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How Can I Refurbish Leather Seat Cushions For Chairs on Bar Stools?

Homeowners commonly employ leather cushions on their bar stools since it doesn’t get damaged easily. Refurbishing leather seat cushions on a bar stool is not a complicated task since you can do it independently. Similarly, you should be able to undertake maintenance, such as regular cleaning, to lengthen its usage. This guide will help you with the basic skills and care of leather seat cushions for bar stool chairs.

Why Do You Need A Leather Cushion on a Bar Stool?

There are multiple benefits that you will earn by cushioning your bar stool with leather. Your bar stool will last longer than other cushions; they often resist tears and stain hence could not be damaged easily. Similarly, with leather, you can easily clean it by wiping with clean cloth; therefore, they can easily be maintained. When it comes to their prices, they normally vary, but most are affordable; thus, your budget won’t miss one. You might be wondering whether it will destroy your home décor, but leather bar stools come in different designs and colors that blend with your home.

how to refurbish bar stools

How to Pick the Best Leather Bar Stools?

Picking your best leather bar stool is easier provided that you are well armed with their specifications. Here are what you should consider;

1 Your home décor

The taste of your home décor might not match with a leather bar stool if you poorly pick one. However, if you are looking for an indoor leather bar stool, consider your home’s paint color and the furniture designs before making your order; once you have identified your home design, sample the leather bar stools based on your home décor. You might land in various types; thus, you should go ahead and narrow down to other features.

2 Durability

Not all bar stools cushioned with leather are durable. The leather is often durable unless you misuse it, but it will probably last longer than you thought if you maintain it in good condition. However, we can only base durability on the material used to develop the stools such as steel or wood. If you use the same leather on both steel and wooden bar stool, you will realize that the steel bar stool will last longer but might only loose its original paint.

3 The price

This is a critical consideration that should come first. This is because, with your budget, you will land on a variety of leather bar stools. Therefore, you should be able to get into details on other specifications to be completely satisfied with the bar stool. You should not only focus on their original price but determine whether you will incur any costs in case of damage, or you can do it yourself. This is predictable on the designs employed since some might be complicated to deal with.

4 With or without back

Some of the bar stools cushioned with leathers come with backs while other designs lack it. However, which one would you prefer? The leather bar stools with a back will offer you back support; hence it could be your best choice. Similarly, if you are not concerned with the back support, you can go for the backless leather bar stools. The choice often lands in your hands, but if you normally host guests in your home, you should go for the one with backs since it will favor those who prefer backless and those with back.

5 Armrest and footrest

The leather bar stools can come with armrest or not. This is all about comfort and your taste. If you have been experiencing shoulder pain or want to relax your arms, then the leather bar stool will be best for you. Similarly, since your feet might not touch the ground when it comes to foot support, the footrest will offer comfort. For you to enjoy this feature, try to sit in an appropriate sitting posture, and you will find yourself seated for a longer time.

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How Can I Refurbish Leather Seat Cushions For Chairs on Bar Stools?

refurbish bar stools

Cushioning a bar stool with leather might get scratched or wear; hence will need reconditioning. However, you don’t need to worry about refurbishing since the original condition is often achieved and rarely noticed. Here are simple steps on how to refurbish your leather seat cushions on a bar stools;

  • Remove the screws from the barstool and determine the size of the seat thickness.
  • Once you remove the seat, slowly remove the leather and the foam by cutting it all around the seat.
  • Obtain the thickness measurement of the chair, use the measurements to trace a line around the seat.
  • Use the measurement obtain from the thickness of the seat to measure the leather you want to replace. Be sure to add plus 3 inches from every corner of the leather. Use the measurements to mark the leather.
  • Using scissors, cut along the traced line on the leather and the batting. Similarly, obtain the foam using a band saw.
  • Turn the leather upside down on the working surface, place the batting at the top of the leather, position the foam at the center of the batting, and then put the seat upside down at the top of the foam.
  • Pull the leather while ensuring that the foam is well-positioned at the center. Use the staples to hold one side as you tighten the other corners of the seat with the leather.
  • Once you are done stapling, push the fabric to distribute between the stool and the leather uniformly.
  • Attach the seat back to the stool by returning the screws.


When it comes to reconditioning the leather seat cushions for chairs on a bar stool, it is good to follow the laid guide so that you won’t cause any damage. Similarly, equip yourself with the basic maintenance skills. If you are still wondering whether these leather cushioned bar stools are best for you, I can guarantee you that your expectations will eventually be met with this type of bar stool.

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