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How Far Apart Should Bar Stools Be From Each Other?

This question is popularly asked by customers to bar stool barstool manufacturers’ customer care services. Note that it can be challenging to figure out how far apart should your bar stools be from each other. Furthermore, the answer to this question differs depending on several factors.

On the other hand, you have to interrogate yourself before deciding how far apart should bar stools be from each other, like how big is the space you are having? The total figure of people and how often you are likely to use your bar stools?

Note that your stool bars should have a spacing of 15cm far apart from each other, whether at the counter or breakfast bar. This will enable you to move freely in and out. Several factors determine how far apart should your bar stool be from each other. These are:

how to arrange bar stools

How Far Apart Should Bar Stools Be From Each Other?

The perfect replacement

Before you decide how far apart your bar stools should be from each other, ensure that you measure your bar’s width. This will help you determine the number of bar stools you will require. Moreover, it will allow you to leave sufficient space between every bar stool to make you more relaxed with absolutely no crowding. With this kind of placement, you can easily maneuver around without any hassle. Ideally, it is appropriate that you leave approximately six inches between every stool. In case your stools have arms or swivel, leave around 8-10 inches between each bar stool.

Select the backrest and depth height

The last thing you should consider is the depth of your bar stool. Additionally, the backrest and the depth are similar to a huge backrest. This leads to the overall depth of your bar stool. Note that the average depth of your stool is likely to be approximately 40cm. In case you add your backrest, you can do between 5 to 12cm. Ensure that you consider the traffic around and space where you would want to position your bar stool. If you have limited space, opt for a backless option; this will offer you a space appearance since you can adequately tuck it under your counter if it is out of use. Therefore, you should also note that if your bar stool has a large backrest, then it requires a huge space to fit appropriately. So, before you decide on how far apart should your bar stool be from each other, it is appropriate that you choose the backrest and depth for a perfect outcome.

arrange bar stools from each others

Legroom space

For legroom, consider offering it 23 to 28cm. This will enable you to comfortably move and cross your legs confident with no difficulties or a feeling of being trapped. You can achieve this perfectly well when you run our measurement from your counter’s underside to your floor. After, you can go ahead and subtract between 23 to 28cm. However, this depends on the kind of space you require. You must always make sure you consider the legroom space to consider how far apart should your bar stool be from each other.

Measure the height of the stool you require

You must know that bar stools are most popular in bars, breakfast areas, and a home kitchen. Their seat height usually ranges between 58 to 72 cm; note that bar height stools are common at taller bar breakfast areas. Furthermore, these areas range from 74 to 82cm. Models that are over tall can be used for commercial purposes either at the restaurant or even bar. These models come with a seat height of approximately 84 to 92cm. These kinds of stool styles have flooded the market today; the adjustment gas lift makes them appropriate for playing numerous roles.

Distance between stools

This is a primary factor you should put into consideration when it comes to the number of barstools that can confidently fit your restaurant, kitchen, or bar. The width of you sit around 42 averagely; if it comes with an arm, the seat width increases by 55cm. It is appropriate that you try your level best and leave at least 15cm space between each space. This gives you sufficient room to drink and turn to each other comfortably whenever you will be catching up with your friends, either at the bar, kitchen, or restaurant. Therefore, how far apart should your bar stool be from each other is primarily determined by your stools’ distance?


There are various types of bar stools in the industry serving different purposes. These model bar stools include:

Commercial bar stools

These types of bar stools handle heavy-duty purposes, which associate with public spaces, bars, and restaurants. Note that commercial bar stools come with similar options to residential seats, such as upholstery and padding, backrests, and swivel. In case you have a plan of using your bar stool for commercial purposes, ensure you buy bar stools of the commercial-grade for durability. You also need to check if it comes with a manufacturer warranty to save you from extra charges if anything happens.

Residential bar stools

In case you want to buy bar stools for residential use, you can opt to pick from either commercial or residential grade stools. These tools will be able to serve you effectively and efficiently.

Wood or metal bar stool

Several counter and bar stools frames are either wood or metal. Moreover, the metal option commences from a rustic bronze finish to steel modern-looked chromed finish. Note that wooden bar stools give you a traditional impression since it is from hardwoods. Moreover, they come in many ranges of color finish and feature choices, like backrests and swivel. This means it is essential for you to choose these bar stools according to your preferences, whether you opt for wood or metal, this will help you settle on the best bar stool.


Based on the above information, you are now having a clear understanding of how far apart should your bar stools be from each other. Therefore, it calls upon you to implement the above factors to arrange your bar stools with appropriate spacing. I hope that this article will benefit you to know how far apart bar stools need to be from each other.

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