Stackable Metal Backless Bar Stools

4. Color

You can have the same styles of bar stools but different colors, be them common black or white ones or more special colored barstools. Or you can decide to have different styles with the same color. This can go as crazy creative as you get, just don’t overdo it. Otherwise, it will not be as electric as you wish. The color you choose has to be affected by the surroundings and your desired look. What is your wall paint color and what décor is around your space?

High Quality Duhome Atrovirens Modern Round Velvet Bar Stool

5. Material

There are many materials to choose from as there are styles. They include:

  • Clear and Transparent.

Do you want a sleek, modern look? Choose designs with clear acrylic legs or seats. This furniture is ideal for small spaces because the furniture allows the eyes to pass through with ease hence taking a minimal visual.

Hot Selling Modway Transparent Acrylic Counter Barstool

  • Grainy Wood Finishes.

This type of material can be fitted in any style because it brings out a natural setting. You can incorporate the bar stool with a modern style by having stools that pair glossy wood finishes with sleek leather seats or high shine metals.

Best AquaTeak The Original Wooden Bar Stool Indoor & Outdoor

  • Vinyl.

It resembles leather, but it is thinner, sleeker, and shiny. The advantage of this material is that it resists stain, making it friendly when you have young ones, hard to rip or tear, waterproof, and most importantly, it does not fade. In addition, it comes in many patterns and colors to choose from. From what it sounds, this can actually be the best material you want for your bar stools.

6. Number of Bar Stools

This can be determined by the style of your bar stools. The space available also brings about the number that is ideal. In an indoor residential space, you can also visualize your family members. How wide or narrow your bar stools will be can also be attributed to that. Bar stools with armrest will require more, which means less fitting, while those with no armrest can be fitted as many as your space may allow.

Are You Convinced You Need to Spice Up Your Bar Stools?

Here are more reasons. Mixing and matching the barstools have numerous advantages such as:

  • It helps to divide your room without a wall or the numerous room dividers that are being sold everywhere.
  • Creates a sense of excitement, especially if you are trying it for the first time or giving it a new look.
  • It builds contrast in the room and displays a unique environment.
  • The barstools can be placed in your kitchen counter, making it more accessible for a quick breakfast, especially if you have to do the early breakfast meals.

Final Words

Thanks to their different shapes, colors, and materials, bar stools come in varying designs. Therefore, as long as you want to, you can always choose modern, country, mid-century, vintage, and industrial styles and mix them all together to make your place attractive.

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