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How Far Apart to Space Bar Stools At A Kitchen Island?

Many people usually admire extra seating. In case this is the case with you, then it is appropriate that you choose appropriate bar stools for your kitchen island. Ensure that it fits your space adequately. Furthermore, before you go ahead purchasing bar stools for your kitchen island, make a point of interrogating yourself on how many seats you are likely to need in your kitchen, which type of chairs suit you, and can they match your kitchen style. Once you are familiar with the kitchen island design, you can begin planning how you will space your bar stools to fit your kitchen island correctly.

how far aprt should bar stools be

How Far Apart to Space Bar Stools At A Kitchen Island?

For you to determine the number of bar stools that can fit your kitchen island, Professionals recommend that you at least leave an allowance of 28-30 inches for every seating space. This means you can divide your entire island’s counter length by 30 to find out how many stools can comfortably fit your kitchen island. However, sometimes you might be tempted to add more than need bar stools. Therefore, you have to bear in mind that you should not place too many seats until you block the ways, and there is barely enough space for any movement.

On the other hand, bar stools come in varying colors, sizes as well as shapes. Note that wooden and metal bar stools engulfed with fabrics are largely available. Moreover, there are also back and backless stools, and even those with armrests. In case you need bar stools that have a material covering, it is appropriate that you pick a fabric, which has a spill-friendly color or any other that can resist stain. Additionally, several factors determine how far apart you should space your bar stools at your kitchen island. These are:

Size and scale

how far bar stools should be

You might use your kitchen island as a base for sink or hob. In case you require it for entertaining and cooking, it will require many food preparation functional areas. When it comes to cleaning up, you will probably require a lot of space for pans, pots, and dishes, especially after eating. This means you need an excellent worktop area. Island are common as the central cooking position since you can face your guest in the room while cooking your meals and converse effectively.

For this scenario, you need your island to have a length of approximately 2.5 -3m to give you sufficient space for preparation areas and hob. If you want bar height stools at your island for your guest to enjoy drinking, it is appropriate that you consider the length as well. If you are going to install a sink, you will require a lot of space to clean up your pans, pots, plates, and a cleanup area, so the same measurement applies here. Therefore, how far apart you should space your bar stool at the kitchen island depends on the size and scale of your kitchen island.

Seating and entertainment

The kitchen island usually comes with a pleasant setting that is perfect. This explains why a lot of homeowners prefer including it in a seating area. Bear in mind that islands have a rectangular shape; hence the seating area should be positioned at a single end of your island along your short length. Furthermore, kitchen islands accommodate at most four seats, which is quite enough for entertaining a minimal group. On the other hand, if you have a tight space around your kitchen, you should always ensure that there is sufficient room for you to maneuver around when the guests occupy their seats in your kitchen island.

You should also have a space of 50-60cm from the edge of your work surface to the back of your entire bar stools; consider leaving a knee space of 30cm for an average-sized individual. With all these in mind, you require a whole meter for clearance around your kitchen island before you consider anything else. Seating and entertainment is something that your guest will always enjoy, especially when you are engaging in drinking and conversing.

Orientation and shape

Nothing is exciting in your kitchen as the orientation and shape. Thus, the last thing you expect in your entire kitchen is seeing your island becoming a nuisance and obstructive. For instance, if your kitchen has a rectangular shape, you might wish to have an island that matches your kitchen layout. You can place the orientation of your kitchen island’s long edge parallel to your longest wall to enable it to flow with the entire kitchen. This will allow you to keep an open feel plan, hence not blocking natural corridors and walkways through your floor space.

Lighting as well as extraction

This is a primary factor that you should consider to determine how far apart you should space the bar stools at your kitchen island. However, most homeowners tend to ignore it, not knowing that it forms a crucial practical aesthetic and practical contribution to their kitchen island design. If you are spending a lot of your time at your kitchen island, you must have sufficient lighting.

In case there is no natural light from above, downlights are a perfect way to light your kitchen, thus illuminating your surface area. Moreover, 80% of the kitchen island comes with a hob installed to extract food odors, steam, and smoke away from your kitchen and the entire house. If you install an extractor hood, it is likely to dominate the kitchen island in a very wrong way that will leave you irritated.

The appropriate solution is for you to install a downward or integrated pop-up extractor that settles straight behind your cooktop. When using, it rises to start from your surface work line, and it generates light and filtration at ago. This means it acts as a backsplash that is useful to prevent the cooking mess from terminating your island’s back.


Based on the above information, you now have clear information on how far apart you can space your bar stools at your kitchen island. Therefore, it calls upon you to implement the above information to ensure that you space your bar stools appropriately in your kitchen island. I hope this article will benefit you to know how far apart to space bar stools at a kitchen island.

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