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How Far Do Bar Stools Stick Out?

Most people use barstools for commercial as well as residential purposes. Furthermore, it is a suitable way of interacting with people when cooking in the kitchen or even drinking at the bar. Therefore, how far your bar stool is likely to stick out ensures that your visitor does not knock their knees. Furthermore, it prevents them from rubbing their elbows continuously when consuming their meal. This article will make you informed about how far your bar stools should stick out.

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How Far Do Bar Stools Stick Out?

Before you go on how far bar stools are likely to stick out. It is appropriate that the standard height of your counter should be 36. This means you will require a bar stool with a height of around 23 to 28, bearing in mind that your bar’s standard height should be 42. Note that the space between your seat’s top and the countertop’s underside also plays a vital role, not leaving behind the space between every stool. This will determine how far your bar stool can stick out. On the other hand, several numerous considerations determine how far your bar stool can stick out. These are:


Multiple countertops are high by 36 inches and have the potential to accommodate chairs or bar stools, which are higher a bit compared to the dining chairs. Moreover, an appropriate clearance for your knees below the countertop is 15 inches. On the other hand, for a 42 inch raised countertop, stools are likely to be between 28 and 30 inches tall. This offers you a suitable 12- 14 inches’ knee room. The required counter overhang differs with your counter height.

However, professionals suggest 15-18 for a lower counter, and a raised counter 12 inches is appropriate. Note that the height of the counter you have does not matter; the same applies to the kind of seating you probably have; you have to allow around 24 inches of space between every bar stool for everyone to feel comfortable.

Moreover, do clearance for your entire furniture around the countertop, allowing at most 32 inches ranging from the edge of your countertop to everything that could be behind your seating area.

Space availability in your room

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The space surrounding your kitchen or bar also plays a crucial role when it comes to how far do bar stools stick out. If the overhang is shorter, the more the bar stools, you will stick out from your bar, especially when seated. However, this is not appropriate if the behind the bar stool space is used as the walkaway.

Moreover, large overhangs are ideal for maximum traffic since your bar stools can stick underneath, hence not being part of the walkway. This means it is a perfect idea to have a larger space that effectively and efficiently suits your bar stools.

Barstool stick out can also be implemented in the kitchen island, guaranteeing you a dining table experience. On the other hand, it is not a perfect choice for those who have insufficient space because the design easily and naturally eliminates your cabinet space, replacing it with an area for seating.

The primary use of the bar

How far your bar stool can stick out depends on the purpose of your countertop or bar. In case you want to use a bar area to take your meal, and it has an overhang of 25cm, it will not enable you to sit close enough and reach your countertop since you will need to pull out your bar stool to create sufficient knee room. Furthermore, you will require to lean forward; this will enable you to reach your entire meal.

Noise factor

When bar stools scrap on tiled, concrete, or wooden floorboards, they are likely to generate an irritating noise, especially when sticking out. Additionally, it causes severe damages to your floor. You must understand that bar stools that come with a protective rubber are also likely to cause noise and also interfere with your flooring.

Therefore, you must examine your bar stools and offer them a test run to know if you will add the felt stripping on their entire legs. It might not look as serious as such, but it is crucial since it cause you some help problems with your ears. Note that this also determines how far your bar stool can stand out.

The right height

Ideally, bar stool height should range between 620 to 690 mm to give adequate room for your legs to fit comfortably under your countertop. This model of bar stool is appropriate for adults who rest their feet on the floor. It is right that you do not use a stool higher than this height.

Measure up

For you to determine how far your bar stool can stick out. It would help if you calculated the depth and height of your bar stool in conjunction with your countertop or bar height. This means you also have to bear in mind how you will keep your bar stool under the countertop or bar when not in use, not forgetting the space you will require between each bar stool.

On the other hand, you will also need to ask yourself whether the bar stools legs are likely to pose a trip danger when you stick it out from under your counter. Once you are sure of everything about the measure ups, you will be able to determine how far your bar stool can stick out without much hassle.

Personal space

Each barstool should have a space of approximately 21-24. However, from the center of your bar stool. It would help if you had a spacing of around 26-30 to the next barstool close to you. This gives you ample time drinking as well as eating without interfering with your neighbor. Remember also to consider plenty of legroom.


From the above information, you are now familiar with how far your bar stool can stick out. Therefore, it is upon you to implement the above information for your bar stool to stick out appropriately and less hassle. I hope that this article will benefit you to know how far bar stools stick out.

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