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Cat Step Stools

Pet owners usually strive to provide the best and most comfortable lifestyle for their pets. Achieving this usually warrants keeping them safe from physical harm. For instance, cats are known to leap from place to place; however, when they are too little, too old, or prone to health complications, making these leaps are often challenging and may often result in injuries. Cat owners should essentially consider investing in cat step stools as these will guarantee the safety and good health of your cat. This article provides some information regarding cat step stools worth considering to help keep your cat healthy always.

Why Do You Need Cat Step Stools?

Cat step stools are a vital home addition, more so for pet owners and lovers. This is because they are usually accompanied by several benefits both to the cat and yourself.

Increased safety and ease of leaping

These cat step stools are often vital for those who own kittens/little cats or plan to adopt one. This is because cats are always jumping up and about to high levels, such as the couch or bed, for whatever reason. Small cats, however, find it very difficult to jump to these high areas or from them without help. Thus, you will ease their locomotion by utilizing a cat step stool while minimizing any significant injury.

Caring for older cats/those with health problems

Some households often have very old cats with several old age diseases such as joint pains and arthritis. Some also have health complications such as broken/missing limbs, among others. This essentially often limits their agility to move around despite them wanting to jump around. Thus installing the cat step stools will surely enable comfortable movement from areas of varying heights safely and without enduring immense pain or further escalating their health situation.

The bare minimum upkeep cost

The cat step stools are also significant to the cat owners as they immensely reduce the cost of caring for your cat. This is because they reduce the occasional broken legs, ribs, and dislocated joints, among other complications often developed by cats whenever they engage in uncomfortable leaps from high distances. Thus, frequent visits to the veterinarian’s office will reduce together with treatment costs.

What Can You Use Cat Step Stool For?

Cat step stools always have numerous purposes within the homestead. Nevertheless, these functions are always dependent upon the design as some always have unique incorporated features adding to their uses.

i) First, these cat step stools usually boost the cats as they try to climb up a high-level ground.

ii) They also cushion the cat’s joints on jumping, preventing any form of injuries.

iii) Some are designed with storage spaces at the bottom for keeping the cat’s toys and treats.

iv) Some are wide, soft, and comfortable, providing spaces for the cats to lounge in while relaxing.

v) They also facilitate smooth scaling down from high grounds for all kinds of cats.

How to Choose Best Cat Step Stool

There are quite a variety of cat step stools in the market from several suppliers. Some of these are high quality, while some are always substandard in design and manufacture. Thus, choosing the best cat step stool will require that you consider the following factors;


The correct height for a cat step stool is critical and thus should a significant consideration. This is because purchasing a cat step stool too short or too tall for the desired level would lead to the cats not using them as anticipated. Therefore, before opting for a specific cat step stool, you should always try and measure the distance from the ground to wherever you want your cat to jump to/from. This will guarantee appropriate height for your cat step stool.

Manufacturing Materials

These are also of great importance when planning to purchase a cat step stool. First, the stool usually needs to be crafted from a resilient material that can efficiently support the cat’s weight without getting broken easily. These thus include wood, metal, or ABS plastic. These will ensure the durability of the step stool.

Other materials often utilized are of the covering variety. Thus, whatever your cat step stool is covered with should be of great concern. This is because some cats may be allergic to certain materials. Some are also often scratchy, requiring scratch-resistant covering material such as sisal ropes. Covering is always vital as they provide soft stepping pads with added grip for easy climbing. Therefore, you should choose a cat step stool covered by the most appropriate material for your cat.

Area of installation

Different cat step stools are always used in varying locations. For instance, some people buy them for outdoor use, while others strictly buy them for indoor utilization. Thus, as a pet owner, you should make sure to be conversant with where you will install the cat step stool.

Henceforth, for outdoor variety, you will need to look for weather-resistant designs capable of operating in wet or hot temperatures. Indoor variety also has numerous options to choose from regardless. Some are also designed for both environments. Choosing the best depends on the pet owner’s preferred area of application.


You should also make sure to purchase a strong and stable cat step stool. This will provide your cat with stable areas to maneuver around without the risk of wobbling about and falling, risking injuries. The cat step stools should thus be wide enough to accommodate all cat sizes without straining comfortably. The cat step stools should also have some non-slip pads installed at the feet to ensure that they do not slide around aimlessly. Thus before committing to one step stool, always ensure that your product is stable and comfortable to utilize.

What Types of Cat Step Stool to Pick?

There are several types of cat step stools currently in the market, all with different design styles for different utilization purposes. Below are some of the types to consider buying;

a) Outdoors Cat Step Stools

These are essentially, as the name suggests, specifically designed with features qualifying them for outdoor utilization. They are thus always made of weatherproof material coupled with lightweight for easy locomotion and mobility. These are thus for use outside the house.

b) Wall-Mounted Cat Step Stools

This is another category of cat step stools. However, these are unique since their component parts are always mounted onto a wall providing for an appealing and most stable climbing system. They are always most appealing, even to the cats.

c) Foldable Cat Step Stools

These are cat step stools that can be easily folded into a flat small-sized object for easy carrying and storage. They are always ideal both indoors and outdoors, providing your cat with comfortable steps to climb up/down an area without applying much energy.

d) Tall Cat Step Stools

These constitute strong and high standing cat step stools capable of supporting much heavyweights to high levels. They are thus suitable for use when dealing with high elevation areas such as tree houses, windows, among others.


Cat step stools should be an investment for all cat lovers and owners. This is because they will guarantee improved health and comfortable living. Despite the vast types and models in the market, this article will help you choose the best and most appropriate cat step stool for your home and cat. Essentially guaranteeing exemplary outcomes not only for your cat but you as well as a pet owner.

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