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Do Balance Ball Chairs Really Work? – Where and How to Use Balance Ball Chairs Effectively

Spine specialists are recording huge numbers of patients coming to treat spinal cord injuries. The situation has become more alarming as these injuries are resulting in permanent spinal cord damage. One constant thing is that these cases are rampant among professionals who work in an office set up.

With further medical research, it is becoming evident that these injuries are a result of a lot of things, the major ones being, a poor sitting posture and lack of physical fitness. The awkward sitting position is as a result of our office chair. Yes, I repeat our office chairs. With chair bound works there is low muscle movement that leads to physical and neurological immobilizations. This causes the common upper body pain. Its long time effects result in dead tissues a factor that forces you to knock on your therapist’s door.

use balance ball chairs

Most of you might be wondering, so what’s next? What’s the alternative to our office chairs? I know how important work efficiency goes hand in hand with good health. And for this particular reason, we are trying to bring in the idea of ball chairs that come with comfort over long working hours.

I know most of you must be wondering, balance balls chairs, office set up, will they go hand in hand? Corporates and different organizations know the value their employees bring on the table. With this in mind, they have been working tirelessly to incorporate these balls into their office set. But then the big question remains, do they work?

Also known as a stability ball, balance balls use is versatile. Fitness enthusiasts swear by it as a great tool for muscle relaxation. When you visit a birth center, they are one of the tools you will spot in every corner you set your eyes on. Expectant mothers are advised to bounce on them for muscle relaxation on the legs and the back body. The same science and knowledge are what’s being integrated into the office set up.

Common Places Actively Using Balance Ball Chairs

Office set up

We are all aware that too much sitting is hazardous to our health. With low muscle movement and body inactivity, our bodies tend to stiffen. This results in upper and lower back pain. Substituting our office chairs for a balance ball is a great way to increase muscle and general body activity. Since the stability balls are pretty unstable, our bodies tend to make adjustments mostly in the lower body resulting in overall strength and a good posture.

balance ball chairs benefits


Sportsmen and women are incorporating balance balls on their work out routine. Recent studies state that the use of stability balls is a fast and safe way to achieve body strength, body balance, cardio burn, improved flexibility, and body core strength. A good thing about them is the ease to incorporate these tools into the workout routine. This is further reinforced by the fact that they are very lightweight.

Rehabilitation centers

This tool has become a favorite at the rehabilitation centers. They are great especially for individuals who had lost body balance. Physiotherapists use it on their patients for spinal position location and straightening overall body posture. With that, patients can experience general control and superior strength especially at the main muscle, hence a faster and easy recovery process.

Expectant mothers

Pregnancy is a beautiful and at the same time not so easy journey. Hence there are factors that we can incorporate in our pregnancy journeys to ensure it’s a smooth process and overall good health of the unborn child. Frequent and safe exercise routines are advised. But whom are we fooling? We all know too well it’s not easy to work out especially with the extra added weight. This is where the stability balls come in. They are great especially in supporting the extra weight during the work out session.

In the case where your unborn child assumes a breach position, doctors advise mothers to bounce on the balance ball. This will achieve a good body alignment and posture. With this situation in place, our unborn babies feel comfortable and natural turn to face the right position for an easy and smooth birth experience for both the mother and the baby.

At home

Not everybody can afford the expensive costs incurred at the doctor’s office for the physiotherapy session. Being that balance balls are pretty affordable, individuals are investing in them for home workouts. Not only that but the individual who work from home are furnishing their home offices with these tools and dishing out the chairs. That way they get to ditch out inactivity and embrace an active lifestyle to ensure ample body strength, great body alignment, and posture and overall good health for longer life.

We are living in the modern world. One thing that has showcased itself is innovation as far as our living conditions are concerned. Innovative products like the ball chairs revolutionize how we conduct our daily activities when sitting. We can no longer stand the health hazards that come with longer sitting hours in our offices, homes, or studios. This is reason enough why the ball chairs have become a popular way to ease some of these health hazards. If you love conducting your office research or simply stretching your back then this chair is for you. It redefines fitness and ambiance as it seeks to ease your body tension leaving your fresh and ready to tackle your days’ work.

Special Tips in Use

A point to note can easily puncture up especially if they come in contact with a sharp object. It’s important to sweep the area you will lay it on to ensure such problems do not present themselves. You must be wondering how to tag it along especially during travels, easy just deflate it and pack it in your bags and inflate once you reach your travel destination.

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