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How Do Adjustable Height Bar Stools Work?

Why do you people love sitting at the counter in a bar so much? Definitely, not the waiter but the stools are awesome. They are so vintage with a perfect height that helps you reach the countertop. Many of these stools have an adjustable height where you can lower or increase the height and they have a medium footrest where you can step on instead of just swinging your legs. They give your legs enough space to relax after a long day.

Bar stools can also function at your house if you have a countertop to bring in the bar ambiance in your home bar. In most cases where kitchen countertops are high for everyone, it good to get barstools that fit in with your home décor, are adjustable, and have comfortable seats. This provides an extra seating area apart from your living room. It can also create a breakfast table on your island kitchen countertop.

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Which Base Is Better in Adjustable Bar Stools, Round or Square?

Adjustable counter height stools and bar height chairs come in all sizes and shapes. They made be round or square depending on which one you prefer. If you are bringing a bar stool to your kitchen, it’s size and shape should be able to:

  • Showcase your style and personality. Let the stool be an outward showcase of what you like.
  • It should be convenient to adjust for all personal using it either at home or in a bar.
  • The height of your counters should be fit enough for the maximum height of the stool.

Therefore, instead of buying according to shape, but according to adjustability. This because whether the chair is round it square, the adjustability will depend on the manufacturer.

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How Do Adjustable Height Bar Stools Work?

Once you have fitted your hydraulic pole, ensure that the stool bar is well fixed.

  • Then sit on the stool to ensure that it is well fixed.
  • To ensure the seat goes up, stand and press the lever on the side and sit back.
  • When you want to lower it, press the lever at a time, not continuous to ensure it reaches the desired height and press in the lever to avoid it sliding down as you sit.

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How to Make Adjustable Bar Stools.

Making an adjustable bar stool is very easy. As you may no be a professional, I will take you through simple steps of making one at home.

What you will require:

  • Base
  • Column-this is the lower part if the stool
  • Gas cylinder
  • Swivel plate
  • Footrest
  • Telescopic lift cover-prevents mark on the cylinder
  • Seat

adjustable bar stools features


  • Measure the bar height to ensure you get the correct measurement of the stool.
  • Attach the column to the base to ensure stability if the stool.
  • Slip the gas mechanism into the cylinder. Then you slip the telescopic cover over the cylinder to ensure that when you change heights it will not scratch.
  • With special swivel screws, attach the swivel plate. This enables the seat to easily rotate well.
  • Screw-in the seat making their screws fit in perfectly.

This ensures that your adjustable stool is stable and ready for use at home or at the bar.

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What Is An Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool?

According to the English dictionary, to swivel means to turn around a fixed central point. Therefore an adjustable swivel bar stool can turn at 360° on either side enabling the person sitting on it to access or communicate with people around them.

A good swivel bar stool can turn around despite the height that you decide to sit on. The rotate without any noise or causing you to stand up. Swivel stools may have backs or not but either way they are very desirable.

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How to Fix An Adjustable Bar Stool

Fixing adjustable bar stools may not be easier and you make require some help. Also, you will require the following steps:

  • Remove the seat top and the stem. You can do this by holding down the gas lever and then holding down both sides of the seat and pulling it.
  • Next, remove the gas lift. Lift it off the floor and use ballet to slightly knock on the base to make it lose.
  • Then you can attach a new gas cylinder and fit all the other parts.

In case the foot or another part of the stool is broken, you may require to replace the stool or you can find a professional to fix it for you. In cases where you are able to repair the stool on your own, you may require to buy extra tools and replacements.


How to Adjust Sam’s Club Adjustable Stool Bars

Sam’s club is a membership warehouse club that operates by selling products at exceptional values that is unmatched by traditional methods. They offer shipping services for exclusive products with their members-only card and the prices are exceptional.

They have a wide range of adjustable bars stools that go for a very reasonable price. An example of such a stool is the Members Mark Clayton adjustable height swivel bar stool. This adjustable swivel stool has a 360° swivel mechanism.

How to adjust it:

  • The level on the swivel base helps you adjust the height to fit the countertop.

Another example of Sam’s club adjustable bar stools is the metal 2-in-1 adjustable bar stool. They are

  • Easy to adjust.
  • Can turn 360° to face any direction.
  • They use a ball-bearing for easy adjustments.



Bar stools are classy and have a vintage feel that ensures your kitchen or bar is looking modern with a touch of vintage. More so if the bar stools are adjustable, you will have people fighting for the seats. This ensures that you have a nice and comfortable place for people to spend the time. Ensure you get one that has your own taste and brings out your personality.

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