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Reviews of the Most Popular Hon VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

There are many types of office chairs on the market and they all come with different varying features and functions. And, of course, each model has its own pros and cons. But if you want to know the best ergonomic office chairs, then Hon VL705 mesh big and tall executive chair is definitely on the list.

Therefore, in this article, you are going to see a detailed review of the Hon VL705 executive chair, including its features, pros and cons, and what you can do with it. This ultimate guide will come in handy when you want to buy the best chairs for home or office.

Ergonomic Hon VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

hon vl705 mesh big and tall executive chair review

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Features of the Basyx by Hon VL705 Executive Chair

The Hons VL705 chair with mesh is one of the few comfortable, durable, and ergonomic seats. This executive seat comes with adjustable arms and lumbar support that gives the user exceptional comfort, especially when using your computer. With its adjustable arms, you can easily customize your seat to experience more comfort while working.

To make this chair competitive, the Basyx VL705 model designers considered our various body size and weight. Some of the features that make this chair by Hon unique and a must buy product are as follows.

1. Adjustable Arms

When using this seat for your comfort and sustained long hours of work, the VL705 chair model comes with adjustable arms that can move up and down till you identify the best spot where your arm can rest.

hon vl705 adjustable arm support

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With this feature, the chair helps you support the upper part of your body: your shoulders and neck, which are overworked when you sit down for long. Your spine can maintain a natural posture, reducing any chance of slanting when you are working with this adjustable arm support.

Also, the armrests are width-adjustable. That is, you can move the two armrests towards or away from each other. This is the best solution to fit people of varying body shapes. The reason is simple.

  • If you are the small and short type, then you can move the armrests towards each other more so that your elbows can rest naturally on them.
  • If you belong to the big and tall group, then you don’t have to worry about nudging yourself into the seat. Instead, just move the arm support away from each other and enjoy the widened space.

So, if you are looking for chairs that can suit all people, whether they are big and tall or small and short, this is the model that you should buy.

2. Comfortable High Back

hon vl705 high back chairWhen you are considering buying a new office chair, you should consider a chair with a robust high back that will enable you to work for many hours sitting down. The Hon BSXVL705VM10 chair model comes with a robust high back giving you the solution you are looking for when looking for a high back chair.

The manufacturer uses quality materials, and when you handle your chair well, you can use it for long. Its robust high back gives a guarantee when supporting your whole back, neck, and head.

Its robust high back feature also promotes uprightness when you are sitting on the chair. As a result of this, your back posture remains in a natural position. With a good posture, you can work for long hours with limited chances of back pain when using this chair.

3. Ergonomic Adjustments 

The Hon BSXVL705VM10 chair comes with ergonomic adjustments. These adjustments help the user to adjust and customize the chair to the desired status easily. 

The armrests, as mentioned earlier, are height- and width-adjustable to help you find the best position to support your arms while not causing pain to your shoulders. This is an important feature that many other chairs lack. Do enjoy such benefits from these ergonomic chairs.

Also, you can recline on the chair, customize your lower back support, and also adjust your pneumatic. With this ergonomic adjustment, the chair subject the user to less pain hence boosting their productivity.

Besides, thanks to the multiple adjustable features, this chair can be the best choice for big and tall guys. If you are one of them, then the adjustable lumbar support on the high back can give you full and targeted support. In this way, you can hardly feel any pain while sitting on the chair.

As a result, employee or employer wellness is assured because it reduces the chances of back pain. This ergonomic adjustment gives you relaxing and good postures, as a result, your blood can easily circulate.

Height Adjustment, Tilt Tension & Tilt Lock

hon vl705 executive chair adjustable

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4. Rolling Casters & Swivel Seat

When using this chair rolling from one point to another helps you reduce the unnecessary strain that you get when you are trying to reach on objects that are not near you. The wheels are strong enough to roll you to snack areas when you are taking short breaks. When you want to communicate something to your workmate, you can easily swivel your chair and face any direction.

The swiveling gives you easy access to files that are behind you, making your work easy and enjoyable. Also, adjusting your height to the desired workable height makes the chair desirable and comfortable when using it to perform your task.

5. Breathable Mesh

This executive work chair comes with a breathable mesh seat back that allows you to experience a cooling comfort and continuous flow of fresh air. This feature makes the Hon VL705 chair conducive even in areas with the hot climatic conditions and during summer. The chair also comes with sandwich mesh cushion made with two layers of padding material that ensure your body is well-positioned and your body is comfortable while working.

6. Warranty

This chair comes with a 5-year warranty that guarantees the user, the repair or replacement of the chair in case of any damage.

7. Easy to Assemble

Using the manufacturer manuals book, any user who can read can assemble this chair. Hence you do not need an expert to assist you when you are assembling even if it’s your first time to purchase the chair. As a result, the product is user friendly.

8. Up-to-Date Design

This chair has a modern design that can fit any office interior décor. The design is also a suitable outfit for your boardroom and other meeting places. Also, it is a huge plus to your home as they can easily blend with your furniture and meanwhile provide you with ergonomic seating.

Pros and Cons of Using the Hon BSXVL705VM10 Chair

Here are summarised advantages and disadvantages of this model from the Hon Office Furniture.


  • The chair gives the user the ultimate comfort when working.
  • It comes with adjustable features.
  • Its swivel features make the seat ideal when working.
  • It gives you an excellent posture that enables your blood to circulate properly.


  • The chair is slightly costly
  • Limited color to select from

Specifications of the Hon VL705 Office Desk Chair

The seat is made of leather and comes with a standard weight of 52.2 pounds. It has a dimension of 25.63 inches by 30.25 inches by 42.88 inches. When assembled well, it has a height of 41.5 inches, a width of 29.5, and a weight of 59 pounds. In comparison to other brands of office chair, the Hon BSXVL705VM10 seat is not heavy and occupies less office space.

Where Can You Use the Basyx VL705 Cair?

For people whose work entails long sitting hours, then BSXVL705VM10 Hon is the best chair to consider buying when looking for a new office chair. Because of its comfort, it increases your employee productivity, thus making it a must-buy chair for your office work. Also, this chair is powered by ergonomics. As a result, it is a more reliable chair for people who experience back pains when they sit for too long.


When you are considering purchasing or replacing your office chair to support you when you are working for long hours, the BSXVL705VM10 chair by Hon is the best chair to consider buying. Its unique features like swivel, adjustable arm, breathable mesh, and ergonomic adjustment make it stand out among its competitors. Though it is a little expensive, it is a worthy investment in your office and a must-have chair.

Most Comfortable Hon VL705 Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

hon vl705 mesh big and tall executive chair

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