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Customizing Your Country Bar Stool

Country bar stools are furniture pieces used for seating, and they are mainly placed at an island, counter, breakfast bar, etc. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with many different looks. When bringing creativity into play, you can personally customize your country bar stool to reflect your style and personality! Here you will find some ways to change up your country bar stools look:

How to Customize Your Country Bar Stools?

Add an adjustment feature to your stool.

This is generally for a bar stool with wooden cross supports at the bottom and a wooden, square top. This build may take some more time and handy work and is recommended for those with prior building experience.

The adjustment feature makes the stool more suitable for any individual (excluding babies, toddlers, etc) to use! Adding the adjustment feature to a stool can allow a range of heights to sit comfortably; short or tall. You can even adjust the stool back when you are done for the next user!

best country bar stools bar stools

To describe the assembly in basics; start by creating a new circular wooden top for the stool, then use a drill to create a hole through the cross supports at the bottom and the original square top of the country bar stool. Use an all-thread rod through the drilled holes. Use nuts and bolts, scrap metal plates or flanges to weld pieces complete. Sand and fill any holes as needed.

The all-thread rod will serve as the height adjuster by twisting the stool to loosen or tighten the thread into the welded nut. It is advised to further research this project rather than going off this general information.

Paint your country bar stool!

Let your creativity come to life and paint it with your favorite colors. You can also consider painting to match the room’s color scheme. Adding designs can add a touch of perfection. A little can go a long way with some polka dots, stripes, swirls, or you can really get into depth and create anything from flames to flowers! The possibilities are endless. If you are questionable on how to create the design you are looking for, you can always look up tutorials online based on your ideas.

Upholstery adds a classy touch to any bar stool.

Placing a seat cushion or cover on top can really add some character to your bar stool! It serves many different benefits in one; not only does it add more support to sit on, but it also adds eye appeal and personality to the stool itself! You can craft your own cover if that’s what you’d prefer. An example of this would be a DIY (Do It Yourself) rug cover that you can find with online research.

There are cushions specifically made for bar stools that can tie down to the stool to avoid any slipping. Seat covers also help protect the actual stool top from any possible damage or stain. It is more so convenient to have a washable seat cover to maintain tidiness.

Start from scratch with your cushion or upholstery for your country bar stool!

With the appropriate supply and fabrics, you can create your own seat pad or cover. The choice is up to the individual; start simple with a crochet seat placement or create a whole cushion! It all begins with a simple outline of the top of your furniture piece. You can attach “back strips” by sewing two separate strips of fabric in the proper placements to your piece. This will allow the cover to tie down to the stool, as stated above.

Tie ribbons at the bottom!

This is a simple and cost-efficient way to change your barstools’ appearance and to tie the whole room together. You may want to consider getting “stoppers” for the bottoms of the legs to prevent any slipping if a ribbon happens to get under the bottom. The stoppers also conveniently help protect against possible floor damage from the stool. To further prevent this incident, aim to tie the ribbons a distance away from the bottom.

Add a metal rod accent to your seat.

With the use of proper instruction, just by simply mounting a metal rod into the bottom leg area can really add a kick to your country bar stool! The idea is to place the rod where the feet would naturally rest. This gives your country stool an extra cozy feature and eye appeal! Additional tools and pieces for installment would be required for this project.

”Dip-dye” your stool by using spray paint!

This art is almost exactly as it sounds. The goal is to make the very bottom legs of the stool appear as if they were ”dipped” into another color such as gold or bronze. You can use a plastic bag or tarp to protect the top of your country bar stool.

Use painters tape to tape off parts of the legs of the stool that you do not wish to paint. Once you allow the paint to dry, finish with a matte finish topcoat for optimal appearance.

backless country bar stools

You can achieve a solid dipped look, or you can create a striped dip appearance. Create stripes by wrapping about 2-4 pieces of painters tape around the leg, all evenly spaced away from each other, and use spray paint. It is ideal to let the spray paint dry for 20 minutes at least. Once this is complete, spray the matte finish topcoat, allow to dry, and peel off the tape for a striped finish!


The country bar stool serves well on its own, but you can always enhance the look if desired. Little detail can go a long way but so can big detail. A larger project like adding an installment, such as an adjustable height feature, can really improve the look of your furniture piece. You can also consider designing a stool simply for decoration rather than furniture; the choice is yours.

Depending on your personal skill level with assembling projects, you can consider going to a welding shop for help on welding any pieces as needed. Of course, none of this is completely necessary. Smaller projects including a simple paint job, adding ribbons, or a seat cover can also bring more life into your country bar stool.

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