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Best Cushioned Bar Stools On The Market Reviews (2022 NEWLY)

No matter for commercial use or for daily residential use, a soft cushioned bar stool will always be far more comfortable than those with a hard seat top.

They feel good in using;

They prolong your relaxing time on them;

They look better in all kinds of decor.

However, when searching for best cushioned bar stools on the market, you will find various results including the ones with back, arms, swivel functions, or adjustable functions.

How to choose them?

Well, do not waste your time on finding the best types from different shopping websites, here we offered you the most professional guidance that were newly updated in 2022 for you.

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My Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallALPHA Home Adjustable Stool

“Gray soft cushioned seat brings great enjoyment in using, while curved back relax whole body down effectively.”

#2. Best Contemporary – Monarch Specialties I 2298

“Stainless steel sturdy legs holds stool steadily, popular light gray color seat fits perfectly with contemporary decor.”

#3. Best Square Type – Crosley Furniture CF500524

“Unique square seat design saves floor space and makes it suitable for small space use.”

#4. Best Affordable – Angel Line 43418-21 

“Modern white wooden legs along with soft gray padded seat, reasonable price yet looks quite expensive.”

#5. Best Counter Height – SUPERJARE Adjustable Bar Stools

“Adjustable seat design, suiting both counter and bar use. The ergonomic shape adds up comfy when sitting.”

Cushioned vs. Non-Cushioned Bar Stools

Cushioned bar stools are more comfortable than non-cushion seats due to their padding. They also provide better back support and a wider seat that’s easier on your behind. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of cushioned and non cushioned bar stools.

Benefits and drawbacks of cushioned bar stools

They’re comfortable and don’t damage your floors. You can sit on them for a long time without feeling uncomfortable or in pain, which is excellent if you plan to spend some quality family mealtime together. In addition, the cushioning on these chairs will make it easier for you to promote socialization.

The major drawback of cushioned bar stools is that they don’t offer much support for your ankles or lower leg when sitting down on them, making longer sessions uncomfortable.

Benefits and drawbacks of non cushioned bar stools

Non cushioned bar stools’ simple yet creative appearance emphasizes without taking up much attention from other items around it like some stools do. You can easily move them where ever you need during the prepping time.

One drawback is that you might not like the feel of these types of furniture because they don’t provide any cushioning. Also, some people experience back pain after sitting for long on non cushioned bar stool.

Where and how are cushioned bar stools used?

Cushioned bar stools are most commonly used in restaurants and lounges. They provide an extra seat for customers, usually at the bar where they can sit while waiting their turn to order drinks or food from a bartender.

In addition, they offer extra comfort for sitting or standing, as they have a thicker seat that supports your bottom through its cushioning effect.

Cushioned bar stools are a great choice for people who want to sit and relax while enjoying their meal. In addition, the padded surface will provide extra comfort, which is perfect if you’re dining with friends or family!

Where are non-cushioned bar stools suitable for use?

Non-cushioned bar stools seats can be used in rooms such as dining areas if they’re not too loud or flashy and provide good support for your back while sitting on them. An example would include restaurant-style seating with no cushioning but solid rubber soles that allow you to sit comfortably without fear of slipping off due to their firmness against carpet surfaces. Also, non-cushioned bar stools don’t show dirt; nearly so easily either!

What to Consider in Choosing Cushioned Bar Stools?

1. Size

When choosing bar stools, it is important to factor in the size of your countertop and flooring. For example, if you have a small kitchen with minimal space for food preparation and sitting area at home, choose smaller models that do not take up too much room while providing comfort.

When hosting taller who want their feet elevated off hardwood floors without worrying about getting stuck between cabinets or other furniture pieces, you should consider an extra-tall cushioned bar stool of about 44″ – 47″.

2. Height

Cushioned bar stools are a great choice for your kitchen or dining area. They provide extra comfort while sitting at the counter, and you can easily adjust their height, so they’re just right with little effort!

Low-height cushion seats work well if space in between seat backs isn’t too tight on standard chairs without them (like most restaurant styles).

But tall seated guests might find it hard to align themselves properly because there’s less distance from floorboards up into stool backrests/seats, which makes slouching more natural than lower-ranked furniture pieces could deliver upon demand by individuals seeking postural enhancement.

A stool with an adjustable height is more comfortable and preferable to a fixed one. If you need extra support, it’s great for your back because the seat can be raised or lowered accordingly without any trouble! It also makes reaching higher items easier for those with a limited range of motion due to medical conditions like arthritis.

Adjustable Bar Stools – 3-Piece Avery Ajustable Height Barstool

Editor Rating: 4.5

Cushioned Bar Stools With Backs


  • High back design
  • Round shape footrest
  • Stable steel frame
  • Soft padded cushion
  • Swivel 360 degree smoothly


  • Assembly required


Check Latest Price!!

3. Thickness of cushion

Whether you’re looking for a bar stool with an extra cushion or not, the amount of thickness will affect your experience. Cushioning is important because it helps to reduce pain from hard surfaces and allows people who have back problems better comfort when sitting in one position longer than others could provide alone. The normal thickness level is usually between 3-8 inches.

4. Space and Seat Width

Choosing a bar stool that is too short or too tall is the worst experience—not only will it look disproportional but also uncomfortable. Below, we have listed the most common bar stool heights and how to find your best choice.

Measure your standard bar, table, and island. Then go for bar stools with a space of 9″ – 12″ between the top of the barstool and the table’s countertop.

Correct cushion bar stool width is equally essential for both function and comfort. Getting the right cushion width is necessary for individuals who spend more time sitting. But for those who use the bar a stool only for a limited time, bar stool width is unnecessary.

5. Different Bar Stool Designs

  • With back vs. backless design

Backless bar stools save the most space among all types of bar stools. Backrest usually gives a certain degree of comfort, and their arrangements take less space.

Apart from being the lighter choice, backless barstools give you more of a casual choice, with the possibility of sliding it on and off. It is the most appropriate choice for busy individuals. If you want to maximize your maximum space, you should consider buying stackable bar stools – you will never find these privileges backrest bar stools.

  • With arm vs. armless design

Chairs with armrests usually look more decent. However, this is not always true due to their different purpose and the other way we sit on them. You have to lean back and rest your arms on the armrest with the chair. But sitting on a stool is more comfortable when you lean forward and rest your elbow on the bar. The armrest is not always used because it also depends on the individuals sitting posture preference.

Cushioned Bar Stools With Arms – Alpha Home Adjustable Arm Stool

Editor Rating: 4.9

bar stool with arms


  • Mid-century modern bar stools design
  • Simple but nice looking decor
  • Natural wood constrction
  • Soft padded seat
  • Comfortable and sturdy


  • Assembly required


Check Latest Price!!

  • Swivel vs. non-swivel design

Most individuals prefer swivel stools since you can move in any direction while sitting; if you can move your stool right or left, you will be more comfortable since you don’t have to move the whole stool to change direction. But with non-swivel, you will need to move the whole stool.

  • Round vs. square

On the other hand, round versus square stools usually depend on a personal view and preference, but round stools usually occupy more space than square stools. Also, it’s believed that heavier stools are stronger.

Square Bar Stools – Crosley Furniture CF500524

Editor Rating: 4.7

wooden bar stools


  • 24 inch counter seat height
  • Solid hardwood legs
  • Stain resistant leather material on seat
  • Super comfortable when sitting
  • Suitable for small space use


  • No back design
  • No swivel design


Check Latest Price!!

6. Colors and Styles

The cushioned bar stools come in different colors and styles, depending on the individual’s preference. The differing back color and style give the room a tone variation without taking away the design. Room color is usually not considered, but it affects our daily living.

Depending on gender, ethnic background, or even climate, different stool colors positively or negatively affect our moods.

7. Using places

It is important to keep the balance in how your place looks and how the place functions where you’re placing it. Choosing the right place for stool bars will enhance the place effectively.

In addition to this, it is a great option for casual and formal dining places but it has to be chosen carefully.

Most importantly, keep this thing in your mind that there is a difference between counter stools and bar stools when it comes to their height. A stool that fits under 36” is a counter stool and bar stools fit under 42” higher than countertops.

8. Materials

Most of the manufacturers of stool bars use wood and metal as they are more reliable than others. Each of the materials has its own consistency in terms of heavy, durable, and particular style.

Moreover, there are stool bars with or without armrests, padding, and backs on the seat surface. It ranges from basic wood designs to complex with adjustable height. Wood is a bit expensive than others but looks aesthetically pleasing.

It is solid and has added comfort with an upholstered cushion. If you are looking for stool bars to place outside then look for denser wood like eucalyptus, teak, acacia, etc. These types of woods are insect and weather repellant.

Metal bar stools come with a sleek standout making them ideal for small spaces. Keep them inside to prevent rusting and to give a more industrial or modern aesthetic look.

Then there are wicker and rattan stools that are used casually. This type of stool bar is suited for the kitchen as they are lightweight and easy to move. Make sure to keep them in covered spaces unless they are made of all-weather wicker.

9. Price

The price of the bar stool is dependent on the material and its functionality. However, it can cost up to $159 to $1300 based on its quality of construction, fabric, and style. The stool bar also comes at a mid-range price of $299 to $450.

As mentioned earlier, wood is expensive than other materials because it gives a more appealing look.

Metal is cheaper than wood because of its sleek configuration which makes it ideal for small spaces. They are best suited for inside purposes to prevent them from rusting.

Counter Height vs. Bar Height, What Size of Cushioned Bar Stool Brings the Comfiest Feeling?

Counter height stools are great for small kitchens with limited space. Bar height chairs feel more comfortable than padded counter seats because they have a taller seat and adjustable armrests that can be set to suit your preference. Note that the significant difference is the seat height.

1. What is the standard counter height?

The standard counter height is 36″ with an average seat height between 24″ to 27″.

Counter Height Bar Stools – SUPERJARE Adjustable Bar Stools

Editor Rating: 4.5

swivel cushioned bar stools


  • Stable and sturdy structure
  • Adjustable height
  • Swivel 360 degree around
  • Wide base
  • Ergonomic seat design


  • Not for large people use


Check Latest Price!!

2. What are the standard bar heights?

The standard bar height is 42″ with an average seat height between 29″ and 31″.

3. Different size ranges and their usages

24″: 24 inch counter height stool is the perfect fit for restaurants, bars, kitchens, and other commercial spaces. This size allows people to eat at tables or stand up while cooking without being stuck too far under cabinets.

26″: The 26 inch counter height stool is perfect for relaxation and casual social gatherings. With a comfortable seat that offers excellent back support, this stool will make you want to stay put while eating or chatting with friends – it’s the world’s most underrated seating option.

30″: The 30-inch counter height stool is ideal in your kitchen as they are perfect for preparing food, cleaning up spills on the countertops that may get missed by shorter stools.

34″: The 34 inch counter height stool is an excellent choice for bars and restaurants because it can be quickly moved from one place to another, while still providing enough space underneath.

36″: The 36 inch counter height stool is the perfect choice for your restaurant or bar, as it not only offers extra seating but also provides a stylish look with its sleek styling.

4. Try the Adjustable Height Cushioned Bar Stools For Multiple Use

Whether you’re a professional chef or just want to make dinner for the family, adjustable height cushioned bar stools are an affordable way of providing extra seating. The ergonomic seat and backrests provide comfort, so there will be no chance that guests will feel like they need another chair.

Despite their name, these stools are not just for restaurants! They come in all different colors and heights. You can adjust them to suit your needs; whether you need a bar stool that’s high enough so those seated don’t have trouble seeing what they’re eating or one low enough where people will be able to lean back on it while using their hands as support when getting up from sitting too long- whatever works best with everyone else is also an option!

Arrange Your Space Correctly

When choosing from various bar stool sets, you’ll note that leaving a full space is equally important. Well, a spaced bar stool set offers enough legroom, personal privacy and allows you to move freely without any struggles. Generally, leaving a full space in your bar stool set makes your room even more organized.

There are different factors that influence bar stool set actual arrangement. For instance, the wider the set, the bigger the space needed. Depending on the functionality of the set, the distance between the bar stools and the counter also matters. The number of bar stool sets required also determines the spacing. Movable bar stools are best for squeezed rooms since you can easily change your direction when you want to get off the seat.

Wondering how to arrange bar stool sets? The designs affect the spacing in different ways. Rotating bar stools occupy less space than other stools; you rotate the chair when changing positions. Bar stools with protruding arms also require more spacing due to their increased width.

How Thick Should Foam Be on A Cushioned Bar Stool?

The cushions on cushioned bar stools normally have a layer consisting of feathers or any other spongy material beneath the upper layer, which is 2 inches thick. The bottom layer consists of perfectly sewn, ticking rows of 3 to 4 chambers. These chambers protect the down from migrating through the cushion and creating an uneven, lumpy, or even tilted seat.

How to Match Cushioned Stools to the Décor?

The most commonly used styles of home decor are industrial and modern types, thus the cushioned stools frequently seen are also industrial look and modern look.

Industrial cushioned bar stools mainly have natural wood grain effect, which offers a rustic and classic appearance, and matches a wide variety of home décor styles. Its frame is thick solid wood and a hard pine at the top. The stool offers a comfortable experience with its top cushioned platform.

When it comes to modern cushioned bar stools, this type of stool comes with either wood or metal frames depending on individuals’ preference. It’s beautiful and comes along with different colors and finishes. With the neutrality in the aesthetic value of wood, wooden stool bars can easily compliment any style. You will always be suitable with this material as your bar stool.

Contemporary Bar Stools – Monarch Specialties I 2298

Editor Rating: 4.8

metal bar stools


  • Modern design with cushioned seat
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Low back
  • Nice looking, feel expensive
  • Round curved back


  • Assembly required


Check Latest Price!!

Different Cushioned Bar Stool Designs for Different Usages

– For indoor relax

–Using armrest and backrest to bring extra comfort

This type of bar stool is comfortable to sit on as it features armrests with a low or high back. It creates an enclosed space for the user which helps them feel cozy and relaxed, gives a more formal feel as compared to bar stools without armrests, and is usually found in high-end restaurants.

Cushioned bar stools with armrest and backrest is suitable for home use as there are kids and the risk of them slipping from a chair without an armrest is more.

It is an ideal choice for indoor relaxing as it is comfortable and allows you to rest your arms instead of flapping. They are bulkier than others so make sure you select the right number of stools accordingly.

–Adjustable height design enables multiple uses

black cushioned bar stools

The adjustable cushioned bar stool has a popular demand as it allows the users with varying heights which makes it more versatile. Some of its models can be lowered enough to get double the additional seats around the dining table. The best part of this type of bar stool is that it is compatible with bars of any height easily.

Moreover, adjustable height design also offers comfort to everyone no matter what their size is as they can adjust it accordingly. It can easily suit the level of your body and allows a comfortable angle for the knee to bend effectively.

– For dining in the kitchen

-The one without an armrest gives more dining space

A low-back cushioned bar stool is perfect if you’re looking for a stool without an armrest. It has a backrest on the back of the seat which is a bit high. It is perfect to be seated at the dining space because of its height and functionality. Even though you cannot fully lean on it, it will prevent you from the sudden incident of sliding off the seat.

– For space-saving

–Try folding cushioned bar stools for small homes

Folding cushioned bar stools are perfect when it comes to small homes and you need to make optimal use of the space. This type of bar stool is perfect as it condenses down in size easily so that you can store it when not in use. It will help you in saving space and is best suited for having on hand in instances where more guests visit for dinners like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

–Backless cushioned bar stools can be placed under the table 

best cushioned bar stools

Backless cushioned bar stool is the best suited for saving space as it is one of the most common designs for that. It has no backrest and has a level seat that is completely flat making it perfect to use from any angle.

– For outdoor entertainment

–The cushioned stool with table set can be a convenient choice

The cushioned bar stools with a table set make a huge difference when it comes to guests’ convenience. However, they are perfect for outdoor entertainment as they can accommodate any size easily and with added comfort.

–Sit on swivel cushioned bar stools to enjoy sunbath outdoors 

best cushioned bar stools

Swivel cushioned bar stools come with a mechanism that allows the seat to twist around. This type of bar stool is best for entertainment purposes as you can easily swivel around to see the faces in different directions. It is best known for its ability to quickly change the angle without getting off the chair.

-For shop

–Saddle cushioned bar stools can be a good choice

Saddle cushioned bar stools can be a good choice for shops. They also include carved or ornate designs on the backrest.

cushioned bar stools

— The one with a short cushioned back gives delicate feelings 

Stools with short cushioned backs are more comfortable than others as they support your back. It is also a good choice when looking for shop bar stools.

-For commercial restaurant

–Using swivel cushioned stools in luxury restaurants for a special taste

Swivel cushioned stools are a bit heavy but perfect for a commercial restaurant as it gives a more luxurious feel to the place. It is a versatile bar stool to be placed at a place that suits the interior and the best part? It allows you to quickly change the angle without getting off the chair.

–Let non-swivel cushioned stools brings more comfort for customer eating 

Pedestal bar stools are perfect if you are looking for non-swivel cushioned stools. It has one single supporting pole underneath the seat. It enables good balance which is important while you are at a restaurant and eating your favorite dish.

Using Colored Bar Stools to Light Up Your Home Style

White cushioned bar stools are preferably used with the home design having blue wall colors. This is because blue walls make white pop and it is more welcoming to the visitors. White bar stool will give a beautiful yet casual effect.

A cushioned stool with an orange color holster can also be used for blue walls if the counter is near the entrance. This would create flamboyant and grounding effects for visitors.

Black stools are would make the house look more stylish if the walls are painted white. This almost represents the juxtaposition of colors like an artwork. Black stools white painting would give color balance environment. This can also work vice versa if the interior elements are black representing black color palette then it would be better to use white stools.

If the building is crammed with woody shades or wood furniture, then we can go with yellow color bar stools. Mustard yellow holster for stools would brighten the ambiance of the house.

Brown bar stools are used for the minimalist style of home. Here most of the furniture is color neutral and brown stools can add to the beauty of the surrounding. This imparts a very snazzy look to visitors and a feel of roominess.

Colored Bar Stools – New Pacific Direct 198631B-323

Editor Rating: 4.0

30 Inch Swivel Cushioned Bar Stool


  • Sturdy and comfortable in using
  • Well constructed
  • Quality bonded leather material
  • Easy to clean up with dry cloth
  • Perfect for small space use


  • No back design


Check Latest Price!!

What Material Fits the Cushioned Bar Stool the Most?

· Wooden Cushioned Bar Stool

Wood is an extremely durable material for building bar stool and provides long life to it. Wooden bar stool is rarely subject to warping or denting phenomena which can negatively influence the snazzy ambiance of the house. They are made from deep brown oak or reddish-brown cherry are most coherent for a vintage house. Light color beech wood is preferred for a contemporary urbane house.

Wooden Cushioned Bar Stools – DAGONHIL 24″ Counter Height Bar Stools

Editor Rating: 3.7

padded bar stools


  • Rustic and modern design
  • Thick cushioned seat, super comfy
  • Sturdy wooden structure
  • Comfortable footrest set on each side
  • Solid and well built


  • Assembly required


Check Latest Price!!

· Rustic Cushioned Stool Bar

Rustic bar stools are a building material extracted from heavy woods and logs. Natural woods are used in the process of making and oils are used to bring rustic properties of stool. The material is durable and provides coziness to the house. Rustic Stool Bar is eco-friendly and stabilized the environment of a house. Rustic stool bars are weather and moth resisting which positively influence the style of home.

· Plastic Cushioned Bar Stool

These bar stools are manufactured from plastics and resins like polypropylene and look great in the kitchen or café. These stool bars are suitable for modern design houses as they come in a variety of colors like tropical green, gray, black, dove gray, orange, red, white, and a whole lot of other color ranges. These colors add a more stylish touch to the interior house.

· Steel Cushioned Bar Stool

Steel Bar Stools are more commercial and made from steel frames with a coat of powder as finishing color material. These stools support the modern décor style of the house. It can give a stunning look to a house kitchen based on interior design. These stools are more durable for heavy-weight persons.

· Chrome Cushioned Bar Steel

These bar sool are also composed of metals like steel and the finish of chromium. Chromium Bar Stool can withstand extreme temperature, oxidizing, or corrosion. They are durable at containing beautiful aesthetics and they are preferred for outdoor counters or cafes. Chrome stools can be an excellent choice for house designers.

Best Upholstery Fabric for Cushioned Bar Stools

Usually, a variety of fabrics are used for stool holsters to provide warmth, aesthetics and keep it stainless. The type of fabrics is selected after considering the interior design of the house/café/restaurant in which stool is supposed to be used. The following three materials are preferred for holster:

· Vinyl

Vinyl is sometimes confused with leather because of apparent properties but it provides more sheen and is considered slicker. There are several properties of vinyl that make it best suited for holstering stool. These properties include waterproofing, stain resistance, hard to rip, and easy cleaning.

Vinyl is available in almost all colors and can be easily designed. One can pick a vinyl color that suits the design best. The shine of vinyl adds to the stylish properties of the house.

· Leather

Leather can be used as holster material for bar stool as it is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Leather also offers different designs and colors to increase the style and beauty of the space it is being used in. Leather is costly for homeowners but it is good at blending with house décor.

· Canvas

Canvas can also be used as holstering material for bar stools but it is not stained resisting. Once it had caught a stain, soap can be used to remove the stain. This is mostly because Canvas is composed of linen and cotton.

Canvas durability is dependent on the tightness of weaves. If these weaves are not tight, they can rupture. Canvas can be beautiful and aesthetically good looking but they need good care with food.

How to Clean Upholstered Cushioned Bar Stools?

What tools are needed?

There are plenty of tools available for cleaning the holstered stool that wouldn’t damage the surface of the holster covering.

These tools include a hand-held vacuum with an upholstery attachment, stiff brush with soft bristles, soft towel, and cloth that can be used to clean the holstered bar stool.

Cleaning codes must be consulted before the cleansing of the holstered fibers. Sometimes dust particles are settled inside the fabric and are not visible on the surface.

The brush is used to bring these particles to the surface.

Soap, baking soda, and other recommended agents can be used for cleaning the stains off the stool. Once the agents have been applied followed by the washing, residual moisture can be removed by slowly dabbing the wet area with a soft, clean cloth.

Steps to clean upholstered cushioned bar stools

Initially use a brush and vacuum cleaner to pick up solid dust particles on the fabric and then apply a washing agent or baking soda on the fabric. Once the baking soda has been absorbed, a cleaning solution is applied. Let the stool dry overnight and in the morning apply a soft cloth for removal of residual moisture.


  • Not all microfiber fabrics should be treated with water-based cleaners.
  • To avoid damaging the fabric, test a cleaner on an inconspicuous spot first before applying it to the entire couch.
  • Severe stains are best handled by professional cleaning services.

How to Care Cushioned Bar Stools?

Why cushioned bar stools need care?

Cushioned Bar Stool is supposed to provide years of service while maintaining its aesthetic pleasure and snazzy charm. Even the bar stool made from the best of material can be destroyed if proper care is not taken of it. The cushioned bar stool needs cleansing sporadically with great care. It is necessary to take care of the stool bar to prevent it from stains, damage, and quality decrease.

Tools you will need:

Mostly the tools required for taking care of bar tools are related to cleaning the tool. These tools may include vinegar, agents, baking soda, soft clothes, stiff brushes, and a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Further, corrosion removing tools are also required for steel and chrome.

  • Wood bar stooll must not be placed too close to the source of fire or heat. This can cause damage to wood stool. Furniture polish is mostly used for a wooden bar stool to remove a stain and give it a better look. This is also applicable for rustic bar stools.
  • Vinegar (WD-40) is used to remove a stain from the chrome as it evaporates rapidly.
  • Baby Oil and Alcohol can be used for metal bar stools.
  • A wet cloth can be used to spruce up the plastic bar stool.

Special Tips

It is necessary to avoid toppling or falling of bar stool and take good care of it. It should be ensured that daily sprucing is done for a long life of bar stool and codes should be consulted for cleaning. Bar stools should also be prevented from extreme temperatures or weathering effects.

Want to Have A DIY?

1. How do you cushion a barstool?

1. To make the foam cushion fit your bar stool, place it on a clean and empty seat.
2. Place one side overhang under each armrest so that when you staple them in place, they will be flush with both ends.
3. Trim off any excess material along these lengthways seams before continuing around to meet back at the original starting point
4. Repeat for other bolster covers using staples only where necessary (not driving through).
5. Use a hammer if needed after trimming stapled sections just once more – don’t pound too hard, or else damage may occur!

2. How Do You Change a Stool Cushion?

With time, cushions tend to wear, get stained, or become outdated when the pattern or color falls out of fashion. This calls for a change in the stool cushion.

Replacing cushions allows one-of-a-kind comfort. Here is a simple step to follow whenever you want to change your pillow.

Flip the stool upside down and try to look for screws holding the cushion to the framework of the stool. With the help of a drill, remove the screws and lift off the pillow. Once you have removed the old cushion, here are the steps to restore it with a new one.

Step 1– Measure both the length and width of the stool or the diameter if it is a circular stool. Then determine the distance between the seat of the chair and the bar.

Step 2– Choose the cushion thickness with the amount of padding you like and the height of the table.

Step 3– Select the most suitable cushion pattern or color you desire.

Step 4– Place the cushion on the stool seat and tie the ties hanging from the pillow next to the stool legs. Pull the links and tie a knot to make it safe to prevent it from sliding around the stool.

3. How do you recover a stool cushion?

Tools you will need:

Driver or Drill
Staple gun and staples
Putty Knife
Fabric Scissors
New Fabric

Detailed steps:

Here are the steps you need to follow to recover a stool cushion properly:

  • Turn the stool upside down and look for the series of screws that hold the cushion to the framework of the stool.
  • Use a driver/drill to remove the cushions. You can also use masking tape for your convenience that will help you remember which cushion goes to which stool (if you are recovering more than one cushion.)
  • To remove the fabric from the cushion, use a staple puller to remove all the staples holding the fabric.
  • Insert a sharp putty knife’s blade under the foam. Cut the adhesive that holds the foam to the wood platform with it like a knife. Finish by pulling the foam away with your hands. Scrape off any foam that separates and sticks to the frame with the putty knife.
  • Trace your chair base onto the new foam then cut precisely using a scissor or if the foam is thicker than 1-inch, use an electric knife.
  • Next, you need to cut the batting and fabric larger than the base.
  • For Example: For one-inch foam, you will need to cut about two inches for the batting and four inches larger for the fabric. Also remember that if you are using a thicker foam, you will need more material to work with, so cut accordingly.
  • Lay your fabric wrong side up onto the work surface ensuring it’s smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Center your batting, foam, and chair base onto the fabric.
  • Fold the batting up and trim even with the base.
  • Starting from the front side of the stool, staple the fabric evenly across the center leaving about two inches loose at the corners.
  • Rotate the base to the backside and tightly stretch the fabric up and over the back. Again staple across the center leaving about two inches loose at the corners.
  • Repeat these steps on all sides then go back for the corners.
  • Lastly, stretch the corners up and staple as you tuck in all the excess fabric on each side.
  • Once done, you will have your stool cushion restored successfully.

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