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How Big of Stools For Breakfast Bar?

Choosing the right size of stools for the breakfast bar might not be easy. This is because seats often come in different heights, width, and depth. However, this is the critical choice that should be considered so that you won’t land on unmatching stools with your breakfast bar. With our guide, we will elaborate on what you should point out when determining the stool’s height, depth, length, and width of the stool. But with a variety of stools being sold, you will eventually find your taste.

How Do You Determine the Size of the Stool for Your Breakfast Bar?

Determining the size of the stool you require can easily be achieved by conducting a simple task. However, the standard breakfast bar counter height often ranges from 30 inches to 42 inches. But some counters are not up to the laid standards; thus, you will be required to obtain the right one by yourself. Here are the steps you should follow:

how big a stool can be

1. Measure the breakfast bar counter

Measuring your breakfast bar counter is the first step, where you are required to measure the height of your breakfast bar counter. You obtain the reading between the floor and the top of your counter. Please do not assume that your counter was constructed based on the standard heights since sometimes constructors might not adhere to it. However, if the size falls on the standard heights range, then your work will be simplified since most stools’ height is standardized based on the counter heights. You can also proceed and measure the length of the breakfast bar counter for you to determine the number of stools you require.

2. Check the height dimensions of the stool

Once you have obtained the breakfast bar counter’s height, you don’t have to choose the stool that its height is the same as the breakfast bar counter. However, it would be best to go for the stool that is 10 inches shorter than the counter height. Once you have achieved the required height, please go through the stools chart dimensions or their specifications. The manufacturer often indicates the dimensions; thus, you won’t need to visit the nearest store.

3. Consider the distance between the stools

The dimensions that you took on the length of your breakfast bar counter will dictate the distance and the number of the stools you will require. This factor also depends on the stools you choose, such as for the stools with armrest, the spacing will be done differently from those without the armrest. If you are going for the stools with armrest, their spacing is at a plus of 13cm compared to those without. It means that if you space the seats with an armrest at 58cm, then the average space for the one without arms should be 45cm.

4. Determine whether you require stool with backrest

The decision will be based on your breakfast bar’s space so that if you have limited space, you should go for the backless stools. But if it is spacious, consider the stools with backs. Be cautious not to create traffic on your breakfast bar to avoid portraying a bad arrangement pictures. Similarly, seats come with different back height; with this one, if you often experience back or shoulder pain, then the stool with backrest will be best for you.

5. Adjustability

You can also consider the stool’s adjustability to tackle the process of determining the height of the stool you require. The advantage of these adjustable stools is they come in different sizes; thus, you might easily achieve your taste. Though their prices might be higher, their durability differs; if you compare the adjustable stools with non-adjustable stools, you will realize that the adjustable one will be slightly lower since the adjusting part might get damaged easily. However, you are required to undertake maintenance for convenient height adjustment.

6. Make your order

Once you have sampled the best stools, ensure that you navigate their specifications and other additional décor features. Consider your budget; there are cheaper and expensive stools; hence your account won’t miss one. Consider factors such as durability, color, maintenance, among other factors.

How Big of Stool for the Breakfast Bar?

how large a bar stool

An appropriate stool should not be too long or too short but should match the breakfast bar counter. However, having discussed how to determine the stool’s right size, be guided by your breakfast bar and not the manufacturer’s recommendations. Take the length, depth, width, and height into consideration. Generally, the height should be shorter than the breakfast bar counter by 10 inches, the width, and the size should be based on the available space in your breakfast bar. Determine the standard or appropriate spacing, and you will finally enjoy the décor and comfort of the breakfast bar stools.

Do the Size and the Cost of Stools Relate?

When it comes to pricing the stools, the size plays a minor role. However, other additional features bring variation in their costs. Such features include the material made from the design and durability. When you compare the stools with the same features but with different sizes, you will realize that the small-sized stools their prices will be slightly lower than the bigger sized seats. Again, vice versa might apply depending on the styles such that a well-designed small stool will cost more than a normal big stool. Once you achieve your required size, do not hesitate to make your order as our guide has covered all the areas about the size of good stools for your breakfast bar.


Determining the right size stool for your breakfast bar is crucial to avoid sitting too low or higher than the counter. Therefore, make your breakfast bar lively and attractive by purchasing well-fitted stools and being vigilant not to overcrowd the stools in a small space. Our guide will ensure that your breakfast bar is arranged to standards, and I can assure you that your home will look amazing. We also recommend that you arm yourself with additional specifications before making your purchase.

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