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How Far Apart Should Are Stools Be Placed At A Commercial Bar?

Spacing stools in your commercial bar might be challenging; however, there are some given standards on how you should space your stools. According to home décor and restaurants, the average size for a commercial bar stool is approximated to be 18 x 20 inches and its spacing should always be 1.5 meters apart. But some circumstances should be taken into consideration, such as the design of the stool.

As designers and specialists in bar stool spacing in commercial bars, the guide will explain some basic spacing measurement and key considerations you should always consider when it comes to your bar. We will also explain the importance of having good spacing in your bar and its contribution to your design and space management.

how far apart should commercial bar stools be

How to Determine the Number of Stools that can be Accommodated by the Available space?

The first thing that should help you come up with a good spacing when it comes to your bar stool spacing is by first assessing your space. This will help you buy the required number of stools and the right designs. Backrest stools will require a larger area than backless stools, and purchasing such designs can limit the number of stools. First, you will be required to take accurate dimensions of the bar space and then divide the value with the extensions and standard spacing size.

Why Do you Have to Observe Spacing of Barstool?

There are many benefits of having a proper spacing of bar stools in your commercial bar; some of the benefits are economic-related and others for basic arrangement and décor requirements. Here are some of the reasons for and benefits of observing the required bar stool spacing.

how to space commercial bar stools

1. Reduce Over Crowding

With a proper bar stool spacing, you will achieve a well-organized bar by facilitating easy movement of customers from their tables to the counter and from the counter to their reserved stations. By observing a standard distance from one stool to the other, you both achieve convenience and an organized bar. This will improve your returns and allow your customers to interact and enjoy their time in your bar.

2. Improve your Bar Décor or Design

With a proper arrangement and spacing of your bar stools, you can improve your interior design. A well-organized bar tends to attract many customers than a random option in the street. With the ease of movement from one stool to the other, people find it good and easy to spend time in organized bars than normally arranged drinking zones. This will also help you reduce the stools’ falling as people move around because each spacing accounts for movement and extra space for other activities.

How Far Apart Should Bar Stools Be Placed?

When placing your bar stools, it is wise to leave enough room between each bar stool so as to provide a comfortable rest while drinking and the easiness of moving around. Designers always recommend a 6 inches space between on stool to the other, but this can be altered if the stool’s size is either smaller or larger.

The trick here is to ensure that you leave at least 5.5 inches spacing all round from one barstool to the other. If your bar stools have arms or swivel, it is recommended that you allow an 8 to 9 inches space. That is why it is important as a bar owner first to assess the space available and the type of stools you buy.

At all costs, ensure you at least leave enough space for your customers to move around or make an order without touching or squeezing themselves between other bar stools.

The Minimum Space Needed Between the Counter and the Bar Stool

For an easy move in and out of the bar, you will need a minimum of 18’ clearance. This means the space from your counter’s edge to the back of your customer stool should be at least 18 to 20 inches. These dimensions depend on the chair’s type, and the size of the stools you buy longer option will require a larger spacing, and the same applies to stools with backrests.

Each design should have at least the 18 inches clearance; anything beyond that should depend on the designer’s specification on the minimum spacing of the stool and the counter. Your décor also consider the amount of space to allow between one bar stool to the other.

Factors that Determine Bar Stool Spacing in A Commercial Bar

1. Number of Stools

how to arrange bar stools in commercial area

The number of stools plays a major role in determining the spacing approach to use; if you have many chairs and wish to place them at your bar, you will be required to ensure you minimize space wastage and other factors. Few stools make the planning easy, but you might need as many bar stools as possible since this is a commercial bar. The dumb rule always dictates that the lesser the number of seats, the larger the spacing and the vice versa.

2. The Design and Size of the Bar Stool

Bar stools with backrest require a larger and wider spacing than the ones without the backrest. As a business person, the goal is to ensure your customers receive then best and leap more in your bar. Larger stools will also occupy larger cross-section areas but offer a stable stool, thus avoiding breaking and other losses. Balancing the two and the spacing requirement is the key to any commercial bar. Your spacing should always work in providing not only answers but also convenience in movement and to reduce overcrowding.

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Space is one of the key things you should always consider in your bar, and there is always determined by the spacing of your stools in the counter or your parting lounge. A small twist in the spacing can inconvenience your customers and limit potential customers from ordering their drinks. The guide is designed to help you develop a good spacing dimension and other considerations when it comes to a commercial bar.

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