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How Can I Cover My Stool with Fabric?

If you have a barstool you may want to change the appearance of it and make it more comfortable. You may wonder how can I cover my stool with fabric. Covering the stool with fabric is easier than a person would think and can be done at home.

Fabric Bar Stools are the Most Comfortable

There are many different kinds of bar stools on the market. However, judging from the material of the seat upholstery, we are sure that fabric stools are the most comfortable. This is because these stools all boast thick padding. Also, many come with a footrest so that you can sit on the chairs without any worry over safety.

Plus, the fabric cover gives the stools a homey look. So they are a wonderful addition to your home kitchen. Of course, you can also use these stools for bars if you want people visiting your bar to feel at home and feel warm. Therefore, we would always like to recommend you to buy fabric bar stools. Below are the top 3 best-rated bar stools with fabric cover we select for you.

Our Top 3 Best Recommended Fabric Bar Stools

#1. Best SellingFlash Furniture Modern Gray Fabric Adjustable Barstool

“These are the most popular fabric bar stools from Flash Furniture, a professional brand for making chairs and other furniture for home and commercial use. The unique mid-back design gives you comfort with a balance between support and freedom.”

#2. Best StyleChristopher Knight Home Ogden Beige Wood & Fabric Barstool

“This model has four wooden legs and footrest with fabric-covered back and seat. The thick padding is very soft and comfortable. Its elegant homey look is an ideal choice if you are looking for breakfast stools. Sturdy & safe if you have children around.”

#3. Most ComfortableStone & Beam Country Bar/Counter Height Stools

“These bar/counter height stools with solid poplar legs are most recommendable for places with a country or rustic style. The fabrics come in different colors, so they are a good choice if you want to mix and match your stools. Easy maintenance with soft dry cloth.”


How Can I Cover My Stool with Fabric?

If you want to cover your bar stool with fabric upholstery, here is an ultimate guide. Whether you are a DIY person or not, you will know how to do that with this guide.

1. Prepare Some Basic Supplies

Some basic supplies are going to be needed. Of course, you are going to need new padding and new fabric to cover the stool. You are going to need a good pair of scissors and a utility knife will be helpful. You are also going to need a fabric marker or another type of marker that will be easy to see when you are tracing on fabric. You should clean the stool ahead of time. After you remove the padding you should also wipe down the stool to make sure no residue was left behind.

2. Put the Stool on a Flat Surface

To begin this process set the stool upside down on the work areas. A staple remover can be used to take out the existing staples and fabric. If the staples are not coming out a flat head screwdriver can be used. The claws of the hammer may also be used if the nails are stubborn. The old fabric and any foam or padding should also be removed. It is easier to try to remove it all in one piece if possible. The work surface should be flat and it should be able to hold the weight of the stool without a problem.

fabric cover bar stool guide

3. Trace the Old Fabric & Foam

The new fabric that is going on the chair should be laid flat on the work service. It should be face down. The old fabric should put placed over the new fabric and it should also be faced down. Both of them should be flat. Using a fabric marker you will trace the outline of the old fabric on the new fabric. At this time the old fabric can be placed out of the way. The same thing should be done with the old foam. It should be placed over the new foam and traces. The new foam can then be cut out and then trimmed so it can be roughly the same size as the old piece of foam.

4. Remove the Dirt

Once the fabric is traced so that the sizes will be closed the stool needs a good cleaning. Any residue or dirt should be removed. Once the stool is clean use an adhesive spray and put it on the bottom of the foam. Center the foam on the seat and then press it down to secure it. Once you have pressed it down put something heavy like a book on it until the adhesive can stick and the foam will stay put.

ultimate guide on fabric cover of bar stools

5. Cut the New Fabric

While the adhesive is drying take the fabric and cut it out around the line that was traced. Lay the fabric flat on the work surface. Put the padded barstool onto the fabric and center it. Take the loose fabric on the underside and secure it to the stool using a staple gun. Do the same with the opposite side and try to remove as much slack as you can. On the bottom of the barstool, you are going to need to staple the fabric every one to two inches apart. The fabric can be overlapped and all extra fabric should be stapled securely in place. If there is excess fabric is can then be cut away.

6. If the Foam Is Uncomfortable …

There are some things that you should be aware of when you are putting fabric on your stool. If the foam is too thick and you do not think it will be comfortable you can use some scissors to cut down the foam. You should squeeze the foam and use a utility to slice into it. You can then use scissors to remove some of the foam that you feel is too thick.

Final Words

Once the fabric is applied you should check it over and make sure that everything is smooth. This will allow the stool to be more comfortable and will allow you to have a new look. The fabric can also be more comfortable to sit on and you will know that you can give the stool a new look anytime you want.

Below are the best fabric bar stools we select for you. They are high-quality and very comfortable. We highly recommend you to buy them if your old stool has been used for many years.


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