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Do Bar Stools and Dining Chairs Have to Match?

Do bar stools and dining chairs have to match? The answer to that question is not as simple as a clear cut yes or no. When it comes to interior design or even fashion, it is very much an individual preference. However, if you find yourself currently struggling with the right ‘etiquette or rules of behavior’ regarding interior decor, you may want to read on.

Should You Match Bar Stools and Dining Chairs?

Do a cursory internet search on interior decor. You will find that most people advocate for mixing and matching as opposed to just matching. When you walk into a room with the same colors and textures throughout, it starts to feel like a showroom. We would not absolutely say that there’s anything wrong with that.

You can, however, bring in some fun, interesting aspects to your room by mixing and matching. You get your pick of design, colors, fabrics, and textures that you can play around with to your heart’s content. But, it is important to do it well; otherwise, your efforts may end up looking confused.

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#3. Best Modern Christopher Knight Home Charcoal Bar Stool
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#4. Best VintageDevoko Metal Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Barstools
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Tips to Mixing and Matching Barstools and Dining Chairs

If you happen to live in an open-plan home, you know how important it is to be cohesive with your interior decor. You want everything to align perfectly so that the pieces do not feel separate or mismatched.

It is so much easier for many people to just get the same look and feel for almost everything. In this way, you maintain a level of coordination. The downside is that your room could end up looking bland and devoid of any personality.

Seating is critical, and you can bring some interesting perspectives with how you mix and match your bar stools and dining chairs. Here are some things you can do.

1. Find the Right Balance

It can be difficult to find the right balance. It means that you need to know exactly what to mix and what to match. If, for example, you are working with wood, you can play around with the tones. You could, for instance, have white oak bar stools and dining chairs made of black stained wood.

Best Simple AmazonBasics White/Black/Walnut Wooden Bar Stool


2. Play Around with Fabric and Design

One idea you could try is to have the same design on different fabrics. You get to share some aspects without that perfect coordination, which would end up looking like you were trying too hard to match. You could, for example, add subtle design touches on the bar stools, such as a nailhead trim. You could even add buttons or tufts without having the same on the dining chairs. You bring in different elements by playing around with the design while keeping the fabric the same.

Best Look Stone & Beam Nailhead-Trim Stool for Kitchen Island


3. Match the Shape, Mix the Colors

Another option you have is to match the shape of the bar stools and the dining chairs. The difference will be in the type of fabric you use. Go for different textured fabric, or even play around with the colors.

If you would rather maintain a different look for the two areas, you can still bring in some cohesiveness with the same fabric color. Cushions on the seats are a simple way to bring the element of matching without it being overwhelming. The advantage is that anytime you want to change, you can simply switch cushion covers. It gives you unlimited potential for colors and patterns.

Best Selling Furmax 30″ Bar Stools, Multiple Colors


4. Complement, Don’t Match.

Complementing means looking for different elements that will bring harmony to the bar and dining room chairs. You could for example:

  • Have patterns on your dining chairs, and pick one of the dominant colors to be a plain fabric for your bar stools. You can select the brightest color to add brightness or a lighter look to the room.
  • Have similar finishing on the bar stools and dining chairs despite different designs.
  • Pick similar hues without matching them exactly. You could, for example, have dark blue as the color of choice in your dining area, and light blue for the bar stools.

Top-Rated Deisy Dee Counter Height Stool with Different Upholstery


Final Thoughts

Do bar stools and dining chairs have to match? It really comes down to what your personal style is. If, however you feel a little bit more adventurous, use our tips above to transform your space into a conversation piece.


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