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How Do You Stop A Swiveling Bar Stool?

Swivel bar stools are a popular choice for many bars, restaurants, and even kitchen islands at home. They offer many conveniences as you can turn around easily to talk to others while watching TV or eating. However, in some occasions, like when your kids are using the stool, you may want to stop it from swiveling. So, how do you stop a swiveling bar stool?

Our Top Picks for Non-Swivel Bar Stools

If you don’t want to bother to stop your swiveling bar stools, here are some cherry-picked stools that do not rotate at all.

#1. Best SellingWinsome 94084 Satori Stool, 24″, Walnut

“These are the hottest backless bar stools that do not swivel. The simple wood construction can be a wonderful addition in many rooms, especially those in the country or rustic styles. Easy to maintain.”

#2. Best with PaddingRivet Mid-Century Low Back Kitchen Stool, 41″H

“These stools have a low back that gives you support and freedom at the same time. More importantly, the back and seat are both padded and have a nice-looking upholstery. Looks great in any decor.”

#3. Best Elegant Design – Angel Line Cambridge White Bar Stools, 24″

“The plush cushioned seat with nailhead trim of these stools is a huge plus. Their look stands out from all other chairs and thus is an ideal choice for modern-style homes. Many colors available for your choice.”

#4. Best IndustrialFurmax Metal Bar Stools Indoor-Outdoor Stackable

“Looking for something that matches your industrial bar? These are the best choice. They stand 30″ tall, an ideal height for most bars. The scratch-resistant metal construction is for both indoor and outdoor uses.”


Steps to Stop A Swivelling Bar Stool

Step 1

swivel bar stools

You are supposed to inspect first the base of the barstool, turn the bar stool upside down in order to see the swivel plate where the stool meets the base. Swivel bar stools typically work in different ways, and this depends mostly on its model. Search for the screws at the bottom, which may be tightened. You can as well try to locate a swivel lock that might be connected to hold the stool bar in its place.

Step 2

Make tighter any brackets or screws that are on the base of the bar stool or at the underside of the stand in order to see whether that is what is holding back the bar stool from turning. Doing this will be sufficient to stop the majority of the bar stools from turning; however, others might not have this option.

Step 3

Fit a petite rubber wedge underneath the bar stool that is located between the stand and the rotating pole. Gently hammer the lock into the base for it to make a seal between the base of the stool and the pole that it is sitting upon. When hammering, ensure you do not do it too hard because you might end up damaging the bar stool. There will be friction in the wedge, and this will limit the range of movement of the bar stool.

Step 4

Wrap a tape around the pole of the stool bar and the wedge, especially if the wedge fails to remain in position by itself. A single wedge is supposed to be sufficient to stop the swivel, but insert a second tape on the reverse side of the pole if required.


Benefits of Using Swivel Bar Stools

If you are not the type of person who has the patience to follow the above-mentioned steps, please remember that swivel bar stools can bring you many conveniences. Please read on to check if they are what you are looking for.

1. Comfortable

Swivel bar stool offers the comfort of enjoying your drink and rotating to converse or view the site around without necessarily having to move your legs. In any situation, for a normal human being without any disability to turn, has to use their legs. Bar owners have embraced the trend of using swiveling bar stools to boost comfort. Although some individuals like it when relaxed with no motion at all. One doesn’t have to worry, as there is no need to change from a swivel bar stool so as to enjoy static comfort. The latest production of the swivel stools, which can be moved as well to different positions within the bar, has a mechanism of ensuring they can be totally static when need be.

Most Comfortable Bar Stool – Leader Accessories with Thick Padding

2. Rotates 360 Degrees

Swivel bar stools typically go up to a rotation of 360 degrees with its seat top. The rotation of 360 degrees does not just add to the comfortability of the bar stools but to the convenient ergonomic efficiency of the stools as well. With this, the swivel bar stools turn out to be an excellent addition to every room. Swivel bar stools are an incredible way of relaxing with your friends or taking your breakfast as a result of their swiveling of 360 degrees, which makes them be very comfortable, and they are exceptionally designed as well.

360 Degree Rotating – BestOffice PU Leather Swivel Kitchen Dining Stools

3. Convenient

Swivel chairs are always convenient if you require changing from one counter to another one or if you are sitting down and getting up often. If the swiveling is, however, turning out to be an issue, or you are worried about your kids banging them to the counters, don’t worry because you can still enjoy using your swiveling bar stool without its 360 degrees rotation. This can be done by just adjusting your chair to stop it from turning around. To keep a swivel bar stool from turning needs a number of basic things. Therefore, having read the steps of stopping your swiveling bar stool from rotating we offer you, you must have known how to do that.

Most Convenient – Joelgium Backless Counter Height Bar Stool No Arms

Final Words

The majority of the swiveling bar stools are usually stamped, and they are not that possible to repair them and especially if you do not have the sophisticated tools. For that reason, If your bar stools are pricey, it is absolutely worth buying another with no swivel. If the bar stools are very old or not costly, you might need to think of a reasonably priced replacement.

Our Top 3 Picks for Non-Swivel Bar Stools

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