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DIY Pub Table – Step By Step Instructions

DIY is a fragile yet popular element among many people. From saving you money and spending time with family to teaching you new skills, you cannot overlook this venture’s significance. But how about investing in a DIY pub table? This project will help you to reduce not only stress but also improve your bar experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind during this pursuit.

Is It Cheaper to Make an Own Table?

It depends. There is no denying that buying readymade furniture from stores will always be costlier than DIY. If you were to consider the latter, you would save between 70 and 90% of the cost. However, you are likely to invest lots of time in the project. Besides, DIY furniture comes with a personal appeal, thanks to the customization you can embrace. You will also choose the material to use, which helps boost longevity.

However, it will always be valuable to master enough skills before you embark on this project. It helps minimize the wastage of materials and time, enhancing a spirit of economy. Unless you embrace these variables, you could end up spending way too much on the raw materials, costing you more than if you were to buy.

How Do You Make a High-Top Table?

Choosing to make a high top table will often assure you of affordability and convenience. The project is relatively tricky, and it could take about two days. This process requires various tools, including a drill, Kreg jig, electric sander, and a jigsaw. You will also need a string and a pencil to help you mark where to cut.

You will also need to gather all the relevant materials. Ensure that you have two pine boards, measuring 1*10*12 and 1*2*6 feet. You will also need a table base, 1.25″ Keg screws, wood glue, and sandpaper. Having the right stain and urethane will also be helpful. Take into account the following steps.

• Cut your wood

Take the time to cut your wood into four 3ft boards. Flip these boards and mark wherever you want to put pocket holes. Ensure that these marks are not way too close to the edges.

• Assemble

Use the Kreg jig to drill the pocket holes and glue the boards one at a time. Ensure that you screw them and add clamps on either side.

• Decide on your compass

A string and a pencil will come in handy at this point. Hold the pencil at different angles. It allows you to alter the size of your table. Choose an appropriate size. For instance, if you want your round table to be 35 inches, your string needs to be about 17.5 inches.

• Cut the marked area

Using a jigsaw, cut the board into a circle.

• Support boards

Cut two support boards using the 1*2 pine boards at approximately 25 inches. Ensure that each side is at 45 degrees. Sand the edges and drill four pilot holes on each of these boards. It allows you to countersink your screws. From there, sand all the edges around the table.

• Fix the supports

Install the supports in the pockets you created earlier. Glue and screw these supports on the boards.

• Stain

Stain the top of the board per your liking. Seal the table according to the instructions on the urethane.

• Fix the top

Using screws and a screwdriver, attach the base of your table.

How Do You Make a Wooden Pub Table?

Making a wooden pub table is a relatively straightforward process. Ensure that you have all the necessary materials, including 2*10-8 and 2*4-8 (six) pine boards, pocket hole screws, and white paint. Once you have all these, consider the following steps.

• Cut and size your lumber

Take the time to cut your 8 foot 2*10 timber into two 48-inch pieces. Use four of your 2*4 lumber to make eight pieces of 36.5-inch legs. Cut one 2*4 lumber into two parts, each 40 inches long. Cut the remaining 2*4 board into four pieces, each 10 inches long. After that, get rid of the rounded edges.

• Glue up the legs and the top

Glue together all the 36.5-inch legs, making 3*3 pub table legs. From there, you can glue together or clamp the 2*10 pieces with the square edges.

• Create pocket holes

Using a Kreg jig, ensure that you drill two pocket holes on the joints and along the side aprons (top). Using the clamps assures you of much tighter joints. Next, you could add some extra wood to each joint, enhancing strength. Flip the base and ensure that you have equal overhangs. Place your top and screw it there. Feel free to add a coat of your choice!

How To DIY a Pub Style Table With a Bench

This process entails two parts, making a DIY style pub and building a bench. Here is a breakdown of each procedure.

i. Start With the Pub Style Table

Ensure that you have all the materials and tools at your disposal. Usually, the following will suffice.

• Two 2*4 @8 feet
• Two 4*4 @ 10 feet
• Five 2*6 @ 8 ft
• An orbital sander
• Wood glue
• Kreg screws
• Kreg jig
• Felt pads
• A drill, whether corded or cordless

Keep the following steps in mind.

• Cut the 2*6 pine boards into 27.5-inch lengths.
• Cut your 4*4 into the right height, preferably about 40 inches
• Cut the 2*4 pine boards, which will do the framing underneath
• Using a Kreg jig, drill holes into the breadboard, the 2*4 board, and each piece of the tabletop bar last end pieces
• Glue the boards together and hold them together with a clamp
• Screw in your Kreg screws
• Flip over the tabletop and sand it
• Drill the 2*4 frames and attach with the 4*4 legs
• Take the time to sand and stain the top

ii. Make your bench

You can barely overlook the excitement farmhouse-style DIY benches draw. Making these benches is relatively straightforward, and the process takes no more than a day. You need to have

• Four 2*4 8-foot pine board
• Two 1*4s, at 8 feet
• One 1*2, 8-foot pine board
• Two 0.5-inch screws
• 2-inch screws
• Wood glue
• Wood filler and conditioner
• Primer
• Paint

Here are the steps to follow.

• Cut the lumber accordingly

Ensure that you cut the wood into the required sizes. Usually, you will need to cut the 2*4s into eight pieces, each 16.5 inches. Cut the 1*4 into two parts for your spaces, each measuring 2.25 inches. Next, get two pieces measuring 6 inches each from the 1*4s for the end aprons. Cut the 2*4s into two parts, each measuring 12 inches. You will also need two 65-inch bench seat boards, two 14-inch breadboard ends, five 9.5-inch supports, and two 9.5-inch aprons. There should be two 61-inch boards from the 1*4s for the side aprons.

• Notch out the legs, a few inches deep. Ensure that you screw and glue the legs together, hiding the screw holes.

• Attach the end aprons to the spacers, and ensure that you screw or nail them together.
• Attach the stretcher to the spacers, glue, and clamp them together
• Attach the side aprons to the inner end apron. Use your 2-inch screws and glue. These aprons have to be flush to the top side of the end aprons, and the end aprons have to be about 9.5 inches apart. The space between the side aprons should be nine inches.
• Fix 0.5-inch overhangs on the side
• Attach the top, starting with the centerboard. Attach this board from the underside. You could also consider building the top first, then attach it.
• Attach your breadboard to the seats directly
• Stain the bench

15 Incredible DIY Table Ideas

There is no denying that you will always want your project to stand out. However, this will be impossible if you do not have refined ideas. Here are 15 fantastic DIY pub table ideas you cannot overlook.

i. Patio Bar Made From Wood Pallets

This project is relatively affordable, costing you about $20. You will need four wood pallets, wood screws, a countertop, and paint. Stain the outer side of the wood pallets, which gives you a rustic feel. You will then combine and secure two pallets, preferably using strong seal strings. Let them be side by side. The last step is screwing your top on the wood pallets. Patio pavers will often be best for these tops. Ideally, this project provides you with a rustic appeal without hurting your pockets.

ii. DIY Pallet Bar

Here is yet another project that you will readily fall in love with! Its construction requires one or two pallets and a tabletop. Take the time to stain your pallets, as this helps avoid mites and other pests. It also enhances the beauty of your bar. If you intend to have a rustic appeal, you could keep away from staining the pallets’ inner parts. Once you are set, screw the top on the pallet. Ensure that your top is of the desired size. This pallet bar can hold drinks, flower vases, and decorative items.

iii. DIY Murphy Bar

You can barely overlook the beauty of this DIY project. It features half a table attached to the wall, alongside a bar affixed to the wall. Its simplicity and versatility are striking. Usually, it comes in handy in holding drinks, utensils, and tools. You could also rely on them for cosmetic reasons, thanks to how beautifully they can display flowers and flower vases. The project is straightforward and relatively affordable.

iv. DIY Live Edge Slab Bar Top Table

Here is yet another functional and decorative bar top table. Its reliability remains astounding, thanks to how many people it can hold at once. It features stainless steel legs and a wooden tabletop. You can cut the top to the size you prefer and attach the legs. The process of making this table is relatively straightforward, assuring you of unrivaled convenience. However, ensure that you sand and stain the top accordingly, giving it a perfect glow.

v. DIY Table By Lowes

If you are looking for elegance and simplicity, this will be the ideal choice. It is a wall-mount table that highlights class, and it is made from hollow-core doors. Its role in entertaining both guests and children remains astounding. You will need four hollow-core doors to make this beauty. The first door should measure 52 inches. The second door is about 50.625 inches, and it forms the top of the table. The third and fourth doors should measure 40.625 and 42 inches, forming the legs of your bar.

vi. DIY Table From Reclaimed Wood Door

This DIY project is relatively simple and will take the least time. It involves cutting the reclaimed wood door into two and determining the right size for your tabletop. Sand and stain the wood and attached it to the wall. Ensure that there is one leg on the opposite side of the wall. As long as you screw the leg to the tabletop properly, you have no reason to worry. This table comes in handy as a working table or a decorative piece. You could use it to display flowers or your family photos.

vii. Wood Barrel Bar Table

Why would you want to waste an old wood barrel? You could use this barrel to make one of the best bar tables, thanks to how simple the process can be. All you need to do is to add a one-foot stump base and a round tabletop. Glue the three pieces together, and you will be good to go. This bar table is ideal for outdoor uses. It highlights a classic and rustic appeal.

viii. DIY Pallet Bar Table

This choice is worth making, thanks to its affordability. It involves two pallets attached. You will also need to affix a tabletop on this bar table, allowing you to have a perfect resting place. The tabletop can hold your drinks, flowers, or tools. On the other hand, the sides are painted, and they could be used for decorative purposes. You are free to write different messages on these sides. Attach the other side to the wall.

ix. Modern Reclaimed Pub Table DIY

This pub table has become a popular choice among those that want to embrace a contemporary appeal. It often measures 40*40*42 inches, making it ideal for three to four users. As long as you choose the right stain and materials, this DIY table will serve you for a long time. You can use it as a centerpiece, both indoors and outdoors.

x. DIY Pub Height Table

This table is the epitome of beauty and class. Its construction is relatively time-consuming, but the results assure you of unrivaled value. Whether you want to use it for dining or holding decorative items, this table will provide you with the service you need. Wooden stain on the tabletop and painted sides will assure you of a homely feel.

xi. Concrete and Iron Bar DIY Table

This table is a product of concrete and iron bars. The iron bars provide the stands, while the concrete serves as the tabletop. This concrete is usually in the shape of a cuboid. If you are looking for longevity, this DIY will give you that! It is simple, and it works well in the hallway, bedroom, or on the side of your dressing mirror.

xii. DIY Light-Up Bar Table

The Light-Up bar table is relatively sophisticated. It features plexiglass, wood, and lighting. This option often comes in handy if you want to add a decorative touch to your bedroom, at-home office, or living room. Its glow is soft, allowing you to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner. You could also use it to hold flowers and other light items.

xiii. DIY Bar Height Pub Table

This table has a round tabletop and a circular base. The base is attached to the top by a light pole, often about 40 inches. It is simple and barely takes long to make. Usually, it is ideal for small families, as it can allow up to two or three users at once. Ensure that you sand and stain it properly to give it the glow it deserves.

xiv. Simple Modern Bar Table DIY

This table is simple, highlighting a long tabletop and wooden stands or legs. You could also consider steel legs if you are looking forward to adding a touch of class. Its tabletop is stained and painted per the owner’s desires. This table is ideal for the living room, and it can hold nightlights, flowers, and light items.

xv. Outdoor Modern Bar Table DIY

This product is all you need if you expect to host multiple guests outdoors. It is relatively big and will take you approximately two days to construct it. Its tabletop has several pine boards clamped together and attached to the base. Ensure that you paint it. It helps boost its longevity.


In conclusion, having a DIY pub table is one of the best moves you could make this year. Thanks to its affordability and variety, you will barely regret it. Take the time to choose one that appeals the most and embrace it. It is worth your time and money!

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