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How Do You Clean Mold Off of Bar Stools?

Bar stools are always a great addition to kitchens, bars, and even restaurants. Sometimes when they get exposed to moisture and some other materials, they may end up getting mold. When you start noticing some green coloring, then your stools have mildew or mold. When that happens, you don’t have to worry as it can be removed safely using a mildew and mold remover.

How to Clean Mold off of Bar Stools?

how to clean bar stools

Choose a safe, non-toxic mold cleaner.

Some people use harsh chemicals and bleach to clean the mold, but before you do that, you should know that such chemicals may destroy the stools too. The stitching is the first thing that will be affected if the chair is upholstered; if it is not designed to last, then using bleach may make them start degrading. When buying a mold cleaner, ensure that it is safe for the fabric and stitching.

The cleaner you use should be non-toxic and bio-degradable to be gentle on the fabric. Using bleach or any other types of harsh chemicals may end up fading the fabric threads and colors. Ensure that the cleaner does not have any chlorine or bleach. You can safely clean even metal surfaces with a safe product without destroying them or removing their color.

How to Clean Mold off Different Types of Bar Stools?

clean your bar stoolsBar stools come in many different styles, and they should be taken care of in different ways. Some of the materials include upholstered, metal chrome, leather, and also wicker. They also come in different styles like backless, with a back, short, long, footrest, and without. Cleaning mold off them will ensure that they last long, ensure to make a routine to guarantee their durability.

Some of the supplies you may need include a soft cloth, warm water, baking soda, and soap. Other things you may need include leather oil, soft brush, stain guard, wood oil, chrome spray, and a mild detergent.

Upholstered Bar Stools

Bar stools made from fabric may be the hardest to clean and the most likely to get mold. If you leave them exposed to moisture or spilled on frequently and not cleaned up, they will get mold and mildew. The first step is to identify where the mold is and try to scrub it off. A soft brush with bristles and some soap will remove it; rub in a circular motion until you get rid of it. After getting it off, you can now clean the rest of the stool and dry it out. Ensure you spray it with mold guard to help reduce future occurrences when buying cleaning products and take note of the fabric first.

Leather Bar Stools

Removing mold from leather bar stools is relatively easy. You can first start by scrubbing off the visible mold and any grime. After scrubbing if off, you can now use soap, warm water, and a cloth to wash it. Ensure that the products you use are specifically made for leather because other types may make it darker or fade. Apply oils to ensure no mold will grow again and make cleaning a routine.

Chrome Bar Stools

The beautiful chrome bar stools also require cleaning from time to time. Just like others, you need to scrub off the mold using a soft brush and soap meant for chrome stools so that it may not destroy the material. After loosening it up, use warm water and soap and rinse after you are done. Dry it and apply polish and mold resistant oil to avoid mold in the future. You are making cleaning a routine too.

Wicker Bar Stools

To avoid stains from your wicker stools, you can cover them, but that does not mean they won’t get mold or mildew. Making cleaning a regular thing will probably be the best solution to avoid mold. It may be a little difficult to clean then because of the texture they have, but you are good to go with a brush. Gently scrub off the mold until it gets loosened and then use hot water and soap, rinse it off and then dry them. Leaving them with water will destroy the bar stools.

It does not matter what material the bar stool is made of, mold if left for a long time, will wreck the seat. Cleaning the mold off at the early stages will help save the seat and make it look new for a long time. Molds are not the only thing that should be cleaned; clean off the dirt, stains, and even grime. Clean regularly and polish them for durability. Applying resistant oils will also help a lot.

How to Clean Other Types of Stains?

Cleaning bar stools is very easy; you have to know how to do it correctly. Cleaning bar stools ill also ensure that they last longer and remain attractive. The first thing to do is identify where the stains are and figure out how to deal with them. Below are some of the steps to follow when cleaning bar stools.

Identify Stains

Before you start scrubbing the stool, you should first know what you are cleaning. If it just dirt, warm water, soap, and cloth, do the job on all types of bar stools materials. Ensure you use less water so that the stool will dry faster. If the stain does not come off with water and soap, then it may need scrubbing.

Check for smells

If your bar stools start having a funny smell, then the best way to clean it is to damp the surface and apply some baking powder. Let it sit for a while, and then you can wipe it off. If the odors are still there, you should know that you have mildew or mold; you can use bleach, it can remove the mold, but it will destroy your fabric. Using a mold remover will ensure that the material will remain intact.

Treat the bar stools.

Bar stools, like those made of leather, need to be cleaned and treated regularly. Ensure that the cleaner you use on bar stools is specifically meant for it and the treatment oil. Apply resistant oils will also help a lot to avoid future stains and molds. Stain guard will keep your stools clean and looking attractive for a long time.


Cleaning mold off a bar stool is a pretty easy job, as you have read. Ensuring that you are regularly clean and polish the seat will help avoid such situations. If you don’t have enough time to take care of a bar stool, buying one that requires little to no upkeep will be great for you.

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