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How Do You Lock the Odium Bar Stools by Ashley Furniture?

It is no secret that the odium bar stools provide comfort and maneuverability than most users badly demand their sitting chores and other vital tasks. They are made of metal for a large part and are also engineered by the use of the wood and the birch veneers.

Though largely comfortable and stable, these stools are not without their undesired side effects. They have the tendency to veer off excessively as a result of the continual swiveling they suffer. Add that to the often slippery floors they are rested on and you get some instability with use.

As a way out of this mess, you want to know how to lock the stools. This is a task you can never take lightly or treat with carelessness. The consequences of a broken chair are way too huge to be contemplated let alone bear. We prepare this article to help you in accomplishing this task well.

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How Do You Lock the Odium Bar Stools by Ashley Furniture?

Before we embark on the task of locking the odium bar stools, we want to first and foremost caution that these stools are totally different from one another. It may never hence be that the approach you use is able to satisfy your needs. As a way forward, we ask you to refer extensively to your manufacturer’s manual.

Here we go:

Step I: Locate the lock

Start out by locating the lock on the stool. In many models of this stool, you will find the lock on the height-adjustable. Others have it on the wheels yet others have it both on the wheels and the height adjuster. If you are not sure, we ask you to refer extensively to the manufacturer’s manual as a way out of this.

Step II: Determine and adjust the height

Before you embark on locking the system, you have to determine the height that you desire or the one for your consideration. That is something that you do by varying the height back and forth until it gets to those points that are completely comfortable and relevant to your needs.

You may have to use a tape measure to get this job done. Let the measuring equipment guide you through in determining the height that is best for you. Then again you have to be mindful of the degrees of comfort you are looking at.

Step III: Slide the lock and tighten

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Get to the core business of locking the odium bar stool. To do this, you will first and foremost have to slot the lock in the relevant holes that is desirable and relevant for your own comfort. Then, you should tighten the lock in such a way as to make it strong and less prone to fidgeting.

Just to be sure that you are on the right track, carry out a visual check of the lock to ascertain that it is indeed firm and less prone to the risks of fidgeting. Also of note should be that the locks have to be completely safe and unlikely to fall off.

To be certain of tighter outcomes, you may have to use a spanner or a set of pliers to do the job. As you do that, be certain though not to overdo it as you may pose some permanent structural damages to the various parts and components of the stool. Do not forget to lubricate the system as well at this stage in time.

Step IV: Test the system

Needless to say, you have to test the system to see to it that it is truly firm and stable. To do this, shake the stool and take note of how the stool reacts. The best way to do this is to try and vary the heights of the stool accordingly. If the lock is firm, the height will not vary or change its orientation. The opposite will nonetheless hold in case the lock is not firmly slotted in place.

Step V: Make any necessary adjustments

In the event that the stool is still fidgety, you may have to make some further adjustments. Chances are that the lock itself is faulty or that the sliding faculties of the seat have some issues. You may have to consider some wholesome repairs in the event that the problem persists for too long.

PS: As a bonus, it is at this stage that you may have to carry out any repairs on your seat. Most seats do sustain rust and corrosion when not sat on or used for a longer duration of time. Is it not the best time to remove the rust and lubricate the moving part as well?

You might never have another time to upgrade your seat as well. This is the moment to attach the extras and accessories that the seat might need to be able to operate smoothly. That may demand that you skim the many dealings of the various furniture sellers.


Just to reiterate an earlier point, locking these stools is a task you can never handle lightly. The consequences of making a wrong lock may often be too devastating to complement let alone bear. We hence ask you to observe a great deal of due diligence before you set out.

Specifically, see to it that you test the system to ascertain whether it is truly tight or not before you call it a day. As a general rule, the locked seat has to be truly tight and stable. On the same note, it ought not to swivel or shake excessively as is the norm. This is to ensure the utmost peace of mind you badly need.

Still not certain of how to proceed? We are always eager and upbeat in helping those who are spoilt for choice or are largely not sure how to proceed. How about leaving your inquiry or concern with us? As always, endeavor to share this insight as far wide as can possibly be.

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