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How Can I Make My Desk Chair More Comfortable?

If you are the kind of person who spends an entire day sitting in an office or workstation, then you should have a chair that is comfortable and ergonomic to withstand long sitting hours. You might think of replacing your chair but that may not be an option. There are ways to fix this problem by making a quick adjustment to your desk chair. This article will explain different ways of making your chair more comfortable.

sitting comfortable on office chairs

1. Adjust the sitting posture.

The sitting posture determines the level of comfort and not everybody knows how to sit properly in a chair. Your desk chair might be very comfortable but at the end of the day, you are very tired and uncomfortable. Bad sitting posture can be very dangerous especially for those sitting for long hours and can cause back pain among other problems. Before complaining about your chair in terms of comfort, first, correct your sitting posture. You should always sit straight with your feet on the floor. Good sitting posture is good for your health and proper working. There are products designed to help correct your sitting posture, for instance, The Better Back.

2. Adjust your chair.

Adjusting your chair is another way of ensuring a comfortable desk chair. This is mainly important for old chairs. You should always adjust your chair height, arms, seat, and back each and every day before sitting down in your chair. This is because as you use your chair for a long time, the adjustments change slowly especially with old chairs, causing fatigue. But before adjusting your chair, it is important to read the chair manual and understand how the chair works. This is a simple and quick step but important for your health. But despite this, sometimes you might get bored with adjusting your chair every day, then you can buy a more ergonomic office chair with lasting durability.

3. Get a back support device.

Buying a back support device like the lumbar back support is another way of improving comfort in your desk chair. This is advisable especially for people with back pain problems. Lumbar back support is designed in an ergonomic design that supports your back curvature while sitting on your chair. It features more padding for added comfort. Modern ergonomic office chair features built-in back support for extra comfort and support.

For a smart and modern way to help correct your back posture, is to get a smart device, for instance, Lumo Lift or Upright Go. These devices are designed with modern technology using an app that will aid in keeping your back straight. The app automatically knows when you are sitting in a bad posture or slouching and will remind you to adjust your sitting posture.

using comfortable office chairs

4. Get a footrest.

Sitting uncomfortably is not always caused by the chair, sometimes the cause of the problem is something different. For instance, your feet. Usually, when sitting in your office chair, the feet should not be hanging. Instead, the feet should also align with the correct posture. To correct your feet posture, you can buy a footrest and place it under your feet, this helps you to maintain your back posture as well as circulation.

5. Get adjustable arms.

Your chair arms might also cause discomfort to your chair and can cause problems like tight shoulder muscles. To prevent this, you need an adjustable armrest. It is possible to add adjustable armrest to your existing chair, and this will help in supporting your arms and prevent them from getting stiff.

6. Remove some parts.

In some cases, your chair might not be very comfortable and you can directly tell the cause of the discomfort. For instance, some individuals are quite tall or huge, and so fitting in your desk chair is a problem. Then you can remove some parts of the chair like the armrests, to fit properly and comfortably.

7. Buy a new chair.

This is the answer to all your problems. In case you have tried all means to make your chair comfortable and bears no fruits, then you can opt to buy a new office chair. There are many versatile office chairs in the market, designed for ergonomic comfort for all individuals, though quite expensive than adjusting your current chair, but worth it.


In conclusion, bad sitting posture can cause both long-term and short-term effects on your body. It is good to make sure that you get the right sitting posture for both comfort and good health. This article has explained a number of ways of improving your ergonomic desk chair comfort.

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