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How Can Short People Sit on Bar Stools Without Hurting Their Back?

The bar stools often come with different designs aimed at giving you the best comfort you desire. However, some styles accommodate your body’s uniqueness regardless of how short you are. Therefore, you should observe proper sitting posture and appropriate bar stool selection to eliminate back pains. Short people encounter challenges in handling bar stools, but you will enjoy comfort with our guide, just like other people, regardless of the stool height.

how to pick bar stools for short person

Is It Appropriate for Short People to Go for Bar Stools?

When it comes to bar stools, do not be mistaken by the bar stools’ heights, thinking that they are designed for tall people. However, they can be comfortably owned by short people as it has been pointed out that homunculus people often enjoy sitting on the bar stools. If you want to go for one, you can determine what you expect from bar stools. You can only achieve this by narrowing down to your specifications, and I can guarantee you the best bar stool that you won’t regret it.

What Kinds of Bar Stools Won’t Hurt the Backs of Short People?

We will point out the characteristics of good bar stools that are fit for short people. Here are the features you should consider;

Curved backs

A bar stool with a rounded back will comfortably accommodate your back as it offers you a hugging feeling from the back. Regardless of how unique your body is, you can comfortably fit without any discomfort.

Arms and leg support

A bar stool with leg and arms support will ensure comfortability; hence your body will feel relaxed. This will get rid of back pains because your arms often cause shoulder pain causing back pain.

Shallow bar stools

With the shallow bar stools, the length from the back to the front is often small hence appropriate for shorter people as it facilitates good leg support. If you go for deeper bar stools, you will find that your legs won’t touch reach the footrest.

Padded barstool

For the padded bar stool, it makes your back feel relaxed when you lean on its back.

Bar stools with backs

This is the crucial feature if you want to eliminate the cause of back pain. However, the bar stools with backs often come in different designs; therefore, you will need to narrow down to other crucial features.

Adjustable feature

The ability to adjust the bar stool’s height will make you choose a good sitting posture; hence, you won’t experience any pain.

The price

it is necessary to consider the size of your budget before making any step. With the current market, you miss one since the variety in the market.

How Can Short People Sit on a Bar Stool Without Hurting Their Backs?

A proper bar stool selection and appropriate sitting posture relax your body muscles; therefore, you won’t feel any pain. However, we are going to figure out what exactly good posture entails. Here are the tips;

For back support

If the bar stools have back support, ensure that your buttocks touch the back of the barstool while your stool’s back support supports your back. This will ensure that your back is relaxed. If you are using a backless bar stool, your sitting posture should ensure that your body’s weight is distributed on hips.

For footrest

Rest your feet on a footrest, and avoid crossing your knees as it might make you unstable. Ensure that there is a space between the chair and the back of your knees. If you are sitting on a backless bar stool, adjust your bar stool’s height so that your elbows and arms can rest comfortably on your table.

For swivel

If your bar stool can swivel, while seated, use the whole body to turn; this means that you should not just twist your waist. Bending your waist would strain the body muscles necessary for initiating back pain.

Change your position

Regardless of the bar stool design, keep changing your position when you feel tired to relax body muscles. Similarly, make sure that you can comfortably access whatever you are using while seated to avoid much straining.

Always sit upright.

This will allow the distribution of body weight to the barstool, especially if you are sitting on a bar stool with back.

Can a Bar Stool Hurt Your Back?

best bar stools for short person

Bar stools do not often cause back pain, but poor sitting posture is the main cause. Bar stools contribute a little; if you are using a backless bar stool will be in a high position to develop back pain since you will be straining yourself to maintain an upright sitting posture. However, for the bar stools with backs, you will have an added advantage since your body weight will be distributed to the chair. Additionally, poor sitting posture will automatically cause pain. This is because if you lean forward for a long time, you will feel pain.

How Do You Relieve Back Pain?

There are easy ways that will help you relieve the back pain. If you maintain a good sitting posture, you won’t probably experience any discomfort since your body muscles feel relaxed. Similarly, you can regularly change your sitting position and consider adjustable bar stools; hence, it will be easier for you to determine a good sitting position.

You can also use back support, such as a pillow. This will help you achieve upright posture hence relaxing tight muscles. You can also consider additional external ways such as massage and yoga lessons to prevent easy pain development.

Recommended Back Support Pillows For Your Bar Stools


With our guide, bar stools don’t discriminate on short people; in fact, they are best suited for them. However, back pain is often a challenge, but you won’t experience any pain but an overwhelming comfort with the basic skills we have discussed.

Since there are different designs, be conversant with their features. Similarly, avoid using pain killers and customize your bar stool if possible, to prevent addiction to pain relievers. You can now make your order!

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