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How Do You Make A Removable Bar Stool Cover?

Barstool covers say a lot about the person you are because the different designs tell a lot about a personality. The bar is a place to have some fun and relax; hence the design of the stools should also be comforting. Some people like to change up their designs according to various events or the time on calendars. Others stick to one design and one color, and that can represent you. Bar stools are a quick and easy DIY project that you can achieve right at home comfort. It is a task that a get your mind of things as you create new and fun designs for our bar stools, and if they are good enough, you can even open up an online shop where you sell your handmade designs. The following are easy steps to show how do you make a removable bar stool cover.

make a removable bar stool cover

1. Get The Measurements

The first step is to measure the size of your stool. This includes getting the right dimensions in various ways. However, do not measure the whole seat, but the diameter where the bar stool cover will go over. It is essential to add a room for allowance. The added room will allow you to be able to stretch the material over the stool.

For example, if your stool measures 14 inches, you can add one or two more inches so that the fabric can stretch. After you get your diameter, you will be able to get the circumference of the whole stool. To get the rim, multiply the width with the constant” then divide the answer by 2. The reason why inches are added is that you can easily cut off excess fabric then add more material. Once you have the right measurements, you can start cutting your fabric.

2. Off To The Machine

The next step after getting the right measurements and cutting the fabric according to your preferred sizes is to sew. But before that, you need to pick the fabric you like. Also, if you further consider the decor of your room, then you may make a wiser choice that compliments your place. If you do not know which style of fabric to choose, please read: Can You Mix And Match Bar Stools?

After choosing the fabric, it is essential to note the material’s measurements so that you can sew and cut along the lines. Make sure to sew both inside and outside of the fabric so that it is secure. Before completing the sewing process, you need to take out your elastic material and measure our stool once again. Measure underneath the top part of the seat. Wrap the elastic on the legs. The length should not be loose. You need the cover to fit tightly on to your stool. After you cut out the elastic needed, you then go back to the fabric in the sewing machine and sew it under the hem between the top and bottom of the material and fold it so that the elastic cannot be seen.

3. Complete The Stool Cover

tips on making a removable bar stool cover

After the elastic is entirely in the hem, continue sewing the fabric and the elastic in a circular motion to take up the shape of a circle. However, the form of the material depends on the way of the stool top. The majority of bar stools are round, others are square, and others rectangular. That will govern the direction of your sewing. It is essential to now that elastic is the trick to sewing because it is stretchy. The fact that the fabric is stretchy means that it ends faster than the material that is being sowed against, which is a waste. To prevent this, you need to pull the elastic so that it is completely stretched. After stretching it, then you can saw the fabric on the elastic.

However, if your bar stool has a curved back, then things can be a bit different. You may want to know how to upholster a curved seatback. Please click and read on.

4. Place The Bar Stool Cover On The Stool.

Placing the bar stool cover is like wearing a hat, therefore just like wearing a hat, put the cover on the stool. After setting it, you can see your creation in action. If it fits unevenly, you can take out material so that it is snug. You will also cut out wandering fabrics once it is on the stool. If it is as perfect, then there you have it, your very own project.

Once you create your one, you can follow the same process to create other different sizes and designs to spice up your stools.

Final Words

With this step by step guide, you can easily learn how do you make a removable bar stool cover. By doing so, you can change the style of your stool. Meanwhile, you can consider adding some cushion so that the stools are more comfortable. So, why not give it a shot?

Of course, there are many bar stools with cover that may match the cover you make and add more charm to your place. Don’t miss them!

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