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30+ Coffee Bar Ideas

Having a coffee bar in your home is one of the best alternatives to rest with your friends instead of drinking coffee and also cuts down the expenses of buying it at the java or café. However, there are several ways that you can create a coffee bar at home so long you get creative with the furniture and space in your home. Through your imagination, you will get the pleasure of your thoughts by turning them into action to enjoy a cup of coffee easily and comfortably at your home without disturbing your house manager or wife to prepare it for you. Below are some of the simplest DIY coffee bar ideas that you can easily do for yourself.

40 Coffee Bar Ideas

1. Coffee Bars Made of Multi-Layer Trays

For those with limited space in their kitchen shelves, you can use your multi-layered trays design for a coffee bar, however, it will be good if you choose a large one. Take the large multi-layer tray and fill each level with the coffee-related items. Place large items on the bottom tray, then the medium-sized items, and the smaller sized items on the upper layer. You can add some style and features that are aesthetical to make it look welcoming and lively.

2. Simple coffee Cup Stand

If you do not intend to spend a dime for making a coffee bar at your home you can simply go for the wooden cupboard in your kitchen, a mug rack, and your coffee maker. This is the simplest DIY project for a Coffee bar idea that does not involve breaking out every single tool in your garage, but in the end, you will have the simplest coffee bar in your home. To add a farmhouse look to the coffee bar you can paint it white and if you want it to look more modern, please apply black paint.

3. Shabby Chic Kitchen Coffee Bar

Charm and comfort is always the key to our heart. But when it comes to a quirky shabby chic hutch nothing is as charming as that place. The curved shape of the backboard conjures charming images and the stenciled lettering declares the space in the kitchen. To keep the atmosphere cozy and homey you can use neutral muted colors to keep things from going on cute overload. Besides, you can even add cotton stems and rough-hewn wood floors or accent furniture with a gentle animal figurine and some greenery to highlight the comfort factor and also adds some farmhouse and woodland charm.

4. Cart Coffee Table Idea

If your home has a hallway that leads to the other rooms you better think or be creative with another idea of how you can make the room have some personality by making your coffee station at the corner on your way to the living room. Since the coffee table is supposed to be complete, therefore, you can horizontally shelve the base and at the middle but slightly upper above the middle of the four vertical frames of the cart coffee table to provide you with two portioned horizontal space enough to accommodate all of your coffee pieces of equipment and necessities that you might require when fixing coffee. Placing a cart coffee table along the hallway and perked with all the necessities will at least add some fun and artistic look at the hallway.

5. Vintage Dresser Drawers ideas

Since your kitchen does not have extra space for keeping the coffee bar you can DIY a coffee station by making a countertop from the vintage dresser because it has drawers that will provide you with storage space below for storing mugs. But you can decide to add a charm and character to your coffee station by adding coffee themed sign in a gallery wall above the coffee station, add floating shelves to keep other coffee necessities and hooks which you will use to hang mugs to display them for the coffee bar to be functional and easy to access.

6. Industrial pipe and wood mini-shelf

Is your kitchen congested? There is a solution for you in case you have an industrial pipe in your store which you can use to DIY coffee shelves in your kitchen just right on top of your kitchen counter. Take the industrial pipe and bend to form an “n” shape {2pieces} and place them apart to your desired dimension and take another rode of the pipe to join the “n” to make a framed cabinet and place it on top of the kitchen counter. Then take reclaimed wood to build a shelf that is enough to accommodate some of the coffee necessities like cups, sugar dishes, and spoons. Furthermore, the coffee shelf can be pushed to the back of the countertop not to interfere while preparing meals.

7. Easter coffee Bar

Any old furniture in your home is very useful instead of keeping them in your store, especially the furniture made from hardwood trees will make the best vintage coffee bar in your home. For instance, you can turn your old cupboard from the store into a stylish-themed coffee bar. You can use it as a place for making coffee but also a display for all your Easter decorations. However, it does not limit you to change its theme according to the festive season and to make it stylish, functional and adjustable using a farmhouse sliding door as the door for securing coffee equipment and provisions inside.

8. Farmhouse Glamour and Beautiful Flowers

If you love antique furniture, this idea would be the best coffee bar idea that you have been looking for. To achieve an antique coffee bar idea, take an antique washstand, pair it with the modern conveniences of a chrome coffeemaker and a dish towel rack, and add some bright flower colors. The reason behind using a washstand is to hide away most of the coffee accouterments so that the furniture and accents to shine and make it simple, to look warm and elegant. You can also decide to add contrast and complements by using a modern nailhead vase or use a neutral-colored wreath to add an extra touch.

9. Stock It with Breakfast Goods

Everyone loves eating and it is inevitable to eat when your kitchen cabinet is full of edibles. Thus; one of the best ideas for styling your coffee bar is to keep breakfast essentials like the cereals, toaster on the floating shelves, instead of keeping mugs and other essentials for coffee making. The best way of making this coffee bar to add a pull is by positioning it in where your guests can locate it in the morning or anytime they feel hungry. The breakfast goods will make her feel welcomed and a place to be.

10. Christmas Theme Coffee bar Inspiration

If the Christmas festive season and Coffee has a special place in your heart, then you can still get the same feeling in your home whether in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen to make you feel alive during the festive season and be a favorite place in your home to stay while reading or streaming online by using Christmas theme colors, decoration and even provide a Christmas tree with lights. The best color theme for Christmas color would be red, white, and green which is a good Christmas theme for inspiring your coffee bar.

11. Concrete Top Coffee Bar

For those who like to keep things simple, this coffee bar DIY idea would perfectly satisfy your reserved nature. From the reclaimed wood you can make a coffee bar table with shelves and drawer for keeping the coffee equipment’s and necessities, then the top surface is made from a hunk of concrete to form a coffee surface that would perfectly fit on the wood base to create a long-lasting, simple, beautiful and functional coffee bar.

12. Upgrade your lounging Bar

In case you are a busy boss and most of the time you feel like not living your home to meet with your employees you can invite them to your lounging bar to discuss with them. Since not everyone is not comfortable with either drinking early hours or during working hours you will have to ensure your lounge area or dining room is equipped with coffee bar essentials so that your friends or employees have much fun with you since your lounge has a coffee bar section which allows them to feel free and activated while sipping coffee. Such a lounge bar brings so much dimension to the corner and makes entertaining much better.

13. Seasonal coffee Bar idea

Now making your coffee bar to suit all-season or versatile for all-season is to dress it and it is only possible if you install hanging shelves with hooks on its edges on the vertical wall to allow you to dress up your coffee bar every season with a rotating selection of holiday or seasonal décor. A good example of a vertical wall hanging shelf that will allow you to your seasonal decoration is a wired wall grill and house K-Cups.

14. Colorful and Whimsical Kitchen Coffee Nook Idea

This coffee bar idea is to employ the idea of using the nearby coffee station table to make it an inviting place to gather with your family or friends round to enjoy a cup{s} of coffee as a family. The idea incorporates a bright color palette with simple, down to earth flourishes, for instance, the color of the chairs should match the colors on the coffee bar’s drawers to tie the whole look together. While enjoying the beverage with your family and a memory nook will enhance an already delicious cup of coffee. Furthermore, taking some photos with your family could make the spot be always comfortable and welcoming.

15. Styling a Bar Cart into Coffee Buffet

For those who love hosting friends or neighbors while lounging on the balcony, you can keep warm and activated the whole weekend by considering to repurpose the bar cart into a coffee buffet since it is wide enough to accommodate the coffee maker, spare mugs, sugar, spoons, and cream. This idea is to get as much wear out of this piece of pint-sized furniture as long as you can make sense in your home into the furniture. Therefore, set the coffee maker on the cart for your friends to serve themselves while lounging with you.

16. Coffee Bar with tile subway Backsplash

Look for a corridor somewhere in your home especially your living room and build a complete wet coffee bar, but its backsplash should be tiled with a uniform color that blends with your wall paint decoration to create a balanced contrast. The only thing that you will require in this coffee is your favorite coffee cups and the expreso machine. However, for attraction and charm it is good to use a coffee mug that will add contrast or be uniform with the color of the tile subway backlash.

17. Put It in a Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is the perfect location for a home coffee bar idea, given the size, layout, and proximity to the dining room. The Butler’s pantry has a lot of storage that makes it better for coffee bar equipment. If you can’t decide between glass display cabinets and solid cabinets in your home coffee bar, you can add metal grates for partial visibility and add a shiny touch look to your coffee bar.

18. Large Mug Rack and Corner Table

You can automatically picture this idea in your mind without detailed information because the wooden mug rag and the matching corner table will invite you nearby to take a look and find yourself having a cup of coffee in or out of the room. The mug rack is large or wide enough to accommodate large coffee mugs. You can decide to use a coffee rack to hung the mugs so that it can add height and visual interest to any wall and also you can make the most of a small corner when executing your coffee bar ideas by keeping a small matching rack beneath the rack with a welcoming lamp.

19. White wood coffee station with wall mount metal cup display

You can decide to place your coffee bar at the corner of your bedroom, kitchen, or living room and paint it white to decorate the corners of your home. Besides, you can add a rustic touch to your living room or kitchen by making or providing a cupboard, two shelves, and a wall-mount metal cup display rack. This rustic look will always invite you to the kitchen or give you more reasons why staying in the living room would be match fun and important.

20. Spacious Two-Tone Cupboards and Cabinets

This coffee idea will make you appreciate the use of your spacious areas in your kitchen and have a way of life with coffee. The idea behind this coffee bar involves a bright and a dull-colored painted on the cabinet to create an attractive contrast to make the space welcoming and reserved. You can add elegance, unique visual touch, and a traditional status to your coffee bar idea by using a granite countertop and semi-transparent cupboards up top with a crisscross design. Furthermore, you can convert a wooden crate to hold coffee items and a circular mug rack to make this idea to be impressive.

21. Storage unit Coffee station.

It is always difficult to prep coffee while other necessities and equipment are out of reach. thus to reduce movement around your kitchen you can decide to include a shelve storage unit by turning the vertical wall space to build storage with a built-in shelve unit to provide plenty of space to hang mugs, spoons, coffee equipment, and provisions. This shelve-storage unit will perfectly display your favorite mugs.

22. Metallic Wallpaper Coffee Bar idea

This idea is one of the best if used in the office, home, and even the restaurants. The metallic wallpaper makes a perfect backdrop to create an intimate, and moody walk-in pantry, home bar, or butler’s pantry. To add more touch it will perfectly work with the marble countertops and stained wood cabinet to compliment and provide a professional finishing on your coffee bar unit.

23. Wooden Coffee bar Inspiration

Some believe that owning a coffee bar requires a lot of fortune to spend on but is a belief due to lack of creativity out of old furniture. The best and the simple way of having a coffee is by using a wooden accent chair to place your coffee make and partition on underneath the surface horizontal to create a shelf for keeping the coffee equipment, then you can mount a wall wooden wall cup shelf to make it attain a coffee bar look. However, you can add more decoration to your wooden coffee bar to make it more appealing to your satisfaction.

24. Coffee Trays on the Walls

They are not the coffee tray, but are shelves that looks typically like the coffee trays, therefore, using this tray would be a great addition to an existing countertop that you may wish to turn into a coffee bar. Besides, you can add a hand-lettered sign that announces the purpose of the area and also to add attraction to the shelves and you can also arrange the cups by hanging them in a line along the shelves to save on counter and to make it look tidy and neat. To keep the counters clear from clutter you can add some wire storage bin.

25. Valentine Coffee bar Idea

For those who cherish their relationship here is another coffee idea to help elevate your relationship to another level before living your home for a valentine. In the morning just wake up create a valentine’s theme at the coffee bar station to show your love for Coffee and to your partner. You will love making and drinking coffee with your partner just next to the valentine themed coffee bar. Besides, the valentine’s theme will also look good during the Christmas season since its theme also involves bright colors like red, white, and silver.

26. French Press Coffee Bar idea

Old is gold, thus keeping your old furniture in your basement do help a lot in the future. While strolling in your basement take the old accent table to create a wide surface for keeping your coffee maker and you can go further to install or make some drawers/shelf for keeping the necessities and also add some small wall mount rack to hang your mugs. The wide coffee surface allows you to make French press coffee which is well known to require a wide surface while preparing it. Furthermore, if you love making macchiatos, lattes, and other types of coffee in your home this coffee bar would be the best one.

27. Mini-chalkboard with Cans Coffee idea

Would you like to keep up with your breakfast special diet daily without skipping it? Yes, it would easier for by placing a Mini-chalkboard on the vertical space of your coffee table so that you can easily read and remember your diet instead of writing it down in your diary, and also you can keep a list of items running out in your kitchen. Besides, you can add some playful touch to your coffee table by placing a can or two in which you can store any loose change or other essentials but make sure the cans match the coffee maker for contrast decoration in your kitchen. Furthermore, having the mini-chalkboard and the cans in your coffee bar feels like you are in the coffee shop at home.

28. Coffee Mug Sign idea

Sometimes a coffee station should not be straight and too much practical, at least it should encourage you every day whenever you are preparing your breakfast in the morning before living you are home to work. And to do this, you can either buy a mug with an encouraging quote, or order for a mug printed with your name or a favorite quote that has an impact on your life to lighten up your day. Or you can DIY a coffee mug sign from plastic or plywood and paint it with your name or quotes.

29. Mobile accent table coffee bar idea

Instead of keeping your accent table in your store to make it functional and decorative by turning it into a Coffee bar idea that will always keep you activated while drinking the coffee in your garage or basement. Take the accent table, just below the surface make two shelves for keeping the coffee equipment and other provisions to make a complete home coffee bar. Then add four swivel wheel on its base to make it mobile, that means you can rest anywhere in your home sipping coffee comfortably without the need of frequently moving to the kitchen fixing coffee for your guests or yourself.

30. Floating Shelves with a Coffee bar

If your kitchen is small and you like a lot of spacing in your kitchen to make it free and decongested you can add a floating shelf on the vertical space where the coffee bar leans to provide plenty of space for keeping some of your coffee gears like the decorative canisters to give the space a whimsical vibe, cutleries rack and many more, while the coffee countertop you can keep the coffee maker and the mugs for easy access.

31. Standalone Coffee Bar Cabinet

For those who are good or skilled in woodwork, a standalone coffee bar cabinet would be an amazing coffee bar idea. Simply create a farmhouse style coffee bar using an old cabinet from your basement, store or buy a second-hand cabinet, take plywood or a mini-chalkboard to create the backsplash, add a shelf for keeping the coffee bar essentials, and from the ceiling roof hang a cage light to make your coffee attain a vintage designation. At the end of making this coffee bar, you will be amazed by how it is simple to have luxury at your fingertips.

32. Buy a Small/Large Coffee Shelf

You can visit Amazon or any other online platform and purchase a small coffee shelf and turn it into your modern coffee bar with no time and turn your coffee-making experience into an enjoyable one. From Amazon, you can get all sizes of the coffee shelf from small to large with some having some hooks that let you hang on the backsplash and others are compact designed with stands. The shelf has enough space to keep all the essentials for coffee making and the mugs. However, you have to ensure your coffee station aligns with the rest of your home’s aesthetic by incorporating geometric prints, faux greenery, and sleek canisters.

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