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DIY Coffee Bar

Nothing stays in style forever like a fresh coffee cup; however, unchanged cabinets full of different coffee cups and unopened coffee bags go out of fashion as quickly as possible. Therefore you need the best DIY coffee bar ideas to enable put your house up to style always. It doesn’t matter how much space is available; these ideas will be perfect even for the smallest areas possible. Getting the best coffee bar for your kitchen cabinet means a lot to any coffee lover; thus, you should learn and understand the following essentials.

20 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

With a higher demand for the top DIY coffee bar ideas, we researched to sample the best 20 DIY coffee bar ideas that will perfectly suit any coffee lover’s place. The following is what we found out:

1. Space-saving coffee bar

It is among the best coffee bar one would ever recommend for someone, and they save your cabinet space as you can fix them without expecting them to consume much of your room. They include the DIY navy and copper display; you can hang up to twelve coffee mugs simultaneously. Moreover, you can add more coffee bags on top of this DIY coffee bar.

The space-saving coffee bar not only occupies the smallest spaces available but also brings about warmth and beauty to your cabinet. Your coffee mugs will display high noticeability, and they show elegance and responsibility. Moreover, your cups will be positively maintained and remain clean always, no matter how frequently you use them.

2. Day-to-Night Drinks Cart

You want your drinks caffeinated or made the other way? The day-to-night drinks cart can do either of these. It enables you to keep your drinks from day to night and maintain their taste and everything. The dual-purpose cart has been designed to be big enough that it can store all you need to brew either your morning drinks or nightcaps.

Their style is unique and blends easily with your internal kitchen décor; it easy to maintain the cart as little attention is required to make everything clear. Moreover, your coffee mugs and all preparations will always be readily available and give you a new psyche each day.

3. White waxed coffee bar

Another whole deal in one, it is made with a marble-topped buffet and a perfect glossy finish, which together gives it the modern feel all through. The monochromatic mug enables you to cover all the imperfections with jars, assortments, and baskets to provide the best final appearance to your cabinet and your kitchen.

Moreover, the white waxed coffee bar provides total and efficient protection to your coffee mug from any nagging pets around your house. They ensure that you do not go through difficulties when cleaning them; you can quickly clean them with simple steps. However, it always needs white waxing, that is a thing you should always do.

4. Well-stocked coffee cabinet

If you find it too expensive or hard to acquire a coffee cabinet, you can transform one in your house to fit your needs. It is straightforward to change a slim cabinet to a beautiful and unique makeshift coffee station. Begin this by stashing all the basics required to make all these a success, your favorite coffee mugs, and any other easy to go stuff you might always need.
Ensure that you keep all the counters clear to avoid making them look cluttered; make it even more unique by adding more features like your coffee menu. A small chalkboard works best for this as it also doesn’t require any other additional things. Keep all the essentials inside, including creamers and sugar, find a more cohesive design that will make it more organized.

5. Keurig Coffee Bar

It ensures that you have enough space or room around your kitchen or any other machine to fix a coffee cup how you like it done correctly. Also, enable you to store your K-Cups, coffee mugs, and pods directly to the wall consuming minimal space. It can take several designs to come up with the best style that perfectly suits your room. You can get what you want to achieve; the most fantastic part of this DIY coffee idea is; it is highly versatile and can easily adjust with any changes you are planning to make.

6. Modern coffee bar

It is essential if your DIY coffee bar idea perfectly suits your interior home décor; it should incorporate all your home arts and other wall pictures. You can quickly achieve this by ensuring you add to your cabinet other prints such as geometrics, sleek canisters, and faux greenery. It is among the most comfortable coffee stations you can ever make on your own; it requires fewer materials, consumes less of your time.

7. Mobile coffee cart

It is a fantastic cart that enables you to roll coffee from one room to another within your house or even office. Either coffee or cocoa, whatever you want together with their mugs can be swiftly moved around your premises. If you have a party, brew your drinks ahead of the main event carefully stick them in an easy-to-pour pouch or pouches if you plan to have a relatively big event. It will save you much time that could have been used going to and fro your kitchen and coffee brewing machine.

If you do not have a coffee cart, you should consider improvising one using a typical table. You will need to collect all the essentials, and there you are ready to set up your coffee bar. In this situation, make it simpler by using coffee go cups rather than coffee mugs

8. Decorative mug display

Add more color to your cabinet space by adding all beautifully patterned coffee mugs, straws, and pods to your coffee bar. The DIY coffee bar idea enables you to add some more other coffee essentials such as sugar and creameries; with this, it is easy to arrange and organize your stuff. Moreover, there is very little space and resources needed to succeed; not many experience or special skills are required; it needs common and straightforward knowledge.

9. Customizable coffee cabinet

This requires you to be a little creative; there are narrow cabinets in the kitchen that do not fit plates and other more significant stuff. Use them to store glass jars that have been fully packed with K-Cups, coffee beans, and tea bags. It is among the best DIY coffee bar ideas that consume less space and use the available resources to make everything look intact. You should ensure that all the coffee cups and the other essentials are put in a glass jar collectively to avoid scattering them and make sure they are safe and not exposed to any falls.

10. Coffee bar cart

Most coffee carts have an industrial look, and you can choose to neutralize this look by adding more bright white accents such as acrylic catchall tray and other coffee essentials; these will keep away the brass and wood appearance of your cart. You can come up with this by simply switching your style. Moreover, making a coffee bar cart does not require many unavailable materials; you will need only a typical cart, and the rest will depend on your creativity.

11. Minimalist coffee cart

This DIY coffee bar idea needs to keep everything in one color to avoid an over-cluttered look and appearance. Your creamer, coffee maker, mugs, and sugar bowls should look uniform and with the same color or patterns. Add more beauty by dressing your coffee cart station with beautiful and highly scented faux flowers with an on-theme sign. On top of that, add a simple coffee menu using a small portable chalkboard, strategically place it in a good view where anyone who wants coffee or cocoa can read.

12. Multi-level coffee bar

Space limitations in your counter don’t prevent you from having a coffee station in your kitchen; instead, it makes it simple to develop new ideas and something better than that. Think and hang your coffee mugs vertically on your cabinet’s shelves, putting in mind the different shapes and sizes they have. Ensure that the dimensions of your hangers do not affect any appearance of your coffee mugs, spoons, and cups, among other coffee accessories.

13. Rolling coffee cart

A rolling coffee cart will give you the best if you love your coffee early in the morning always, mostly when you prefer to make your morning coffee at night and pour it in a French press. It enables you to easily access it early mornings when you want to be out for work and other daily activities. You can place it near an outlet for more of a “pick and leave” mode. It suits the people who are always in a hurry or who carry ready coffee always. It is among the DIY coffee bar ideas that will make you love coffee more, especially when you try it for the first time or are not much used to it.

14. Tea and coffee cabinet

Do you have an old cabinet and you are wondering what you can do with it? Here is the best idea, clear out every trash or anything kept in there and start working afresh on it. Properly clean and polish the cabinet, with style load it with labeled baskets and organizers full of different coffee and tea varieties that can please and quench the thirst of any person who gets in to have a cup of either coffee or tea. For a coffee station to be complete, all the coffee essentials, sugar, coffee, tea bags, and coffee spoons, always incorporate them to make it more comprehensive.

15. Repurpose bar cart

It is the most straightforward coffee bar idea you could ever come up with; you need to place the essentials on top of the cabinet to make it easy for anyone to reach for it. The lower shelf has been designed to purposely enable you to keep all the fragile coffee accessories safe. Place the mugs and the cups on the lower rack as here they are guaranteed total safety, and this feature also lessens the impact. Make it look simple but classy, easy to move around the premises, and deliver the best results to satisfaction.

16. Hallway transformation

It is easy to transform your hallway into a beautiful coffee station with a few simple steps. Use the cabinets, and the mini-fridge hidden in there can provide enough space for you to pack all your essentials in there. Moreover, you can find more space to add up your flowers and another beautiful décor to spice up the coffee taking mood. Plus, you can have your mini coffee even in the study room’s living room, thus reducing the time someone may take to get to the central kitchen for a coffee cup.

17. Splurge on appliances

Your interior design will determine how beautiful and successful this is going to be. For instance, you can choose to pack plenty of small textures into your kitchen cabinet, and it doesn’t matter what is the size of your kitchen because even the smallest size kitchens correctly get the best out of it. At some point, it might look compact if the size is small, but it is filled with the essentials that you will need to make your coffee.

18. Conceal the coffee cabinet

Are you worried about a small space to fix all your coffee accessories? Worry no more because this coffee cabinet bar will allow you to fill all the small indigenous spaces in your cabinet with your coffee mugs and cups. How can you conceal it? The best and comfortable idea is to use wood pocket doors as they are readily available and cheaper than other materials. Make sure you hide the entire cabinet coffee and the counter area close to the wall to avoid falls and other accidents.

19. Divide your kitchen

If your kitchen is more significant, you can choose to split it into two but consider minimizing the coffee station’s space; it should not be that big like the central kitchen space. The first split should be the central kitchen, where all the cooking is done, and then the other part will be separately set for catering and walk-in pantry activities. The latter is where you should place all your heavy appliances concerning coffee making processes to come up with the best coffee station.

20. Closet conversion

It sounds funny more than anything; one can choose to convert a closet that is not in use and make a perfect coffee station. You will only need a small closet and spacious cabinet with a little nook to give it more life. Make sure all the tea and coffee ingredients are included in the new.

Coffee station, together with their mugs and cups, all organized correctly. The option of tea is for any person who might be around, and maybe they do not take coffee.

How Do I Set Up A Coffee Bar At Home?

Setting up a coffee bar tells a lot about you and your entire household; you can do it to make your guests feel free and welcomed or do it for yourself. Everyone deserves the best; therefore, it is not surprising to set up one for yourself. The following are some steps that can enable you to set up a coffee bar at home properly:

• Choose the best spot

The first critical step in setting up a coffee bar at home is finding the best location for it, do not just go for any spare corner because it might not give the best look. Ensure you get the spot with enough room for all your coffee essentials to avoid breaking your mugs and other fragile stuff. Choose areas like kitchen counter corners, stylish sideboard, or a free-standing cart.

• Place your coffee maker pot with all the must-have appliances.

If the coffee maker is the main attraction in a coffee bar, consider placing it first in your coffee station. While doing this, ensure that you leave enough clearance to display all its features; different models require different placements and space acquisition.

• Display your coffee mugs and other supplies

Once you are done laying out your coffee station’s key pieces now, you should consider adding some other supporting items. Store your coffee mugs on the coffee bar, and this will improve their appearance and reduce the movement times to the cupboards to find one. You can choose to display your coffee mugs by mounting them on the coffee bar wall or hook them on mug rucks.

• Offer flavoring assortments

Fill your favorite syrups and your guests’ favorite to oil pourers; however, this is not essential, but it adds more concern and beauty to your coffee bar. It only enables you, and any of your guests be able to make custom beverages.

• Add fun decorations to your coffee bar.

Give your new coffee bar a perfect finishing touch by adding or incorporating decorative stuff; you can display a plant inside a cute coffee mug. Another simple way of adding a decorative is finding a good coffee sign. Other people achieve this by adding a coffee menu using a small chalkboard and including the day’s menu.

Once all this is done, you can be guaranteed to have a perfect coffee station that makes your kitchen complete with just simple steps that do not need any expensive or unaffordable materials. You would have changed your kitchen’s game.

How High Should A Coffee Bar Be?

Height is an essential factor when setting up a coffee bar; always consider it when setting up your coffee bar station. It will determine who will access the accessories and coffee and how safe everything will be away from pets and small children.

The standard bar height should range from 40 up to 42 inches from the ground, which means it should be higher than the countertop height, which mostly ranges from 34 to 36 inches measured directly from the floor.

The perfect coffee station should have the following: coffee maker, coffee beans, coffee grinder, coffee cups, spoons, napkins, a bowl of sugar, and creamer. What always becomes a challenge to many people is what height their coffee bar should be? The coffee bar sink should be wide enough to hold the desirable accessories. However, the smallest should be 10″ wide, and each side will be better if it would be at least either 4″ or 6″.

It is always better to consider taking a maximum of 48″ width and at least a minimum of 42″; the depth is considered better when at 24″.

How Do You Make A Coffee Bar Out Of A Dresser?

Many people would love to know how to turn an old or a not-in-use dresser into a perfect coffee bar at home. You need a guide into finding the best style to convert your dresser into a new and classy coffee bar that no one would ever think if it came from one. Here is what you are expected to do to make your coffee station from a dresser of any type:

• Find an old dresser from one of your stores and try to refurbish it for something better. The top drawer should look like various drawers all in one. Most dressers always have their drawers painted in different colors, and this makes it more versatile to fit and blend with your kitchen décor colors. Remove all the unnecessary stuff from it and put it in an open place away from other furniture.

• Clean the old dresser properly. Since it is an old dresser, it must have been exposed to too much dirt and dust. Take all the cleaning requirements that you might need; this will depend on the type of wood or material used to make the dresser. If made from wood, sand the top of your dresser to remove germs or disinfect it. The next thing after buffing, try to apply varathane stain at least three colors at a time, then use a sealer and add more than three coats of varathane polyurethane. The purpose of adding the latter is to tone down either the sealer or the stain’s glossiness. Moreover, it gives the dresser’s material more protection and ensures that it lasts for an extended period.

• Paint the whole dresser and allow it to dry. After the dresser has dried up now, you should consider painting the other small parts with your desired color paint. In most cases, dressers have the fronts of the top drawer raised. Choose the best brand paint to help you correctly paint the top drawer; you can decide to leave the knobs of the door and the top drawer natural, do not paint them in any way. For the bottom drawer’s handles and hinges, you can use the spray of your choice to regain them back to life.

• If your dresser had doors, you should think of how to fix that, and you can choose curtains to cover the space with curtains or reinstall transparent doors. Depending on how classy and unique you want it to look like, you can still leave it open and place your decorative there for them to be highly visible.

• Do final finishing for your dresser. You can do this by using three coats of varathane polyurethane to ensure your dresser, which is now the new coffee station, is durable and maintains its natural features. You will have a very convenient place to make your coffee; consider placing the coffee bar near the cooler for more fun and enjoyment of your coffee. A converted dresser provides you with enough space to store all your coffee accessories.

• Organize the new coffee bar and fill it with all the coffee equipment. Use the necessary procedure or what you like to correctly organize the converted drawer to get the coffee station look. Pack it with coffee cups, a toaster, and creamer, crockpot, among other essentials anyone would need to use when they want to have a cup of coffee or tea.

• Remember to include your coffee menu. It is an essential feature to any coffee station; use a small chalkboard to mention the day’s menu and easily erase it daily if you want to change it. It ensures that any guest who comes in feels welcomed and at home; thus, they can serve themselves coffee or the beverage of their choice.

Now you can start your day well; since you have your coffee station at home, you will not have to wait to go to a coffee shop. It ensures convenience at all times and high versatility.


The world has the most significant percentage of coffee lovers, therefore getting the best idea of setting up your coffee station will not be as hard as many people think. You need to understand what you want your station to look like, collect all the essentials, and then get started. The right coffee bar contributes a lot to how much you are likely to love your coffee and also how satisfied your guests will feel whenever they come around. With a proper understanding of everything about coffee bar setting up ideas, then nothing can stop you.

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