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How Do You Upholster A Curved Seat Back?

Sometimes the process of changing how a room looks just depends on how much time you are willing to spend on some DIY projects. It is as simple as changing the fabric on your favorite stool. It will also make your barstool good-looking and add a splash of color into the room. In our article below, we will walk you through the process of upholstering a curved seatback. It is a step-by-step tutorial about how do you upholster a curved seat back. It is very easy to follow.


fabric upholstery DIY guide

  • Your curved seat
  • Foam and cotton batting
  • Staple gun
  • Your fabric of choice
  • Pair of scissors or electric carving knife
  • Container for keeping the nuts and bolts
  • Spray adhesive
  • Large needle and thread ( strong enough to handle thick fabric)

Step By Step Process

Below is a detailed guide that tells you how do you upholster a curved seat back step by step. It will be helpful.

1. Get Fully Prepared for Reupholstering

Check whether you can separate the seat from the back. It will make the upholstering process so much easier for you. Make sure you have a container nearby where you can put in the screws, nuts, or bolts that you remove.

Remove the existing fabric by cutting through the seams. In this way, each of the pieces will come out intact.

Remove the existing foam or cotton batting with a pair of scissors. Now take the new foam and cut it to fit the seat and back of the stool. Make sure that your new foam is thick and durable so that your stools can be comfortable. Try and match the thickness of the old foam as much as possible. You can use scissors or an electric carving knife depending on the thickness.

comfortable fabric bar stool

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You will now need the spray adhesive so that you can line up the foam onto the barstool. Make sure you spray it on lightly and then press the foam into place to ensure it sticks.

Give an allowance of about 4 inches when cutting your cotton batting. It means it will be slightly larger than the seat and back. Center it over the foam when pulling it over the top of the back seat.

Get the center position of the edge and staple the batting into place.

Repeat the same process for the sides, bottom, and corner of the backrest.

You must ensure that the batting is taut and smooth even as you continue with the stapling process.

Do the same for the seat, and remember to staple the batting to the other side of your barstool.

fabric barstool without back

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2. Time for the New Fabric!

It is now time to cut out the new fabric. You will need to use the old fabric that you had removed intact as a guide. If it has any wrinkles, iron it out so that you get the right fitting.

Pin the old fabric over the new one, and cut out the pieces on the new material. if you are using pattern fabric, make sure the patterns align and are facing the right direction.

Pin the new cut-out pieces of fabric together from the inside. Now fit it over the bar stool, making sure that you make any necessary adjustments for a proper fit. You should not have any major challenges if you cut out the pieces as per the old fabric. Make sure you leave a small allowance, you can always trim off the excess fabric if need be.

fabric bar stool with nailhead

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Sew the pieces together (if it is not a one-piece) but leave the bottom open. You will be doing all this on the wrong side of the fabric. When you finish, turn it inside out and then fit it over the backrest of your bar stool.

You may now need to turn your stool over to get to the bottom side. Use staples to pin the open bottom to the underside. Make sure you have a good hold on the fabric so that you align your seams perfectly.

Now staple the fabric onto all the four sides working from the Centre Point outwards.

You can now put the seat and frame back together.

>> Check out the video: How Do You Upholster A Curved Seat Back?

Final Thoughts

Do not throw out any old furniture because you can do some DIY projects to bring them back to new. We have shared with you a step-by-step process on how to upholster a curved backseat above. Ensure you have all the tools you will need and pay attention to how you cut and staple the fabric and foam. By doing so, you can make your wooden or metal stools more comfortable. And, if you want to cover the seat and back of your stool with fabric, click to read our guide.


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